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Salman Khan Analysis

I wish I could say that “Ek Baar Main commitment de di phir main apani bhi nahi sunata” – I have not been able to keep the promise I posted on my blog of sending analysis to queries. I have been going thru long working hours including weekends for past several months or rather more than 2 years now! But let us analyze the actor who used the dialog above!

Well, I laughed at his dialog delivery when Maine Pyar (Q) Kiya was released and was really wondering the reason for his popularity for next 8-10 years. Later on I almost hated him due to his crash-course and also chinkara stuff. Looked as a completely out of control person with lack of temperament or rather need for anger management etc etc. After Dus Ka Dum I stopped ridiculing him and after Wanted I almost started liking him as I see a total lack of action movies now a days in the Indian industry. As someone who liked Raj Kumar – I was missing some dramatic dialog-baazi also quite a bit.

OK --! J The above summary is to quickly explain why I got so much interested in his chart. I suspected Mangal in 1st house but more than Mangal --- Raahu! (Need for anger management and relatively abrupt chin and his constant restless expressions – always conscious of his image etc points to Raahu in 1st house). So I am going to assume Rahu in 1st house and analyze his horoscope.

The following analysis also gives an idea how I usually analyze a request give b-date, time and place.

Assumptions: Dec 27, 1965 and 3:45 p.m. Pune assumed to make Ascendant 9 degrees in Vrushabh as Rahu is 10:50 in Vrushabh. Rahu close to Ascendant point. Place (Pune/Mumbai) etc does not matter as I am making assumption on the Ascendant degree itself.

1. Rahu in the 1st house also makes ascendant Vrushabh and that puts Surya (Raj-satta, Police, Govt etc) in 8th house (Peeda sthan, Mrutyu sthan) which is synchronized with his issues so far. Rahu in the first house also shows desire for an image that is higher than actual. It also shows passion/desire for fame/publicity. The owner of Raahu’s sign Shukra is in 9th house (fame, travel, bhagya sthan) which adds to publicity – It is with uchcha Mangal which adds to anger! J

2. Surya in Dhanu / Sagittarius (in Moola Nakshatra) very well explains his body building activities. Although the Sun in 8th house shows issues with Govt – Guru is bang opposite to Sun which limits the losses quite a bit. i.e. when Shani would be in Mithun and Dhanu – He will suffer quite a bit with Govt and when Guru is in Mithun Dhanu or Sinvha or Mesh – he will do OK/better with Govt issues.

3. Date of 27 (9: Mars) shows some aggression but with people orientation (lots of friends and friends is one of the major reasons for this birth) 27 is a lucky date – not as lucky as 23, 24, 19 but lucky nonetheless. 27 are found to be always with friends, group activities etc.

4. The total addition – Life Purpose of 6 (6: Venus) shows life purpose in art, movies, music etc. (He paints also?) So he will use his personality of 27 (aggression, friends, blood, siblings etc) to achieve life purpose of 6 (art).

5. The Shukra Mangal yuti in Makar rashi

a. Multiple affairs due to this yuti

b. In Makar rashi – expectation from the partner is of conservatism - -old fashioned approach from partner will appeal.

c. 2009 was THE year – whatever happened in that year is very good for him w.r.t partnerships as Mangal is owner of the partnership house. Guru travelled over Mangal Shukra in 2009.

6. His SHANI is very powerful which is in 10th house in own KUMBH rashi

a. It is with Moon which shows some temperament issues, childish behavior from time to time.

b. This Shani in 10th house of Karma – shows that his past karma with masses is huge! He has donated money, wealth etc in the past lives.

c. He will be paid back by the masses equal and opposite in this life. As Shani is opposite to Harshal there would be weird events while dealing with masses also and there would be sudden increase/decrease in his mass-base.

d. From aprx May 2002 he is under Shani Mahadasha and masses would show further affection to him in this 19 year of Mahadasha.

e. From Feb 2009 to Apr 2012 he in under SHUKRA Antardasha – He will see popularity and success in art in this period which is much more than until Feb 2009. There would be increasing hits from his side in this period which is related to destiny than the instant Karma of Gochar planets which are not greatly supporting Kumbh rashi now (8th Shani)

f. This Shani is increasing effectiveness of the Kumbh rashi Shukra-Mangal and Moon also. The horoscope instantly becomes of Raaj-yog due to Kumbh rashi Shani in 10th house with Vrushabh lagna rashi.

