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                                           Mars in the 6th house of a Horoscope

What I have observed over the years that Mangal or Mars draws a lot of attention from non-Astro folks. So I thought of writing down a quick article about Mars’ effects in all the 12 houses. I will try to cover in a very objective manner keeping side my creativity (whatever little) aside.


A Horoscope is called as “Manglik” if Mangal is placed in one of 1, 4, 7, 8, 12 houses; i.e. 5 out 12 people in this world are Manglik (aprx 42%). It indicates that it is not a big deal then? There are various varieties of Mangal coined by Astrologers: Kadak Mangal, Soumya Mangal etc! J Mangal with a Soumya planet like Moon or Venus is usually treated as Soumya. Or Mangal in Guru’s drushti is called Soumya. Even the one with Shani’s drushti is considered Soumya! So basically --- All Manglik varieties are Soumya?!  J More on that later.


Mars is the governor of: Blood, Siblings, sports, land, vehicles, speed, aggression, adrenaline, and the south direction


Mars in the 6th house of a Horoscope (Artha Trikon i.e. economic zone, Stomach (all those digestive system parts!), Rog-Sthan (i.e. diseases/illnesses) Ripu (Shatru / enemies, Competition) sthan, Service Sector house, Servants, Pets, Mama/Mousi – Mom’s siblings)


This is a very tricky house a fiery planet like Mars or rather for any planet! Sanskrit granth and most (theoretical) astrologers have been very one-sided view of this house. Practitioner astrologers are well aware of the importance of the planets in this house from “economic” sense.


Mars in this house shows a very competitive spirit (“Hyala maaru ka tyala maru!” J) & even some sibling rivalry would be easily seen (Ask Asha Bhosale, as how fiercely competitive her elder sister is/was! J) Sometime in life they would see some conflict of interest with siblings and also cousins (from maternal side). This Mars position is very good for contact sports like American Football, Kabbaddi etc. Relentless hard-work & competitive edge is what defines them aptly. This is a good Mars position for even dirt biking or really car driving (tough & highly competitive conditions.)


Health is wealth and this house summarizes your overall health, the nature and extremity of possible illnesses. Mars in this house usually shows acute hunger (active digestive system) from time to time; it is highly advisable to eat some good stuff from time to time to keep digestive/acidity in check. Drinking water frequently is a MUST. Kidney stone although could be seen more frequently in the 8th house Mars, the 6th house Mars can certainly cause it too. The position, navamansh and degree or nakshatra etc peculiarity of this Mars would show the illness for maternal cousins also! There is some karmic obligation towards siblings and cousins – you got to always help them and be always in touch with them for sure. The more you do this more support (or less issues) you see in Mars Mahadasha, Antardasha or Bhukti. A very badly placed Mars in this house could show severe blood related issues to self and more so to siblings (cousins) too.


This Mars usually shows some land related activity with the maternal cousins or maternal family. There is a good chance of some collaborations or partnerships with the maternal folks on property stuff/deals/projects. It is highly advisable to donate or use “some” land for social cause like orphanages, hospitals (more recommended).


Being an economic zone and service sector house, Mars in this house shows a very good wealth creation in this life. There is a conscious effort to increase wealth in this life. Providing service to sports/sports equipment (Sagittarius), surgery instruments, Good industry (Taurus), Chemical industry (Scorpio) etc etc is very much possible for this Mars. The navamansh and the nakshatra and sign would make it clear which area this service could be provided. The owner of the 6th house and its sign and nakshatra or navamansh would also need to be considered.


Whenever the gochar i.e. current Saturn is aspecting this Mars, one needs to be ultra careful with the health issues, check what cousins/siblings want and also a blood test is not a bad idea at all. Driving slow and not getting too competitive in this period is recommended too. Saturn would certainly show the side effects of competitive nature on health, on relatives or even empower enemies to make you realize other side of being too competitive.

When Mars is the owner of the 10th house or even 6th house (own sign) and some relationship/drushti of Jupiter (Guru) or even Mars in Guru rashi could show doctor as a very good profession for sure. This shows success in the field of surgery/medicine or even accident hospital. Sports physiotherapists could be born under this Mars with some good Guru connection – say Mars in Sagittarius or in Pisces sign.


Military services are a great option too for this Mars in fire sign especially, when in Mesh rashi. These folks like hands-on approach & direct action (Armed forces). Maybe in air signs, this Mars could show air pilot etc profession too.


While the 5th house Mars achieves something and rests back on the achievement for some time, the 6th house Mars is a relentless force that keeps working on improving it. The 12th house Mars likes planning and not action, the 6th house Mars likes hands-on approach than planning or strategy! The 6th house Mars would show bigger upper phalanx (execution, initiative, action, will power) of the thumb than the middle one (logic, planning). These folks are hard workers and never rest – rather you can see restlessness in their approach in some or other way.


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