Published on Tuesday, 16 August 2011

BUDH / MERCURY: MAMA/Mousi and Brain, Chess etc

Horoscope Mars (Mangal) in Gemini (Mithun) and current Shani in Kanya / Virgo:

One thing I observed that after Sept2009 (to Nov2011) I have seen a lot of people hurting their arms – right from shoulder to fingers as Shani is in Kanya and aspecting the Mithun sign. Those who have Mangal in Mithun (including me) were subjected to some or other “accident” (vehicles, bathroom, simple events or complex ones). The intensity of thir events is of course the function of their horoscopes but also their (lack of) discipline or “masty”! J Shani aspecting Horoscope Mangal should not just affect the body shown by the Mangal’s sign but also the part of the body shown by the house Mangal is in., Most affected are Moon or Ascedant sign: Vrushchik, Mesh, Makar, Kirk as Mangal in Mithun is not in the best house for them too apart from being in Gemini! J So let us all who have Mangal in Gemini careful about arms, sports, driving etc; those with Mangal in Pisces about their feet and those with Mangal in Kanya/Virgo about stomach / acidity etc. (Have heard a lot of incidents lately after Guru moved away from Meen to Mesh)

Anyways – Now some basic about BUDH which I have observed in some cases in the past few days: From day to day analysis many of the basic principles of astrology are validated. Each horoscope shows some very basic rule and significance of it for a specific horoscope. It also shows that a specific planet affect some Moon Sign or Ascendant sign much more than others. Here in the past few days I have observed significance of BUDH and the Brain related activity of the person. Some basic principles of astrology are as follows:

1. (Mercury) Budh is Buddhi-Karak (Basic intellect – Reading, Grammar, Analysis, listening skills), basic mathematics too.

2. Budh is Mama-Karak (Mama or Mousi – Mom’s siblings)

3. Budh denotes “brain” of a person (physical characteristics).

4. Mangal (Mars) is karak of sports, speed, Blood, aggression, adrenaline, siblings etc (also Bhoomikarak – LAND)

Now in the last few days I saw horoscope where I saw Mars and Mercury in Gemini – I thought the person must have very good basic mathematical skills, good expression ability and obviously some aggressive but wise debates/articulation ability etc. This was true but even his Mama had those characteristics as it was a Makar lagna (Capricorn Ascendant) and Budh was in 6th house which is Mom’s siblings and Budh is Maka karak and also Budh in this horoscope owner of the 6th house too. So Mama/Mousi etc are driven very much in this horoscope by Budh alone!

Another Scorpio ascendant horoscope – I was Budh in the 6th house wakri in Mesh rashi and opposite to wakri Shani – I asked if some Mama/Mousi was subjected to head injury? It was indeed so – (That was my 1st question to the lady to confirm if the horoscope was correct/applies to her). I asked if it happened from April 98 to Dec2000 (aprx) when Shani was in Mesh rashi. It was again really so and again the Mama folks suffered when Shani was in Kirk (10th Drushti on Mesh Budh) from May2005 to July2007.

I have already written an article where I underscored how definite effect is seen when Mesh/Makar lagna has badly placed Budh in the horoscope – it shows some extreme events for Mama/Mousi folks. This does not happen due to this horoscope / person – rather many events are even before the birth of this person and merely “reflected’ in this person’s horoscope. Also whenever you head or brain has some issues – your Mama/Mousi also are not doing the best in their life and might need help – This is a karmic link actually as they are caused by the same root-cause in the horoscope which is nothing but you and your families (unalterable) past karma.

Also recently saw Budh wakri and almost the same degree as Ketu and also ill-aspect by our usual friends: The person has lost control on some body parts. Budh-Mangal-Rahu could damage brain nerves etc due to overuse, overstress, over-worked brain. Budh-Shani-Ketu would show pessimism and SLOW reaction and less control etc. Budh in 1st degree of Moola can show intense karma w.r.t mama and even in last degrees of the water signs. (Budh is Mesh or Vrishchik rashi is the highlight of the Chess Champions’ horoscopes – over-use and engg mathematics and more blood supply to brain than other people!)

When Budh is badly placed in a horoscope – Ayurveda from childhood will certainly help take care of / lessen brain related issues. Rahu/Mangal (Hedonism/fast) with Budh and Shani-Ketu with Budh need very different treatment though! Also good Karma towards Mom’s relatives – helping them and being in touch with them etc would work magically as that is your Karmic mandate and an imp reason why your soul (YOU that is!) chose the horoscope a the time of your birth!

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