Published on Sunday, 04 September 2011

Sept2011 RashiBhavishya and 2 Interesting Observations for Astrologers

I am back with some caution for Sept2011 and 2 interesting observations for Astrologers

(1) The month of September2011 is a 4 and a 8 together month i.e. 4, 13, 22 dates would add to 4 but the total addition would add/reduce to 8. 4 and 8 are numbers of FATE and DESTINY and especially when they are together they warrant some caution and risk-free behavior. I would advise being careful on 4, 13 and 22 September. (example 4 + 9 + (2011) 4 = 17 = 8)

(2) Planets in the house denoted by Ascendant sign or moon sign number: I was thinking the other day of horoscopes of some of my friends and realized this important observation which I have not read etc anywhere but observed in practice quite a bit and more horoscopes I refer in recent past I see more importance of the same:

a. The planets in the house denoted by ascendant sign number or moon sign number are very important and have more influence on the life (attitude, past karma, destiny etc of this life) quite a bit. They should get as much importance as owner of the Moon-Sign and Ascendant or Sun Sign.

b. For example: for Aries/Mesh lagna – planets in the 1st house are most important have a very distinct influence on the person.

c. For Vrishabh lagna the planets in the 2nd house would dominate a person a lot.

d. For Mithun lagna it would be 3rd house and Vrishchik lagna 8th house planets and say Kumbh /Meen lagna 11th and 12th house planets respectively.

e. Mithun lagna or moon sign – 3rd house planets would have a great significance.

f. When the planet in that house denoted by lagna-rashi/Chandra-rashi-number is Rashi-swami – then it would indicate great karmic influence on the person. The Mahadasha, every Antardasha in all mahadashas and every bhukti in every antardasha of this planet would have a definite significance.

(3) Significance of the LEO Sign: Sometime back I read an article in B.V.Raman’s Astrological magazine (2 year back?) I am not a regular reader of the magazine as such articles are less in numbers and they use ayanash which I think are not correct and skew the horoscopes somewhat. But most of the articles about astro are real good ones. This one article emphasized importance of the Sinvha (leo) rashi in a person’s life. Leo sign represents LOVE and crush etc as it is 5th sign and rules HEART

a. Here are some examples:

b. Vrishabh rashi people LOVE their mom, house family, farms etc etc as Leo sign is in 4th house in their horoscope. So they LOVE everything about the 4th house.

c. Vrishchik rashi folks love POWER as Leo is in the 10th house (Karma/Workplace)

d. Mithun rashi folks love expression, short trips, picnics, writing, debates etc etc as Leo sign is 3rd to them.

e. And so on.


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