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Future Prediction or (Career/Life) Curves of Planets? -- Just Like Economics or Share Market Technical Analysis

Sometimes I get questions that “sadesati main kabhi kabhi achha bhi hota hain?” or “sade sati jaate jaate kuchh achha kar jaati hain?” – “akhiri 2 saal sadesati ke ache hote hain?” etc etc. I guess you get the sense what I am talking about. The simple answer is NO!

EVERY planet governs some “curve” in your life/career for the period denoted by its orbit around the Sun. So at a given time you are under 11 curves of 11 planets (including Rahu Ketu) in your life. Like various curves detailed in the subject of economics or even stock market technical analysis “chart” – each planet also has a curve for you when it goes around in 360 degrees thru all 12 signs.

Moon Sign is the most important as it applies the most & used for GOCHAR analysis). When Moon and Sun Sign is same or Moon and Ascendant sign is the same – these curves apply to you even more. When all 3 signs are different (Moon, Ascendant and Sun) then Moon sign is the most important one to be used for curve analysis.

Of this journey of a planet thru 12 signs, the planet blesses you the most when it is 9, 10, 11 from your moon sign and it allow you to leverage ALL you have acquired and learnt in the movement from 1 thru 8 signs. When it goes 12th (the sign previous to your sign) -- it makes you start again with a new curve, learn new things, pay off some mistakes, SPEND time, energy and money when it is 12th, 1st (in your sign) and 2nd to your sign.

1. You are at right time and right place with respect to your abilities and skills when a specific planet is 9, 10, 11 to your Moon Sign. It shows great success with respect to the things related to that planet (Guru – Optimism, Growth, Rituals, Sanmaan, Knowledge, Positions etc; Shani: Masses, Politics; Mangal: Racing, Sports overall, land; Sun: Seniors, Rajsatta, Govts, Father, Moon: Moon: Mom, Friends, daily movements, good-news etc)

2. When planet in 12th you have to PLAN new things, Pay off previous debts or mistakes by money or imprisonment or plain simple studying/meditation etc! J i.e. you have to SPEND a lot of time/money etc etc on 12th house movement of a planet. It is not the LEVARGE mode for THAT planet.

3. When a planet is 1st i.e in your sign – you are to EXECUTE the plan made in 12th house planet. You also pay off health related things and temperament related things when the planet is in your sign.

4. When the planet goes 2nd to your moon sign – You are getting monetary results of the NEW PLAN that you have EXECUTED. Remember you pay-off any mistakes or bad debts or investments you did in this period. i.e. pay off previous mistakes BUT pay-back for NEW plans in the 2nd house bhraman of the planet!

5. You enjoy a lot of support from all the planets in your career when they are 9, 10, 11 to your moon sign. You are awarded (9, 10) and rewarded (11) in this period.

6. 9th house planets start new strategic things denoted by the planet, give you a strategic position in a big plan of some good vision. 9th house planet often increases your skills and give you a strategic initiative which lasts until the planet is in the 11th house.

7. As you can see 3 signs i.e. 25% folks on this mother Earth at a time are under favorable TRANSIT of every planet! J 25% folks are under worst phase of each planets (12, 1, 2 movement) which makes you learn new things and adopt, change and make new products)

8. 9, 10, 11 movements of the planet LEVERAGE EVERYTHING you have done when the planet was 12 to 8 to your moon sign and hence so much of a landslide results in 9, 10, 11 planets!!!

9. So it may very well happen that Shani is not supporting you BUT Guru is 5, 7, 9, 10, 11 which means you are under favorable movement of Guru is not Shani!! The 5th house Guru starts something NEW in your life which expands in 7th Guru and 9, 10, 11 effect is well explained above.

10. You can see that Shani’s curve is the LONGEST one and hence the biggest one – 30 years of total curve. So 9, 10, 11 Shani period is around 7.5 years.

