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                                                    May : BirthDate Analysis
May 1st
After April 28, we again visit a date dominated by Sun (1) and of course Sun in Aries on May 1st which is owned by Mars. This is a harmonious date as Sun and Mars support each other. The aggression of Mars is controlled by ego, self esteem or rather self awareness of the Sun domination. These folks are well aware of their ability and potential and every now come up with a brilliant idea! They can be easily called as pioneers or starters of a great idea. The Sun is the Kanya navamansh around this date which means that their father is usually in some service sector which could be run or influenced by Govt or even in administrative services. The date of 1 does show unadulterated approach towards beginning something new in life which nobody in the family did. They build their own empire (could be small) and create a platform for next generations to thrive on.

May 2nd
A very harmonious date, there are no better friends in the “Nava-Grahas” than the Moon (2) and Mars. The date of 2 (dominated by Moon) and Aries Sun (dominated by Mars) form a good supportive combination. People contact, friendly approach is a given! The forthright and initiative of Aries Sun is used with a façade of friendliness and air of approachability. Often, they are dreamers and day dreaming is quite likely with them. Big and committed friend circle is something attached to their past karma! Rather, one of the most important purposes of the soul born on May 2nd is connection with people or friends. They certainly are moody and their moods are entertained by their friends/family. Surroundings can have a good bit of influence on then unlike May 1st born folks. It is advisable to use bright & cheerful clothes that keep their temperament high. Again like May 1st, connection of their father to some service sector is given.

May 3rd
A date of individual achievers! These folks are born to achieve and shine in individual roles than group or team efforts. They are fiercely competitive and can be seen fighting with their teachers for even half a mark/score in the school exams! They are usually thought leaders than people leadership of May 2nd. The aggression & energy of Aries Sun dominated by Mars is very well directed to constructive causes by the Jupiter’s date (3). A yellow sapphire (gemstone in a ring in the index finger) goes a long way to increase this “sense of direction” further as the energy/drive of Aries Sun is always there! They find praising others a bit difficult as their standards are either high or they see them as competitors! This date ensures certain success in career due to relentless efforts that are well directed. However, they might have very less friends at workplace as most colleagues sooner or later realize their competitive edge!

May 4th
These folks are usually born in a traditional, conservative family which they need to modernize and take ahead by 30/40 years! Their father is usually a very well to do person, mostly likely in service sector job. These folks are unorthodox and do not follow each & every tradition, ritual just for the sake of it. They will evaluate, change, adopt the existing rituals, customs and only take forward what makes sense in the changing world. You can’t expect to trust traditional wisdom as it is. They are a change agent to their family, caste, religion or society depending on the broadness of their past karma and the purpose of the soul. The Aries Sun shows aggressive side to it with absent minded genius of the Uranus (4). A career minded approach is always there with a very positive attitude. There is big influence/respect of father on their life.

May 5th
The birth on 5th shows desire for incremental changes in the life style of the family or even caste/religion or the society. Good ability or emphasis to express is there despite Aries Sun’s action prone nature. The ability to trade (5 ka 7! ) is always there. The Mercury influence (5) brings the aggression of the Aries Sun under control or rather channels with a pragmatic/common sense approach unlike April 18, 27 birth-dates. They can coin some good slogans from time to time. Their efficiency at workplace is very good and they do have a mathematical mind unless the Mercury has advanced to Taurus sign at birth!  Again, success in career is almost a given and it is their priority too. Their forthright approach and ability to take initiative is appreciated by their superiors. Even housewives with this birth-date are advised to learn share market trading with a slow but steady approach.

May 6th
Like April 24th this is Aries Sun ruled by Mars’ aggression but much moderated by the impact of Venus due to date of 6. The Venus (6) in May 6th makes the person balanced, a bit mild mannered with affinity towards art. Do not discount the Aries Sun too much though; else it will surprise you with sudden aggression & action! As the Sun is enters Libra navamansh (9th harmonic) around this date, it does show a string father due to Aries Sun but some issues due to this neech (for Sun) navamansh. It could also mean their father having some artistic background/approach. These folks often have the tranquility of mind which is seen wanting in the Aries Sun’s hasty ways. In later part of 2012 and 2013 /2014 the Saturn in Libra would be opposite to this Sun in Aries. It is advised to deal with seniors/Govt with tact & diplomacy especially in this period.

