Published on Thursday, 22 March 2012

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Vedic Astrology (also ज्योतिष or Jyotish) is the traditional Hindu system of astronomy and astrology. It is the study of patterns and relationships of planets in motion, our birth chart, synastry with others, the make-up of elements. It is all about using that knowledge as a tool to find meaning. 




Milind Chitambar is a renowned Vedic Astrology Scholar even though he is an engineer by profession. Milind has a unique ability to use ancient methodology for modern day interpretations. A lifetime student of astrology, Milind has been studying Vedic Astrology for 20 plus years. Milind has analyzed more than 10000 charts and that many or more hands. Although Horoscope is a major interest; Milind uses Numerology, Palmistry, Face Reading etc as complimenting disciplines of Astrology. 

You can read more about Milind over here.

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This site is dedicated to Milind's articles and his predictions. Milind's articles are always insightful since they are based on his vast knowledge and  deep understanding of astrology.

Every attempt has been made to bring that knowledge directly to all the followers and students of astrology.  You do NOT need to sign up or create an account. Just use your existing accounts with Facebook or others to add comments, share the links or ask questions!

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