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God created man in his own image – I can agree only after I watch Sachin Tendulkar play cricket! :) Otherwise people like Digvijay Singh are come across more like creation of Devil himself. :)


At the age of 37 or rather even from the age of 29/30 he was like beyond the legends – You do not need to say that you are a fan – Like Lata Mangeshkar, Rafi, Kishor, Bhimsen – It is assumed by default that if you know the game of cricket then you are a Sachin fan regardless of your Country of origin.


Like many other greats the horoscope of Sachin Tendulkar is a GREAT case study to explain the basic concepts of astrology. I will have to make assumption on the time of the birth as say 5.50 p.m. (5 p.m. is also a good one as Mars/Mangal is in 5th house in Navamansh). The logic is simple – His Mars/Mangal IS (by observing him over the years) in the 5th house for sure and maybe in exact degrees as the ascendant –  So Mars/Mangal in 27th degree of Makar makes Ascendant also in 27th degree of Kanya i.e. Vargottam lagna – Mars/Mangal in 1st house in Navamansh but 5th house in horoscope. (1, 5, 9 houses are Dharma Trikon.)


Mars/Mangal in 5th house is for Dhoni, Gavaskar, Nadal(?), Shane Warne(?) and many other greats. 9th house Mars/Mangal would be Rahul Dravid, Don Bradman, McGrath, Federer etc. Mars/Mangal in 1, 5, 9 would given attitude of HIGH responsibility towards the game and the way you approach the game – like sense of a Duty towards the team, the nation and the game itself. The 3, 7, 11 house Mars/Mangal has great flamboyance and outright public appeal/mass appeal but a pleasure part overrides the sense of duty there (Kapil Dev, Padukone, Dennis Lillee? etc).


So we have a horoscope here with 24th April 1973 5 p.m. Mumbai à Kanya lagna, 4th house (Mom/Sukh-sthan, Swades) Rahu and Chandra (Vargottam), 5th house (play, tactics, desires, buddhi sthan) Mars/Mangal & Guru, 7th house (partners) Budh, 8th house (Inheritance/peeda) Sun and Shukra, 9th house (bhagya sthan) Shani. 10th house (Karma) Ketu.


Dhanu rashi and legs are associated (Don Bradman Dhanu lagna). Dhanu rashi and idealism is connected. Dhanu rashi and ground/discipline is connected. When Mars/Mangal is strong they become players, when Guru is strong they achieve academic excellence/professors etc. They cannot lie – even a kid would know if Dhanu dominated person lies! :)


Here are observations about his horoscope:

1.     Sanskrit Granthas call Makar as uchcha (exalted) rashi for Mars/Mangal. Mars/Mangal in a horoscope governs (shows) blood quality, siblings/brother support, Friends, Maidani Sports & in general sports, dissipation of energy, expense or ways of energy channel etc. 27th Degree of Makar rashi for Mars/Mangal is called as “Ati-uchcha” (utra-exalted). 5th house is “Purva-Punyai house” –shows “Karma” of past life which is given to the person “by default” / “by birth” in this life. It is also house of “Go-getter” things, Tactical nature. Internal desires etc.

a.     Sachin has Mars/Mangal in 5th house is Makar rashi in 27th degree (26:49). So you can obviously see the effects of the above things in his life. Immense friend circle.

b.    Guru is also in the 5th house which is a separate story. Guru is called as neech in Makar rashi but with uchcha Mars/Mangal it is also called neech-bhang! J Well, Indian spirituality is imp while discussing uchch neech of a planet. Guru is not great in a practical, sansari and material Makar rashi as it is a spiritual planet. Mars/Mangal is uchcha as it is bhoomikarak and also gives a person conservative and incremental/serious approach towards focusing his/her energy. (gary Kirsten, Sania Mirza and Pete Sampras also have Makar Mars/Mangal – Raina and Hayden have same nakshatra Mars/Mangal but in Kumbh rashi  -- same nakshatra as Tendulkar)

c.     Guru with Mars/Mangal magnetizes ALL the ALREADY great well-focused energy in a very good direction.


2.     Sachin’s Sun is in Mesh rashi (Aries) – Again it is uchcha rashi for Surya/Sun. However the 10th degree of the Mesh rashi is Ati-Uchcha – Sachin has the same!! We are talking about 2 very MANLY planets in Ati-uchcha rashi!! The Mars/Mangal ati-uchcha which is owner of the Mesh rashi -- only increases the power and effectiveness of the Mesh Surya!!! Guru with Mars/Mangal puts tremendous magnetism behind this Mars/Mangal anyways!!!


3.     The icing on the cake is that the owner of the Mars/Mangal /Guru’s house (Makar) is Shani – It is VERY well placed in a Sign that it likes and the house that it likes – 9th house and Vrishabh rashi. (Taurus). Again, this Shani increases the sense of duty of Mars/Mangal-Guru yuti and from bhagysthan it increases the effectiveness further more!! Guru has drushti on this Shani – again increases effectiveness of Shani also!! J


4.     Shani is in Mrig Nakshatra in Vrishabh – Owned by Mars/Mangal. Mars/Mangal is in Mars/Mangal’s Dhanishtha nakshatra and they are Nava-Pancham in very close degrees!! Mars/Mangal ati uccha ncan only increase their prowess!


5.     Kapil has Mars/Mangal in overly attacking & positive MESH rashi – Gavaskar/Dhoni have Mars/Mangal in methodical/earthy and STABLE – Vrushabh rashi. Dravid has Mars/Mangal in sthir, Methodical, VERY chiwat/perseverance Vrushchik rashi. You can see those effects in their game! Dennis Lillie has Mars/Mangal in Mithun rashi – a very expressive sign!! Gavaskar, Dhoni, Lillie have Mars/Mangal in same Nakshatra of Mrig but Mrig nakshatra although of Mars/Mars/Mangal is very stable in Vrishabh and VERY VERY expressive the moment it enters Gemini/Mithun. It is an astrologers delight the way a Nakshatra changes its behavior so much when a Sign changes!!