May 7th
The May 7th born folks have the 6th sense and inborn knowledge of body language, reading thoughts of other  people is certainly there. They have very sharp antenna to catch undercurrent of situations and unspoken sentiments, emotions by a mere look at people. The Mars’ aggression of Aries Sun meets with intuitive, innovative approach of date 7 ruled by Neptune. This Mars & Neptune combination if often found useful in sports and engineering mathematics or generally speaking engineering sector itself. These people are well aware of their own Aries Sun’s impulse & lack of patience and often a sense of insecurity. Rather, the Neptune quality stabilizes this attitude towards positive actions. As the Sun is in Libra “navamansh” in Aries Sign, it shows some artistic field connection with their father despite Aries Sun which shows engineering sector for their father. The harmony of Neptune (7) and Mars (Aries Sun) can make them quite successful in career.

May 8th
The date of a few contradictions due Saturn and Mars combination! The Aries Sun ruled by aggressive/forthright Mars and the date of 8 ruled by Saturn which shows conservative approach, attention to detail and deep calculations / observations. The date of 8 brings a lot of control to the aggression of Aries Sun. These folks have natural ability of attention to details and rather have ability of an auditor! The hasty and aggressive nature of Mars is curbed quite a bit due to thoughtful 8. Of course, too much control is counterproductive and these folks are often advised to go out and have fun and socialize more often. Unlike May 1st people they have lesser ego and do not like big bang approach. Step by step progress / continuous improvement is the name of the game here. The date of 8 does show some karmic burden or obligation which is pending from the past birth and the soul willingly wants to pay it back in this birth.

May 9th
There is “Double Mars” impact in this date which makes them gutsy! Mars rules the date of 9 and also the Aries Sun! These folks are natural at sports. They are straightforward, aggressive most of the times and relatively lack patience. The desire to act/execute is far more than planning as the soul purposely has taken birth on 9 to run fast with their unfulfilled agenda of the past birth. Debates are not their natural strength; rather they would never debate something they are sure of & could be seen as adamant. They do have tussle with seniors/authorities from time to time & are advised to have those matters with tact and diplomacy. They could be perceived as unapproachable by juniors or even colleagues are again are advised to speak/express more often. It is highly advised to exercise regularly to channel the energy to constructive stuff. A lucky date not without some intense fights or competitive stuff sometime in life!

May 10th
The aggression of Aries Sun (Mars) meets with the big bang approach & brilliance of Sun (i.e. 1: Sun). Any birth- date with “0” in it brings in wisdom of the past birth and lot of maturity which limits the underlying pure spirit of 1, 2 and 3 dates. These folks become quiet & peaceful after early life extrovert approach. They do have some philosophical approach which0 bestows upon them. These folks are self assured and are not seen seeking advice very often. The Aries Mars is given some tact and diplomacy and rather some aloof approach by the date of 10. They prefer independence of thoughts and actions and would not like micro-management. They would achieve their targets without supervision. The supervision could cause a lot of stress to them. They appear quite rigid on the surface but are quite vulnerable many time and especially in new places and people. The date of 1 does show pioneer and entrepreneur instincts which surface from time to time.

May 11th
After aloof & lone date of 10, the date of 11 shows a ‘master’ number. This is of course not the luckiest of the numbers for sure as it shows need to balance 2 prominent things in life so that none of them is ignored or favored more! This could be 2 families, 2 people, 2 major interests in life or 2 castes or even religions. The date of 11 certainly gives some popularity and fan-following in the subject of interest. They are subdued in the early part of life but become extrovert with every year! People leadership comes easily to them with emotional intelligence being in born in them. Any sales related job brings out the best in them. With Aries Sun, the sales job could be related to engineering sector as Aries is ruled by Mars which shows engineering sector or even sports sector. The Aries aggression is given a friendly nature due to Moon (2) in 11.

May 12th
The Aries Sun enters some intense part (Dhanu navamansh) of the Krittika nakshatra from this date which shows some intense events with father sometime in life. The date of 12 of course shows thought leadership and less of people leadership. They prefer to deal with completely junior (to them) folks or completely seniors ones! They find colleagues as competitors and even 1 step upper or lower folks in hierarchy are not taken very fondly by them!This is the best date for professions like education where there is a clear role of a master/Guru (1) and discipline(2). The ego or self (1) is more important than others/people contact (2). They are certainly not the most populist folks around! At times they could be seen having some intellectual arrogance and their high standards do not allow them to praise others very easily. They reach GREAT heights if they reach out to more people which is like
behaving more like 21 born than a 12 born!

