Published on Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Astro discussion while having a tea at Tulsi (Deccan)

I meet my friends at Deccan as it is a central place for all. I used to be @Tulsi (Chaay restaurant?) every week previously, now a days it has reduced a bit but still once a month is always there.

Well, sometime in the year of 2007, I was waiting for my friends to arrive. As usual, I bought the new AutoCar and an astrological weekly magazine for TP. A guy in mid to late 30s joins the table. He requests for the astro magazine & starts going thru it....I think of surprising the guy and after some observation, I ask him if his birth-date is from Feb 14th to March 14th...He says "yes, but how do you know!?"..I further ask if he was born in the evening, 5 to 7 p.m. He is further amused....!! He requests me how I was able to tell this. He had an idea as he was going thru Astro magazine that belonged to me but my attire wasn't (at all) of what you expect of an Astrologer! :)

I guessed that his Sun sign prob'ly was Aquarius (Feb 14th to March 14th) and from his face/forehead, he appeared to be Leo (Sinvha) ascendant guy and hence the time of evening when Sun is descending in Kumbh and Leo/Sinvha sign is ascending he was born. (ascendant rules the face more along with Sun and Moon in that order).

I couldn't place his moon sign -- no clue -- but I felt it was Earth-Sign looking at his "Square type fingers" (ref: Palmistry). Earth signs are Vrushabh, Kanya and Makar.. ---> He indeed was of Makar raashi!! :)

He was really curious to know what was in store for him and I did give him various projections based on his Moon sign of Makar and Sun Sign of Kumbh for 2005 to 2007 -- It did match 90%!!! This didn't give ME much kick! :) I was curious, I thought the guy was from the late 1960s...So Shani in either Meen or Mesh raashi. From his Voice, I couldn't conclude if it was in Meen as voice was a bit raspy. Shani in Meen rasshi would have been 8th to him and voice would have been weaker (2nd and 8th house Shani is good for voice for girls only!) But, as there was a good possibility that Shani was in Meen raashi; I thought of checking some of his life events.

As I knew that Raahu was in Meen raashi in 68/69...I asked him if he had issues with ankles and flat feet -- and also if he hurts his feet/ankles/fingers from time to time --- He was flabbergasted -- :) :) He confirmed it indeed was the case....!!

So, Raahu and Shani in Meen raashi and that too 8th house of this guy (Mrutyu sthan, Peeda sthan). Now, it was the time to ask his birth-date and year -- The b-date added to 8!! The year made me realize that I had a friend from that period with Mangal also in Meen raashi !!!

So we have Shani -- Mangal and Raahu in 8th house of this guy and that too quite close from what I thought!!! TIME for confirmation ---!!!

I ask him if 96/97 until April 98, he had accidents and issues with ankles/feet and also issues with inherited property/land etc etc --> He was now completely DONE! -- He wasn't able to digest the proceedings...He started suspecting that I had some "ghosts" at my disposal! :) I ensured him that it was plain mathematics and PURE LOGIC (Astro).

He did confirm of various weird events (strange accidents/getting hurt etc) in this period and also issues with land/inheritance etc.

NOW, It was the time for the Masterstroke (for me, not him!) : I ask him, If one of his grandpa's brothers had died on a farm due to "bhau-bandaki" fights due to land etc. The land could be near or in the village that starts either from "D" (as in Dilip) or "Ch" (as in Chittagaon etc).

He was very uncomfortable with this, I told him not to share the details but just to confirm if that was the case. He did agree that it was absolutely correct! Looking at his discomfort, I suggested some remedies to him (Raahu's Gomed gemstone, Some Puja, Upasana and various health related Dos/Donts, Inheritance related dos/donts and not to get in any struggle for land etc from Sept 2009 to Dec 2011 when Shani will be in Kanya raashi opposite to his Shani Mangal Raahu).

He wrote them down and mentioned to me that he was completely opposed to the vary concept of astrology and thought it was stupid....I told him to continue with his beliefs and not to compromise them based on one such experience....! :) We exchanged cards and he was surprised to see "IT/Project Mgmt Angle". He said, despite being in IT you believe in this -- Again I reminded him that the laws of nature do not depend on his or my belief...! :)

He still looked a bit confused so I had to ask him -- if his mom had a miscarriage after his birth -- !!! It was the last straw! -- He requested if we could meet again and if I could explain to him how I reached all these conclusions...! :) I told him to send me an email and to take it from there.

Overall, There is a phrase in Marathi "Chamatakarashivay namaksar nasato" :) But, I suggested him that Astrology should be saved more from Astrologers than the folks who oppose it -- So his "andhashraddha wirodh" should continue as it is an imp need of the society.

Will share a few more such incidents later. Ability to do fast calculations (due to Engg background) and of course astro-LOGY from past 20 years could be a deadly combo... :)

I was happy that without any Laptop, software, panchaang or any calculator at my disposal, I was able to give many correct observations to this guy! I did tell him various others things based on Makar raashi moon in the 6th house and Sun in the 7th house direct drushti by Guru from 1st house etc etc.

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