Published on Tuesday, 04 October 2011

Shani change / badal on Nov15, 2011 9:08 a.m. IST as per Lahiri Ayanash (24:02 for Nov2011)

I am happy that a pure Astrology article like Moon Sun relationship has generated a lot of interest. It has many hits and a in top 5 articles in the past few days.


Shani may be perceived as a problem for common people but it is “Annadaataa” for astrologers! J Shani change, Shani Mahadasha, Sadesati words ensure a certain success/readership! J Guru change and Shani change are the biggest movements for an astrologer as they denote very significant change in the fortunes or rather “curves” (“change in slope for a Rashi” as I like to call it) just like various economic or life cycle curves for a person of a specific rashi. Also, the yogas that they (current positions” “Gochar”) make to ALL of your birth-time planets is also equally important topic as their angle/position to your Moon Sign.


Both Guru and Shani curves are active at the same time as are curves for all other planets. For example: Yuvraj Singh is/was under a VERY adverse movement of Shani on his Mangal (sports, injuries, blood, and friends) in Kanya rashi from Sept 20009 to Nov2011. BUT he also had Guru bang opposite to his Mangal from May2010 to May2011 making a significant impact to him. He made his world cup performance despite Shani due to Guru curve being active at the time. Of course his performance was not typical Yuvraj and was much more mature and serious which reflected Shani curve being active at the same time.


TULA / LIBRA SUN SIGN (Oct 16 to Nov 16) and MESH / ARIES SUN SIGN (April 14 to May 14) REAL Sun signs:

The Shani in Tula will affect EGO & Self esteem of people born from Oct 16 to say Nov 16 or so. It will show that “Kayadya pudhe shanpan chalat nahi – Adala Narayan Gadhavache pay dhariJ i.e. Seniors/Govt matters need to be dealt with tact and diplomacy. This is the period which is ZIP w.r.t EGO…rather it could affect even the self esteem! Spine, Heart and father are the areas of concern in this period. Govt related matters – Pay respect to EVERY official you visit. Smile was NEVER hard for Tula Sun folks – USE IT! J Shani in Tula means older artists will take a back seat and make way for newer artists as 80% folks in movies are with Moon or Sun in Libra – Leonardo Caprio is Oct 16 to Nov 16 born so is Julia Roberts, Shah Rukh Khan and countless actors. Bachchan sahab is Tula Moon Sign. Only the people who show the LEAST Ego – will be spared by Saturn -- Any Ego will be CRUSHED in this period brutally. Look at Bachchan (Oct 11) Virgo Sun Sign, like Manmohan Singh (Sept 26) – Shani went over his Sun from Sept2009 to Nov2011 – Bachchan did lose KBC to regain it but he showed NO EGO and has not seen his ego getting hurt in this period as much. It is utterly difficult but still possible.


Let us look at effect of Shani change to all the Moon signs. This time let us start from bottom to top for a change! J


1.    MEEN Rashi (Pisces Moon Sign)

Shani in 7th house (partnerships) from Sept2009 to Nov2011 showed reducing sphere of influence w.r.t the masses or “reporting-to” people at workplace. It showed issues in relationships/marriage if any. It was a reality check w.r.t partnerships and marriage – someone you count on for support as a partner. Mom’s health could have been a concern (except May2010 to May2011) and also water retention in body came down to lowest level (again except May2010 to May2011 – that showed increased retention of water – weight gains) and resulted in loss of weight. There were lessons learnt about collaboration with masses and people who are not like you (lower in the rung w.r.t hierarchy).


Now 8th house Shani takes you away from your mass-base for next 2.5 years. You will have lowest reporting to people in this period. You will be asked or happen to work more alone mostly away from the crowds. It is a bit tough as you are used to depend on some people in 6 and 7 Shani quite a bit which are no longer available to you now! The assignments or the work areas would be such that not many people need to report to you. The work is less glamorous but more serious. You are not given glorious assignment in 8th Shani but assignments or ventures that do not have big scale but has equal or more challenges than the big ones. You get new levels of maturity but in a hard way by making mistakes and after putting a lot of hard work you find yourself lacking what the job needs. This makes you grow as an individual. People around you and seniors see your good work but also see gaps that need work before you are given the next level in 9th Shani!


All that happens in 8th Shani is VERY BENEFICIAL to you but you have to learn the ability NOT TO TAKE STRESS --- No matter what -- only think what YOU can do and do your best without any pride or prejudice! You are given an opportunity to experiment, try out new things and also innovate without very big stakes – something you cannot do in bigger engagements. Remember, regardless of your GREAT – GENIUS work – The initiatives you are part of have some inherent issues (& also strengths) – You cannot bypass or suppress those inherent things by your great work! J So think what you are learning and what you are giving to the initiatives you are part of. This is time to acquire skills so that when you enter glorious period of 9, 10, 11 Shani – You are PREPARED to take on those, lead large number of people and have a very steep curve of growth fueled by 9th Shani from Nov2014 for 7.5 years.


Shani in 8th house also shows health issues that are long pending – need to deal with. This applies more to Lagna Rashi than Moon but I guess it does still apply. Also a great time for certifications, check every box that was not checked earlier when you were too busy with work. Remember – The way you “use” 8th Shani WILL decide the magnitude of success you get in 9, 10, 11 bhraman of Shani from Nov2014 or so for 7.5 years!


A Side-Note: Guru will start something new from May2012 to June2013 – Also Guru would be 5th from August 2014 to August 2015 approximately – the 5th Guru and 9th Shani at the time would bring in UNPRECEDENTED success in life – REAL FEEL GOOD and complete pay-off of your hard work!! Something to die for or rather to live for! J So regardless of Shani being 8th in next 2/3 years, Guru will start something from May2012 to May2013 which will bring in travel of 6 to 8 hours. The travel or change of location/department where you physical seat will at least change! J This travel/change is a must in 3rd Guru for growth. If you avoid this travel – the growth would be given to someone else – next in the list who has maybe 5, 9 Guru! J  Regardless, the 4th Guru from June2013 to June2014 is going to be a SLOoooooW! J The 4th Guru brings stagnancy, saturation and also satva pairksha at workplace and in personal life. You feel not wanted at workplace and might need to report to a person similar in profile as you are. This changes dramatically in 5th Guru – so again – keep the [Patience & Perseverance mantra in mind and reap benefits in the 5th Guru – DREAM COME TRUE!


