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BORN on 3 i.e. 3, 12, 21, 30 of any Month

I thought of writing something on this as I had a few request from some of the friends. Why I have not written much so far on 3: Will address that in the last line of this article! :)

You will NEVER find these opinions/observations in ANY numerology book (unless I write one!) So there is the 1st disclaimer, what you are reading are solely by observations in past years and also many famous personalities.

Summary of 3:

If 1s are pioneers, entrepreneurs, starters, 2 are viral, people contact, moody, People leaders etc – The 3s are Thought Leaders and Fierce Individual Achievers. They are NOT about Groups but they are about individual achievement. It is not important for them as to how many friends they have (like 2s) or how many ideas/ventures they started but it is imp for them as to how much “they” achieved individually.

Either they are not good at giving credit to others (if not taking credit for other’s work) or their standards are very high (for other that is!) :) It is almost impossible to have a 3 (3, 12, 21, 30) acknowledge other’s knowledge, achievement etc unless they are completely unrelated to their area of interest/work.

These folks often have the line of head/brain and life line away from each other – not touching to each other as almost all 2s have. At times, they can be branded as adamant, selfish by folks around them.

The 21 and 30 to some extent could have the brain line and life line at least a bit touching indicating that they can share their ideas and opinions (thought leadership) without indicating or implying others as nonworthy/incompetent! :)

These are the folks who often get scholarships in the 4th and 7th standard or first 50 in the board etc exams. They fight with their teachers for a single or half a mark to out-score others! :)

Obviously, these are not the most popular or populist or party animals around! Rather they don't want to be one. :) :)

Pure 3 are the fiercest of individual achievers: Like Michael Schumacher, they will not hesitate to make the most dangerous maneuvers even when their brother is on the track and among the affected parties! The 1st prize is more imp than anything else and others just need to be good enough to compete. These are the folks that go for scholarships and certifications that will make them stay apart from others. They will always like group activities as far as there is a ranking at the end! :)

21s are lucky, the soul chooses this numerological channel in order to achieve a lot in this life but priority is to 2 first (People) and then the SELF (1). People come first and then their Ego …So they end up achieving much more than say 12 or 30. 21s are as comfortable with seniors as they are with peers and the juniors. 21s are also perceived as people friendly but their circle is directly related to their personal achievements and not the contacts like 2s have for no apparent reasons! :) This is the channel the soul chooses to achieve after 1-2 births of hard work etc.

The 12s have a certain arrogance of having the best thoughts/ideas around. They have academic excellence as good as 30s. They are most comfortable when they are around juniors: The folks who would listen to them without any questions or challenges. Obviously, these are the perfect people for the position of a headmaster or principal etc. The EGO (1) or SELF is more important to them than others (2). Obviously, they find themselves without too many friends in corporate ladder and they are better off changing to training department or working in a job/position where they need to work alone. This is the # of the MATSER (1) and the disciple as described by the holy scripture of Cabbala. (All the observations apart from this sentence are my observations!) :) Peers for them are DIRECT competitors and they don’t like peers in the 1st place. (Same for 3s but 3s want peers in order to defeat them! :) ).

The 30s are like the 3s but with some philosophical aloofness. They have certain wisdom which makes them calm and sincere. They achieve a lot in the initial life/age (lie 3s) but later realize the fruitlessness of the competition and differentiate themselves based on maturity/wisdom or some deep knowledge of a subject (any 2!). They can be all that 3, 12 and 21 can be, rather in much more multiples but they often choose not to. You could say that most of the philosophical books/thoughts have emerged from the folks born on 30s. I don’t know J Krishnamurthy’s b-date but would not be surprised if it was 30/12. There is of course some similarity between 12 and 30 but 12 have an aggressive/assertive streak that is not always in 30s. Great souls that want to be principals, professors etc are born on 12/30.

Why I didn’t write on this number yet: Well, these folks would read it and not leave a good comment appreciating or acknowledging the contents! :) :) Just Kidding. Well, they will realize the value of the contents as they are great thought leader themselves but acknowledging others is not what they are born for!! :) :)

Sachin Tendulkar's total addition is 3: We need not talk about his individual achievements. :) :) The life purpose for him is 3. The Personality is Venus (6): 24

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