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[A] Astangat Planets some quick examples

1. In a Horoscope (natal) Planets that are very close to the Sun or in the same house/rashi as the Sun are called as Astangat or combust. WHY? à They are so because your past karma does not show a great deal of activity (good/bad) with things indicated by that planet. Things indicated by planet would be of course related to the houses the planets own but more so with the KARAKATVA i.e. the things that are Governed by the planet! So this negligible past karma is reflected in the astangat planets in this life.

2. It also means that the efforts in THIS life would have MORE effect on the outcome of those houses and the karakatva of the planet than the PULL of the Destiny (your own past karma)! (Health deficiencies by say Ayurvedic/Homeopathy efforts, other deficiencies by spending effort, time and money)

3. Astangat planets also show that the EGO (the Sun) does not allow the other planets do or given what they can give in that house and rashi! i.e. the separate effect of that planets in WILIN or LUPT in the almighty Sun!

4. I have a friend who has got Mangal in the 5th house (perfect for sportspeople) in Singh rashi i.e. it has both rashi and sthan-bal for sports. He plays VERY WELL (Cricket in particular) but the Sun is also with Mangal. The Sun is also VERY powerful in the 5th house as it belongs to Sun in the Nisarg-Kundali (owner of the 5th Sign!). Here, the Sun, the EGO especially in Leo has affected his sports ventures and has not chosen that path despite all things at disposal. (Former English Tennis player Tim Henman has Surya Mangal in Singh but I guess the Sun in 5th and Mangal in 23rd degree).

5. One more example: Shukra in Kanya rashi shows a possibility of an inter-cast affair/marriage. With Mangal it could become more than 1 affair also! But, now PUT SUN in the equation and what you have is that the EGO does not allow the person to get out of the line and have an affair! J The EGO stops the person from degrading from its moral level to have an affair or take an advantage of a person. At the same time however, this SUN stops Mangal & Shukra to give various other good artistic effects also to the fullest or rather it could completely stop it from having those effects.

6. DO NOT get CONFUSED: The Sun with Shani and with Mangal is a **completely** different effect in a horoscope!!! The reduction of the ability of a planet to give results due to Sun should not be confused with the combined outcome of the conjunctions! These planets do modify the effect of the Sun also in turn! Health aspects and have their own effects on the Sun (overall health, heart, eye-power, spine, father, Govt etc). It is just that the Sun does not allow them to go beyond certain sphere of influence or a boundary if you will.

7. You can still have very good artists with Sun and Shukra conjunction but their image (result of power of the Sun/Ego) would not allow them to put ART before that image (Bachchan). You can have very good sportsman with Sun Mangal but their captainship or leadership would make their own sports interests a back seat and so on.

A Side Note: Guru also with these planets and the Sun would certainly allow the planets to give their effects a lot more. Guru or Guru-drushti closer to these planets in degrees than the Sun will certainly cause it for sure.

[B] L10 in 12th house : Dhirubhai Ambani

I just wrote the Lord 10 in Dharma Trikon and Kaam Trikon. A quick note about L10 in 12th house: The 12th house is about placed 9/12 hrs away from your native, it is the house of immigration, the house of expense, investments and house of sleep, left eye, young siblings of your father, FEET/Ankle, Getting rid of stuff from your body (sweat, water and stuff). So when the Lord of 10 (L10) is in 12th house there is KARMIC connection of your workplace or business with the EXPORT or places abroad or 9-12 hours away. The 12th house strong shows longer middle phalanx of thumb (planning) than compared to upper phalanx (willpower/execution) Also finger of the arms curve upwards showing intellectual profile. 12th house is of ACPs & Commissioners and not Inspectors (6th Mangal) or Hawaldar (3rd house Mangal)

The planets in the 12th house can make you do a lot of expense or INVESTMENT before you find a BIG TIDE that takes you FAR with success. The 12th house tests, makes you spend time, efforts and money before you get the tremendous success. The 12th house – I have a separate article on this 12th house – House of planning.

One needs to SWIM against the tides when the L10 is in the 12th house. Sanskrit Granth(s) & preliminary astrology books are VERY ONE SIDED when describing L10 in 12 – do NOT get discouraged. J RATHER the L10 in 12th house is STRONG as the planet is in PARAKRAM sthan i.e. 3rd from its own rashi.

Dhirubhai: Dhanu lagna, Budh L10 in 12th house in Vrishchik rashi. Vrishchik is about chemistry/chemicals etc. This Budh is with Shukra and in navamansh with Guru. We need not talk about his exports! J Also, he had to spend time abroad to learn the business and catch the tide after this exposure i.e. investments of time & energy and money in this business before he thought of his own stuff. L10 with SHUKRA – So garments is not a surprise? (A Side-Note: His SONS are supposed to be rebirths from his maternal side family as his L5 – panchamesh is with Ketu in 9th house.)


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