All the best for preparations, study, certifications, tough assignments, enriching experience, working on much delayed health issues in 8th Shani! J



2.    KUMBH Rashi (Aquarius Moon Sign)

Well you can read 8th Shani description above for Meen rashi and you will know what you have done in the past 2.5 years from Sept 2009! J As your rashi is co-owned by Shani and Harshal, Shani being 8th also affected your health in the past 2.5 years. Guru maharaj were very much OFF in 2009 and until May2010 for you. 2009 was 12th Guru year mostly (except 3 months Guru wakri etc) which mandated a relook at your life, career, health and overall well-being. It was to PLAN something for next 12 years. May2010 to May2011 Guru was 2nd – Your value was acknowledged surprisingly by your bosses/organization or surroundings. It was good for your family also and also share market, land and other investments or returns of those investments. But – 8th Shani is something which did not allow you real “feel-good” from Sept 2009.


Now you are entering 9th house Shani – Dawn of the new things to start. The 3rd Guru from May2011 to May2012 has already started you a bit more optimistic anyways but Shani change to Tula will only add to this feel-good. The 9th house Shani can make you move from current location to take on new challenges for growth. 9th is the house of “Bhagyoday. No bhagyoday on the face of the earth has happened without changing the location! Couch-potatoes never have any bhagyoday! J


9th Shani will now completely leverage you 8th Shani peeda & investments in various things. 9th Shani will START something new for you slowly (not suddenly on 1 day) – it will not give a promotion which can be attributed to this change BUT it will slowly but surely will PLACE you in a strategic position which would last for next 7.5 years of your career – 9 , 10, 11 house Shani bhraman for Kumbh folks. Michael Jackson career was made in Shani 9, 10, 11 to his Kumbh rashi and Kumbh lagna from 82 to 89/90. (he also had terrific Shani mahadasha of uchcha Shani in his horoscope). Bachchan has a terrific run from early 70s to 1980 in Shani 9, 10, 11 to Tula rashi along with Shani Mahadasha etc etc.


To summarize - -this 9th house Shani will bring Kumbh moon sign folks in “market”! J It will put spotlight on you. Your innovative, unorthodox and NEW & LATERAL moves/thoughts will be in great demand. This is a logical sequence of Makar the traditional/orthodox/industrious folks making hey in their 9th house Shani /increasing GDP, starting businesses etc and in the process setting the stage for Kumbh to come in action now! J


You will acquire slowly in next 2/3 years the people who would stay with you for 7.5 years. They will grow with you step by step as you climb-up the ladder. Make sure you have the 2nd line always else you would be able to go that much more distance! These people stick with you for 9, 10, 11 house Shani. Your bhagyoday in 9th house Shani is related to MASSES --- Your products/services etc acquire NEW masses which support you for next 7.5 years and also beyond but for 7.5 years the keep increasing and stay with you later also but stop increasing in direct proportional.


A Side-Note: Guru is starting something new until May2012 and is supporting you. It could make you travel to a 6 to 7 hours away location. 4th Guru from May2012 could make you come back to current location but also it will start STAGNANCY and lethargy. The 4th Guru takes Satva-Parisksha (character-tests) at workplace by making you report to a equal person or denial of a much required/deserved promotion due to reasons out of your and your boss’ control. This is given/delivered in 5th Guru which is from June2013 to June2014 for Kumbh rashi. (Rahu in Vrishchik from May2010 is 10th to you which would make you part of some IMAGE initiatives at workplace. Your paternal side contacts will help you in career/business in this 10th Rahu 18 month period.)


I have TONS of Kumbh rashi friends (70%+?) including Bela and Tanish! J I guess me entering sade sati but surrounding folks doing better would balance it out! J Last time I remember Kumbh rashi folks had 9, 10, 11 Shani from 1981 to 1990 or so. Michael Jackson rocked big time and Shridevi ruled in India. My friend Girish R was doing well in Nashik Pethe high-school! J


3.    MAKAR Rashi (Capricorn Moon Sign)

From Sept 2009, Shani is supporting you while Guru was testing you, forcing you to plan and invest time, energy and money in your next 12 years of future in 2008 and 2009 – actually -- until May2010. Shani was 9th to you so far, this meant starting of some new long term ventures, acquiring a new profile which ensured at least 1 promotion and also a “movement” of location, company or overall profile. This has set your course for next 5 years. The outcome of next 5 years depends on the past 2.5 years – i.e. knowledge, people and position acquired in this period. Now let us look at 10th Shani effects!


10th Shani in short is support from masses, increasing stress (which is sweet actually!) at workplace due to increasing sphere of influence. Your “reporting-to” folks that you acquired in the past 2.5 years will support you to grow. The next 2.5 years is not of outright monetary returns but more like increasing steam in a pressure cooker! The 10th house Shani will throw a lot of TESTS at workplace. It will force you to report to a senior who look tough / demanding and of very different personality than yours (actually, that’s the reason why he acquired you in the 1st place!)


You WILL be tested at workplace with some tough decision making. This could be related to people issues (promotions decisions that you make) or financial analysis (ROI) for a new initiative where YOU decide if your company should take risk. You will be held accountable for the important decisions you make. Long hours at workplace and bringing work at home will be common in 10th Shani. Arguments with seniors for various reasons are almost a given. Keep them healthy and use tact and diplomacy - -Nobody wants to work with “difficult to work with” person! J ALWAYS use facts and figures in 10th Shani instead of hunches – of course you WILL be driven by gut-feel and hunches but will need to support with facts and figures as you will represent you unit, company etc to not only your senior but even upper management. Your senior will invite you to many upper level meetings to present a view point.


The 10th Shani is great for actors and politicians as it ensures tremendous support from masses. (Raj Thackeray, Shah Rukh, Rahul Gandhi, Gopinath Munde are of Makar rashi.) This 10th Shani mass support might not result in top posts or outright single handed success but it does show increasing mass base for sure. The lessons/exposure learnt in 9th Shani will certainly make them work on some great projects in 10th Shani. (Of course 4th Guru is of NO use from May2011 to May2012 and I am surprised who – if at all a Jyotishi – advised Munde saheb to put rebel flag in 4th Guru!?! – The 4th Guru is a saturation, status quo, reporting to a equal ability person and SLOW – Needs Shraddha and Saboori and hard work!)


May2012 to May2013 – Guru will join the party for Makar folks – The 5th Guru is going to all mighty and will show some “Dream come True” situation. You will feel good about yourself “from within”. What YOU think as success will be delivered to you.


