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                                                   June : BirthDate Analysis
June 1st

The pure date of 1 is ruled by the Sun. The brilliance & inspirational side of the Sun will certainly be visible from time to time from these family loving folks who are usually calm, stable and peaceful. They are highly methodical and usually have “square palms with square fingers” without too many lines. The soul is pretty adamant as to what it needs to achieve in this life! They are pioneers and slowly but surely build their own sphere of influence. The inspirational Sun teams up with peaceful Venus of Taurus Sun to create some artistic empires or industries. The Taurus Sign shows food & farming and even investments in jewelry along the date of 1, these folks can certainly start their own venture in to these fields. Although these folks are social they have handful of close friends and do not like folks coming too close especially outside of their family!

June 2nd
A very friendly date which is very well suited for people connect jobs like Sales or even HR. People contact comes naturally by virtue of both their Sun Sign Taurus in Rohini constellation and also the date of 2 which is ruled by the Moon. Although they appear and are actually very stable, calm & quiet, the Moon certainly adds anxiety, mood-swings from time to time. The surroundings or the environment factors affect them more than other Taurians! The date of 2 can take them away only of for a few seconds from their usual secure, stable, calm disposition. These folks are very good with kids and any venture that deals with kids (kindergarten/playgroup etc) is great for them. The Taurus natural sense of ridicule is heightened in them and people love their company. The love their family,house, farms, investments, jewelry and money! They are particularly sentimental about their family & especially

June 3rd
A very positive date for sure which high degree of achievement orientation & optimism. These people are thought leaders and not people leaders. They are less likely to have bigger friend circles like 2 (2, 11, 20, 29) born folks.Their contacts would always be related to the circle they want to achieve certain things. They will always have an eye on their own goals & objectives! The Taurus Sun does lend a stable, calm, peaceful disposition for sure.The combination of Jupiter (3) and Venus (Taurus Sun) which means there are some contradictions there. The Jupiter influence is about education, thought leadership and the Taurus Sun is about family, food & investments &especially, wealth which is very important to them. Due to their stress on personal achievements, they could get perceived as selfish when they participate in some team activities where 2 and 9 born folks are very dominant.

June 4th
A date ruled by unorthodox, change agent Uranus with practical, peaceful & mostly traditional Taurus Sun! This shows that these people come from mostly conservative, traditional families and are supposed to modernize the family. The Uranus in this date does oppose peaceful, calm disposition of Taurus Sun. These folks want to implement “change” in their surroundings; doing something nobody in their family even thought of. They are supposed to take their family or society ahead by say 30/40 years! With the personality of stable Taurus Sun they are not perceived as a threat to the establishment. Hence, they are mostly successful with their change management ability. The bull is not usually fond of change but this bull is not completely change averse! There is some karmic obligation to this date which soul wants to pay off especially if the b-date including month and year adds to 8.

June 5th
These people are very good expressing themselves and are blessed with great articulation ability. They talk less but their comments are acute and hard hitting. These folks can coin some quick slogans or sales taglines. The inbuilt sense of ridicule of the Taurus Sun is heightened by this Mercury ruled date. These people are fun to be around and always in demand. The Mercury (5) and Venus (Taurus Sun Sign) combination makes it a good date for some artistic pursuits or expression. They have inherent ability of trading. They are the agents who connect the supply and demand dots in the society; this usually results in a win-win situation where both the parties are happy to pay these folks for this ability. Connection with media and also food industry usually shows good results. The usual calm, quiet disposition of Taurus Sun becomes a bit playful under this date!

June 6th
This is a very lucky date which shows karmic reward of great deeds in the past life(s). This date has not only the harmony of 6 ruled by Venus but also the Taurus Sun which is also ruled by Venus. Their personality hardly has anyrough edges. They are certainly creative but are mild mannered. They would not be very forthcoming to display their talent unless forced by some 9 borns! The typical Taurus Sun’s sense of ridicule is always present but used less frequently and in a harmless manner. These people are carriers of good news. You could always see them calm and composed regardless of the situation. Smile is their first reaction or acknowledgement when they see someone passing by. Only advice is a modicum of aggression from time to time!!

