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Horoscope GURU and “Sat” as in SatGuru, SatBuddhi, SatKarma, SatSang

Well someone who knows Astrology for some time knows that Guru is “karak” (Governor) of santati. The state of the Guru in the horoscope decides the presence of kids in life and their quality of life (along with the owner of the 5th house in the horoscope). Guru is also karak of his Mentors / Guru the jatak will (or not) get in his life. Guru has tremendous magnetism (and hence the name Gurutvakarshan) which even “pulls” the SUN (dasturkhudd!) in its direction. Sanskrit wachan says it all – “Guruwina Gatee nahi” (Gati means ‘speed’ or even ‘distance’). Baiju Banwara Movie song “Man Tarpat Hari Darshan ko aaj” has a line “Guru bin gyan kaha se paawu” ( “How do I get the knowledge without a Guru”).

Guru is also karak of the broader knowledge. Budh might allow you do solve the puzzle, add numbers quickly, prove a theorem etc but GURU will allow you put all these theorems in perspective and their practical significance, interrelation and their coexistence. Guru will impart a “Vishal” buddhi to Budh’s basic intelligence and GUIDE it to acquire WISDOM! Only knowledge does not guarantee wisdom.

BUT apart from all these things there one and THE MOST important thing that Guru is Karak of – “SAT” (Sanskrit) in charachar srishti! “SAT” as in SatPravrutti, SatGuru, SatBuddhi, SatKarma! Guru is the KARAK of “SAT” which does not allow the intelligence of BUDH in statistics to be used for “Teen Patti” but makes the person use it for welfare of humanity. J

Every planet has drushti on the house it occupies and the one 180 degrees from it (opposite) which is called as the 7th drushti or aspect. Guru has two additional aspects: 5th and 9th. Shani has additional 3rd and 10th; Mangal has 4th and 8th – WHY these full drushti – I have thought about it without any result – might be related to their “Gurutva” – weight, speed, nature of their orbit – I have no clue about these like the years of the Vinshottari Mahadasha!! J Rahu are Ketu are said to have 5, 9 drushti which I have NOT observed…Guru, Shani Mangal drushti – I have observed in thousands of horoscopes! They ALWAYS work!!

Guru is the SAT – Power behind Tendulkar’s uchcha Mangal – Mangal gives him power, strength, girth, the stamina, the high quality blood etc BUT it is Guru’s drushti on this Mangal which DIRECTS the Mangal’s power to the “right” things i.e. SATKARMA. It does not allow Tendulkar to shout vehemently or show vulgar display of his might.

Without the drushti of Guru the strong Mangal in Horoscope might get fired up in dance bars, used for theft, used to kill folks without a reason etc. The energy and power of Mangal is ONLY useful when Guru is aspecting it in the horoscope.

Powerful Shani shows Mass-support and knowledge of Mass-Mentality but it is Guru’s drushti on Shani that makes person to use that power to direct masses to do good things. Without Guru’s drushti you do not know which way this power will be used. It is the drushti of my horoscope Guru that is making me uplift my 8th house planets by paying off Karmic debts. It is the drushti of Guru on my Mangal which has left my left hand intact despite my valiant attempts to break it! J Guru made ne aware of my limits which I tend to forget when Shani is in Mithun, Virgo and Dhanu (Gochar Shani’s Drishti on my horoscope/natal Mangal!) J This Guru’s drushti has given me at least a medium life span despite so many issues in my horoscope that would have resulted in a VERY short span of life.

No wonder some of the great (or most) minds are born with Guru with their Moon (Mind karak) or 5th, 7th or 9th from their Moon which shows Guru drushti on Moon. Ketu is Karak of spirituality and hence most of the saint are born with Ketu in the 1st house, Many of them who are rated highly with Ketu in Meen rashi in the 1st house with Guru drushti from 5, 7, 9 houses But the BEST of them all with maximum impact have had KETU GURU in the 1st house and I guess GREAT Saints like Gautam Buddh, Paigambar and Christ must have been born with Ketu Guru in 1st house in MEEN RASHI (or Dhanu also but it shows more disciplinary approach like Samarath Ramdas Swami). Ketu in the 1st house shows “calm”/sukoon but with Guru’s drushti that is used for “sat”karma. (MS Dhoni has 1st house Ketu in Guru drushti from 9th house and his Moon is also there with Guru along with Shani. Most of the folks who play with him call him “captain cool” – despite not having knowledge of astrology!)

So do you think that some of the BABA folks that earn money are born with Ketu Shani without guru drushti? In say 6th or 11th house -- Would be interesting to check! Definitely shows money from masses but there is no “Sat” behind their actions. I think Rajanish would be a VERY curious case to check (Mangal Shukra yuti!) No Offense – I am just curious! It is a wonder why someone like him needed when we have Saint Tukaram, Saint Dyaneshwar Mauli, Shirdi Saibaba and such. (I have a DEEP respect for Baba Ramdeo and Satya SaiBaba – The reason to write is to make sure not a SINGLE person has any doubt on my respect for these amazing folks who brought the sacred / secret knowledge from classes only to masses! There could be some controversies but they were means to attract masses and NOT detract them --- their intentions are and were of “Sat” & I hope stays that way (Baba Ramdeo)!


Gochar Guru or Current Guru Effect: NOT all of us are born with Guru’s drushti on some planets in the horoscope. But whenever gochar Guru (now in Mesh) aspects ANY planet in our horoscope (birth time) – it makes us do good things. Gambhir / Dravid score tons of runs when current Guru is aspecting their Horoscope Mangal. Tendulkar has Horoscope Mangal with Guru but when Guru aspects his horoscope Mangal (and also horoscope Guru) some “beyond wonderful” performances happen! His best performances in world cup and otherwise happened when Guru was in Kirk, Vrishabh, Makar or Kanya! (Very easy to check the records) His worst performance happened when Shani was aspecting his Mangal (World Cup2007 is one example)


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