However, 4th Guru from May2010 to May2011 is completely “off” w.r.t career for you. It will make you report to a person who is more or less similar to your profile. You will have to do some role without related grade/designation. The initiatives that you would work will certainly enrich you but they will NOT bring any outright recognition. Rather 4th Guru is more like a Satva-Pariksha like the 10th Guru. The 4th Guru is a test even at home and not just workplace! So this IS a major effect of slow growth, saturation etc until May2012 despite 9, 10 Shani positions.


So there – You are RIGHT TIME RIGHT PLACE until mid/late 2017. From May2012 it will only be great for a year but overall from Nov2011 you will see increasing sphere of influence and happening stress at workplace! There IS some showdown with seniors for sure in 10th Shani, especially, if you are born under Libra/Tula Sun (Oct16 to Nov16) or Mesh/Aries Sun (April 14 to May14). Even Sagittarius Sun Sign (Dec 17 to Jan14) would see some issues with authorities but this showdown will not harm you career much as power of 10th Shani is tremendous – you are in the sweet-spot of the Shani’s curve of 30 years!



4.    DHANU Rashi (Sagittarius Moon Sign)

May2010 to May2011 was good at “home turf”, interior decoration etc but not the best period in career and life. It was about stagnancy and saturation in career and worst case reporting an equal ability person or not much career planning at all etc. For interior decorators or house wives, it was the best period as 4th Guru made you to appreciate domestic stuff more than career! Shani has been supporting from July2007 when it started some new things for you until Sept2009 which changed your profile to upper level. This was a good effect as after 2006 of 11th Guru you were a bit off in 2007 and some feel good and social/physical weight gain in 2008.


Now from May2011 to May2012, 5th Guru is becoming or bringing “Dream Come True” situations as per your Dhanu rashi moon’s degree and now Shani changing in Nov2011 is only SONE PE SUHAGA – some resuls are: Windfall monetary gains for the efforts you did for past 5 years, maximum number of people working for you compared to past 5 years. Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar got stupendous success in elections in their 11th Shani (Nitish also had 5th Guru in Bihar election time frame). Both are Vrishchik rashi. Now it is Dhanu rashi’s turn to make hey.


May2012 to May2013 (6th Guru) you will see competitors getting ahead and some saturation and people ganging on you due to your recent success etc but STILL 11th Shani ensures tremendous gains & success. Look at Ratan Tata, Bachchan Sahab and Akshay Kumar from July 2007 to Sept 2009 when they had 11th Shani.


The best part is that around the time Shani goes 12th and Sadesati starts for Dhanu folks in late 2014 or so – Guru saheb comes 9th in Aug15 to Aug16 (approximately – not accurately checked) and further extends your career growth for 3 years! Enjoy! J


Now 11th Shani is the extreme state of “Leverage” mode – Hardly any time to gain new knowledge or insights. It is just milking the machinery to the fullest extent possible – Chaap lo. Those in politics will find themselves at Right Time Right Place. Increasing – peak mass base will be seen in the next almost 3 years.

I do not think that despite the 12th Shani i.e.e sadesati looming large in late 2014 --- Dhanu folks would find any time for thinking “What Next” which needs to be done in 12th Shani (i.e. sadesati first 2.5 years!). Think What Aishwarya and Sachin (both Dhanu Rashi) would do after 2014? That’s what is called as Sadesati! JJ (Zaheer will enter Sadesati in Nov2011 along with Narendra Modi, Nitish Kumar, Nitin Gadkari etc folks). 10th Shani: Those in politics will find themselves at Right Time Right Place. Increasing – peak mass base will be seen in the next almost 3 years.


11th Shani can take you away from your kids but this is more like due to work load and all and not exactly like physical distance. 11th Shani also shows some need of investment of time in kids as they need it as they re in the phase of “making”. 11th Shani also asks to deal with hereditary /inheritance due to its 10th house drushti on 8th house. It also indicates “Health issues to come” due to its drushti on Moon – especially Mom’s health would show some pattern which would become bigger issue in middle phase of sadesati – Do not ignore these indications!


In short: “Dream come True” until May2012 due to 5th Guru; increasing competition and enemies from May2012 to May2013 due to 6th Guru. BUT overall stupendous mass support, increasing income (windfall!) in next 2/3 years from Nov2011.


Overall – Enjoy 11th Shani!!  But remember there is only 1 universal truth: This shall also pass! JJ


5.    VRISHCHIK Rashi (Scorpio Moon Sign)


WELCOME TO SADESATI guys! After it was over in 89 or so you are again in for a Saturn ride! J


Well, well well!! 6th Guru is making you health conscious, doctor’s bills are increasing or rather it is highly advisable to do a comprehensive blood and urine etc check if you are on the late 20s or in the 30s. Now we are going to have Shani also coming to party! J 12th house Shani again shows a COMPLETE AUDIT of what has or done wrong in the past 7.5 years! J Vilas Rao, RR Patil, Narendra Modi, Nitish Kumar, Nitin Gadkari, Zaheer Khan à Time to learn new things – What worked before will NOT work now! DO NOT FORCE things to happen like you did in past several years – they will BACKFIRE now!


The 12th Shani demands PLANNING for next 30 years and NOT just a quick fix etc. Spend time, energy and money to prepare a BLUEPRINT for next 30 years. The 12th house ANY planet forces you to plan (“wyay” means expense) and “spend”. If you do not have time to spend it makes you spend money! J But 12th Shani is almost a “political exile”. It could mean jail time if you have done something wrong in the 9, 10, 11 Shani, more so in 11th Shani as it gives unprecedented power!


Badmouthing is a major effect seen in 12th Shani. Any damn person, even a street person who was all praise starts saying “ye salxx think aisa kiya!”. You have great person like Ratan Tata running to court not to make the (Radia) tapes public! J His letter written to Karuna about Raja’s vision came to bite him in 12th Shani from Sept2009 to Nov2011. Bachchan sahab somehow due to OVER humility and honesty and lack of arrogance has been able to keep badmouthing away – still Barabanki was not an easy thing to get away. Akshay Kumar is still figuring out “What next” – I am sure he would have had some action scripts ready once it was clear that not any every damn comedy is going to be a bit.


So there you have it – read my 1st article on this blog of sadesati – NOT ALL IS LOST – May2012 onwards 7th Guru will be GREAT for IMAGE building and expansion! 5th Guru from May2010 to May2011 gave you a GREAt success and started something new for you. Now this same thing will expand in 7th Guru until May2013. May2013 onwards 12 months are again PEEDA – lots of Peeda!! BUT August2014 to August2015 (approximately) 9th Guru will give you a strategic position which is the result of tactical success of the 5th Guru from May2010 to May2011. So GURU curve is still there to help you in Shani’s tough exam – HOWEVER all said and done it is sadesati 1st 2.5 years – demands study, certifications, new stuff planning, blueprint, badmouth dealing with Shraddha and Saboori.


