Published on Thursday, 05 January 2012


Random Thoughts about Astrology (Mukta Chintan) :1

1. There is “some similarity” between the 2nd house planets and the Vrishabh rashi planets. Being self assured, being calm from within and not just surface. The 2nd house planets also make a person eat/try different types of cuisines and same is true with Vrishabh rashi planets. The want & love of wealth and family is also there in the 2nd house planets and Vrishabh rashi.

a. Some addendum to this thought is that – this pattern will be observed ‘much more’ when the 2nd house planets are in earth element signs (Kanya, Makar and of course Vrishabh).

b. It will take some time for you in astrology before to notice this “behavioral pattern” in people around. You will need to do a lot of observations for sure.

c. Similar thought can be extended to the 3rd house and Mithun rashi planets. My interest in debate, short writing (“Lalit” Lekhan), talking very fast & changing topics every now and then (J) can be largely attributed to Mithun Mangal and Shani. Of course, the desire to “share” comes from Meen Surya and not from Vrishchik moon or ascendant! J

2. On similar lines, I have mentioned this before – The planets in 1st house for Mesh lagna are very important; Planets in 2nd house are very imp for Vrishabh lagna/rashi and 3rd house for Gemini & so on. WHY à

a. Gemini lagna has some properties and similar properties are in the 3rd house planets (expression, short writing, small travels, debates etc).

b. The Gemini lagna highlights these planets MORE than other planets in the horoscope on a behavioral level. As you can imagine, behavior becomes future! J

c. Makar lagna is a busy person, industrious, continuous improvement, workaholic nature, greed hence the planets in the 10th house (Makar is 10th sign) for Makar lagna have a lot more effect on them than say planets in 3rd house as Makar do not like to express, talk, debate much anyways!?

3. Kanya lagna & Kanya Surya rashi folks tend to be of above average height. Kanya moon would be masked a bit by Vrishchik lagna or other average height lagnas. You need to compare it to family folks. The same is true for Kumbh lagna and Surya folks. So when you have someone with Sun and Moon in Kumbh -- Kanya or Ascendant, Sun Moon in Kanya – Kumbh – you will certainly see them much taller than folks in the family.

a. (This should not be confused with Dhanu Surya (17th Dec to 13 Jan) who tend to have robust bone structure.)

b. Bachchan sahab Kumbh lagna and 6 planets in Kanya including Surya and rashi-swami Budh

4. Budh dominated folks always look younger than they are. This is also true for their thoughts. Budh is not called as “Yuvraj” (Sun the king) in Astrology for nothing! This is true for Budh in Kanya & Mithun or Surya/Lagna/Moon in these two signs. These folks always have young thoughts and can connect to the younger generation vey easily. Rather, their friend circle or sphere of influence always stays young.

c. Balasaheb Thackeray is one such example, he is not only Kanya rashi but 23rd born (5: Budh). He still connects with a 16-18 year old and talks the language of them.

d. DEV Anand sahab is 26th Sept – Kanya Surya

e. Bachchan sahab adjusted (11th Oct Virgo Sun) to changing times but not Dilip Kumar who was saddened by Scorpio’s signs massive nostalgia (11th Dec) and Singh rashi’s ego/self esteem – to adamant to change.

f. Dharmendra sahab despite Dhanu moon sign is a Scorpio Sun (8th Dec) and shows massive nostalgia for the old ‘golden’ days. Bachchan tends to say that 30-35 sal ho gaye us baat ko ab! (Speaking of legendary Don) J

5. Nakshatra & Nakshatra-swmai should never be neglected – Rashi shows what and Nakshatra shows how. Also, rashi shows high level design and Nakshatra in Low level design in IT terms! J For example Scorpio rashi owned by Mangal is aggressive, power hungry and passionate – When in Anuradha (owned by Shani) it shows sectors or fields dominated by Shani – Masses/Politics, Construction (It-Gadha-Cement). In Jyeshtha which is owned by Budh – it shows consultancy, services, audits, related reports etc than outright connection with masses. Hence Shah Rukh is Makar rashi but lagna rashi is Vrishchik in Anuradha (big nose) and Shani is well placed in own rashi in Kumbh in 4th house. Shani mahadasha in progress from 2006 for 19 years. (Shani in drushti of Guru.)

6. Speaking of ShahRukh: Guru mahadasha from 1990 to 2006. Shani Mangal aspect each other as Mangal in 1st house. Navamansh shows Shani Mangal both in Meen (yuti). This could show some accidents in Shani maha Mangal antardasha related to head, health issues with reprod organs and also feet as navamansh Shani Mangal in Meen. (Aprx 2003 was Mangal antar in Guru maha and Nov2018 to Dec 2019 Mangal antar in Shani Maha – more troublesome). Shani would be close to Mangal in 2014 also which recommends being watchful. Shani mahadasha shows mass support and

7. ‘sukh’ from masses as Shani in the 4th house.

8. I have coined a new YOGA – “JAMBUWANT Yoga!!” or also called as Anil Kapoor yoga J J When Sun or Mars or both are in MESH or MAKAR rashi – The person becomes Jambuwant or say Anil Kapoor! J i.e. It becomes a very hairy affair! J J Applies in some extent to Makar lagna and Chandra also specially in Shravan or Dhanishtha nakshatra 2 charan and less so in Uttara Bhadrapada 1 charan. But when you see a tremendously hairy person – almost a certainty that Sun or Mars are either in Aries or Capricon (Mesh or Makar). Is it coincidence that the RAM and GOAT are also hairy!?! J J J


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