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Shani Mangal Yuti (Conjunction), Pratiyog, Kendra Yog, Shad-ashtak etc

Disclaimer: Guru’s drushti on either Mangal or Shani or BOTH reduces bad effects of this yuti quite a bit (as the past karma is not bad anyways reflected in Guru drushti!) Also the Signs are VERY important, it shows which planet is more powerful and imp than the other in this yuti! This Guru drushti could be in the birth horoscope or Gochar also! Also, the state of Rashi-swami of Shani-Mangal’s rashi is VERY important and very much can alter/change the effects. If it is well placed in good rashi with Guru drushti – the intensity would be reduced quite a bit. If the distance between the two is more than 7 degrees / diff nakshatra etc then also effects fade quite a bit.

Shani and Mangal are often discussed with awe in astrology. They are known by common people as problem makers: Mangal the RED planet, the destroyer, aggressor, the warrior etc and Shani the “Nishkam Karmayogi” delivering Karma to each and every individual without any pride or prejudice! The house or the planet(s) with or where Shani is or has drushti in the horoscope shows some physical weakness and more prominently, delay in fruits of that house! Shani is called as “Wilambi Shani” in Sanskrit granth or “Shanai Shani” i.e. slow & hence Shani! Mangal in a specific house or signs shows overuse of the part of the body shown by that house and/or rashi.

If you can see there is not much common in Mangal and Shani. Mangal is a very close/dear friend of Surya and Shani -- Surya are the most extreme/bitter enemies. Shani is cold, Mangal is krodh, Shani is slow, Mangal is fast, Shani is conservative, and Mangal is aggressive. Shani shows masses/workers; Mangal shows warriors, sports-persons and blood. Shani is slow; Mangal is hasty!

Shani Mangal yuti or Pratiyog allows Astrologer to make very accurate predictions or descriptions of the past! The fatalistic astrologers JUMP on this yuti very badly! J Beware of this!

Shani and Mangal Yuti / Conjunction Effects:

As you can see both Shani and Mangal show some or other issues with the house or the sign they occupy. Shani’s drushti or yuti with any planet shows delays or some karmic issues with that planet or house or health. When these two are in the same house following are major effects:

1. Shani-Mangal affect two houses THE MOST: the house and sign they are in and also the opposite house & also sign. i.e. in 6th house so stomach and health but also 12th house (ankle/feet and left eye and also expenditures) In 7th house relationships/marriage/partnerships but also 1st house (head and memory)

2. When very close and either of them the owner of the 3rd house in the horoscope: possibility of a miscarriage to mom in the next pregnancy. More so to Kanya, Kumbh, Vrishchik and Dhanu lagna in that order.

3. Possibility of some blood related content missing to self and also some blood related issue to immediate next sibling(s). Again same lagna rashi as above.

4. Possibility of some land related issues in the family – certainly if Mangal or Shani the owner of the 4th or the 8th house. Land related issues: Famikly (self in past lives) could have done some wrong doings like “Sahukari” or fights for land or taking away lands of poor folks etc

5. Possibility of some harm or mass-murder etc in the past life where this person has caused some harm to masses physically (Wars etc) especially when yuti is in MESH or VRISHCHIK rashi (any house of the horoscope)

6. Frequent accidents possible and harm to the part of the body which is shown by the house or the sign.

7. Sinusoidal pattern of success/overall results with respect to the things denoted by the house and the sign and the houses owned by Mangal and Shani. (Inzamam Shani Mangal in Mesh, Yuvraj Shani Mangal in Kanya)

8. The person is hurt by masses financially or health-wise etc in some circumstances.

9. The effects are seen when either of them and more so GOCHAR (current) SHANI is aspecting the horoscope Shani-Mangal.

10. Siblings hurt indirectly or directly as you have done the same to them in the past life. It is paid back – Or – The people shown the houses that Shani and Mangal own are not in harmony with you. Example: Shani Mangal in 10th Father but if Shani owner of the 6th house then servants or employees also would give some troubles. If Shani-Mangal in 4th house – Mom but say Shani owner of the 10th house then even father’s health could also be an issue.

11. More often than not, this yuti cause some kind of an operation/surgery to the body part shown by the house and also the sign.

12. Shani & Mangal antardasha show these effects abut antardasha of one in other’s mahadasha is far more chaotic and recommends Shraddha and Saboori!

13. Reproductive organs, renal systems (Shown by Mangal, & 7th and 8th house) are the worst affected in this yuti & they give up earlier than other folks.

14. Inconsistency of approach/efforts: in 2nd house – Not talking much most of the time, keeping quiet etc but when the person talks – it is with aggression, quick/fast etc. So both Shani and Mangal surface from time to time and not a combined effects as one would expect.