So overall – Shraddha & Saboori from Nov2011 to May2012 – Then EXPANSION for 1 year and afterwards PEEDA --- until August2014 and again some solace after that. However sadesati 7.5 years from Nov2011 is tough Shani lesson. Let us see how all those folks Modi, Nitish, RR, VilasRao, Zaheer, Yusuf Patham Irfan Pathan find these years! J


I am also Vrishchik Rashi – I would be forced to do certifications in Astro which is going to be VERY troublesome to me as it makes you “ratta”fy some of the things which I hate – Traditional Approach to Astrology! J BUT I will HAVE to adopt a VERY methodical and structural approach which will satisfy everybody who approaches me. The 1st 2.5 years of sadesati will force me to adopt a more disciplined approach towards ALL things in life. Public expectations are all time high and if they are not catered to then it will be a chaos (“Are yaar usako mail bhejake 3 mahina ho gaya – lekin abhi tak reply nahi” is going to cause a lot of trouble!) Will need to cut down on Cricket, Music, and Movie time a lot if I have to take Astro seriously. Already 6th Guru is FORCING me to come in line in a hard way! J I usually send 10/12 lines of analysis for a horoscope (or more at times) – which is significant differentiator for a horoscope - -BUT now onwards I will be expected to write more and not just “hi-fi” past life references or some hints of health issues but connection with ayurveda and also some face to face time with some of the folks who really need help!


Next 2.5 years will force me to concentrate only on career and astro! Will need to learn new stuff in career to keep growth coming, old ways not going work! Similarly, will need to come up with my own product in astrology for every person who approaches me! Well – It is going to be VERY VERY interesting – I am terrified already! JJ


6.    TULA Rashi (Libra Moon Sign)

The “Dream come True” 5th Guru from Dec2009 to May2010 (Bachchan back in KBC) and 7th Guru from May2011 to May2012 is supporting you with a new fresh “Guru curve” despite adverse force of sadesati from Sept2009. The Guru is keeping you “in”-form but still you can see the folks like Ratan Tata, Akshay Kumar, AshokRao Chavan etc did face badmouthing and getting back of what they had done in 9, 10, 11 Shani. Akshay Kumar’s Shani curve of comedy is now almost over – Yes, a “GOOD” movie will still work regardless of the genre (action, comedy or tragic) but the era of any damn comedy movie working on box office is now sort of over. All Tula rashi folks from Sept2009 are thinking “What Next”?


The Tula rashi’s planning for next 30 years will (or should be) over by Nov2011. They should have figured out what they need to do in the long run and a blue-print could be very well be ready with them. Now the Shani in rashi is going to help with execution of the plan.


The planning in 12th and execution in 1st house movement is common to ALL planets and not just the Shani. It is just that Shani takes 2.5 years in 12th and 1st house each and hence this period is quite long. The planets in 12th and 1st house do not give any wealth to you as such – they make you work, work and work more. The execution will start giving monetary results in 2nd Shani – when Shani enters “Aarth Trikon” – i.e. Wealth-Sector.


1.     The 12th Shani is in “Moksha Trikon” making you plan, spend time in spirituality, brooding etc.

2.     The 1st house Shani is in “Dharma-Trikon” – making you perform your duties (Dharma means Duties)

3.     The 2nd house Shani is in “Artha-Trikon” (Economic zone) which starts to give the monetary results of your efforts in 12/1 Shani.

4.     The TATA company curve can be easily seen from May2005 to July2007 as 12th Shani, July2007 to Sept2009 as 1st Shani and Sept2009 onwards as 2nd Shani. You can map it to their planning for mergers for next growth and then actual mergers in 1st Shani and monetary results from Corus and even Jaguar (surprise!?) from Sept2009!


BUT there are other aspects to Shani movement in the 1st house i.e. in your own sign:


1.     You are subjected to some water loss – You lose water in the body quite a bit. You are shown anomalies in the water retention etc in your body as Shani is moving over your horoscope moon which is karak of water.

2.     Mom’s health becomes a concern as Moon also shows Mom. Staying/going away from mom is quite possible.

3.     The cash flow could become a bit low Moon does show cash flow.

4.     The social profile can take a beating as you hardly get any time to participate in social events, you are too busy in execution of your new plans and no time to socialize and have fun.

5.     You get a complete reality check about your near and dear ones – You will get to see who your real friend is. You will be shocked by reactions or attitudes of many folks who you thought were close to you.

6.     This is an “atma-Shuddhi” period and a very good phase as you get to know who not to trust for the next 30 years! J This short term loss ensures long term big gains. But it is NOT fun when it happens – it affects your emotional profile. The KEY is to NOT lose emotions and not become too 100% stiff and practical but try to “live” with these issues with emotional maturity and not lack of emotions.

7.     Shraddha and Saboori is the name of the game now for 3 years.

8.     For Tula rashi folks Moon is also the owner of the 10th house – hence the Shani in rashi also affects workplace not only due to 10th drushti of 1st house Shani but also Shani going over Moon which is Dashamesh. Some unnecessary emotional scenes at workplace could be caused in this Shani bhraman.

9.     Mass Support will come back now. Masses will again start believing in you – They might have deserted you in the 12th Shani.



1.     So overall Guru 7th will help and expand your horizons until May2012.

2.     From May2012 to June2013 (8th Guru) you will be part of initiatives that go nowhere! J

a.     You will do fantastic in those initiatives but those initiatives by their very nature will not bring great success.

b.    This means May2012 to June2013 is going to cause a hell lot of stress on emotional and career front.

c.     Only respond should be HARD WORK, certifications and awareness that you need to learn new things and not use the same ways that worked earlier.

d.    Also – check what YOU can do – Do your Dharma/Duties without any pride and prejudice and you will be fine.

e.     Half of the battle is won when you set your own expectations correctly. Expecting too much or miracle etc in this period.

3.     The experience in this 8th Guru will set you up for the strategic success in 9th Guru from June2012 to June2014. This could cause much wanted and deserved travel also.

