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                                                           How to Study Astrology


Over the years I have bought hundreds of astrology books many of them were great and some not so. I often get a question on “how to” start study on Astrology and I often end up answering it in a hurry while commenting on the articles. Here is an attempt to summarize my recommendations and some quick comments.




Anybody who starts with Astrology needs to understand that every reading should be followed by CASE STUDIES and observing people around you and on TV etc. You need to identify astrological patterns that you read in real life. Without ANUBHUTI of what you are reading your study will never be complete! Also NEVER EVER take a single sentence in ANY Astrology book (and my articles) separately! (example: 5th House Ravi does “Santati Naash” is what written in most Sanskrit books – what I see that the folks who have 5th house Sun have the most BRILLIANT kids!) J BEWARE of the books that translate Sanskrit books “as-is”. They are so “Ekangi / Ek-Kalli” --- Lopsided that the student just gets scared and stops reading! J J



My Astro study has been mostly Marathi and some in English (mostly Linda Goodman). M.D. Bhat and V.D. Bhat were highly impressed with the Western astrologers and their way of thinking (exact degrees/angles etc). They brought WESTREN scientific approach to Maharashtra / India and integrated it with the Sanskrit granthas and existing Marathi / Hindi literature.



Here are some of the most important and influential books that I have come across. I am writing them mostly in the sequence you should read them. These books will SHAPE you thinking and also make you aware of basics of Astrology.



I think South India has a BHANDAR or a WISHAKOSH of Astrology knowledge – I guess someone needs to translate all those books to English/Hindi/Marathi for everybody’s benefit. Hon. B. V. Raman’s Astrological magazine and other such magazines do share this knowledge to a large extent.



1. Palmistry by Keiro (not the 1st but parallel reading with all of them)


2. Kundali Mantra ani Tantra Part 1 (V. D. Bhat)


3. Kundali Mantra ani Tantra Part 2 (V. D. Bhat)


4. Sulabh Jyotish (Soman)


5. SUN SIGNS (Linda Goodman) Good for parallel reading right from the start


6. LOVE SIGNS (Linda Goodman) Good for parallel reading right from the start


7. Navamansh Rahasya (M. D. Bhat)


8. Maharashtracha Kundali-Sangraha (M. D. Bhat)


9. Ase Graha Ashya Rashi (V. D. Bhat)


10. Pancham Sthan (V. D. Bhat)


11. Saptam Sthan (V.D. Bhat)


12. STAR Signs – Again good for parallel reading right from the start


13. Sanchit Darshan (M. D. Bhat)


14. Harshal Neptune Pluto (M. D. Bhat)


15. Samagra Grahayog (V.D. Bhat)


16. Sampurna Prashnashatra (V.D. Bhat)


17. Vrishchik Lagna (V.D Bhat)


18. Encyclopedia of Palmistry (Forgot the author – Will get back)


19. Krishnamurty Paddhati (KP) by Hasabe Guruji (The one BIG one by Mr. Walimbe is also gr8)



Mantra - Shastra – I have started reading this one and have 2 very good detailed and comprehensive books on them. Will sharte details later as my study progresses.



Hon. B. V. Raman Astrological magazine is a wonder! Just that you will need to generate the charts as the Ayanansh they use are not correct in my opinion! I have not read much about Gems characteristics as such but do have some books on them. I can recommends gems very well based on logical analysis and observations about past life, current situation etc but can’t make much sense when a gemstone is handed over to me! J



Krishnamurthy Method is essential to study to understand the importance of the Nakshatra and the Winshottari mahadasha division. Most importantly I like it because it is something RADICALLY different and absolutely NEW which Hon. Krishnamurthy launched, practiced and perfected over the years. He came up with something totally new in a BRILLIANT FASHION. He needs to get 1st Nobel if there was one for Astrology!



I will add commentary to each of the books later on. Thought of posting this ASAP.

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