Published on Sunday, 22 May 2011

Quick Updates and some miscellaneous comments

1. SINVHA/Singh/Simha Rashi: Too many planets in MESH rashi (4) including Guru, Mangal --- Life changing events for SINVHA rashi. 3 BEST years in past 12 years (including these next 3).

2. INTUITION / SPOTING Astrological Patterns: I met a friend today who I always thought should have been GEMINI Moon sign and must have MARS (Mangal) in Sinvha rashi. (behavioral patterns) But his horoscope showed Libra Moon sign and Scorpio Mangal – I was really confused and surprised with this – Every time I met him I saw Mithun rashi and Sinvha Mangal – GUESS WHAT – His birth year just changed from 82 to 81 (His school date had 82 and hence confusion – Now the Horoscope shows Mithun rashi and Sinvha Mangal!! What a relief and also a good acknowledgement for my journey in astrology.

3. KANYA RASHI: Sade sati – 8th Guru along with 4 planets in MESH rashi 8th house. Wear HELMET – be Careful and conservative for next month at least. Not the time for extravagant moves or risks – time for hard work without much noise and expectations.

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