June 7th
An innovative, imaginative, perceptive bull! The pragmatic approach of the Taurus Sun is augmented with Neptune’s (7)  imagination & innovation. They have ability to read minds or body language. The stable, calm and quiet nature of the Taurus Sun if course there with some serious ability to ridicule. This date is very good for people connect and people leadership. They are perceptive and sensitive to others’ needs. They can read undercurrents of a situation better than most. However, Neptune effect also bestows upon them some absent minded approach from time to time. Usually the bull is undeterred by the surroundings but this date does make the bull a bit moody. They keep receiving some vibes which keeps their mind busy under than calm/stable exterior.Spiritual pursuit or even some interest is highly beneficial.

June 8th
This date ruled by Saturn shows a great harmony with the Taurus Sun. The Sun enters the Leo navamansh (9 th Harmonic) & “Mrig” constellation on this date which means these folks have some good administrative ability. This constellation is owned by Mars which shows that these folks would have better luck with farming or sports than other bulls. The date of 8 indeed is good for someone in the field of compliance, audits, security etc. Any career which requires detailing, close scrutiny of numbers or processes is a sweet sport for them. There is a desire to increase economic level. They love their wealth, property/farms and family. Career in finance/banking with close relation to engineering sector also shows good success. Their approach is step by step progress; they usually hate big bang ideas. This Taurus Sun and Saturn influence can make these folks highly risk averse!

June 9th
The date of 9 ruled by Mars brings some panache to the calm, quiet and stubborn bull. This is one bull that does get angry more often! This is a lucky date which shows big friend circles with significant time spent on friend circle. There is a commitment to cause and fierce determination in this date. This date does not have the rough edges (bitter quarrels, fights) shown by the birth-date of 18. You would see some sports persons born on this date despite the inherent lethargy of the bull! The Venus ruled Taurus Sun does shows love of material / good life, world pleasures and more importantly a family oriented person. These folks can do some advanced stuff in farming. They usually have very good land related karmic history which gives good results in this life with farming or even land development stuff.

June 10th
The date of 10 brings some loneliness to the Taurus Sun. The date of 10 does show some wisdom from the past life, a mature approach and many times some aloofness. From time to time, there is a spirit of entrepreneurship and sudden inspirational thoughts that make them pioneers but the frequency is much more in childhood than later in life. After a certain age they become a bit too matured for their age. The Sun in Taurus is in “Mrig” constellation which is owned by Mars. This shows connections with engineering sector & land. There is a deep connection with siblings and friends but not as overt as June 9th borns. These folks do have characteristic Taurus sense of ridicule but it is employed very rarely. Strangers and new folks are admitted after a lot of persistence and perseverance by other parties.

June 11th
This date of 11 does show some karmic burden for sure. It mandates balancing two extreme things in life so that these two things coexist with some common interests but still stay independent. These 2 things could very well be 2 persons in their life or 2 concepts like spirituality and materialism or even two castes or two religions! These bulls are intuitive, creative and many time lost in their own thoughts! They are quite friendly & sympathetic to others and other’s needs. They do have some inborn 6th sense which allows them to perceive situations and state of mind etc better than others. These folks keep to themselves in childhood and usually lost in their thoughts/world but become lot more friendly with a big friend circle later in life. They like popularity and usually are! There is a need to please all which could cause stress.


June 12th
This date shows thought leadership which is typical of 3 (1+2: 3 Jupiter) ruled folks. The self (1) is more important than others (2) which means this date is very good to run something in a “master-disciple” mode (“Guru-Shishya Parampara”). These folks are natural at teaching profession. They are also a great fit in the training departments in professional setup. However, if working on other setups they find it difficult to deal with peers; they are perfectly fine with seniors with higher educational or experience qualification but not due to “business necessities”. If they are able keep ego(1) aside be more friendly, they can grow a lot. The Taurus Sun’s sense of ridicule is used less frequently as the vibration of 3 opposes making fun of o) someone. There is some intellectual arrogance in 12 which is subdued by the Taurus Sun.

