Published on Sunday, 06 January 2013


Rashi-swami Mangal in 10th house in exalted sign of Makar until Jan 26th in Guru’s aspect shows a great deal of power at workplace. It also directs your energy well at workplace. This is a great position for folks in business especially production & also service industry. From 26th Jan, 11th Mars shows gains from friends, real estate and increased cash-flow for sure. Saturn and Mars Kendra-yog recommends patience with partners, spouse for sure. Parent’s health and especially Mom’s could be a concern as they could have some minor domestic accident etc if very old (slipping in bathroom etc). Sun is supporting from Dec 16th for 3 months. Guru continues 2nd house movement which ensures investment gains, investment activities and increase in family wealth. Rahu moves to 7th house on Jan 14th & reduces some worries for sure (but slowly)!



Watch what seniors wants until Jan 14th, you could be at odds with authorities like seniors, RTO officers and police etc. Rashi-Swami entering 8th house on 4th Jan does not help with health until Jan 29th but shows some sudden unexpected gains from investments or speculation. It shows some alternate medicines such as ayurveda, homeopathy and even yoga usage. Mars is in a great position to help for entire month (friends, siblings, sports, land etc). Jupiter in your sign is great for new responsibilities and Shani in 6th house continues to form new alliances, new employees and building new sphere of influence or mass-base.



5th Shani & 6th Rahu’s slow but steady success is holding on to 12th Guru’s feel-bad somewhat! J  Watch what seniors wants from Jan 15th (for a month) as you could be at odds with the authorities, RTO, police officers etc, obey all laws and take workplace seniors very seriously. 5th Shani and Rahu moving there from Jan 14th mandate care of kids but in a long term way and not immediate pressing needs. 12th Guru does recommend planning for next 12 years and it continued to help with academics or any kind of studies. Mars in 8th house until Jan 26th recommends caution with vehicles and 2 wheelers in particular. Get vehicles serviced on time, check air pressure etc etc.



Glorious Guru helps with multiple gains until May2013. Mangal in 7th house and Shani in 4th not great for parent’s health and shows some minor accident prone situations for them. Surya in 6th house helps winning over competition until Jan 14th. Rahu moves with Shani on the same day increasing 4th Shani’s already domestic trouble scene (Manmohan Singh). Shani is asking to take TOUGH stance against long pending domestic issues. Makar Mangal in 7th house shows some optimism and playfulness with partners. Hang on to that 11th Guru and leverage it completely! Ketu moving from 11th house to 10th house reduces some cash flow but helps you get a image-enhancing-project or work.


SINGH / Sinvha

10th Guru making you stretch and work hard and increasing stress but happening feel for sure, 5th Surya is helping achieve some quick tactical success. Mars in 6th house helping to win over competition until 26th Jan. Rahu moves to glorious 3rd position from Jan 14th which is a wonderful thing for Singh folks! It shows some mystic around you and helps with expression, speeches & white papers etc. It does show some fame through expression. Shani in 3rd is of course allowing you to play a king maker and use guerilla tactics against your enemies/competitors. You have some good subordinates around you which you can leverage for some good cause.



Guru 9th is giving you some good responsibilities and peace of mind too. Mars in 5th house helps achieving quick stuff until 26th Jan and also great help from friends. It also shows good sports and also speculative gains. Shukra in 4th house from Jan 4th shows good domestic environment & especially after Jan 14th when Surya also moves to 5th house. Sun again helps with some tactical moves and quick success after Jan 14th for a month. Rahu moves to 2nd house mid Jan which means Shani’s reality check with existing investments bring some inheritance related issues. Family wealth related matters would start to surface and could make relatives and you a bit agitated – patience is THE KEY!! Watch what kids need and make sure they are taking undue risks with vehicles or overall.



Shani in your rashi is giving complex assignments, work. It is also testing your temperament and your mom’s health. Guru 8th is making you part of initiatives that do not go too far (Khiladi786, KBC etc) but your work is appreciated there which would bring in some great luck from June2013 onward. Mars in 4th house demands domestic focus and especially make sure spouse uses helmet and safety gear with bikes especially! Surya in 3rd house is helping with some expressions and white papers etc. Ketu moves to 7th from 8th Mid Jan which means maternal family could breathe a bit easier now! Rahu moving in your rashi shows personality makeover where you acquire a new image slowly but surely. It creates some different perceptions about you in different circles – happens all the times but MORE so now in the next 18 months.



The 7th Guru is helping fending Sadesati away. 3rd Mangal shows some “Parakram” from your side in sports, writing, cooperation with friends and some gutsy performances in sports or any competition. Sun in 2nd house is good for doing some fresh investments and also for some trading gains – only advice is not to be in a hurry and make all calculations well. Rahu moves to 12th house Mid Jan which could start some bad-mouth experience apart from paternal side family folks having some health issues. Your uncles or your father’s uncles could face some health issues now. Venus moves to 2nd house too from Jan 4th adding to some investments gains. 3rd Surya from Jan 14th adds to good luck of 7th Guru and further shows some expression related activities and also some positive, aggressive moves that bring benefits.



Mars in 2nd house good for land related activities and also investments as it is well directed by Guru’s drushti from 6th house which also helps with raising money as needed. Sun in your sign shows optimism and support from seniors and knowledgeable folks at your workplace. Shani in 11th house of course shows increase in cash flow and mass-base -- Right time right place in career. Venus increasing expenses until Jan 4th but becomes neutral now as it moves to your sign. Rahu moves to 11th house from mid JAN which means further increase in workflow for sure. Of course initially in 2/3 months need to also watch health for any paternal side hereditary health issues. 11th Rahu shows paternal family would be now out of the woods and you would start getting great help from them. Ketu moving 5th shows some acknowledgement of your intelligence, decorative or image award to you or rather your kids too.



Watch what seniors or Govt wants until Jan 14th. 12th Surya could show some lessons learnt from seniors at workplace. You will start realizing your dream now until May2013 in 5th Guru. Mangal in your rashi aspected by Guru shows great optimism that is directed to good things. Sports activities would bring in great success for sure. Shani 10th is stress but happening, seek help from older or senior folks from time to time which will save your skin in tough projects. You are bound to get difficult projects but increasing clout and mass base also! Rahu moving to 10th house from mid Jan would get you some decorated projects, some image enhancing projects. Some expenses are bound to happen until Jan 14th!



12th Mars recommends care while driving and servicing vehicles on time and checking air pressure etc regularly until Jan 26th! Shani is helping big time in 9th house with increased responsibilities and acquisition of talent under you. 4th Guru is stagnant but good for domestic soukhya or home décor, spending time with mom and also education, certification, overall rejuvenation. Sun mandates from Jan 14th to take care of seniors proactively, what they want and what are their priorities. Pay extra attention until Feb 14th to seniors! Shukra start giving some good gains and females would start helping at workplace quite a bit. Rahu moves to 9th position which means addition to you responsibilities or duties which you always wanted. You could father some talent from a very different cultural background than yours (caste, religion, language etc)



Sun helps a lot until Feb 14th with increasing support from seniors. Guru 3rd helps to start something new for sure. Shukra moving to Dhanu i.e. 10th house shows some pro and easy success or environment at workplace. Rahu moving to 8th house from mid Jan along with 8th Shani does show health issues to you and also paternal family elders. It also shows working alone away from mass base. Gaining news skills etc to get next set of mass-base from late 2014. Time for personality and temperament etc overhaul for sure. Guru would keep your in the hunt until May2013. Mangal shows great help from friends etc until Jan 26th. From then it recommends caution with vehicles, driving and also checking needs of your siblings. 

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