4.     The effects would be more extreme if you are born from April14 to May14 or Oct16 to Nov16 (approximate dates) as you are either Aries Sun Sign or Libra Sun sign. Shani on Sun is a BIG issue for ego and self esteem and opposite to Sun (for Aries) also shows face-off with seniors/Govt and figures of authority. Along with Mom’s health – father’s health would be a bigger concern for Aries and Libra Sun signs (but please check REAL Sun sign and not the Western one!)


All the best for “execution” now! This is the best time to practice “Karmanye Wadhikaraste”, especially, from May2012 to June2013 for sure.



7.    KANYA Rashi (Virgo Moon Sign)

Currently this is the worst affected sign which is not in the best position in both Shani’s or Guru’s curve. Guru in 8th house is dismal for career or overall growth, health making you participate in initiatives that do not do much for you despite your best efforts. Even if your efforts are appreciated, you do not feel good. Shani in rashi is a BIG thing. It is testing your temperament and as you can see description for Tula rashi above (a) to (e) points (“In Short”) you are subjected to, in simple words, a mental torture from Sept2009 to Nov2011. The May2010 to May2011 period was certainly good as there was expansion and some feel good, image enhancement as Guru was 7th. (As they say about 7th Guru: “baal bhi na baanka hoye”). This 7th Guru limited issues which could have been due to Shani to some extent.


Shani change will bring much better relief on personal side, emotional matters, mom’s health, your health (water retention in body would start to increase to normal levels now). You have handled Shani in rashi for 2+ years and that is something! 6th Guru from Dec2009 to May2010 and also 8th Guru from May2011 to May2012 are making this ‘Shani in rashi’ scenario much more painful & full of agony.


Now, Shani in Tula moving to 2nd house to Kanya rashi (in Artha Trikon / Economic zone) will start better cash flow as Shani would start giving slow but steady increase in monetary benefits for the efforts done in the past 5 years – The unpaid Karma of past 5 years will start paying now in next 2.5 / 3 years. (Refer to the TATA Group example mentioned above.)


However, Shani as starts NEW cash flow, it WILL also show issues/problems with your EXISTING investments. Your mistakes in share market, land deals or other investments will be given reality check and you will either book your losses or decide to hang on but you will be FORCED to take the correct decision with them. Folks waiting for you to pay them back will start getting restless and also violent at times. Do not enter in high risk investments for next 3 years – QUICK MONEY is NOT advisable in this period. Please beware of what you are signing! It could cause issues later on. Please invest with a very conservative manner (with all facts-n-figures) regardless of how much you earn.


Kanya rashi has Nakshatra’s of Surya (Uttara Bhadrapada), Chandra (Hasta) and Mangal (Chitra) – all 3 not the friends of Shani! J Although rashi swami is Budh which is OK with Shani – the Nakshatra swami shows that your intentions are not challenged by Shani but your ways are!! – Rashi or Rashi Swami shows WHAT – Nakshatra or Nakshatra Swami shows HOW. In your case what you are trying to do might not be challenged by Shani as it happens with MESH, KIRK, SING, VRISHCHIK signs but the ways will certainly be challenged! (I guess -- You might not read it in any other articles – This thought comes from pure logic but also many observations! (Chamatkara shivay Namaksar naahi! J)


The 2nd house Shani does aspect 8th house which is of inheritance and so does the 11th house which shows cash-flow / elder brother & 4th house which shows mom/farm/house etc. The issues with these houses could also be exposed but they might apply more from lagna rashi I guess. The 2nd Shani also makes you take care of your eyes, teeth etc. Health of some elderly family members will be an area of concern.


Right now multiple planets in Kanya rashi in Sept2011 & Oct2011 are making you execute too many things as all the curves (of these planets) are demanding action/execution/obeying your duties! J Hard work!!!


Guru would be 9th from May2012 – This will start 3 glorious years of Guru being 9, 10, 11- The best 3 years of the 12 (11.88) years of Guru Curve. This will ensure new initiate, strategic position, travel to a place/work position that you really like. This makes you right time right place for this curve of Guru which lasts for 3 years of growth and happening.


Until Nov2011 – Shraddha and Saboori – Continue that until May2012 for sure and put in AS MUCH HARD WORK as possible. Cater to your emotions and pay enough attention to it but do not become slave of your own emotions or “gand” (Sanskrit word). Do not fall in love with your sorrows – It could happen in 1st Shani – Going in your own shell for protection/self defense mechanism. This needs careful attention – Anyways – things will start looking much better after Nov2011. I just hope that you do not have too many planets in Tula or Mesh rashi! JJ


8.    SINGH / Sinvha Rashi (Leo Moon Sign)

Since May2005 you are under a very close audit/scrutiny by Shani. Sadesati is toughest period for Singh rashi folks as it is a raj-rashi and shows desire to rule, discipline, to create their sphere of influence, inspirational behavior (which has inherent side effects) etc. Until Sept2009 the things were quite sad as EGO / Self esteem was completely attacked by Shani. You guys learned to live in a group, adjusted to “co-existence” (instead of trying to kill of other Singh around! J) in this period. From Sept2009 you saw some change with increase in income and efforts of 5 years paying some results slowly but surely. 2008 was of course good due to 5th Guru which saw a good tactical success. 2009 was mostly holding onto what you got in 2008. From Dec2009 to May2010 there was an expansion of your sphere due to 7th Guru for sure. It ensured image enhancement, water retention in the body etc. May2010 to May2011 was again saturation & peeda: being part of initiative/activities that will not stay with you later! But they are invaluable exposure which ensures future success.


Now, from May2011 things are looking up due to 9th Guru until May2012. This will give you a strategic position which will bring success for 3 years (from May2011). This is Guru’s cycle of 9, 10, 11 which is the best in the past 12 years.


Shani will now change to 3rd from 2nd position:

End of sadesati!! You are now out of a very tough, unfriendly, out of comfort zone kind of a era of your life. You had to learn and cope with new environment which Singh hate – They hate just being in an unknown / unfamiliar environment! Now you have acquired new hard and soft skills that would keep you in in the hunt (“market”) for next 22 years.


The 3rd Shani in the horoscope (to lagan or moon) shows mass support, good articulation, and guerilla war tactics (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Balasaheb Thackeray). It is a great power for sure. Now Singh will enjoy 3rd Shani for 3 years. It will make them king makers. They will be able to play their cards and put their folks in key positions. They will see that the masses that left them in sadesati are coming back. They will find new mass-support too. Travel for some key talks, negotiations will happen in the 3rd house Shanil. Great possibility of going 6 to 8 hrs away location for 2/3 years. The 3rd Shani can give you a great feel good (Sonia Gemini Moon Sign – July2007 to Sept 2009 had 3rd Shani). But remember any abuse of power or position in 3rd Shani makes you pay dearly in the 4th house Shani. It is important to be very structured in your decision making and making sure you use your power to “give power/position” judiciously. 3rd house planets can make you very paternal (My guys are the best syndrome – “Apala to Sonya, Dusaryacha to Karta”! J). Do not hesitate to use someone out of your sphere of influence for a strategic position if that is the right thing to do.


