Published on Thursday, 10 June 2010

The 12th House

The 12th house is named as “wyay” (Wyay in Sanskrit means House of expenditure) sthan in astrology. This is the house that was ascending roughly 2 hours before your birth and has gone ahead now. The Sun is in the 12th house for the folks who are born roughly 2 hrs after the Sun-rise.


This house constitutes the highest spiritual level as it is the 3rd (last) house of the “Moksha-trikon” (Spiritual Triangle) of 4, 8, 12 houses. This house denotes attitude of a person towards spirituality, overall planning of his life and also setting up the next life.


This house also shows how a person loses his power or disposes the fluids from his body. The part of the body shown by this house is the ankles & feet and also the left eye. This is also the house of long journeys and also the immigration (to other country or to other world!) :)


IMP: The planets in the 12th house have some quality which is similar to the planets in the 12th sign i.e. Pisces (Meen).


The 12th house is often derided by astrologers and mostly misunderstood and discarded as a “Paap-sthan” along with the 6th and the 8th house. The importance of this house is explained only in the horoscopes of the Prophets and saints, the greats that plan lives of many.


IN SHORT, this is the house of PLANNING. This is the house that shows natural attitude towards planning and management. The strong 12th house shows HIGH INTELLECT, it shows lonop phalanx of the fingers curved upwards ger 2nd phalanx of the thumb and often shows t(not down like say assembly line workers – in short executioners!)


The 5th house and the 12th house are out of synchronization and they are shad-ashtak (i.e. 6th and 8th from each other). So it is obvious that they represent something totally different. The 5th house shows go-getter attitude, achievement and above all “execution”. This is the teaching straight from the basic natural thing like a horoscope: The Planning and Execution have to coexist. Without planning, execution is meaningless and without execution, planning is well….a bunch of papers or a bunch of GBs.


For example: 12th house Mars (Mangal) is great for Cricket coaches but the 5th house Mangal is what is needed to deliver on the plans (Tendulkar, Gavaskar, Dhoni and most of the great players have 5th house Mars).


The 12th house Mars shows strategy, planning by a Police Commissioner who is coordinating from the control room but it is 6th or 3rd house Mangal of a person like Shahid Ombale who gets hold of a Kasab.


I don’t know Harsh Bhogale but I wouldn’t be surprised if he had 12th house Mangal or a bunch of planets in the 12th house or rather the Sun in the 12th house (8.30 am to 10.30 am birth). The 12th house no doubt shows management inclinations and especially, planning.


The 12th house planets along with 6th and 8th show karmic burdens. They do show where you need to “pay-off”. Mangal in 12th house shows some karma needed towards brother(s). The Sun shows towards father. The Shukra shows towards the partner and so on as per governance (Karakatva) of the planet. The sign, the nakshatra, the navamansh add to the further detailing of the karmic burden.


The 12th house planets bring some sort of a “know-all” “inertness” or aloofness to overall approach. Nothing surprises 12th house planets as they seem to fit the news immediately in some sort of the big picture they have in their mind. Same goes for 12th sign Pisces planets.


The Linda Goodman’s Pisces Sun Sign chapter is highly recommended to understand the nature of the 12th house planets and the attitude it creates. The 12th house planets will try to get things done with as less trouble, as less work, as less effort as possible. The 12th house planets try to bring in BIG picture everywhere and a simple action of shouting on someone could be linked to some past life event! :)


The 12th house planets never try to hurt someone and so are the planets in the Pisces sign. There will be a STRONG spiritual or some MORAL conviction to plan something, maybe it be a plan of some attack on some place. Without moral support and a lot of sympathy, the 12th house planets maybe almost useless.


Some of the biggest names that change the course of the countries the businesses and societies have predominant planets in the 12th house. 12th house give HIGH positions to the person without too much of an effort, because those efforts have been done in the past live(s). They inherit wealth, wisdom or whatever they have from their family. The 12th house planets can make person take a path of the least resistance or swim against the tides completely – it is the CHOICE that is given to the 12th house planets or the Pisces Sign folks. The Pisceans that take this difficult path end up being the greatest minds.


The strong 12th house of a young lady could make her choose an older but well-to-do businessman or a person already at the top of the ladder; the 5th house dominated lady would choose a guy and put him at the top position.


A Corporate without folk with strong 12th house will be completely unsuccessful without 5th house folks and a corporate with strong 5th house folks could head to a completely wrong direction without the 12th house folks. The people with strategy/vision are always seen too superficial by the executioners or the people who “deliver”. And people that deliver are seen as “too operational” by the strategist. What they don’t know that they are ZERO without each other!! :)

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