11. Guru’s period of 9, 10, 11 is for 3 years – 3 good appraisal cycles! J Aprx 12 years (11.88) of total curve.

12. Mangal’s period would be for 4.5 month aprx. 1.5 years if total curve

13. Sun Mercury (Budh) and Shukra (Venus) for aprx 3 months of 9, 10, 11 bhraman (total 12 months)

14. Rahu /Ketu is 4.5 years from 11, 10, 9 houses and total 18 years (They are always Retrograde/Wakri and hence 11 first then 10 and then 9!) J

15. Uranus curve is about 84 years and Neptune curve would be around 164 years! J

16. You have the best results of your own karma when a planet is going through 9 (Bhagya), 10 (Karma), 11 (Gains) houses from your Moon Sign

17. 9, 10, 11 Shani bhraman being landslide success and 12, 1, 2 Bhraman of Shani is called as Sadesati! J J Ratan Tata and Akshay Kumar Bachchan sahab all had landslide results from 2003 onwards. Now they are thinking what next BUT their Guru cycle/CURVE started from Dec2009 to May2010 with 5th house Guru (Dream come true)

18. So in short – You have various CURVES to look up to! J It is just that Shani is the most SLOW and BIG effect in your life which stays for 7.5 years with us and we get used to it just the way Akshay Kumar got used to Comedy working ALL the times! But when Shani goes 12th which marks start of 7.5 years of PLAN, EXECUTE an d BENEFITS cycle of each 2.5 years and you think that “Maja nahi aa raha hain yaar!” J But Guru going 9. 10, 11 – Will again give you a big curve for 3 years for sure. Rahu coming 11, 10, 9 (or Ketu for that matter) will bring some results for 4.5 years and so on.

19. Guru going 12, 1, 2 is AS TOUGH to adopt and get used to as Shani Sadesati period. It is just that Guru’s bhraman is only for 3 years but Shani’s is 7.5 years. Also Guru bring optimism without too much lessons – or lessons taught with some Mamata – Shani teaches with examples – The difference between Shani and Guru’s approach is as follows:

a. Guru: Are dekh yaar abhi Gir jata tha – bach gaya na??

b. Shani: Saale xxxxx – Dekh Giraa na – Lagaa na -- Ab to sudhar ja! J J

c. But BOTH are trying to teach you and make you PLAN when they are 12th, EXECUTE when they are 1st and benefits when they are 2nd.

d. The Basic difference is that Guru in rashi improves health, gets good doctors, social image etc etc and Shani in Sign shows ISSUES with the health that are already there in your body! (Shani does NOT give anything on its own – it only shows faults your OWN system!)

So this analysis of various curves in your life is quite complex BUT Sun Mercury, Shukra have the same pattern every year in various months which is easier to predict – you are also used to it as we follow Solar Calendar – it has become a common sense or sorts! Mangal’s curve analysis is needed only for sportsman and land related things. Rahu Ketu shows ancestral things. All said and done – it is GURU and SHANI that are the BIGGEST DIFFERNTIATORS. (Without good/acceptable Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus the person would not even need an astrologer! J J) So when these planets are 9, 10, 11 you FEEL GOOD and when they are 12, 1, 2 you CRIB! J What we all need to understand is that 12th house planet needs planning – SPENDING (wyay) time and energy on planning new things, 1st house planet demands EXECUTION of new things in life and 2nd house planet then gives you monetary benefits from this new thing. 9, 10, 11 leverage existing skills, products etc and 12, 1, make you work out new stuff.

Just that during 12 and 1 movement (2 years for Guru and 5 years for Shani) you do not get paid by these planets – they start paying when they go 2nd.

Special Considerations for Guru and Shani:

So YES – Shani and Guru also need you to work on new products and spend time, money and energy etc. However Guru and Shani have different roles too that is regardless of need for new product for new curve.

Guru is about optimism, positivity, GROWTH, Enhancements, direction/magnetism in the right direction (“Sat”) etc. Shani is about RUTHLESS Karma payback/payoff (both ways). Think of it as a Tall DARK and Handsome Auditor! J 12th Shani can put you behind bars – Guru would put you behind some ashram or class/college! J Shani’s effects is STRICT AUDIT of your each of the Karma of THIS life (12th) including body/health (1st), all relations and investments (2nd house) of this life when Shani was 2 to 11!! J Also Shani is Nishkaam Karmayogi – it will make you pay & get paid for what wrong/right you did. It does not like anything pending. J

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