June 13th
An unorthodox bull if that is possible! These folks are not as conservative as other bulls are. These do tend
to challenge status quo more often than other bulls. The Uranus effect (4: 13) is combined with the “Mrig”
constellation which is ruled by Mars to give interest in modern science or electronic stuff. However, this interest is used for very practical reasons such as a mobile shop or some electronic store etc than outright research and development. Taurians as a rule are not fond of sudden change which is in conflict of this date of 13. This means these folks would understand “change management” very well and can lead the organization or community through a change successfully. There is some absent minded genius in these folks under that stubborn, calm, quiet Taurus Sun! If ego (1) is kept aside with more importance to achievements (3), these folks can go a long way!!

June 14th
The Sun is in the last degree of Taurus Sun Sign and about to change to Gemini! The constellation of “Mrig” is very vibrant despite the calm, composed and quiet disposition of the Taurus Sun, the bull! The date of 14 does show great articulation, expression & a very good ‘ability to summarize’. They have very effective speech and overall communication. There is an inherent ability to of trading. They are the “agents” in the society that connect the supply and demand dots. Connection with agriculture, economics is quite likely. Despite very good ability to express they tend to be unusually quiet & go into listening/observation mode from time to time. It is amazing how the Mrig constellation behaves so different in Taurus (calm, quiet) and Gemini (highly talkative expressive)! The drastic change is about to happen but this 14th June guy is a true blue Taurian!

June 15th
The Sun has changed to Gemini and in the 1st degree of Gemini this Sun wants to talk, express a lot more freely and vibrantly. The constellation of “Mrig” which is 50% in Taurus and Gemini behaves very differently in Gemini! The date of 15 is a lucky date of karmic reward for the good deeds done in the past life(s). This date has certain grace, mannerism and serenity of Venus. The 1st degree of Gemini does bring in some sense of hurry, quick thoughts, quick arguments and expression to otherwise tranquil 15! Needless to say, this is a great date for presence in media (TV/Radio), short writing and overall an all-rounder profile. These folks need constant dose of creativity and variety in what they do. Ask them to do a repetitive job the whole day and they will become miserable!

June 16th
The Sun being at the start of the Gemini Sign ensures quick thinking, talkative, expressive and a vibrant nature. Now add to that a healthy dose of Neptunian creativity, perception & 6th sense. These folks are ultra-sensitive and have a great wit. They can sense what the other person is going say next & are prepared with an answer already! Like June 15 folks these folks are advised to stick to careers with creative, innovative channels. There is an ability to understand undercurrents of situations which is often masked by the overly expressive nature of the Gemini Sun. The Gemini Sun does oppose the Neptunian emotional side which allows them to use the 6th sense. The Gemini Sun tries to be too busy with multiple things at a time, toggling between variety of subjects & thought. Neptunian personality wants to dig deeper whereas the Gemini Sun tries to have “mile-wide inch-deep” approach.

June 17th
A serious humorist? This date in a way or curbs opposes the natural, vibrant, talkative, expressive Gemini Sun. Ruled by Saturn (17:8) it shows seriousness, meticulous approach & detailing that is not usually seen or cared for by the Gemini Sun. Gemini Sun’s all rounder attitude gets seriousness in at least 2 subjects and these folks carry these two subjects to much greater depths than a normal Gemini Sun would. Obviously, this is a natural birth-date for a soul who wants to critique/audit creative, artistic stuff/subjects. This date of 17 also has an inherent need to leave their name behind after their life. They tend to something huge at the cost of sacrificing their own interests to do something worthwhile. It is a birth-date of some karmic burden & obligations that they need to or want to fulfill in this life.

June 18th
The vibrant, expressive, all-rounder approach gets Marsian aggression. The result is a very aggressive person with ability to argue hard and also write some very extreme stuff that can create controversy. There is a tremendous mental energy in this date that can be used for multiple subjects making them true all-rounders. It shows interest in everything under the Sun. They can become very good sports critique as the date of 18 does have some sports angle. More than sports, the date of 18 shows a competitive streak or spirit in their personality. It is possible to have very public bitter fights with fellow writers or even colleagues. It is advised to be less aggressive or tactful with difference of opinions as next time you could be wrong! A very dood date for a sports career too given Mars in the horoscope supports it.