6.     So overall we are now very well aware of the “baithak” or structure of Tendulkar’s horoscope.

a.     Chandra Rahu shows a bit troubled mind and a (physically) troubled life to mother. Legs could be of a worry for his mother (I am not at all aware of any issues etc there) but

b.    Chandra Rahu shows that there is some agitation on part of mother that he will always be worried about and careful about?

c.     Chandra Rahu could also explain big match syndrome – the way he plays a bit differently in finals of so many tournaments so far? This reduces quite a bit after age of say 30 or so. Chandra Rahu shows internal desire for fame. In 4th house it shows tremendous fame especially in “swades”.

d.    The 4th house Moon shows special attachment to mom and motherly figures. It could also show some love-hate relationships from time to time but mostly domestic in nature. We have no reason to go there I guess.


7.     Due to Makar Mars/Mangal, Vrushabh Shani, Mesh Ravi and Shukra – Hard-work is his “sthai-bhav” – second nature. Or As Gary Kasparov would put it – Ability to work Hard is part of his talent and cannot be separated out from it. He has utter desire of publicity which is equal to say Yuvraj (Chandra Raahu yuti) but his hard work stems from these planetary formation which hardly many folks have in the history of the game (Pele, Micheal Jordan, Kasparov, Maradona etc)


8.     His Sun although exalted is in 8th house.

a.     Shani in mesh going over Sun from April 1998 to Dec 2000 was not good for his father’s health.

b.    Even May 2005 to July 2007 were not good for his Ego as Shani aspected his Sun. The Sun rules backbone and heart – He must have had some issues with backbone from April 98 to Dec 2000 or even earlier as anyways

c.     Sun in 8th house does show some issues with backbone and heart. Mars/Mangal’s own drushti on this Sun further elevates the power of Surya but again shows some issues to father’s longevity.

d.    Sun in 8th house at times also shows getting some issues with Govt /Authorities from time to time. From Dec 2011 for 2.5 years he will again have Shani opposite to his Sun and will need to take care of his back (heart lesser extent) and also Ego hurt is possible.


9.     I have a separate article on his May 2011 to May 2012 GREAT period of 5th Guru – Internal desire and what he calls as success getting fulfilled etc. 4th Guru to Dhanu got glory of the world-cup at home and home pitch !! Now 5th Guru will bring a great success – what he thinks as success (300/400 in test? IPL win or whatever!)


10.  His Birth-Date of 24 (Shukra) is luckiest of them all – even luckier than 15 (Madhuri, Madonna etc). It shows like Madhuri a balanced, harmony and a lazy good mannered nature. It shows place for art, good things in life. This date of 24 (6) is a great balancer to a 9 dominated sports.24 /15 shows good deeds of 2/3 births to get birth on such a date.


11.  This total addition of 3 – Cannot hide his “individual ambitions” – Life purpose of a 3 is an individual achiever – 100 centuries, most hundreds, fifties, tests, partnerships etc is what drives him – of course the TEAM benefits and he will always make sure team is ahead of his own goals.

a.     He is now after increasing his 2nd innings average in test cricket and he will do that before he retires. (He gives 11th number person strike to stay not out at times – Nobody can comment on that including Ian Chapel as he has burnt his fingers by criticizing him before!) :)

b.    He also takes 3-4 balls in 90s more to complete 100 in ODIs but I guess that is a very small price to pay for the VALUE he brings to the cricket team. He deserves to get those 2/3 balls extra – Anyways rest of the 9 boys get 29 in rest of the 9 Overs!! It is better for him to take 2/3 balls more!!! :) :)


For me back in 2000 itself -- he was the greatest player cricket has seen along with Sir Gary Sobers. Now he is almost peerless where he stands. The fact reflected in far more (%) Australian folks ranking him ahead of their own Sir Doland Bradman.


Dhanu rashi is under DREAM Come TRUE period of 5th Guru from May 2011 to May 2012: (IPL trophy? 300/400 in Test Cricket? Test wins by chasing on foreign soil?)


Dhanu rashi is in vogue until Mid 2014 and Makar (his Mars/Mangal) is in Vogue until say Q3-2017. I guess his international career will continue until 2015 or so and IPL 2017?? I wish so – because as Sir Viv Richards has said --- “Once you are retired -- you are retired for a looong time”. I wish Sachin NEVER retires but again I guess he also has limits and would not want to take up a slot in ODIs for ageing young folks. I got tears in eyes when I saw him carried over shoulders by team mates after World-Cup Final. I had a similar teary effect when Rahul Dravid in 2008 home Australia series despite struggling for form stayed around on the wicket and scored some 91 runs for the TEAM – Some people are special

– You need to take care of them in their down-time – They reward with you the highs you have never even imagined!!


God Bless India – God Bless Tendulkar!! :)


P.S. There is a thought that Sachin is Kirk lagna (born around noon etc) but I find it hard to believe as Manal in Kaam trikon would not have this kind of commitment and dedication. It would place more importance to pleasure and “effect” (Like Kapil, Viv) than downright “kartavya – sense of duty” of Say Bradman, McGrath, Dravid (9th house Mars/Mangal), Sachin, Dhoni. Gavaskar, Imran Khan (5th house Mars/Mangal) – i.e. Mars/Mangal in the Dharma Trikon (1, 5, 9). Gambhi is Mesh rashi and comes across as Sinvha lagna with Mars/Mangal in the 1st house.

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