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Please do check the initial 4 paragraphs of the 1st article for importance of Moon in a horoscope:

Moon in the 2nd house of a Horoscope - DHAN/KUTUMB STHAN (Wealth, Family)

The 2nd house belongs to the economic zone (arth-trikon) and shows your & your family’s wealth, investments, jewelry, debts/loans, bonds etc. It also shows your immediate family including you parents and your spouse/kids. The 2nd house also shows eyes (the right eye especially), teeth, tongue. It also shows your eating habits.

While analyzing the 2nd house, once should consider the Sign in the 2nd house, the planets in the 2nd house, the aspects on the 2nd house, the owner of the 2nd house and aspects on the owner etc and most importantly the governor of the thing you are trying to analyze (the 2nd house shows multiple things but the Governor of each of those things could be different). Here, the focus is only on the 2nd house Moon.

The 2nd house Moon shows desire of the soul to do something in financial /investment sector. It does show the desire to do family business or start some business with the family. Many a times, you could also see good use of the existing property or house for some quick business purpose. A very well placed Moon shows easy money from investments & also possibility of finding some secret family wealth (Jewelry etc) which is called as Gupt-Dhan. This well placed moon also shows good bit of time spent analyzing, thinking about share market or other investment opportunities. The better the quality of moon placement better the voice of the person too. A very good voice and very good luck with investment (easy money and not long term investments that are dominated by Shani) go hand in hand. Beautiful eyes and teeth are also a given for 2nd house Moon.

A badly placed or ill-aspected moon shows family debts or burdens that this soul wants to pay off or would have to pay off. The more badly placed the Moon, better to find out the wrong-doings in the family & start taking some corrective action. A Rahu or Ketu with this Moon and when their owner is wakri in 6 8 12 house does show some serious bad karma with investments (Sahukari etc) in the past birth. This means, quite a bit of time in this life is spent paying it back by hard work and giving others advice or service about investment, land etc matters. The more the help – earlier the payback. Once the pay-back ends – you start getting the benefits. However, until then one needs to be patient with deceptions & frustrating being taken for a ride by a few folks. They are just paying back your karma – reason to be rather happy about it. Regardless of the good/bad placement of moon, there is some family related wealth which either becomes a reason for your progress or family infighting & trouble. It is good to be aware!

This Moon if well placed does show some good luck with mom and the maternal family. Good support from Mama/Mousi folks is shown with this Moon. On the other side, a badly placed one shows some obligations towards this family especially if Moon is in Meen / Pisces (i.e. the owner of the 6th house)

Moon in the 3rd house of a Horoscope – Parakram Sthan, Siblings, Expression, Listening, Travel

The 3rd house of a Horoscope shows the younger siblings, friends, ability to express, listening skills, presentation skills & also to a large extent, the way leadership style of a person is portrayed/presented. This is the house of arms, shoulders, collar bone and ears also. This house belongs to “Kaam Trikon” which shows peripheral things in life such as friends, short-writing, art, expression (oratory skills, musical instrument etc). This house is about external interface of the person’s ability/skills. A very badly placed house could shows issues of arms, shoulders and also ears.

Moon in the 3rd house shows desire/affinity of peripheral things in life and also desire to change/affect surroundings in a visible way. i.e. there is a desire of soul to present, express something. A good bit of mind-space is also spent on siblings and more so the younger ones. Moon in the 3rd house also shows mentally tough mother. Your Mother has a bigger say/presence in the house than usual. Actually, it could also mean that she will need to be that way! If this moon is ill-aspected & very close to Rahu or Ketu and their owner not very well placed-- this directly shows issues with both Mom and also younger siblings: health (the part of the body shown by the sign in the 3rd house), busy mind etc. Special consideration should be given to the house that Moon owns 12th: Paternal family: 6th Maternal family etc.

The 3rd house is also about short term travel or travels of say 6 To 8 hours. This means a very well placed moon with some connections to 9th and 12th house could have connections with Tourism. Of course to get income from this, all these houses should have good connection with the 11th house (income/gains). The 3rd house shows a desire to roam around and travel quite a bit. Arranging outings/picnics etc is their forte! This means they also have to travel quite frequently and even settling 6 to 8hours away from the native place is also very likely.


A 3rd house Moon with Mercury and with some “rashi-bal” could show success in running a press/publishing business also. Any planet in the 3rd house gives ability to play some game/sports as per the nature and the sign of the planet. It also shows good logic building ability. This Moon also gives a very good sense of humor.

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