June 19th
This is a date with very good poise, confident & self assured body language despite the hurried, expressive
and somewhat impulsive Gemini Sun. The brilliance of Sun in 19 (1) shows some entrepreneurship by some
inspirational moves/ideas in a creative field of course. It shows tendency to build own sphere of influence in field connected with some kind of expression (media). This is a lucky date which shows karmic reward of good deeds of past lives. The compound number of 19 shows importance to friends & land in the scheme of things too. It is difficult for them to follow orders from someone for a long time. Even in service, the preference would be to run a unit on their own as if their own business. It is important to get the freedom to implement their ideas they get from time to time. Fixed daily responsibilities could be quite discomforting!

June 20th
This is an overly friendly date with lot of friends, colleagues etc. These folks are free spirits and it is difficult to tie them down at one place for long. In their job, creativity is a must and so is meeting or connecting with a lot of folks on a daily basis. The date ruled by Moon shows frequent mood swings which when added to Gemini Sun makes it a very deadly combination. There are 1000 subjects of interests and deep dive is not their cup of tea. Yes, the date of 20 does show wisdom from past lives and they tend to get a bit subdued in 30s but still their mind is wandering around like a kid. A profession like sales/PR that requires a lot of people connect is idea for them. HR is also a good choice for them in a field where employees are the main capital.

June 21st
The date of 21 ruled by Jupiter brings depth to the all rounder Gemini approach. This date is highly lucky and reflects good karma in the past life(s) – Karmic reward. There is a clear cut focus on personal achievements despite being highly friendly. These folks are lot more popular than 12 born folks as they give more importance to others (2) than self (1). The Gemini Sun’s hurried, expressive & creative approach is there for sure. These folks often go for master as they enjoy academic life and not content with a just a degree. The Gemini person wants to learn,read and not particularly getting tied to daily grind. Although Jupiter and Mercury are a bit different, they are not outright enemies. They just represent different layers of intelligence. Mercury in Gemini Sun shows vibrancy,variety & Jupiter brings in some depth & sense of the big picture.

June 22nd
This is a very interesting combination of Mercury & Uranus (22: 4). This is a master number which is not usually analyzed simply as 4 as 4, 13, 31 can. The Gemini Sun influence shows expressive, attentive, witty, vibrant nature whereas Uranus in 22 shows an absent minded genius that is unorthodox & modern. The love for the latest electronic gadgets is almost a must and changing these gadgets as often as clothes is also common! It is quite possible to miss the big picture and the sense of purpose for this date and pursue technology or goals for the sake of it. There is a inbuilt sense of modernizing the family/society by 30/40 years and taking them ahead but negligence of “change management” can hurt them a lot. It is highly recommended to be in the field that demands change by default.

June 23
This is a very harmonious date due to Gemini Sun and the date ruled by Mercury (23: 5). This date certainly shows good ability to express, articulate and argue. Ability to “trade” is very natural. They always have an eye for demand & supply gaps and can fill them with a win-win situation for 2 parties; not to mention their own gain in the process! Any profession that requires a lot of communication is an idea match for this date. This is a date of karmic reward due to good deeds of past lives. Many of the intense planetary formation in the horoscope are not to be taken that seriously for this date unless the total birth-date addition is to 8, 17, 26 etc. These folks are all rounder with very good time management skills. They are advised to concentrate on one subject seriously while they unleash their strength as an all rounder.

June 24th
This is a lucky date of karmic reward for good deeds of the past lives. Even some extreme natal horoscope planetary formations do not affect them as much as they would say 22 or 26 born folks. The exuberance of Gemini Sun meets balanced & well mannered approach of Venus (24: 6). The Venus influence is really soothing / calming and gives oxygen to artistic/creative side of Gemini Sun. Their middle of the road approach is mostly risk free.Only advice to these folks is to stay away from affairs that could put a dent in otherwise spotless reputation. This is a very good date for leisurely life style. The soul wants to balance things in life and wants to have a life without rough edges. These folks although have a very quick logical thinking are not as aggressive when it comes to taking actions. A bit of aggression achieves them a lot.

