Published on Sunday, 27 May 2012

How to perform Hanuman Sadhana ?

a. Have a Hanuman purnakruti poster (as aggressive / balawaan etc as possible) it should be Dakshina-mukhi (the poster should face South).

b. Every morning after bath, concentrate on Hanumaan poster for 3 - 5 minutes (eye to eye contact); No disturbances what so ever.

c. Put a clarified butter lamp (Ghee) in-front of Hanumaanji and recite HANUMAAN CHALISA, Hanumaan Astak and finally Hanumaan Aarti. Do it either early morning or late evening (after sunset). It is believed that Hanumanji remains busy in doing Sir Ram's work in day time.

This will help in a MAGICAL way, Can't explain ALL the effects here for the lack of time BUT it IS magical.


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