Published on Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Mahendra Singh Dhoni – Sadesati Example

There are so many questions on Sade Sati – Sade sati main bura hota hain kya? Lekin kabhi kabhi achha bhi hota hain?? J it is very difficult to answer such questions. Sadesati has nothing to do with good or bad happening in your life! The best way to understand sadesati is look at examples. Sadesati is about paying Karma of THIS life and not past life. (Past life good-bad karma pay off is in Shani Mahadasha.)

Here is one example of a well-known person to explain sadesati. Mahendra Singh Dhoni – He is Kanya rashi. (Makar Lagna, Mithun Surya – 7th June etc). He has Mangal in 5th house (Like Tendulkar and Gavaskar). He has Mangal in Vrushabh last degrees in Mangal’s Mrug Nakshatra like Gavaskar.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is under sadesati from July 2007 – You would say – well he won WC T20 after his sade sati started! – Well – The WC T20 should be directly attributed to GURU in Vrushchik rashi which was aspecting (drushti) his Mangal (sports).

From July 2007 he started with Sade sati (for Kanya rashi). Look at 7.5 years before sade sati for Dhoni. He was a free spirit, enjoying every day without worrying about future. Playing 1 game at a time, hitting 1 ball at a time and just plain enjoying himself!! He had an increasing graph w.r.t personal achievements.

Come sadesati in July 2007 à 12th house Shani from July 2007 to Sept 2009. The 12th house planets (ANY!) forced you to do “thorough planning”. He had increasing responsibility. He was given new role which changed his way of thinking. It forced him to think about 15 players before he could think of himself. He was forced to GROW-up – Personally he would have liked to continue as is mode for 2-3 more years!! J Dhoni of LONG hair and extravagant stroke-play was all GONE and this serious, sincere and a very worried MAN came out of this BOY. Also, when is the last time he scored a century for himself?? Especially in test match. His personal scores/achievement as a player after the start of sadesati has been almost none! He he been doing great as a captain and as a keeper though! But again tasks of great responsibilities – watching each and every ball is NO JOKE along with captainship! (Hats off to Dhoni.)

From Sept 2009 – he is in middle 2.5 years of sade sati – Emotional stress – He has to cope with emotional stress wit increasing responsibility on emotional side (marriage) and of course colleagues who are now together for 3-5 years and have become close. He will be subjected to emotional stress – HELL he has developed white beard and white hair in sade sati!! J He has all the wealth etc in the world but NO TIME to enjoy it! J

Please do not attribute sadesati to failures and successes. (unless it is sadesati of politicians which is LOT more troublesome as Shani means masses!) They will continue to happen with Guru’s bhraman/drushti on various planets in the horoscope.

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