Traditionally, Shani is called as GREAT in 3, 6, 11 houses. Next best are 9 and 10th – This is for personal success thru masses as Shani is karak of masses (& also Criminal law & order – NOT rituals – Guru owns that like education period, marriage etc). So you are one of the 3 rashis which will be blessed after Nov2011 by Shani (about 1/4th – 25% folks on the Earth!) J


If you are born with ARIES Sun Sign (as mentioned above: THE REAL one) or Libra Sun Sign – There is additional angle to this Shani in Libra which should be well-aware – PLEASE read the paragraph above. Regardless of that paragraph – Shani in 3rd house WILL provide you the benefits mentioned in this article but Shani on horoscope Sun or opposite horoscope Sun has its own different effect. Same applies to folks born in Kirk / Cancer Sun Sign – 16th July to 16 August as Shani will have 10th Drishti on their Sun Sign! So regardless of VERY favorable Shani curve of 3rd Shani – you also have something to be careful with Shani’s drushti on Surya which recommends caution with seniors/Govt/authorities.


In Short:

1.     May2011 to May2012: Very good results, strategic position due to 9th Guru.

2.     May2012 to June2013: 10th Guru Reporting to a person of equal or less ability, happening etc but stress at workplace, lot of work done in 10th Guru – increasing steam in the pressure cooker situation!

3.     July2013 to July2014 – 11th Guru – Getting the same or better position as the person you adjusted with in 10th Guru – MULTIPLE GAINS from all sectors.

4.     Shani to help tremendously from Nov2011 – except 3 months May June July2012 when it is retrograde and in last degrees of Kanya rashi.


Additional Text:

Singh is a very maani, abhimaani kind of a rashi which borders at arrogance – durabhimaan as a side effect of the personality. Mesh, Kirk, Singh, Scorpio are the worst affected by Sadesati by their very nature.


For example Uddhav Thackeray: despite winning Mumbai Mahapalika since 2002 single handedly, each election is termed as the “test of his leadership” J This despite winning in 2007 in the most adverse circumstances when Raj T and Narayan Rane were trying their best to hurt him. Recently in 6th Guru (and Sadesati) all his competitors and enemies got the best of the spotlight. 6th guru ensured a great alignment of competitors including his cousin’s MNS helping Congress/NCP take the power again despite an utterly dismal performance for past 10 years! THIS is sadesati!! He is at his minimum in this period and things will only get better now with 9th Guru and Sadesati getting over in Nov2011. At least he is not in jail like Suresh Kalmadi who is also Singh moon sign (& Mesh Surya). Still being #4 on the MLA list (45 MLAs) was not the best result for him – Lost even Opposition Leader post to BJP who got 2/3 more seats!)


Now 3rd Shani will certainly see his position strengthening but he has to figure out some way to deal with MNS as Raj T is Makar rashi and he will have 10th & 11th Shani in the next 5 years like Rahul Gandhi! J Uddhav’s Sun Sign is Cancer (27th July) which shows that he will need to make some adjustments despite 3rd Shani as Shani will aspect his Surya – Which shows he also needs to take care of his father’s health.


9.    KIRK (Cancer Moon Sign)

Kirk rashi came out of sadesati in Sept2009 – A significant event which changed your profile from a novice in the new field to a pro or a person who belongs in this new field and not just a new comer! The 3rd Shani from Sept 2009 allowed you to play games/politics with cards in your hands! J You could see Madhuri and Amir much more exuberant and back in business after Jan2003 when they entered sadesati. It took 2007 5th Guru for Kirk rashi to come up with “Taare Jameen Par” or “Aja Nachale”. The success of 2007 for these two and all kirk rashi folks gave them a strategic position in 9th Guru from May2010 to May2011. All KIRK rashi folks got a strategic position they always aspired to from May2010 to May2011. It has started something for them which would last for 3 years at least --- Guru being 9, 10, 11 from May2010. The 3 best years in the past 12 years.


However, Guru 10th from May2011 to May2011 shows a “satva-pariksha” at work place. Might need to work with or report to a person who is equal or less in abilities or maturity. The workplace will show several challenges and tough assignments. What started in 9th Guru which bring stress but this will be a happening or a positive stress about growth, not about problems. Patience and Perseverance needed until May2012 for sure in 10th Guru – All the work done in this period will pay off massively in 11th Guru from May2012 to June2013. You will get equal or better position as the person you had to deal with.


NOW --- THE topic of this article—SHANI Change – Out of your comfort Zone!!!

You are no more going to enjoy the glorious 3rd house Shani. The decisions you took from Sept2009 to Nov2011 will be scrutinized very closely. The 4th Shani is an audit – lesser than sadesati but after 3d Shani it is a bit tough to handle (expectations management!). The 4, 8, 12 Shani are the periods of saturation but at the same time periods of review, retrospective analysis and correcting the mistakes/paying them off. It is again time for patience and perseverance and hard work. The 4th Shani also shows “Gruha-Kalah”. Check what Sonia is going through in past 2 years – fighting within her own people. The 4th Shani unlike 8, 12 does NOT take you away from your mass-base but rather masses show sympathy to you in this period to deal with the issues in hand. You are not blamed except for minor/mistakes you did but your abilities are not directly challenged etc like 12th Shani.


The 4th Shani needs emotional maturity and analysis of situations objectively – This is tough for an emotional sign like Kirk. The 4th house is about staying at home, soukhya, comfort zone. These all are challenged by Shani and you need to get out of your comfort zone. For IT field if you are comfortable with onsite – you re sent to offshore and vice versa! J If you are comfortable with technical side you are forced to take on people leadership and so on. The 4th Shani does make you work on something which you are not very natural at. Rather, you HAVE to deal with these things due to your own success in 3rd Shani which culmination of your hard-work in the sadesati period.


