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Monthly Horoscope / Rashi-Bhavishya for June2012


MESH / ARIES Moon Sign and also Birthdates from April 14 to May 13

So you are now going to have some expansion now with Jupiter coming 2nd to you from June2012. Saturn is back in the 6th house which means you could again have to deal with some new people at workplace/career. It will certainly give you additional money until Aug 4, 2012. There are a BUNNCH of planets in the 2nd house in Vrishabh rashi – which means you will get to eat a lot in this month and also have some investment income and fresh investments too. Good chance of buying/selling Jewelry. Jewelers of Aries Moon sign could the happiest people on earth right now! J Mars is helping you get new responsibilities at workplace and some instant success like Gauti! J Again, this is an absolutely smashing time for investments for sure. Rahu in 8th still warrants care of paternal family elders for sure.



VRISHABH / TAURUS Moon Sign and Birthdates from May14 to June13

Well, well well – feeling better now? Too many planets in the sign make you energetic with a new found energy and optimism you thought you never had! J Yes, these planets in the sign would not give direct benefits until next month or so but they are better in the 1st house of execution/responsibilities than 12th house of planning/expense/rest/stagnancy etc. (In this fast world, not a single human being knows how to use the gift of time! J) The Jupiter moving in your sign will be a BIG difference for you – it brings you again in the field, in the “market”. The 6th Saturn has gone to being 5th until Aug 4 – this again helps as you meet some old friends and a break from meeting a lot of new folks that makes everyone uncomfortable (being judged and judging people for a long time does no good to your “stress-management” but it IS going to happen with you until 6th Saturn moves on by Nov2014!! However, Saturn does increase your social weight and cash flow.



MITHUN / GEMINI Moon Sign and birthdates from June14 to July14

Vrishabh and Kanya are now happy and you are not so much! The 12th house planets (5 of them) are making you spend a lot of spend a lot of time, money and energy in to planning next 12 months, 18 months and 12 years! This requires a lot of reading, studying, and thinking. Means, a great time for students! J Get all the certifications, part time course or trainings done in this period of 12th Jupiter. This Jupiter gives success in scoring very good in any damn exams. Saturn is temporarily in 4th house making you cater to home front (kitchen-fights) – keep patience! The 12th Sun certainly asks to deal with seniors/Govt with tact and diplomacy – Check what they want, need on a priority. Obey traffic rules and overall law/regulations of institutions or even the country! Govts or authorities would make you pay dearly for you mistakes. Mars in the 3rd house does help with some travel, possibility of some meetings with maternal cousins.



KIRK / CANCER Moon Sign and Birthdates from July15 to Aug15/16

You are hard-worker and keep working like an ant! J There was a great possibility of reporting to someone of equal of less ability until May2012. This was a sort of a TEST at workplace/career. Now, you will get a better or similar position in the 11th Guru for sure. The 11th Guru now is magnificent – unless you are undergoing VERY tough Maha/antardasha combo – this 11th Guru will give you multiple terrific gains that is a culmination of efforts you did from late 2009 (or overall past 3 years). Until May2013 you will have leveraged & paid out everything you did in the past 3 years. This month is an absolute blast until June15 for sure. 5 planets in the 11th house means success and money flow of a high order. Get as many things done before June 15 for sure. Saturn 3rd is temporary and hence do not open too many cards to “handle” people around you. After June 15, check what seniors want and use tact & diplomacy while dealing with them or even Govt or any folks with some authority!



SINGH / LEO Moon Sign and Birthdates from August 16 to Sept 16

So many planets in the 10th house and Mars in your sign make you very strong at workplace. Increasing churn, hard-work and a happening feel for sure. You will get a lot of power and the art is not to abuse it. The work done in these 10th planets will benefit from mid June to July like steam coming out of a pressure-cooker! Yes, the 9th Guru was about getting some new position/role and life. There is that typical pattern to report or work with someone of less or equal ability in this period until May2013 – no fault of that person of yours – just different career paths as you joined this sphere of influence later than this person! A great time to make your moves and to put in a lot of hard.



KANYA / VIRGO Moon Sign and Birthdates from Sept 16 to Oct 16

Sukh deen aayo re! J You have been really at the receiving end from all the major planets lately. This has changed dramatically from this May. Uttara nakshatra will see immediate result; Hasta will start to see it in July August and Chitra will see it in March to May2013. However, that is just the peak magnitude of the results. The feel good should start for all Kanya folks from Mid July itself. Saturn is back to trouble Chitra constellation folks until August 8 (also folks born from Oct 10 to Oct 16). However, that is temporary for sure. There are 5 planets in the 9th house for you – This is a GREAT time to get new position, new program/initiative that will last for next 3 years at least with increasing sphere of influence for you. These 9th house planets do show change of work location/travel or change of work-content for you. This “change” will be next step up from what you were doing from May2010 to May2012. Mars continues to be 12th which warrant careful driving and make sure your vehicles is in top order. If you plant o replace tires in next 2/3 months – why not now? As they last for 4 years?! Just a simple example for vehicle related stuff.