15. The effects are more severe if one or both of them are wakri.

16. The effects are much less if the rashi-swami of these two is well placed, well aspected by Guru and not astangat.

As you can see Shani Mangal yuti shows some violent past karma with siblings, land related matters, blood related matters and especially past behavior with masses. Also some karmic burden with the houses they own in your horoscope. The more the distance between these two, lesser is the intensity of the past karma. It shows lesser intensity of events in this life or limited losses or limited health issues or minor injuries. Closer they are – more health issues and more severity of accidents or surgery etc.

We have just seen the negative aspects of this yuti – here is some counterpoint except “Health” aspect!

1. Mangal’s aggression is curbed a bit or more by Shani and it is channeled or focused to limited or useful things.

2. A person tends to know his/her limits and this limits the harm which alone Mangal or alone Shani can cause. i.e. this yuti although of opposites – supplements each other a bit. Like Hot and Cold water when mixed – The temperature reduces to an acceptable level.

3. However these effects are seen when there is enough distance between these two. The more the distance, lesser the karmic issues.

4. The more the distance the Gochar Shani or Mangal would not aspect them at the same time and would have reduced damage. Also their maha or antardasha and especially, antardasha within each other’s mahadasha!

5. GURU drushti can reduce the bad effects quite a bit especially the intensity – an operation instead of an accident! This is a huge difference!

UPAAY / Recommendations:

1. Do not become an air-pilot if Shani Mangal aspect both each other! J

2. Extreme sports (like F1) not recommended – injury prone in normal sports also

3. Always help siblings regardless of their attitude towards you

4. Check land history in the family – Try to amend bad things done in the past (Say Shani Mangal in 8th house close in Meen rashi – Someone’s legs might be hurt on your land in past birth -- violence!) Donate land if possible to Non-Profits orgs etc

5. Regular medical checkups of the blood, parts of the body shown by the house and the sign Shani-Mangal occupy

6. Safety precautions:

a. Use of Helmet if Shani Mangal close and more so in 1st house or in Mesh rashi.

b. Use of Gloves, wrist band etc when Shani-Mangal in Mithun

c. Use of good quality shoes if Shani-Mangal in Meen rashi or 12th house (flat-feet usually!)

d. etc

7. Eat dates (Khajur) and other RED fruits etc - Iron stuff regularly as Mangal is weak

8. Complete Ayurvedic checkup

9. HEALTHY life style (veg + Ayurvedic kadha etc) can add 5/6 years or more to the life

10. Regular running to get the blood circulation normal and up and flowing to all parts of the body!

11. Ganapati Upasana for Mangal

12. Hanuman Upasana for Shani

Shani Mangal Opposite to each other:

VERY Similar effects are seen when Shani and Mangal are opposite to each other. Guru can aspect only one of them (or none) unless in yuti with either of them. The houses of Shani and Mangal are the most troubled.

Shani Mangal Kendra:

1. Shani Mangal in “Drushti-Adhishtit” Kendra yog i.e. Shani 4th to Mangal and Mangal 10th to Shani where both have drushti on each other. This also is equally of issues and again the houses occupied by both are troubled the most.

2. Shani Mangal in Kendra but no drushti on each other: This means that the houses occupied by Mangal and Shani are not completely under scanner but the 7th house from Shani is VERY troubled as BOTH Shani & Mangal aspect that house (Mangal 4th Drushti and Shani 7th drushti). Similarly, the house opposite to Mangal is affected as both Shani (10th) and Mangal (7th) aspect it. But houses of Shani and Mangal themselves are not that badly affected.

Shani Mangal Shad-Ashtak: This means Shani is say in X rashi/house and Mangal is X+5 (6th to Shani) or X+7 (8th to Shani)

1. Mangal 6th to Shani: Mangal has its 8th drushti on Shani which means the Shani’s house is affected completely by both but not the Mangal’s house.

2. Mangal 8th to Shani: Both Mangal and Shani aspect the 3rd house from Shani – Shani 3rd Drushti and Mangal 8th drushti.

Mangal behind Shani (12th to Shani):

Here Mangal aspects the 3rd house from Shani and Shani also has 3rd drushti so this house has the most ill-effects in this formation.


The actual results depend on the Rashi-swami of these two planets, the planets in the house they both are aspecting and also Guru’s drushti on the house and the owner of the house they both aspect etc. Please do not jump to conclusions for your horoscope – You already know what you have and what you don’t. You do not need your horoscope to understand that you had fracture at the age of 5 or accident at the age of 19 or say blood related issue at the age of 30 or some miscarriage to your mom after your birth!! So no need to worry the outcome is as complex or as simple as your past karma and if you havenot had surprises so far then in all probabilities you would not have in future but it always helps to be “prepared” and “set expectations” – Forewarned is Forearmed.


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