The 4th Shani is seen as a troublesome due to Shani being in Moksha Trikon 4, 8, 12 houses – away from your Dharma Trikon (1, 5, 9) or your Economic zone (2, 6. 10)  or Kaam/Sahaj Trikon (3, 7, 11). Any planet in Moksha Trikon is of no good for material gains. It is great for INNER Growth – progress of the soul with lessons that must be learnt the hard way as it is Shani maharaj who is trying to get you away from things you want to do always/more often.


4th Shani also shows review of land /house/property/farms/vehicles etc.and makes you take difficult but much needed decisions – say removal of a corn which is painful but much needed for the rest of the finger/body. The 4th Shani is a short period of AtmaShuddhi.


Those with Surya /Sun Sign also in Kirk /Cancer (July 16, August 15/16) or Tula /Libra (Oct 16 to Nov15/16) or Mesh /Aries (April 14 to May14) would have a bit more trouble this periods due to issues with seniors, authorities, Govt and health of your father.


So you have some work to do until May2012 for sure and some hardships for sure until May2012. After May2012 Guru supports you a lot for a year until June2013 but Shani continues to poke you from Nov2011 for almost 3 years!


Manmohan Singh is Kirk Chandra rashi and Kanya Surya (Sept 26) --- gets out of Shani over Sun scenario which is VERY harmful for ego an self esteem – he was at the LOWEST Ego and Self esteem from Sept2009 to Nov2011. Now that changes BUT he enters 4th Shani -- ! J I guess his worries are not getting over despite a massive change of Shani leaving his Sun! J



10.  MITHUN (Gemini Moon Sign)

Well, you did have some tough lessons due to Shani’s 4th movement from Sept2009. The majestic support from 3rd house Shani was gone and you had to deal with a lot of Gruha-Kalah – Look at Sonia Gandhi! J I have mentioned 4th Shani effects in detail above for Kirk rashi which you can refer but that is not the focus here. GURU maharaj has been helping you a lot from Dec2009. Until May2012 is the period of 9, 10, 11 Guru. From May2011 you have 11th Guru which is culmination of your efforts in the past 9 years! You are right time right place from Dec2009 in that regard. This will continue until May2012. You would enter 12th Guru in May2012 which shows that you will need plan for next 12 years. You cannot expect the Guru curve to give you the same slope growth it gave from Dec2009 despite 4th Shani.


The 12th Guru mandates “expense” of time, energy and money on new learning skills and increasing your potential and ability. i.e. your likeability to this “Kamina” world. This world is very cruel – They exactly know when a person enters 12th Guru or Sadesati (12th Shani!) J Suddenly you have Baba Ramdeo (Vrishabh rashi – 12th Guru from May2011) going thru bad mouthing etc as he has ventured in to something new without planning and preparation. He could have entered it from May2012 when he would have had completed the planning and Guru in his rashi would have helped with IMAGE and EXECUTION of the plan. So in short – 12th house planets mandate to plan, learn and start over. You do not lose what you already have (again like Baba Ramdeo – he still has the same number of followers in yoga). Now let us go to the 5th Shani effects from Nov2011.


5th Shani from 15-Nov-2011:

You will get relief from 4th Shani’s atmashuddhi effect, dealing with mistakes or wrong decisions on 3rd Shani. 5th house is a tactical success house. Any planet there forces you to do what is very apparent and need of the hour sorts. Tactics (5th house) is doing something when you know what’s need to ne done; Strategy (the 12th house) is something when you need to something when there nothing to do! J


Now you will know what you need to when it comes to masses, education & you kids. The 5th house shows various things but mainly the education / buddhi, Kids and your dharma/duty towards life. Shani is karak of masses/workers etc hence you will fulfill your duties towards these things in 5th Shani. You will have slow but steady improvements and achievements now. The 5th Shani would force you to take on something in education which is big (for you) and needs a LOT of efforts. Also, there is a good chance that you could go away from your kids, or kids going away from you!


As 5th house is Duty/Dharma Trikon sthan – You will do or forced to do what is right thing to do. Your decision making will be now very much facts and figures based – without too many emotions or subjective reasons. It will be like proving a theorem (Therefore, therefore – step by step and reaching the final answer!) The anxiety of 4th Shani, the lack of decision making ab ability will be restored.


If you are too much of a tactical person i.e. not knowing what to do when there is nothing obvious to do – Shani in 5th house could be a challenge as it will show all such circumstances or lost opportunities when you could not make good use of the time given to you by 12th house or 4th house planets. You will realize – only if” I had read this once I could have got more marks in this exam --- Only if I had done this – I would be in IIM today! J etc etc! (This is applicable to someone born from Oct 15 to Nov15 i.e. Sun Sign Libra/Tula and Moon Sign Mithun as Sun is in 5th house to Moon and Shani going over Sun also!)


5th house Shani is SLOW and STEADY achievements —Do not expect miracles – well after May2012 as 11th Guru can show some miracles until May2012! J The 5th house Shani makes you learn patience & perseverance & virtue of planning (not jumping in execution without planning).


The 5th Shani is great for lawyers and anybody to do something with law & order, judges etc. They will get the cases of their life time – complex, difficult but giving a great sense of achievements. So all Mithun rashi lawyers – be ready for some good high visibility cases in next 3 years.


Overall – Great fun until May2012 for sure in 11th Guru. 12th Guru making you quite at discomfort from May2012 to June2013 and 5th Shani making you come out of a messy 4th Shani. Guru 12th effect cannot be understood when you are under 11th Guru! J I think I will write a separate article to make Mithun folks realize the importance of “using” 12th house Guru. The importance of 12th Guru cannot be overstated for complete planning of next 12 years. The one with 12th house Guru was the president of the committee formed to create India’s constitution – what India should do for next several decades! J


11.  VRISHABH (Taurus Moon Sign)

Like City Group’s Vikram Pandit you had a great time with career from 2009 to May2010 in Guru’s 9, 10, 11 movement to Vrishabh rashi. Most of the Vrishabh rashi folks got something new in 2009 which changed their profile. May June July 2009 and Dec2009 to May2010 was the tough/stressful but happening period. May2010 to May2011 you got all the benefits of the work done from start of 2009 (Rather Dec2008). From May2011 you entered 12th Guru – this makes you think “what next” – does not matter at what social value chain you are – EVERY Vrishabh rashi person is thinking now –
“What Next” including Baba Ramdeo!
J Jumping in action without planning is not going to help. 12th house (wyay sthan) planets force you to SPEND time, efforts and money on next 12 house movement of that respective planet. Guru has aprx 12 year cycle and hence planning for next 12 years is needed. Reading, studying, certifications, preparing blue print, going back and forth, bridging gaps in the planning is what required from you. From May2012 Guru would enter you sign and it is the time to start EXECUTION of the plan you have put together. It is a great time for image enhancement and social/physical weight gain! J You will see Guru maharaj again helping you in 2nd Guru from June2013.