7. HOWEVER – His Surya Antardasha from April 2012 to April 2013 is a BIG PROBLEM – He will have tussle and problems with Govt and authorities – Court cases etc etc à He will need to show Shraddha and Saboori in this period quite a bit else there would be NEW issues which would be MUCH more troublesome for him. (Depending on his Birth Time Mahadasha Antardasha table would change – Right now Vrushabh lagna at 9 degree is assumed 3:45 p.m.)

8. He will have a great period of 7.5 years of increasing popularity from Dec 2011 as Shani would be 9, 10 and 11 to Kumbh rashi. (AlL Kumbh rashi folks would be Right time Right Place w.r.t. masses during this time including Mulayam Singh!) J

9. Moon although in an absent minded genius sign of Kumbh – it is in Mangal’s Nakshatra Dhanishtha. Suresh Raina and Mathew Hayden have Mangal in similar degree.

10. The moon in Kumbh also shows “Jagad-Mitra” approach – lots of friends which adds to 27 effect.

11. GURU: Salman’s Guru helps his mass-support (drushti on Shani) and also Chandra – Temperament – Aspect on Chandra -- !!! Also Guru aspects his Surya – Limits losses/troubles with Govt/police/court etc. If I was iin his place (or his jyotishi) – I would advise him to use 5-6 carat of Pushkaraj / Yellow Sapphire (as he has the money to go as high as physically possible!) J

12. 2008 was the year he would have got great advice on all fronts. 2009 would have got him new friends in life. 2010 was good for image. Mass base and his Mom’s health. He might have put on weight in 2009 and 2010 until May as Guru traveled over Shukra-Mangal and then Moon – increasing his FAT and Water retention respectively.

Concurrent SHANI Mahadashas:

It is not so good news for Shahrukh that someone else is sharing the Shani Mahadasha limelight at the same time he is (Shahrukh under Shani mahadasha from 2006)!! Even Makar rashi 9, 10, 11 Shani overlaps for 5 years with Kumbh rashi 9, 10, 11 Shani – Which means again Shared limelight!!

This is unlike Bachchan who had a single-handed lock on the market and public craze – from 1969 to 1988 or so (aprx). He was called #1 to #10 for almost 20 years from Mid 75 to 1990. Maybe, Bachchan’s past karma with masses was MUCH MUCH better (donations, giving hope, giving ideas, tools, teaching and not just money etc like murakh Badshah’s of yore). Also Bachchan’s past karma with “acting” or Natya-Shala itself was of VERY High Degree due to 5/6 Kanya rashi planets and of course TULA rashi Moon!!! Bachchan not only had mass support – He also gave movies that were MILES ahead with respect to content (story, dialogs, acting etc) than ShahRukh/Salman can ever imagine. Both the Khans have affection for Anger and Passion for publicity but not “value add” to acting/cinema itself. (1982: At the age of 40 critiques and masses were comparing him to Dilip Kumar for his acting achievements.) Only Bachchan has completely managed to remove Dilip Kumar’s impression as THE actor to compare to – Everybody’s reference now a days is Bachchan for both acting and mass frenzy.

Isako kehete hain “fan / pankha” – While talking about Salman’s horoscope I got Bachchan in the loop! J

So the message to all of us is to LOVE what we do and do what we LOVE and also Kar Bhala to Ho Bhala.

I can easily imagine Infy’s Narayana Murthy (20th Aug) who was already loved publicity/image coming back as a film star or something – He has shared enough wealth and created value to people. J J Hows that for a thought! J J J

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