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Usefulness of Gemstones, Sadhana, Mantras, Mandir

These questions are often asked by many folks. Do the gemstones really help? If, it is ALL about your karma: then why the gemstones, why Sadhana why Dev-Darshan and why all these Mantras. This article will try to answer very pragmatically the usefulness of these “upaay” or “Remedies” suggested by Astrology. (Remember, NOT everybody is as educated as you are or can read English or have done masters or bachelor etc.)

The gemstones have their own characteristics and as per Astrology they are supposed to create certain vibes around you or say certain frequencies around you. They are also part of a color therapy which spans across the food (fruits/vegetables) and also clothes.

This article will try not to state “mysterious” reasons behind these remedies.

Simple explanation and the most pragmatic use of these remedies are explained below:

1. Going to Mandir/Church/Guruwdwara/Masjid à Getting good/constructive thoughts à Positive Action leading to à Positive Karma and à positive results.

2. Going to Mandir/Church/Guruwdwara/Masjid à Meeting religious and positive people or people with the intent of improving themselves à Will it lead to good progress as you are increasing your social circle/connections? Minimal positive effect is that 100s of folks would know you as some religious or a “good” person who believes in God and going good karma.

3. Similarly, using a Gemstone, it reminds you EVERY single time you look at it or feel it of the REASON why you are wearing it à would it lead to positive action? You have spent a hell lot to get it in the first place.

4. When other see a person with a Gemstone – There are two thoughts – either this guy is weak or this guy wants to improve, has a positive outlook towards life and is ambitious. Unless you are a very lethargic person the thought you being weak would not be there – so gemstones even affect other people positively even if they do not believe in gemstones!

5. Similarly, reciting a Mantra – say 1000 times – You increase your FOCUS, your speech/tongue (Sanskrit is not easy!) J you increase your concentration & it makes you do something for a long time – increases your hard work ability. Gives you peaceful time for yourself which can solve many issues in and around you!

6. IF just laughing creates good chemicals in your brain then the thoughts that originate thru gemstones, going to Mandir or reciting Mantra is going to ONLY HELP you in a considerable way.

7. So in short - -Gemstones, Mantra, Mandir/Dev-Darshan can ONLY HELP but do not expect miracles – What we do not understand, we call it a miracles.

Remember, Kay Kay Menon in “Mumbai Meri Jaan” who goes to “Haaji Ali” following some guy and ends up getting a big order to supply computers? The guy who gives him order “assumes” that he is there for positive purpose and not to search for a terrorist! J

Spreading joy, gets you joy back, smiling at folks around you only get smiles back at you and creating good vibes will only force you and folks around you do something positive.

A few notes on Gemstones:

1. There is NO uniformity what-so-ever in astrologers as to what to suggest to whom! Even the Sanskrit granthas state various if then else and all of them could be present in a single horoscope.

2. Some say that only strong planet’s gemstone should be used; some recommend only weaker planets – I do not agree to either of this to 100%

3. Some recommend only use of shubh planets’ (Guru Chandra Shukra Budh) gemstones and not of Shani Mangal Rahu or Ketu. (Again, I tend to disagree to this wholesale thought.)

4. Not many astrologers have opinions on Neptune and Uranus Gemstones! J

5. Krishnamurthy (KP) recommends opines that only those gemstones are useful where the planet is under Guru’s drushti in the natal horoscope (janma-patrika). I like this logical thought but rather it should be other way around? Guru drushti magnetises a planet I such a way that its gemstone might not make much difference to this huge magnetic influence of Guru!? – Again, this is open to a lot of debate/speculations!

6. Some state that Gemstones are magical and they can avoid great calamities that person could have to bear – sounds illogical to me

7. Some claim that some gemstones change color when the person is under some danger or under influence of poison! Again, quite illogoical!

8. All of them say that opposites/shatru planet’s gemstones should not be used together: Guru and Shukra; Shani and Surya, Mangal and Budh etc. I agree to this 100% - A person should not think about a University education (Guru) and dance-floor/wine/film industry (Shukra) at the same time! Well, unless the education is about wine factory! J J OR wanting to be Chanakya (Budh) and Chandragupta (Mars) as the same time! J Also trying to be Raja (Sun) and Praja (Shani) at the same time! J

9. Many granth claim medicinal use of gemstones! I am quite skeptical but would not comment on something which I would probably never do and have not heard anyone doing…Who would burn down a Rs 20,000 gemstone into ash and drink the ash in a glass of milk? J J J

10. There are 1000s of opinions on which HAND the gemstones should be worn. There seems to be unanimity with which finger though except Rahu and Ketu!

a. Index Finger: Guru (next to thumb) Pushkaraj (Pukhrah, Yellow sapphire)– This is in line with palmistry calling this finger as Guru’s or the Guru’s mount is at the base of this finger.

b. Middle Finger: Shani (Blue Sapphire)

c. Ring Finger: As per palmistry this is SUN’s finger: Ruby: Sun, Munga/Coral: Mars; Diamond Shukra are worn in this finger. They are all teevra and hence in the finger of Surya.

d. Small Finger: Budh Emerald and Moon: Moti / White pearl

11. Rahu Ketu (Gomed and Lasanya/Cats Eye) Many astrologers recommend these only for protection and “najar na lage” as these are considered VERY STRONG or JAALIM to be specific. I tend to agree to this. They are usually recommended in LFET hand and in the finger of the planet they are close in the horoscope or their rashi-swami planet’s finger (as mentioned above). I find this VERY LOGICAL and I tend to suggest it in the same manner. A Maharastrian astrologer who appears on TV and makes fun of Kanya and Makar rashi folks (1/6th people on this planet) advises to wear Rahu and Ketu gemstones in middle finger --- SHANI’s finger L I for one find it illogical. I subscribe to the line of thought of Rahu/Ketu’s yuti with a planet is more significant and hence the above recommendation.

12. I think that the gemstones are like TONICs or Vitamin supplies – they do affect you but they do not make you DARA SINGH! J

13. It is highly incorrect for Mesh Vrishchik folks to wear Budh’s gemstones and Mithun and Kanya to wear Mar’s Coral (Munga). HIGHLY not recommended. DHANI and MEEN are better-off without Diamond – Jo gaon jana nahi hain usaka pata Q pucchana?! J

14. I do advise some CONTRAST gemstones by considering GOVERNANCE – KARAK Graha! I find it the MOST useful.

a. If Santati-issue – Guru is karak and hence -- Pushkaraaj

b. Overall focus/prosperity or education: Pushkraaj (Guru)

c. Primary Education /basic level of intellect / Trading: Emerald (Budh)

d. Man:Shanti (peace of mind) / Mom: Moon

e. Confidence /daring: If need to increase then RUBY or Coral in that order

15. You do not want to recommend Moti to a Policeman, right? J or Ruby to a mass-leader! Ruby would be good for Darbari politicians! J

16. White Pearl is seen to make person friendlier but then if you are in trading you will have a lot of udhari – people would not pay you back and you would still be happy! J To get money on time and success in trading, emerald will be much better!

17. Many times MAHADASHA or ANTARDASHA could be used for suggesting gemstones. It is a good thing and quite logical but I would still want to recommend something which is appropriate for the person’s goals and objectives in life.

18. As you can see, this is quite a complex subject and is open to various debates, opinions and a complete chaos! J I cannot claim to “know-all” neither I can say that my opinions are correct. Astrology like medicine or management is practice and you keep refining your suggestions based on newer findings/newer case studies etc. Of course, they should not be against the very basics or friendship of planets and KARAK-Wichar (Planet’s Governance – Karakatva!)

Hope this helps! J


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