Published on Wednesday, 22 April 2009

More on Number 4 and a bit of 8

YES, if you have so many 4s in your family then yes the MAJOR theme of the creator seems to be putting you in charge of taking your family in a different / forward direction (ahead of the times the family is used to). Maybe, Electronics / Electrical contacts would be more in your family from your generation before. 4 gets your contact with Electronic or Electricals etc duet to Harshal influemce, Even Doctors etc get equipments, mobiles etc state of the art / latest if born on 4, 13, 22, 31 etc. The personality of a 4 person is to bring change in the surroundings -- different / forward / modern than family (comparitively).

8 are supposed to be conservative and take the family path taken by parents by full force...that path by family could be 4 as father could be 4. So father took something toally different than his parents and now the 8/17/26 born kids take the same path very conservatively ahead. They kids are even not aware that they are following a 4 path with personality of 8! :)

8 and 4 should not be mixed unless 8 is from a VERY VERY "forward" family and 4 is from a bit of a conservative family :: so their life style & thinking matches somewhat ! :) :)

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