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NAVA PANCHAM YOGA / The “9-5” relationship”

“Nava-pancham Yoga” (9-5 relationship) is regarded as the best yoga in a horoscope. Technically, It means that 1 planet is 120 degrees away from the other one. This is exact degree Nava-pancham yog. In simple terms, it means that both the planets are in the signs of the same element. i.e. Mesh Leo Sagittarius (Any two!) or Vrishabh, Kanya, Makar or Mithun or Tula, Kumbh or Kirk, Vrishchik, Meen.

Vedic(?) or better yet “Indian Astrology” (Sanskrit Granth) give importance to signs and call it nava-pancham despite without exact degrees as long as they are in the signs of the same element. Western astrologer adopt supposedly more scientific (?) J way to treat only close degrees nava-pancham as the real ones even with the sign change (element change!). Both are a bit flawed in the approach. In my opinion, change of the element completely negates the Nava-pancham yoga. Say Mesh rashi 3rd degree and Kanya rashi 1st degree cannot be a nava-pancham yoga as western folks would like to call it (They have wrong signs without Ayanash makes it more worse!:) J J Also, Mesh rashi 1st degree and last degree of Singh rashi are also nava-pancham as both FIRE signs but of lesser significance.

The effects/characteristics of the Nava-pancham yoga are as follows:

1. Like all yoga it is more effective when it is in exact degrees. I have Moon in 27th degree and Sun in the 28th degree in Water Signs – This is more effective.

2. More closer/matching these nava-pancham yoga degrees to lagna degree or Chandra degree the better for this yoga. That means they are nava-pancham at “bhavarambh-degrees”.

3. If not close degrees, they should have the same nakshatra swami. There are same nakshatra-swami sequence in the Nava-pancham rashi:

a. i.e. Mesh rashi Nakshatra Swami are Ketu, Shukra and Surya and Singh rashi and Sagittarius has the same sequence and same degrees to each nakshatra-swami in that rashi.

b. So, Surya in Mesh rashi Ashwini (Ketu) nakshatra and Mangal in Singh rashi Magha Nakshatra (Ketu) are more effective than say Mangal in Uttara Nakshatra in Singh (last owned by Surya). In this case Nakshatra-swami is the same and there is more harmony to the results/past karma and this life Karma’s pull.

4. It shows good harmony in the Governance (Karakatva) of the planets and the houses they own and also the houses they occupy in the horoscope.

5. This life actions or past Karma of these planets in nava-pancham yoga supports the actions of the other planet.

6. The same element shows the same “attitude” (philosophy, method of inward/outward reaction of the planet to karma stimuli. (Sounds impressive huh? Simpler words – “Re-actions to incidents around”)

7. My 2 cents: One planet is in tactical success house of the other (5th) and the other one is in a strategic success (9th) house of the other. The 9th planet decides the “WHAT” part and the 5th planets decide the HOW part most of the times.

8. The same nakshatra-swami also shows harmony in their methods as usually the Rashi shows what and Nakshatra is How.

a. Singh shows ego – Magha Nakshatra shows with more discipline (Ugra / Kathor) and theatrics and Poorva shows with lesser theatrics (Happy like dancing around ‘Simba’) but BOTH show Ego and Self esteem and being a great ABHIMANi host.

9. The 9th house is the LUCK or in other words good deeds in the past life. So this nava-pancham does indicate good past life karma and luck in this life.

10. The TRIKON of these Nava–pancham yoga: Dharma (Duties), Artha(Money/Business), Kaam(art, peripheral stuff, Uchcha Abhiruchi Life), Mokasha (Spiritual) shows the “Karya-Kshetra” – the “sphere of influence” of these planets.

a. Dhirubhai Ambani has Guru in 10th (Production/career, business) and Shani in 2nd (investments, share market) house. Shani in own rashi of Makar! i.e. their sphere in “Artha” i.e. Economic zone.

b. Dravid has Mangal has Moon in Meen and Mangal in Vrishchik rashi I am sure in Dharma Trikon – that’s why personal pleasure is set aside and “sense of duty” prevails – The Wall! J J

c. Viv Richards must have Mangal in Kam trikon – Mostly the 3rd house!? Or 11th? I guess mostly Dhanu lagna but Singh cannot be ruled out.

d. Gautam Gambhir is Mesh rashi Singh Mangal; Dhoni is Kanya rashi, Vrushabh Mangal etc both in Dharma Trikon – Tremendous Sense of Duty!!

11. You can see the best results of these planets in the Mahadasha and Antardasha of each other! Or even Antardasha and Bhukti of each other in any other planet’s mahadasha.

12. You can see great/expanded/feel good results of these planets when GOCHAR (current) Guru is in the same element rashi (Currently Guru in Mesh aspects planets in Fire signs/houses of your horoscope!)

13. When the bigger & slower moving planet is 9th to faster moving (smaller) planet then the yoga gives more strategic/broad attitude to the person. Say Surya in Dhanu and Chandra in Mesh (planning, chalking the plan, diplomatic)

14. When the bigger/slower planet is 5th to smaller/faster planet, it shows tactical approach and action oriented approach – EXECUTION ability. Flamboyance over diplomacy – Hon. Ram Jethmalani sahab could have Shani the lawful in the 5th house and not 9th house! J J Just a guess!!! I have no idea of his b-date, time or place! J

15. Would you say that the movie actors might have Shukra in Kaam-trikon and Film Directors would have it in Dharma-Trikon and Producers in the Arth (Economic) Trikon!? J J Isn’t it very logical?

16. I have 14 nava-pancham yoga in my horoscope: Chandra-Neptune-Rahu with Surya-Budh (6 nava-pancham there!) Guru-Shukra with Shani-Mangal (4 there); Guru-Shukra with Harshal (2) and Shani-Mangal with Harshal (2) – Total of 14 – Out of those 6 are in Dharma Trikon and 8 are in Moksha Trikon. This example is to just show that ALL folks on that day had these yogas and just nava-pancham does not guarantee great success to a person but shows some harmony in the personality etc! J

17. Guru and Shani are two MOST Yog-karak planets and their presence in the same TRIKON i.e. Guru and Shani’s Nava-pancham yoga has VERY LONG TERM and specific karmic indications. They do not become nava-pancham very often! J

18. TRIKON YOGA is an extended example of Nava-Pancham Yoga – when there are planets in each (3) rashi of the same element, it becomes a Trikon yoga which has further better results. One trikon means 3 Nava-Pancham yoga!

19. There is one more reason may be Nava-Pancham yoga is the best as in a horoscope Shani cannot aspect more than 1 planet of the Nava-pancham or the Trikon-yoga. It can aspect only 1 of these planets with its 7, 3, 10 drushti. The same way, Mangal cannot aspect more than 1 planet of this yoga. Rather, even Gochar (current) Shani and Mangal cannot aspect/impact both the horoscope planets at the same time! (Maybe, Shani and Mangal’s drushti are given as 3, 10 and 4, 8 so as to not affect nava-pancham plannets and affect only yogas which create friction/energy like Kendra yoga (4-10) and labh-yoga (3-11)!) J J

Hope this helps! J J

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