May 13th
The Sun in last few degrees of Aries sign and especially in Krittika constellation (nakshatra) shows some intense event like an accident/injury etc with their father. The last degree of Aries has some intense stars (“Taraka-punj”) which definitely shows some specific past karma with father, seniors and Govt matters for this person. The date of 13 shows “unorthodox” behavior, a “change agent” for the family or even society. These folks would not carry forward customs, traditions, and rituals just for the sake of it. They would take forward only those things that make sense in this changing world. The Aries Sun would want to implement these changes quickly and often would tend to ignore necessary “change management” process! These folks could have some backlash from folks who want to maintain the status-quo! 13 shows that ago/self esteem could make personal achievements take a back
seat; this should be avoided as far as possible.

May 14th
The Sun changes to Taurus (Vrishabh) from Aries (Mesh) in the night. The date of 14 shows very good communication, short writing and traits of an influential speaker. This date also shows a great trading ability. As this is the last degree of Aries or the first degree of Taurus in a very intense Krittika nakshatra (constellation), it does show some intense event with the father with health and also person born on this date with eyes, teethor throat. Folks with the last degree of Aries is known to be movers and also accident prone. It also shows restlessness, forthright approach and adventurous attitude! The 1st degree of Taurus is rather cool, calm and stable. There is a great change in attitude with the Sun moving from Aries to Taurus on this date. With ability to distinguish between Ego and Self Esteem, these folks can go places!

May 15th
This is a magical / karmic reward date of Venus (15: 6) and also the Sun in Taurus, the sign owned by Venus. Thisis a great channel for the souls who want to pursue art, music, movies etc. There is want of peaceful but high class life style and the often get it. They have a very balanced nature/attitude and great manners. The ability to ridicule others is extra-ordinary! They have their own way & pace of doing things and can’t be hurried or don’t like to be hurried. They seldom get angered, often it takes years for them to get real angry but when they are angry, they inflict permanent damage with irreversible break in relationships. Regardless of the quality of the horoscope, these folks lead a very good life as their personality does not make matters worse when life throws surprises.

May 16th
The date shows combination of Taurus Sun (Venus) and Neptune (16:7). Taurus sun bestows stability, calmness,ability to ridicule, love for money & family and peaceful attitude. The date of 16 shows innovative nature with some creativity. The Neptune wants to read subtle message of the surroundings (situations & also people). They have a very good ability to read body language and often minds of others. They are surrounded by friends and their sense of humor (ridicule) does win them a big friend circle. They are a private person and do not cross a certain line in any relationship. This date of 16 however has a tendency to suddenly give way to others after achieving the peak they want. There is some inclination towards spirituality although it is quite covert & personal.The bull is quite soft in this avatar of 16!

May 17th
The Saturn (8: 17) in this date does show harmony with the Venus ruled Taurus Sun Sign. Yes, the Saturn in this date does show that the soul wants to pay off some karmic debts in this life. Money is very important to this date.There is some deep desire to live a good name behind too. The Saturn increases the peace laving, calm and stable nature of the Taurus Sun Sign. They love their money, family, farms, vehicles and all worldly pleasures. The date shows the desire of the soul to increase the economic level of the family. Charity is highly advised to them and especially giving food to poors as Taurus Sun does indicate the 2nd house of a horoscope. These folks are good at audits, process compliance, law etc stuff. A career in finance/economics etc can make wonders.

May 18th
Some aggression of Mars (18:9) in this date adds some salt to otherwise docile nature of the Taurus Sun! Yes, they are still peace loving and calm and composed but the frequency of getting angered is much more than the 15 or 16 borns! The date of 18 does in Taurus Sun does show some past karma conflicts with some family members (or in laws for women). The only mantra is patience & perseverance. Regular Gym, sports reduces their anger and helps overall health big time! They love their family, farms and money but add vehicles to that on a large scale than other fellow Taurians. They are very loyal in friendships and often have a fierce friend circle. They do not pick fights but when it is forced on them, they take it to extreme and create irreversible damage! This is one angry bull!

