Published on Thursday, 24 November 2011

WAKRI Graha / PLANETS (Retrograde)

Retrograde planets (wakri) are called so as they are moving back when seen from the Earth (relative to the Earth). I.e the wakri state of a planet is relative to the Earth and not the Sun! J How can a planet be wakri around the Sun? It is moving in its orbit the same way as it usually does! It is just that with relative to the Earth is “appears” wakri i.e. moving back as Earth’s speed of rotation around the Sun is faster than this planet. 2 Trains moving in the same direction is a great example – passengers of the faster train feel that the other train is going back! J

1. The Earth needs to be in approximately between the Sun and the planet in order for us to “see” that planet moving backwards i.e. the Earth moving faster around the Sun than the specific planet and hence the planet “Seems” to move back w.r.t. the Earth despite it moving forward as usual! This is much the same way that a faster train would see a slower train going back despite the slower train moving ahead. This mean a planet can be wakri when it is in Pratiyog (180degrees) of Surya in the horoscope for the “external planets” (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune)

2. The planet is seen with a great speed w.r.t. the Earth when the Sun is in between the planet and the Earth i.e. Earth’s speed is “added” to the planet’s speed – much the same was as two trains going opposite direction the effects is “addition” of the speeds.

3. From Dec 2009 to May2010 Guru was outside of the Sun from the Earth, I.e. the Sun was in between the Earth and the Jupiter – This resulted in a GREAT speed for Jupiter w.r.t the Earth. The speed of the Jupiter and the Earth got added to each other and Guru travelled from 1st degree of Kumbh to Meen in 5 months which usually takes close to 12 months! This period was also called as Guru-ast and marriages were not allowed by “Dharma-Martand” folks in this period! J I found it very absurd as folks with Shukra in Leo and Aquarius sign had a great chance to find someone in this period itself!! L

4. Side Note: I NEVER could and will understand how some muhurat is good or bad for all!!! L It is so against the law of karma – each person has different karma!

Wakri planet’s "Prabha" (brightness/intensity) is better than non-wakri and they are seen brighter in the sky. This makes some Astrologers (Sanskrit granth) think that the wakri planet is more powerful.


1. Wakri planets denote some “not so good” past karma as the SPEED of the wakri planet is very slow. (Rather, it is STAMBHI (no motion w.r.t. Earth) for a few days before and after wakri motion -- Stambhi is worse than wakri!!!) Guru being wakri would show some past bad karma with mentors or santati. Shukra wakri with life partner/secs etc and so on. Surya & Chandra can't be wakri! :) Rahu Ketu are always wakri with fixed motion so not considered as “wakri”!:)

2. When Budh is wakri, the person's 1st assessment, comment or thought on a topic is usually wrong -- Then they correct themselves on "second thought". Shukra wakri - tendency to choose wrong necklace, jewelry or partner in the 1st shot -- i.e. after watching an artifact or a person -- 1st thought could be something which would be reverted later on -- i.e. some adjustment to the thought later on.

3. So, the Horoscope wakri planet shows some issues and certainly some very bad issue with at least 1 house they own -- which could be checked by the "quality" of those houses. Wakri planets in Moola, Ashelsha, Jyeshtha etc are further problematic - show further intense bad karma (specific). Wakri planets NEAR some YOG-KARAK TAARA like Antares in Vrushchik (BIGGEST star in the zodiac: aprx 15th degree – hence called as “Jyeshtha”?) is a bigger issue than say the wakri planet in a DevGuni nakshatra like Poorva Bhadrapada or Rohini, Pushya etc.

4. The planets in the sign owned by a Wakri planet also become weak as they are not very well supported by their rashi-swami. If this wakri planet is in 6, 8 or 12 house from these planets then the effects are further worse. If the wakri planet is 6 8 12 and in neech rashi and also astangat (combust) then the severity increases further.

Rather, the FASTER planets in the horoscope show very good Karma / Gati in related subject or some aspect of life.

SO ALL THINGS SAID --> Wakri planet in the horoscope shows some deficiency in past life karma w.r.t what the planet represents in your horoscope/life.

Gochar (current) planet Wakri is again not so good. Delays in results that start due to this planet are quite often seen in this period. Stock Markets get into SLOW correction phase or slower downward spiral when Shani or Shani go Wakri! Both Wakri and market can come down QUITE a bit. One of both starts picking up speed and the market surges ahead. (In a bull run – upwards – in a bad market faster Guru and Shani would deliver downward moves faster – they just show results of society’s own instant/Kriyamaan Karma.)


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