Published on Saturday, 26 December 2009

"3 Idiots" rocks!!

As a person who will enter sadesati after 2 years, Aamir Khan gives me a lot of hope. He is just out of sadesati and all set for next 25 years or so.

Before sadesati until Dec 2002 he had a great time. He gave so many cult movies like Dil Chahata hain and Lagaan (Farhan needs someone like Aamir else you get half-baked/confused movie like Lakshya or pseudo-intellectual ending Don -- the end negates the complete movie).

Aamir is Kirk rashi and 14th born. As per Kabbalah, 14 shows magnetism with masses using spoken or written word. 14 is not a lucky as 23 but 14 does show similar ability to market, speech and expression. (Lokmanya Tilak 23, Bal Thackeray 23, Raj Thackeray 14).

Coming back to Aamir: In sadesati, first 3 years there was no movie from him -- almost an exile. Later, he came up with Mangal Pandey which was, well, a disaster. His personal life was also not doing the best in this period.

Chandra rashi Kirk people came back to some form in 2007 when Guru was 5th to moon. We saw Taare Jamin par (5th Guru) and later Gajhani from Aamir (7th Guru).

Now, completely out of sadesati, he has come up with a masterpiece like 3 Idiots. The movie deserves a full review on maybe but just wanted to highlight here that sadesati is "worth it". The maturity, the tests that sadesati subjects a person can change the complete outlook of the person. I am sure we will see a lot of more from him in future.

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