June 25th
Gemini Sun’s expression, articulation, all-rounder ability meets with the serenity, tranquility & sensing ability of Neptune ruled date of 25 (7: 25). This date brings some imaginative approach to otherwise mathematical Gemini Sun. While the innovation ability takes a boost, the trading ability is affected adversely. Communication/media of course is the best career field for them but people connect can certainly make them more effective or leverage their natural approach to a large extent. These folks are sensitive to needs of others and sense the undercurrents of the situations. An evolved sense of intuition is a great guiding force to Gemini Sun’s intellectual (& again,mathematical) approach. Yes, one can categorize this as some contradiction in this date as Neptune water and Mercury air never mix! They mostly ignore each other but when the person uses the right mix, it can create great intellectual cyclones!

June 26th
You can always count on Gemini Sun to be able to express, articulate well; Saturn (8: 26) in this date brings a lot more control on the usage of words, numbers and put some control on the sheer numbers of words spoken! It is hard to make Gemini Sun folks to stop taking once they start; this date however shows a great restraint.Saturn brings number crunching, verification, validation of facts before sharing it with the world. Saturn brings compliance, auditing skills to Gemini Sun’s creative ways and hence this is a very good date for being a process auditor the IT & IT Services field. Yes, this date does show some karmic debt that the soul wants to pay off in this birth and most often than not, this dent is towards some relationship/partnership. It is advised to be very realistic and careful with any kind of partnerships especially before the age of 30.

June 27th
Gemini Sun’s expression, articulation, argumentative approach meets Mar’s (9: 27) energy! One would expect Mars and Mercury to oppose each other which they do to certain extent in this date. These folks would shows some aggression/quarrels from time to time but the intensity is lot lesser and the topics of fights are mostly intellectual! The combination of Mercury (Gemini Sun) and Mars certainly boosts mathematical ability. Rather,this date is great for engineering (advanced) mathematics. The date of 27 is the luckiest 9 and there is ac certainly harmony that 2 (moon) and 7 (Neptune) bring to the table. Friend circle is very important and one of the major reasons of the birth for the soul! They are not overly friendly like June20 born folks but they are fiercely loyal in friendship and also collect a circle of loyal & long term friends. Sports like TT, Carom are natural to this date.

June 28th
This is a very extrovert date. The 28s are known to be overt folks with a very friendly approach. The Gemini Sun of June 28th only augments to this friendly nature. The date ruled by Sun (28: 1) and Gemini Sun does show good harmony. These folks are interested in things that are used by masses and not necessarily classes. These folks are masters of “the fortune at the bottom of the pyramid”. They are often seen launching some venture that involves communication & expression of some sort. Advertising is a very good field for this date for sure. The date of 28 however, does show some trouble from close (overzealous) relatives and friends. They end up hurting with an actual intention of helping! These folks are advised to be careful with law as the 28s and Gemini Sun both do not like to always operate in the given set of rules.

June 29th
29 born folks are usually a very good channel to propagate ideas to the world. These folks are friendly with great people connect. They do have frequent mood swings and often known to get in trouble due to some wrong choices of friends or participating in something wrong due to peer-pressure! Gemini Sun in June 29 brings some wisdom to this wayward friendly approach of 29. It also brings calculative nature that can keep these folks away from harm. The intellectual approach Gemini Sun does help this personality to achieve lot more than a usual 29 would. There is again that mostly ignorance & some cooperation between air element of Gemini and water element of Moon (29). They do not oppose or interfere with each other but when the person puts them to right cause, it can make wonders. These folks are usually very God fearing except when they are with a bunch of friends.

June 30th
Jupiter in 30 (3) brings a lot more depth to this Mercury dominated Gemini Sun which does not like to spend too much time on a single subject. Jupiter wants to understand the big picture whereas Mercury shows basic level of intelligence like basic abilities of reading/interpretation, language mastery, speech etc. These folks tend to at least get depth in 2 subjects – Despite Jupiter’s influence; one cannot bypass Gemini Sun’s dual approach! You can count on these folks to be very well read. They might have collection of a lot of novels. They will have an uncanny ability to summarize a novel in a very mature way. Gemini Sun will make them read a lot and Jupiter will put all that input in a bigger scheme of things. A great date for academicians, for Masters/Ph. D etc degrees. These folks are in their sweet sport in training institutes or universities (professors/principals).This date jumps one step of Jupiter as it shows Mercury as primary level of intelligence and Uranus a much higher plane of thinking. Missing link is the Jupiter which is in between these two!

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