Published on Sunday, 18 March 2012

March 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 born people

MARCH 11: A a birthdate
The folks born today are absent minded due to their Aquarius Sun Sign (Kumbh). They could be unassuming in the childhood due to "11". Despite being a master number (11) these folks are not that friendly in early years. Slowly they become friendly and actually populist too later on. They certainly have some psychic powers to know body language of people around and also sense undercurrent, sort of a 6th sense. As the Nakshatra of Sun is Purva-bhadrapada (which is 3/4th in Kumbh and 1/4th in Meen rashi) certainly shows a gentleman. This date does show some karmic burden and mandate from these people that they “balance” two different people or 2 different situations or even 2 castes/cultures in a way that they keep the independent presence of both intact while finding common grounds for coexistence!

MARCH 12: As a BirthDate
Absent minded aquarius continues with greater degree. The 12 is a thought leader and PRESENT minded at that! 12 manages 2 designations below very well and 2 designations above very well -- it is PEERS they find trouble coping with! :) 12s are very good in education system as ME (1) comes before You (2). They are best folks to be pricipals or professors. The date certainly shows thought leadership with individual achievements. They don't have craving for a group identity and often either have lofty standards but the result is that they do not praise anyone easily! :) You can often see them with some intellectual arrogance. But a noble date that is VERY good when there is clear cut distinction between ranks/authority.

13 MARCH as a birth-date:
Aquarius Sun meets the birth-date of 4 (13) so this makes a very harmonious bdate as date vibrates to absent minded, unorthodox genius of Uranus. The Sun in purva-bhadrapada shows a simple person. "Sadhi rahani uchcha wichar-sarani" :) The 13 shows that EGO (1) sometimes take precedence to achievements (3) which can affect their career from time to time but it forces them to acquire new skills and brilliance (1) to again get on with their achievements (3). However, if self esteem and certainly EGO can be controlled a "bit" they can achieve a lot for sure!! This is in last navamansh of Kumbh rashi which is owned by Gemini and means higher level of intelligence than 2/3 days back. They are born in a conservative family and modernize the family by several years or rather decades!! It is the mandate of their life and hence 13 March allows them to follow path which nobody i the family did -- advance sciences, connections with abroad/different cultures and so on. It is required that they do not lose touch with conservative background and take them with them ahead.

14th March as a Birth Date:  ( Aamir Khan's birthday)

Last degree of Aquarius Sun and in the evening actually changes to Pisces! So yes absent minded and also somewhat "bhulakkad" too. These folks can keep wallet on top of car to load something in car and drive off without worrying about it! :) The date of 14 does oppose the Pisces Sun but aides the Aquarius Sun. The date of 14 shows great ability to communicate and especially MEDIA or Advertising penchant is peerless. The speech is quite good too. Kabala calls it as "Magnetism thru written/spoken word". The 14 does come with its share of Karmic burden for sure. Painting, Caricature, cartoonist, Short writing, all-rounder ability is also part of "14" package. As Sun changes on this vary date the Air Sign and Water Sign change happens in a minutes making it a very interesting one.

15th March Birth-date: ENTER the age of Piscean!! The 1st degree of Pisces water element from 13/14th March Aquarius us Air element transition - nakshatra stays the same!

The emotional quotient increases quite a bit from absent minded genius of Kumbh. Now the Meen Sun starts with pretty "bhulakkad" person with amazing eyes! Many times they are quite naive and certainly lazy mannered. They love to serve other in some way -- In this Purva-Bhadrapada Nakshatra it is related to education or rituals/social causes. They are pure gentlemen (women!) The date of 15 is MAGICAL indeed and shows 2/3 births of good karma to get birth on 15th! (Madhuri, Madonna -- but not March) Shows lazy mannered and "Lobhas" personality. They can have some issues with feet/ankle. Again, they have beautiful eyes -- no other word to describe March 15th!!

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