Published on Sunday, 10 October 2010

Definite Past Karma Direction for Scoprio (Vrushchik), Aries (Mesh), Aquarius (Kumbh) lagna or Moon Sign

This topic struck me the other day I was discussing some astrological aspects with my friends Rahul and Madhur (Parihar Chowk, late night I guess it was around mid-night, discussion followed by a cup of T at Shivajinagar bus stand!) J

I have mentioned previously how a soul chooses a specific numerological channel of the b-date and the total addition combination (personality and life purpose) for the birth. The choice of the Lagna Raashi (Ascendant sign) is also significant. Every lagna raashi denotes something significant but this article will focus on very specific houses and things for a specific lagna.

[1] Scorpio Ascendant (Vrushchik Lagna) – & Scorpio Moon sign

1. The 7th house is (marriage, partnerships) owned by Venus (Shukra) – The Venus is also (“Karak”) the Governor of marriage

2. The 10th house (Father, Workplace) is owned by Surya/Ravi (Sun) and the Sun is also Governor of one’s father

3. The 5th house (Santati and Buddhi sthan) is owned by GURU (Jupiter) and Jupiter is also the Governor of Kids and broad level intellect (Budh owns basic analytical intellect / Buddhi). (The Guru the owner of the 2nd house also adds to the Governor or owner of the kids’ house.)

This means that anyone who is born on Vrushchik lagna has some definite karma with respect to Partner, Father and kids & education (Santati). i.e. 1 planet dictates the quality of these things for the Vrushchik lagna person. Now imagine Scorpio ascendant and Scorpio Moon sign like me. The outcome for these 3 things brings a lot of certainty.

In short: Scorpio ascendant people have a very definite Karma with these 3 things in life and hence to fructify this Karma they are “allowed” to be born on this ascendant.

[2] For Aquarius (Kumbh) Lagna or Raahi:

Someone with very definite karma with younger brothers (3rd house), very definite karma for basic intellect/education (5th house) and significant karma for income (11) or expenditure (12) is likely to take birth on Kumbh lagna.

1. The owner of the 3rd house (siblings, short term travel) is Mars (Mangal) which is also Governor of siblings (younger siblings) apart from other things. They have very specific karma with the siblings and it would be reflected in their life (& chart).

2. Owner of the 5th house is Budh and also the Karak of the basic intellect is BUDH

3. 12th and 11th house – Not as significant but still:

a. The owner of the 11th house (GAINS / LABH / Optimism) : Is GURU which is also karak for all gains and optimism etc for a person.

b. The owner of the 12th house is SHANI: Expenditures (Wyay sthan: Wyay or decay of all things including wealth energy etc) and Shani is also karak of slow decay or wyay / expenditures.

[3] For Aries (Mesh) Lagna or Mesh raashi the similar observation can be made on the

1. 4th house (Mother) which is owned by Moon and also karak of Mom is Moon. A well placed Moon will show great influence from Mom and badly placed will certainly show some bad karma for him and also hi mom in their previous life.

2. Also, the marriage house (7th house) owned by marriage karak Venus. A well placed Venus will show great marriage and badly placed one will show – well a mess! J

3. The owner of the 6th house is BUDH which is house of Mom’s relatives (Mama Mousi) and Budh is also Karak of Mama/Mousi. So, someone with very definite good/bad karma w.r.t Mama/Mousi will take birth with Mesh lagna.

4. The 9th house is owned by Guru and it is the karak of the 9th house also.

5. Similarly the 12th house which is owned by Guru /Ketu and they are also karak of those houses. (Spirituality aspect).

I will post for other ascendant signs later.

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