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CHAR or Kendra Rashi (Cardinal Signs): MESH KIRK TULA MAKAR

Have you ever observed that some people always keep themselves busy with some or other thing? They just can’t rest when they are not asleep that is. Most often than not these people have Moon, Sun or Ascendant in CHAR rashi. They are also called as Kendra rashi or Cardinal Signs. These are 1, 4, 7, 10 : The signs that are in “KENDRA” sthan of the horoscope with Mesh Lagna:

1. Mesh Rashi – 1st

2. Kirk Rashi – 4th

3. Tula Rashi – 7th

4. Makar rashi – 10th

These signs are the BUSIEST signs of the Zodiac. They are far busier than EXPRESSIVE Signs (always busy talking/writing: Mithun, Kanya, Dhanu, Meen) or POWER HUNGRY (Sthir) signs (Vrishabh, Singh/Sinvha, Vrishchik, Kumbh).

The reason is simple: There are lots many STARS in these signs and nakshatras that are in these signs. The sheer number of stars in these signs in the zodiac make these sign very HUNGRY and always (CHAR) moving and onto something! (Consider this: Mesh has Ashwini complete, Bharani complete and also gets most stars of Krittika that are in the 1st Charan of that Nakshatra – i.e. it reserves many of the stars of the next signs in 1st Charan of the nakshatra that is mostly 3/4th in fixed signs).

So a horoscope with more planets in CHAR signs is always a successful one – it is just that they might not feel that way as they are always hungry for more.

So here are some quick observations on these CHAR Signs:

1. CHAR (Sanskrit for “moving”) signs are Mesh, Kirk, Tula and Makar.

2. They have 1 sign from each of the Elements i.e. Fire, Water, Air and Earth in that order

3. These are the BUSIEST signs (Sampras/Sachin has Mangal/sports in Makar) and end up doing a lot in their life time.

4. They all love MONEY (salary) more than Art or Power (Role/designations). They change jobs frequently.

5. Even if a planet is NEECH in a CHAR Signs it achieves a LOT just due to the fact that it makes the person do more instant or Kriyaman Karma – keeps person BUSY and the success follows! Mangal in Kirk (Javed Miandad 1st degree Vargottam!)

6. The richest people in the world have more planets in these signs. Bill Gates has Guru in Kirk and Sun in Tula / Libra Oct 28th)

7. If you look at a horoscope with a lot of planets in CHAR signs – even if they are in 6, 8, 12 houses or debilitated or combust etc – They WILL yield results as they are in a CHAR sign!

8. These planets might make a person less of a great character or affect health if badly placed (say Shani in Aries with Budh or Mangal badly placed in Kirk) BUT it will always yield MONEY – That is almost a LAW that CHAR rashi planets denote MONEY in this life! J

9. CHAR rashi (1, 4, 7, 10) are the ENGINE/MACHINARY of the world, The STHIR signs are the programs or the administration (2, 5, 8, 11) that drives this engine with some rules and the expressive/Mutable/changing signs (3, 6, 9, 12) are the OIL that keeps this machinery going with as much less friction as possible.

10. VARGOTTAM Navamansh i.e The Mesh Sign MESH Navamansh etc)

a. CHAR Signs have Vargottam-Navamansh at the START (First 3.33 degrees).

b. POWER Signs the MIDDLE i.e. 5th Navamansh

c. EXPRESSIVE have it at the END.

Whenever any planet in 9th , 10th 11th to CHAR rashi – They start something (initiative) and increase the GDP of the world and then SHTIR Signs get something to manage/administer as that planet next becomes 9, 10, 11 to these signs. The expressive signs get a chance of 9, 10, 11 planet when everything is in order, money is made/product is made and they can display their talent/art/expressive ability

After this cycle again the NEXT CHAR Signs gets 9, 10, 11 movement of the planet followed by NEXT POWER Sign to manage it and NEXT expressive sign to display their talent and the cycle goes on and on.

So NO sign is BEST or WORST etc – it is all about CO-EXISTENCE! Always do Karma and WAIT for YOUR TURN of having big planets like Guru, Shani 9, 10, 11 to your signs!! J


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