Published on Wednesday, 22 April 2009

My Encounters with Number 18 !!

1. My complete addition (LIFE PATH/PURPOSE) is 18 (9) and HENCE you might have seen MANY posts on Astrology sites where I advise people born on 18 to balance the life with material and spiritual BOTH else there could be serious repercussions

2. BHAYANKAR ! Numerology Observations! :)
a. Now, my ids on mouthshut or other sites is MNC123 which adds to 18
b. My Car # in USA was MILBEL9 (my and wife's name) which adds to 18.
c. I wanted 27 addition (lucky) for my Safri but dealer kept 9 in his mind after discussions and got me a number plate which adds to 18 !!
d. My name in 1974 was kept M I L I N D by grandmother: It adds to 18. She had no clues about spellings or even numero! :)
e. I went to USA 1st time on 18th (April).
f. Except for one date ALL My USA travel dates are either 2 (2, 11, 20, 29) or 9 (9, 18, 27).
g. AstroMNC for this blogspot was chosen without ANY numero calculations but fortunately it adds to 27 !! (9 again though)

SO MY LIFE-PATH number ALWAYS chases me and reminds me of my obligation to life-path of number 18.

3. Persoality or Life Path of 18 MEANS
a. Need for Balance between spiritual and material things. (EQUALLY)
b. Need to Return LOVE for EVERY HATRED thrown at you from people you really don't like.
c. NO bitterness about anyting or anybody ELSE BIG (real big & serious) deseases !!

That is why when I chose to (purposely for some fun and tests) respond to the MARATHI typing requests on in a derogatory manner: MANY hit-chintak (well wishers) got worried and sent me emails to ignore those posts. There was a serious concern from the friends requesting me not to respond...EVEN THEY knew that I should NOT respond in such a manner !! :)

We are all guided by our "Higher-Self" : We JUST need to LISTEN TO it.

Interesting isn't it?

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