Guru’s 12th (previous sign) and 1st house (in your rashi) bhraman is a VERY significant effect that you feel and hence wanted to get that sorted out before we move on to Shani’s curve.


Shani in 5th from Sept2009 to Nov2011 was slow but steady achievements for you. It was also a period to help your kids as they need that. It was also a period of going away from them frequently. It was good to study something related to law and order. Shani in 5th also could have made you go thru painful meticulous study which demands a lot of time/efforts from you. Now you are about to enter 6th Shani. The 5th house is about a time bound project, time bound product development. It is a “Go-getter” house. The product/project prepared in 5th house movement needs to be SERVICED and nourished in 6th house movement.


The 6th house is of service sector. The 6th house Shani subjects a person to a servicing someone. The 6th house Shani increases your social clout, increases people reporting into you. It increases cash-flow coming your way. BUT – One thing is certain – The 6th house Shani subjects you to initiatives or projects that YOU find very difficult or they are out of your comfort zone. You are made to work in an alien environment where you need to build new contacts and form totally new relationships and collaborate with unknown folks. This is quite tough and requires some caution and planning and analysis/understanding of new people you are meeting.


For a political leader 6th Shani is very good to increase clout but it usually forces them to go for uncharted territory of masses – social engineering etc. This could be double edged as you got to hold on to your existing base while you want acquire a new one.


The 6th house Shani especially to lagna rashi shows/uncovers health issues – mostly related to stomach. Ayurveda is your friend in 6th house Shani. Remember any disease in 6th house Shani is related to stomach (intake) and 12th Shani or Guru is related to malfunctioning of outbound stuff (getting rid of material from body.) Although this applies more to lagna rashi – for Chandra rashi also this effect is seen for sure.


All Vrishabh rashi folks that I know (a lot) personally for several years – I asked them to recollect how April98 to Dec2000 was in 12th house Shani and 12th Guru from June99 to June2000. It was a double whammy then! J At least now Guru is 12th but Shani will support quite a bit in 6th house.


During June99 to June2000 both Guru and Shani were 12th to your rashi and that made you get completely out of comfort zone, plan and work on something completely new in life for next 12 and 30 years. Now you have somewhat similar situation you had from June99 to June2000 in 12th Guru from May2011 to May2012. (I think Juhi Chawla is Vrishabh rashi – not confirmed – She also did great until April 98 in 11th Shani and Guru and later on her career tapered down and she caught new curve in life – need to confirm though.)


Interesting times indeed! J



12.   MESH (Aries Moon Sign)

Anil Ambani, Lalit Modi (IPL), Barak Obama, LalKrishna Advani, Sharad Pawar who are all Mesh rashi folks. They had tough assignments from Sept 2009 in 6th Shani, out of their comfort zone completely. Also they had tremendous feel good and start of new things in 2008 in 9th Guru. They enjoyed tremendous success until May2010 in 11th Guru. They were top of their game and achievements with their plans. After May2010 in 12th Guru they saw badmouthing, going into oblivion, paying off glaring omissions done in the success of 9, 10,11 Guru. They had to plan for next 12 years and almost the whole year they were seen out of action, almost in an exile of 12th Guru.

The 6th Shani however forced them to venture outside their usual circle from Sept2009. Two major planets in 6 and 12 houses is not the best time for a person’s feel good factor. It is too much of a hard work and not many things moving ahead as they want. 6th Shani forced new alliances, new contacts etc and new circle which takes a toll on a person’s psyche to create fresh / new impression.

Now 7th Shani will reduce some of these new contacts and touch with them. This 7th Shani could also reduce your sphere of influence or in simple terms people reporting into you. It will stop a lot of happening feel of 6th Shani until May2012 at least. This Shani could also take you away from your Mom and also wife as 7th house shows wife and the moon shows Mom. Mom’s health could be a concern and you could also see some water loss/weight loss especially after May2012 as until May2012 Guru is only increasing your water retention and weight.

The 7th Shani has drushti on 4th house which is your home & mom. So 7th Shani could make you busy at locations away from home. It also means being away from near and dear ones too.

The 7th Shani will teach you certain lessons in marriage, partnerships and overall collaboration. It will show/expose anomalies in your relationships with spouse and also business partners. It shows some showdown with your direct competitors too. The 7th house is also of long term and BIG wars. (Adolf Hitler had multiple planets in 7th house in Aries Sign including Sun and Mars with Drishti of Shani on them – He started the war when Shani was in Aries I guess and lost it all when Shani was on Shani in 10th house aspecting all these Mesh rashi planets!)


The 7th Shani effect could be lesser not actually but you would not notice them as much until Guru is in your rashi i.e. May2012. The 7th Shani would be more apparent after May2012.

Mesh rashi has a dev-Guni, positively aggressive, initiative taking nakshatra of Ashwini owned by Ketu. They will see these effects in the initial 1st year of Shan in Tula. The second Nakshatra of Bharani is owned by Shukra which is more subdued and mature and less aggressive (tadafdaar) than Ashwini – They will see effects in 2nd year i.e. 2013 mostly and last Nakshatra is only 1/4th in Mesh (Krittika) they will see the effects in last 4/6 months i.e. in 2014. More intense effects would be delivered to Ashwini and Krittika as they are more intense signs creating more intense Kriyamaan karma and also shows desire of the soul to do some specific intense things.

7th house Shani could also mean for politicians and actors etc that you are doing something different than what masses expect from you. The 7th house is of competitors and also people who compliment you but Shani – the karak of masses “opposite” or Pratiyog to your mind shows that your choices would not be liked as much by your mass-base. You can see Mulayam (Kumbh?) going thru this from July2007 to Sept 2009 and Abhishek Bachchan (Meen) going thru this from Sept2009 to Nov2011.

In Short: Adverse situations and hard work, execution until May2012 in 1st Guru. The labh would start from May2012 in 2nd Guru which shows expansion, income, share market results etc. The Shani in 7th house would teach something in partnerships, collaboration etc. You will need to check what your end-customers, partners, masses want from you closely as you could be working on something personal and they want something different. This could affect your career etc but anyways you will achieve what you want to achieve in 2nd Guru on a personal and family front. Take care of Mom’s health and drink water outside carefully. Guru in rashi until May2012 you will see physical and social weight gain.


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