TULA / LIBRA Moon Sign and Birthdates from Oct 16 to Nov 16

You must be fairly troubled right now due to so many planets in the 8th house! It shows physical pain, stress, not reaching anywhere fast. Expect delays at least for a month. Rashi-swami Venus is 8th and wakri which means it is time for health-check. Eat well and sleep well for SURE. The Sun in 8th means trouble from seniors or Govt/authorities; recommends tact and diplomacy while dealing with them (at least until June 15). Giving respect to the post/hudda is not a bad thing all the times! J Things would be much better after May 15 for sure. They will show support from Givt and Authorities for next 3 months. The 8th Guru will give you now the initiatives that teach you a LOT but maybe those initiatives might not reach where they are supposed to. This has nothing to do with your performance and ability. These initiatives although not complete/successful will pave the next way forward for you. They will increase your ability overall and make you long term contacts too. Increase you ability by long term planning until May2013. Think about next 4 years until Sept 2015 and what you want to achieve until then.



SCORPIO / VRISHCHIK Moon Sign and Birthdates from Nov 16 to Dec 16

You had some health issues similar to 1999 from May2011 to May2012. The Guru 7th now is going to really expand your circle you got from May2010 to May2011. You will grow in size but not in role/responsibility. It will be more of the same for you but having more also is a great boon in sadesati! J Saturn is giving you some relief until Aug 4, showering Jyeshtha constellation folks with more money and mass-support. However, be watchful as from then to Nov2014 you are at the forefront of 12th Shani mandate of Shraddha, Saboori and planning for 30 years/calculations/slow but steady progress without EGO. Currently 5 planets in the 7th house show collaborations and partnerships. It shows working with multiple folks to achieve something collectively. After June 15, check what seniors want and use tact & diplomacy while dealing with them or even Govt or any folks with some authority!



DHANU / SAGITTARIUS Moon Sign and Birthdates from Dec16 to Jan 14

11th Saturn feel good of increasing cash-flow is off until Aug 4. It will start again from then. The Sun in the 6th house until June 15 will keep competition away. However, so many planets including Jupiter, your sins-owner is in the 6th house – This means you got to be very careful with health issues. Deal minor issues seriously and get them treated. The 6th Guru until May2013 warrants “servicing” religiously what you got from May2011 to May2012. Mars in the 9th house is great for sports, meeting or making new worthy friends and also vehicles/doing something worthwhile with your land. Venus wakri in the 6th house advises caution with servants and especially ladies! J



MAKAR / CAPRICORN Moon Sign and also Birthdates from Jan 14 to Feb 13

Jisaka muze tha intajaar who ghadi aagayee! J Shah Rukh can very well copy this song from Bachchan’s Don! His team has finally won the IPL with 5th Guru and more importantly Jupiter opposite to his Mars in Scorpio. Makar folks now have 5 planets in the 5th house! This shows all round success and some tactical moves for quick gains. Seniors did not know what to do with you so far, suddenly opportunities will start showing up from nowhere. The 5th house Guru is increasing effectiveness of 4 more planets there – great for good news from Kids, sports, forecasting and also studies, quick projects. You could have sudden inspirations/ideas etc that would get you great visibility. The 5th house planets are doing exactly what needs to done and when knowing what exactly needs to be done. You do not like big bangs but this time is to get as much as possible from the surroundings. Mars 8th still shows caution with vehicles/driving etc.



KUMBH / AQUARIUS Moon Sign & also Birthdates from Feb 14 to March 13

Jupiter has gone 4th which means that whatever you got in 3rd Jupiter, you need to serve it well; do some reading, certifications and deep thinking. The 4th Jupiter brings some stagnancy but also gives you time to regroup and also prepare for the glorious 5th Guru. Saturn until Aug 6 advises health stuff. After that it is there to support you for until Nov2014!! There are multiple planets in your 4th house making you cater to home front (Gruha-kalah) - -domestic trouble. They also make you spend time and money on home décor and things of “internal” pleasure (peace, calm, spiritual rejuvenation). Mars in the 7th house shows some tussle in partnerships and recommends some patience there.



MEEN / PISCES Moon and also Birthdates from March 14 to April 13

Short terms travels, expressions and white-papers etc are very much likely as you have so many planets in the 3rd house! You will get a chance to express yourself at workplace, artistic pursuits or whatever field you aspire for. The 3rd Jupiter will start something new for you and also could start some short term travel for you until May2013. Use this 3rd Jupiter well. Saturn is in 7th until Aug 4 which means going away from partners. Saturn 8th after that shows time for regrouping and studying and preparing for next 7.5 years starting from Nov2014. Mangal in the 6th house shows meeting maternal siblings and also wining some quick battles or defeating some enemies etc. This mars does help with some land matters especially if from maternal side family!



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