Published on Friday, 24 July 2009

Born on 28th of Any Month : Ratan Tata, Dheerubhai, Lata M, Ratan Tata -- What is common??
There is something about date 28 that fascinates me from time to time.

1. Dheerubhai Ambani: 28th december
2. Ratan Tata : 28th December (Sun sign Saggi)
3. Bill Gates: 28th Oct (Sun Sign Libra)
4. Lata Mangeshkar: 28th Sept (Sun Sign Virgo)
5. Jon Stewart ("The Daily Show" Comedy Central): 28th Nov (Sun Sign Scorpio)

You would say what is common with these 28 folks? Well, there IS something VERY strikingly common out there!! Will get to that in a while.

This date 28 of course shows some of the properties of numerological 1 (2+8 = 10 = 1+0 =1)
The 1 properties are:
a. Entrepreneurship,
b. Pioneers
c. Doing something which nobody in the family did before
d. Forming / Making their own circles/spheres of influence like their ruling planet :: the SUN.

BUT there is something unique to 28:: Which is their MASS-CONNECTION. They always want to make something for masses.

1. Ratan Tata: Maybe interested in makng the fastest car, may be the bggest car etc etc but MORE THAN that he was interested in making something for the masses & hence the Nano !! So Nano owes its roots to the 28 data.

2. Bill Gates: His interest/focus was NOT towards making the fastest operating system, nor the most efficient one BUT it was to make an operating system that would be used on each and every desktop in the world.

3. Lata Mangeshkar: Was she a Pandit, Was she like someone from Kirana ghanare or was she interested inly in "Sadhana of Shastriya sangeet" like her father (to a large extent). NO, she ended up creating as sacred and as beautiful and as wonderful things but they were MADE for MASSES and not for critiques. Maybe thats a reason she liked Lakshmi-Pyare very much as they also connected to masses quite a bit. Critiques never seemed to acknowledge LP apart from some 2-3 sentences about their variety!

4. Jon Stewart: He is brilliant guy, almost a nurd type quality to him but he is spending his life time to create something for the masses.

5. Need we say anything about Dheerubhai Ambani ?? King of mass-production !! Even for RCOM his vision was mobile to every Indian !!

One thing is quite common, these are all 1:
SUN dominated, SELF-Sufficient folks and sometimes it reflects in their ways that are of a loner/staying alone etc. Somewhat aloof at times. They are quite stiff and stubborn from time to time.

The biggest problem with 28 is that they are deceived many times by their own people with the intention. Their folks become over enthu/zealots and want to help them by doing a few things that are against the law etc. Courts, friction with the law is a common thing for 28 personalities. 2 is moon and 8 is Saturn and these two combine to give 1 (the Sun) -- So you can understand how completely different things are adding to come up with something totally different.

The presence of 2 makes these people friendly, moody, people friendly. 8 makes them good with masses/workers etc. And they use these skills for 1: Entreprenuership, Starting a venture, Doing something on their own etc.

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