May 19th
19 is the date of rulers but in this case it is for peaceful rulers or peace time rulers who are more worried about GDP, well being of masses, economy, farming, industry than say wars! They are highly methodical and usually have “square palms with square fingers” without too many lines. The soul is pretty adamant as to what it needs to achieve in this life! They are pioneers and slowly but surely build their own sphere of influence. The inspirational Sun in 19 (19:1) teams up with peaceful Venus of Taurus Sun to create some artistic empires or industries. This is a great date for folks to start recording studios, cinema halls, film education societies etc. Even in service these folks run their units like their own business. The date of 19 is a lucky one and shows success regardless of severe handicaps in the natal horoscope.

May 20th
The calm, quiet, humorous (sense of ridicule) Taurus Sun is of course very well seen in this date. However, with a bit of a dose of anxiety, mood swings that come with the date rules by the Moon (20:2). The people contact is natural and a very big friend circle is a given. Although the bull likes to keep family life personal, this date does show a very good host. These folks do very well in a role that has close people contact. They are quite popular with in their sphere of influence. Like all bulls they are still stubborn for sure but the populist side of the date 20 can make them somewhat flexible. This date does show tendency to avoid confrontation and dispute as they love peace. It takes a lot to anger these folks! Once angry, stay out of their way and be prepared for bad publicity!

May 21st
A very lucky date! It shows good past karma and ensures success in this life regardless of the quality (detailing) if the horoscope! 21 shows 2 (others) before self (ego) and hence they are much friendlier than other 3s (3, 12, 30).However, they would not accumulate bigger circle like 2 (2, 20) borns without some purpose. Although friendly their contacts usually have something to do with their growth/interest. This is of course mutually beneficial one and not opportunist kind. They are thought leaders compared to people leadership of 2 dominated folks. 3s ruled will always have an eye on their personal achievements and personal goals and objectives. The soul wants to achieve in this life and distinguish from others. The Taurus sun does lend a stable, calm and peaceful disposition to these folks. The combination of Jupiter (21) and Venus (Taurus Sun) has some contradictions as they indicate
completely different things.

May 22nd
A date ruled by unorthodox/hurried Uranus (22: 4) with practical, peaceful & mostly traditional Taurus Sun! This shows that these people come from mostly conservative, traditional families and are supposed to modernize the family. 22 is a master number and not supposed to reduce to 4 but it does show common 4 dominated characteristics. The date of 22 does show some karmic burden/obligation that soul wants to pay back in this life. The Uranus in this date does oppose peaceful, calm disposition of Taurus sun as these folks want to implement “change” in their surroundings. Doing something nobody in their family even thought of. They are supposed to take family or society ahead by say 30/40 years! With the personality of stable Taurus Sun they are
not perceived as a threat by surrounding folks like April 22nd’s Aries Sun! Hence, they are mostly successful with their intelligent change management.

May 23rd
This is certainly a birth-date of karmic reward due to great karma in the past life(s). These people are very good expressing themselves and are blessed with great articulation ability. They talk less but their comments are acute and hard hitting. They have inherent ability of trading. These folks can coin some quick slogans or sales taglines.The combination of Taurus Sun dominated by Venus and the 23 dominated by Mercury certainly shows artistic inclinations. This birth-date is a very good channel for a soul who wants to do something in the field of art, music,movies or some expression (cartoons, painting etc). The inbuilt sense of ridicule of the Taurus Sun is heightened by this Mercury ruled date. These people are fun to be around and always in demand. They have a very good combination of people orientation (2) and achievement orientation (3).

May 24th
24th is probably the most lucky date which shows karmic reward of great deeds in the past life(s). This date has not only the harmony of 24 i.e. 6 ruled by Venus but also the Taurus Sun which is also ruled by Venus. Their personality hardly has any rough edge. They are certainly creative but would not be very forthcoming to display their talent unless forced by some 9 borns! The typical Taurus Sun’s sense of ridicule is present but employed les frequently and in a harmless manner. These people are carriers of good news. You could always see them calm and composed regardless of the situation. Smile is their first reaction or acknowledgement when they see someone passing by.They do not like strangers and usually want familiar surroundings. New people and new places make them go in shell! Only advice is a modicum of aggression from time to time!!

May 25th
An innovative, imaginative, perceptive bull! The pragmatic approach of the Taurus Sun is augmented with Neptune’s (7) imagination & innovation & keen ability to read minds or body language. The stable, calm and quiet nature of the Taurus Sun if course there with some serious ability to ridicule. This date is very good for people connect and people leadership. They are perceptive and sensitive to others’ needs. They can read undercurrents of a situation better than most. However, Neptune effect also bestows upon them some absent minded approach from time to time. Usually the bull is undeterred by the mood around and his/her own “stable mood” but this 25 date does make the bull a bit moody and susceptible to the surroundings. They keep getting these messages which keeps their mind ultra-busy under than calm/stable exterior.

