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What is Astrology - Part2

(1) Why the burden of proof always with Astrologers? You should prove that the astro does not work. Most folks who have Shani and Mangal closer to each other in Mithun rashi have some accidents with their arms (shoulder to fingers). Every chart would detail the intensity of the event to most extent. Most of my articles are based on MY OWN observations and hundreds or thousands of CASE STUDIES. The statistics of this blog (hits on articles are a very good indication that sadesati signs – 3 of them and the 8th house Shani (Kumbh) folks are visiting the blog the most. ALSO MOST FOLKS who email me or comment on blog DO NOT FEAR anything – rather they are looking at a VERY positive things in life – possible promotion, Certifications, their natural strengths and use it for PLANNING purpose as a 3rd angle or an ADDITIONAL opinion…

(2) Your and most Astrologers in this country -- Their situation is like those 6 Blind folks analyzing an Elephant -- they see various things but the Elephant! :)

(3) NOT everything happening to you is FATE or DESTINY or preordained or predestined! Most things in life are about Kriyamaan Karma i.e. instant karma – you giving 5 Rs to a Chaaywala and getting a Chaay in return has NOTHING to do with YOUR or HIS destiny! J Your destiny has already decided the family, the parents, the siblings and also most cases the life partner too – Your Kids and quality of kids is 50% about this life Karma.

If EVERYTHING was FATE or PREDESTINIED – We would not have got birth at all – It would have been ROBOTS and not Human who CAN think. MOST folks that consult me HEAR my opinions and do what THEY want to do! J I can only help them understand without ANY detail of their life but just b-details – MANY of the things – Which is QUITE SOMETHING – Without Astrology you have NOTHING – Are you better off with Astrology or without it….It is just a TOOL and in the hands of a surgeon it saves life and in the hands of a bad guy it hurts people.

You should read – WHAT IS JYOTISH Article on :

and also Autobiography of a Yogi instead of asking (and accusing) such questions. My posts are based on the CASE STUDIES I come across – and that is why I have stated that when a lot of things come together there is a definite PAST karma and hence definite results – But you do not need an astrologer to tell you that Sachin plays well! :) :)

I guess there are more doctors and lawyers and politicians that take people and nations for a RIDE than Astrologers! :) You have a choice to consult astrologer -- you HAVE to visit a doctor or a laywer! :) So think twice before accusing just astrologers -- bad and good people are in every profession. Just like doctors -- you should take second opinion for imp astrological matters as it is also a "practice"

You cannot chose parents, siblings, cousins BUT you can chose friends and that is good enough to know that the Human beings are NOT driven by strings of destiny RATHER THIS BIRTH is given to you to FIGHT that pull which is bad and carry forward the positive things. What you have done only YOU can undo.

One sides support or one sides oppose to astro BOTH are detrimental. You should 1st ban ECONOMICS and also Weather channel and Stock Market Technical or fundamental analysis – They are also predicting something and MOSTLY WRONG!!!!! :) I BET that Astrologers would be able to give a MUCH better CURVE to you % wise than these folks can give. ALSO, Astrology can be used to COMMENT on EACH AND EVERY ASPECT under the Sun unlike Economics, Weather, and Stock Market analysis that focus on only 1 subject.

There are many things that even I have issues with current state of Astrology in India and also the world:

1. Use of WRONG Signs by Western Word (Tropical Calendar Versus Sidereal Calendar)
2. Ayanash debate in India: Lahiri seem to be most correct to me. There are at least 4 widely used ayanansh in India (Ayanansh means the difference between the Tropical and Sidereal calendar).

3. 1 Astrologer is supposed to answer questions on (& not an expertise in specific subjects like an MD).
a. Marriage
b. Investments, Land, House Purchase
c. Line of Education, Service, Business
d. Santati
e. HEALTH issues
f. Travel, Promotion, Increments, Trouble from seniors/Other job troubles etc
g. Court Cases etc
h. And Many more things

4. No use of NUMEROLOGY, Palmistry or Face Reading by Horoscope-Astrologers – These combined can make wonders. I have seen one type of Astrologer ridiculing other types – Which itself is ridiculous!

5. WRONG /incomplete understanding of RAHU and KETU which show family history (both good and bad) 35% of a person’s life is controlled by Rahu Ketu dasha antardasha etc and still family history is not and cannot be used by astrologers. Rahu Mahadashaa Ketu Mahadasha are completely driven by family history!

6. No new books or thoughts that suggest how to use basic principles of astrology. The basic purpose of this blog was to have NEW approach towards astrology - -The same way I learned engineering subjects. That is why you would not so far find a single Article on GEMSTONES on this blog.

7. Many more --- Only an Astrologer can oppose Astrology – Common people are helped by Astrology day in and day out – A blind opposition to Astrology will only discredit the movement of Andhashardha Nurmulan folks. I believe that India needs more people asking good questions about astro than making derogatory statements in favor or oppose of astrology.

But the simple question is – Are we better off with Astrology or without astrology? My experience is that “Forwarned is Forearmed”.

Just to summarize my **personal** opinions with around 20 years of exposure to Astrology:

1. NOT everything is pre-destined or preordained etc or driven by FATE. Most of the daily things in your life are about Kriyamaan karma (as explained above with an example of a Tea)
2. The way you cannot chose your parents & siblings (driven by past karma) – the say way MOST folks can’t chose the life partner or even kids --- YES – Your actions of THIS life DO decide the quality of kids and even WHO comes thru you.
3. Astrology is about analyzing your strengths and weak areas
4. This life is given to you and your soul itself has chosen this channel to pay off previous life debts and leverage previous life good-deeds. What YOU have done (this or past life) ONLY YOU can undo.
5. Sadesati is about THIS LIFE karma and NOTHING about the past life. But one can argue that moon sign and related planets are also past-karma but what we mean is that Sadesati relation should not be confused with Mahadasha and Antardasha etc.
6. Shani Mahadasha/Antardasha is about past life Karma with masses and the houses which Shani owns in the horoscope – It has very less about THIS life and IS about FATE/Destiny etc – Your actions of THIS life have a very good impact on masses and health also but there is a limit. You cannot override your DNA (yet!) :) 
7. You do have a choice else Human being would not have been given MINDS – They would be robots!


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