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1. Your own observations without Astrology

1. When you call Rahul Dravid a WALL you are indirectly attributing his Mars in Scorpio sign which is known to be a FIXED Sign. By FIXED means it has a methodical way of doing things and every-time you can count of them to behave in that fixed manner. Gavaskar has Mangal in Vrishabh rashi, again a Fixed sign. This shows that without knowing astrology you tend to acknowledge Scorpio Mars (Vrishchik Mangal) that Dravid has.

2. Everybody who knows and meets ShahRukh Khan says that he has got tremendous energy. They are just stating that he has 1st house Mars (Mangal). Mangal is energy, blood, drive, strength, the 1st house is called TANU-Sthan (body) and it directly impacts your outward expression & disposition and overall body structure/attitude.

3. When folks say Salman Khan has got some temper – they are indirectly saying that he has got Rahu in the 1st house! J (Abrupt chin compared to forehead, unapproachable expressions and air of don’t mess with me are some of Rahu in 1st house effects!) J

4. When they call Dhoni “captain cool” they are actually acknowledging the sukoon/calm of 1st house Ketu! This Ketu makes a person cool for sure and his Moon with Guru is also great for temperament but with Shani also which shows a bit of pessimism & unnecessary humbleness from time to time.

5. Libra & Vrishabh are supposed to have the best smile and they always smile, especially Libra. So, of course Julia Roberts 28th Oct Sun Sign and Madhuri Dixit who is Libra ascendant and Vrishabh Sun has a great smile. (Monroe 1st June Vrishabh Sun). This means that the most folks in the world who have a great smile have connection with LIBRA & Taurus sign. Every time you acknowledge someone for a smile it is more often than not saying that the person has Libra/Taurus influence.

6. Kapil Dev known to be a hasty, over aggressive batsman with Mars in Aries. How many times folks in 80s said -- yaar thoda aur rukata to match khatam kar deta tha! J

2. BUDH IN MEEN (Mercury in Pisces)

Budh is owner of basic reading, listening and expression ability; our primary connection/response system to the surroundings! A VERY badly placed Budh can result in hearing impaired condition. Budh also shows composition of brain and many neurology issues that can show brain/nerve disorder are related to badly placed Mercury in the horoscope. Budh also shows grasping power, analytical ability and ability to make wise arguments, articulation. (Pramod Mahajan Mithun lagna, Kanya rashi he was great in articulating & expressing his thoughts! Balasaheb has Kanya rashi and Budh in Makar – it shows clarity of thoughts and expression.)

So, I think we have established/understood the connection of Budh with basic comprehension, analytical ability, basic communication and overall expression etc. Mercury/Budh is karak or Governor of Nervous system/brain related stuff for a person.

Budh in Meen does not cause damage to this ability as such and health-wise it is quite ok for sure but it does have some effects on a person being slow-witted, slow to react, slow in mathematics early on and even dyslexic condition could be attributed to badly placed Meen-Budh in the horoscope.

Budh in Meen is further lesser of a health issue if it is with the Sun, as the ability of Budh giving separate effects is reduced quite a bit. This limits person’s ability to write business deals/trading but it also limits health issues or brain issue quite a bit as the Sun is the governor of health and does not do harm to ANY planet (including Shani) with it from health point of view. Budh with Surya or Mangal is more like an engineering/mathematical configuration than separate BUDH which shows commerce/trading ability. Of course, forgetting phone numbers and directions is their birth right! J They do not give importance to remember such things! J

Separate BUDH (away from the Sun) shows some definite past karma with Mama/Mousi family, ability of a person to do trading or commerce (Selling something for 7 which is bought for 5! 5 ka 7! J)

1. Budh in Meen makes person completely oblivious to this trading ability rather their gullible/naive nature completely takes away this ability unless the person has 5th Shani (always doubting others) but still trading etc would not be their cup of tea.

2. Attention to details is something completely not known to Budh in Meen – the review process is something a big issue for them. They would NEVER be able to follow a check list like Budh in MAKAR and give detailed findings!

3. It will be very tough for a Meen Budh to review and tear apart something – it is not the genes! J

a. Yes Shani VERY close to BUDH and CLOSE Drushti on Budh will give this ability to criticize but again articulation will go for a toss.

4. Meen Budh usually takes more words / more verbiage than other Budh to express something! J

5. Their choice of words would not be correct and many times they will not remember the exact word, exact song, the exact phrase at THE moment. They will remember it just after the moment is passed! J

6. Meen Budh is good for being a Pustak Pandit without much practical/hands-on knowledge! It is good for education or sports sector much like the Budh in Dhanu!

7. However, innovation is something which is possible to Meen budh. Creativity, Lalit-Kala, short writing etc will be quite good in the subject of interest. The REVATI nakshatra which is owned by BUDH itself could show some ability on expression for sure BUT again without any monetary or SELF-Gains.

8. Selflessness is the biggest vice or virtue of Meen budh: Ye log pagalo jaise dusaro ke kaam karate firte hain without any gains to them! J

9. To reach some place on time is again a herculean task for Meen rashi folks. Their Time Management should be actually called as Time Mismanagement! J

10. Dream-Nature is again a vice or virtue of the Meen Budh.

These folks are GENTLEMEN – They would not have intention of taking someone for a ride. They would not be pranksters like Gemini or Kanya Budh. They would give away their knowledge, information for free with a very wide mind and vision. They are perfect EARTH Citizens like the Pisces Sun!

You can see honesty, a bholapan, innocence on their face and especially women can easily sense it for sure. They themselves have a good 6th sense and good understanding of body language, reading minds etc.

All said and done, these folks are called neech Budh as they are slow witted, rather do not want to crack jokes on other folks, are compassionate, cannot sell something for Rs. 7 which they bought for Rs. 5 as they are NOT BORN for that. They are born for sharing something freely; show compassion and “Bhut-daya”, ‘Wishwabandhutva’ (Vasudhaiva Kutumbam) like Dhanu Sun and Budh. The 12th sign or house in a horoscope shows great vision and sense of belonging to this world and not bound by man-made boundaries. These folks might not be able to articulate LOVE as well as Gemini and Virgo but they FEEL love like NO OTHER person. They might not be able to express thru words but their eyes which are downright beautiful will express their “beautiful/pure mind” effortlessly.


1. Budh in Meen – A person will read text for a long time but would not be able to reproduce a condensed form. Also, there could be difficulty in reproducing it for exams. They will always end up getting lesser marks/score than their actual knowledge due to lack of crisp/articulation skills.

2. An easy remedy for this is to WRITE while doing the studies and try to prepare notes while studying.

a. This makes a good imprint on the mind which is much easier to reproduce.

3. Similarly, listening to a song they might not remember it but watching it will go a long way as they have more of a graphic memory which stored the body language, lip movements “As is” in their memory! They will be able to talk about the complete song and the filming of the song but would not remember just by listening it. It I could be true for all folks but more so for Meen Budh.


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