May 26th
The date of 26 recommends handling personal matters a bit carefully; some surprises in relationships early in life are quite likely. The Saturn (8: 26) in this date does show harmony with the Venus ruled Taurus Sun. Yes, the Saturn in this date does show that the soul wants to pay off some karmic debts in this life. Money is very important to this date. The Saturn increases the peace loving, calm and stable nature of the Taurus Sun Sign & adds some seriousness and self-control to it! They love their money, family, farms, vehicles and all worldly pleasures. The date shows the desire of soul to increase economic level. Charity is highly advised to them and especially giving food to needy. These folks are very good at audits, process compliance, law etc stuff. A career in Banking / finance /economics etc can make wonders.

May 27th
The date of 27 (9) rules by Mars bring some panache to the calm, quiet and stubborn bull. This is one bull that does get angry more often than others, well except May18th folks! This is a lucky date which shows big friend circles with significant time spent on friend circle. This date does not have the rough edges (bitter quarrels, fights) shown by mostly 18 but at times also 9. You would see some sports persons born on this date despite the inherent lethargy of the bull! The Venus ruled Taurus Sun does shows love of material / good life, world pleasures and more importantly a family oriented person. These folks can do some advanced stuff in farming. They usually have very good land related karmic history which gives good results in this life with farming or even land development stuff.

May 28th
This folks easily connect with both masses (workers) and classes! The Venus ruled Taurus Sun meets with the brilliance or the Sun (1: 28). The inspirational side of the Sun comes out frequently to start something new from time to time and then the Taurus Sun takes over to implement it with stability, calm and stubbornness. They are much more overt & friendlier than other fellow Taureans. “Mass production” and 28 birth-date are made for each other. They do not want to create fastest cars or fastest operating systems or classical music but something than can be and will be used by masses i.e. large number of people. Connection with a food processing industry with large turnover (mass production) is a very natural to this date. The fortune at the bottom of the pyramid is their mantra!

May 29th
A very friendly bull, quiet, somewhat moody in the childhood but they develop a good size of friend circle later on. People contact is very important for these folks as they are ruled by date of 29 (11) which is a master number and ruled by the Moon. Also, the Taurus Sun being in Rohini constellation adds to the people contact further.Of course, the date of 29 does show some karmic obligations and character tests in this life. These folks have tendency to get some wrong company/friends and pay the price for that. These folks are certainly popular in their sphere of influence. The Taurus Sun ruled by Venus and the date ruled by Moon gives them a very approachable & likable attitude. The sense of ridicule, calm, stability of thoughts is all there but some ripples in the steady water are seen due to the Moon dominated 29!

May 30th
A thoughtful bull! The date of 30 brings seriousness, maturity to the Taurus Sun’s already stable, quiet and calm nature. They are thought leaders more than people leaders. Early importance of fierce individual achievements (scholarship, ranks etc) gives way to a more mature, less competitive nature. However, the quest of knowledge never dies down. The 0 in 3 adds a lot of philosophical baggage or rather wisdom, it is just that this makes them less action prone compared to bulls born on May 21st or Jun 3rd! They prefer stay alone than socializing like 29 or 2 born folks. This is a very good date for a education sector and they can be role model professors or principals.Learning & Teaching is their natural strength. Even in corporate sector, 12 and 30 find training institutes as their natural homes or sweet spots!

May 31st
A date ruled by unorthodox, change agent Uranus (31: 4) with practical, peaceful & mostly traditional Taurus Sun!This shows that these people come from mostly conservative, traditional families and are supposed to modernize the family. However unlike other 4s, the date of 31 is luckier as the achievement personal (3) takes priority over the self esteem or ego (1). The Uranus in this date does oppose peaceful, calm disposition of Taurus Sun. These folks want to implement “change” in their surroundings; doing something nobody in their family even thought of. They are supposed to take family or society ahead by say 30/40 years! With the personality of stable Taurus Sun they are not perceived as a threat by surrounding folks. Hence, they are mostly successful with their change management ability. The most peculiar thing about this date is that they love to try different cuisines & love dining
at fancy places!


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