Published on Saturday, 26 March 2011

SACHIN, Aishwarya and all DHANU Chandra-Rashi Folks to benefit from 5th Guru from May 2011 to May 2012

What do you think – What is the Sachin’s idea of SUCCESS?

1. 300 in test cricket – Maybe yes

2. 401 in test cricket – Maybe yes braking Lara’s record

3. 200 in ODI again? – Well ---

4. Winning tests for India by chasing in 4th innings – staying not out? YES for sure.

5. Bharat-Ratna? – No maybe – Not right now?

6. Winning IPL 2011? (Although his Moon Sign Dhanu is at the end of Rashi 27/28 degrees)

7. I have not included World-Cup 2011 as it is getting over in April 2011.

Aishwarya’s success could be Filmfare, National award for best actor and maybe Oscar!? J Maybe 2/3 BIG super-hit movies?

Guru takes aprx 12 (11.88) years to go through 12 signs. So around 1 year in one sign. People often ask questions like which Guru’s position is the best which is bad etc. Actually, the instant Karma is very easy to explain --- Your KARMA starting from when Guru in behind your Sign i.e. 12th to your Sign and then up to 4th Guru i.e. 5 years of Guru’s travel from 12th to 4th house – is delivered to you in 5th Guru.

10th House is house of potential and work, pressure, stress, production etc but the 5th is the house of “personal achievement” the “dreams come true”, “Go-Getter “. What you think as success is delivered to you when Guru is 5th to your moon sign.

Make NO mistake – There are 1/12th people in the word have 5th Guru at a given point in time! J So do not expect miracles in 5th Guru BUT you will be surprised with the magnitude of success and fruits of your OWN karma in 5th Guru.

From May 2010 to May 2011 Vrushchik Moon sign folks are under 5th Guru – They have got posts, results of their liking - -what they call as success – Zaheer Khan, Yusuf Pathan, Shane Watson, VilasRao Deshmukh, RR Patil and so on.

NOW from May 2011 to May 2012 – Dhanu rashi folks would be under 5th Guru – Guru is their Rashi-Swami also – hence the 5th Guru is even MORE imp to these folks than other signs. So DHANU rashi folks will have a great success in this period – WHAT THEY CALL as Success WILL be delivered to them – It will be the RESULT of ALL THE KARMA since Jan-2007.

Dhanu rashi folks from May 2010 are under tremendous pressure, stress and “no action” mode as Guru is 4th – SUKH Sthan – Making them appreciate Happy Family Life, TV, Movies, and Microwave etc! J This 4th house Guru is not the best year from career and achievement point of view unless you are an interior decorator, Waastu-shastra expert or a farmer! J (but still the timing of money/result will be given in 5th Guru). You have Aishwarya despite doing her best work in ActionReplay and Gujarish etc has not got the success she would have liked. Sachin from May 2010 has not done the best that he would have liked. He was not able to score as much against NZ when Bhajji got 2 hundreds! J

Sachin had a bad day astrologically on 24th March against Australia (12th house Moon) and still he managed to score 53! J His bad day is worthy of a 50 --- ! So what would be 5th Guru be like???

The 9th Guru, 10th Guru, 11th Guru have much WIDER --- MUCH more Strategic importance than 5th Guru but 5th Guru is about success but more from tactical point of view -- success of one’s plans. 9th Guru starts a new strategy and 11th Guru gives GREATEST success from all sides in that year -- Results of your OWN Karma -- Study -- Hard Work -- etc.)

(P.S Glenn McGrath – Meen Moon Sign and Mangal had 5th Guru in 2003 World Cup and 9th Guru in 2007 world cup Guru not only aspecting Chandra but also Mangal – Sports matters – Gilly had 11th Guru in 2003 WC etc etc)

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