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                                                 July : BirthDate Analysis
July 1st

This a pure date of brilliance of (1) Sun and Sun in Gemini Sign! Entrepreneur ability is a given as these folks are able to come with some great ideas from time to time. There is an acute sense of humor & ability to express/ articulate under that aloofness/loneliness or downright unfriendliness of date 1. Most people find them unapproachable despite their Gemini Sun’s vibrancy! It is highly likely to be chairperson of a publishing house a library or anything to do with books or generally some form of a media. The date of 1 is devoid of the karmic baggage that comes with the dates of 10 and 20 and also the mostly lucky intonations of the compound number 19. There is a almost childlike purity to their ideas to launch something new. They are often pioneers but with Gemini Sun, with the things that are intellectual in nature related to language, writing, trading, speaking etc.

July 2nd
A date that combines mood swings & emotional nature of Moon (2) with mathematical, exuberant nature of the Mercury dominated Gemini Sun. This can’t be called as lacking harmony but not the most harmonious of the dates! This however does show an overly friendly approach with a big friend circle. The friend circle remains young despite these folks ageing gracefully! They like to connect with kids and youth and not with elderly or older folks.Their thoughts & approach always stays young. I think it is in their DNA/Hormones to look younger than they are.Large Facebook profile is almost a given, rather social networking sites are made for 2 born folks but more so for Jun20, June29 and July 2nd born folks! People connect is a must in their job; assigning them a desk job is asking them to almost resign! They show emotional & moody approach despite Mercury influence.

July  3rd
The free spirit of Mercury meets sense of purpose, thought leadership & depth of Jupiter. This is a very good date for individual achievers and more so for academic excellence! Scholarships, merits list could be full of folks born on 3, 12, 21 and 30. The date of 3 retains it attitude of ‘individual achievement’ throughout the life unlike 30 and 12 who tend to mature/reduce energy over time, say in their late 20s or 30s. Gemini Sun will force interests in multiple subjects but Jupiter will force to take at least 2 subjects very seriously. Masters or even PhD etc is meant for these folks and they do like prolonged association with the academic field. A very good date for research but maybe in private sector due to need for individual glory! They are a bit out of place in “Team activities” as they see colleagues as competitors and less so as friends.

July 4th
The change agent Uranus (4) and expressive Mercury ruled Gemini Sun makes this a very vibrant date. These folks can make drastic & sudden changes in the course of their life/career and are never afraid of change. However, they could be perceived as “man in a hurry”. It is highly necessary to acquire good “change management skills” else their great plans could fail due to unacceptability by the people involved. These folks could often be perceived as a threat by establishment. They just love the latest electronic gadgets & also changing these gadgets as often as clothes is quite common! These folks by rule or un-orthodox & modern; they use their expression (speech writing) skills to bring the change they want. But they also get bored quickly with the change they brought it! It is highly advisable to work on the field that requires frequent change by design!

July 5th
A very synchronous date due to Mercury dominated 5 and Mercury owned Gemini Sun! Again, this is a pure 5 which is unadulterated by some karmic debt links of 14 or downright lucky links of the date of 23. There is a vibrancy & harmony to this date which makes them very expressive. They can talk or write on multiple topics and that too with their presence on multiple media channels! Their approach is more say towards jingles or tune for advertisements than creating long lasting melodies or symphonies. Stopping at bachelors degree alone could cause a stress in life just in 2/3 years; it is advised to go to at least masters if not further. It is difficult to put them under a job= that requires repeating daily/weekly activities. They can lose interest and would seek some change in their job description in some time.

July 6th
A lucky date of karmic reward for good deeds of the past lives! The exuberance, expressive nature of Mercury ruled Gemini Sun meets the balanced & well mannered approach of Venus ruled date of 6. Venus does bring in calming & soothing effect on this hurried, happening Gemini Sun. Art like painting, writing, speech comes naturally to them. Their middle of the road approach is mostly risk free which is also a boon but also a limitation they have. It is advisable to stay away from affairs that could cause unnecessary distraction from their goals. This is a very good date for leisurely life style. The soul wants to balance things in life and wants to have a life without rough edges. These folks although have a very quick logical thinking are not as aggressive when it comes to taking actions. A bit of aggression could achieve them a lot.

July 7th
Neptunian waters in the date of 7 usually run very deep with the gift of 6 th sense & perception. The Neptune in 7 &Mercury in Gemini Sun in July 7th tend to mostly ignore each other. The Neptunian perception & 6th sense coexists independently of the expressive, mathematical nature of Gemini Sun. However, if this ignorance can be made into harmonious union they can come up with the greatest fictions ever created. The otherwise unexpressed Neptune imagination & innovation is a articulated by Gemini Sun in a vivid manner and put in a black-n-white which is Neptunian side is incapable of doing! Neptune can only sense & perceive emotions & undercurrents but it could be expressed through a smile, a simple nod or a gaze. The Neptune Silence speaks a thousand words but Gemini Sun can write it down when the harmony is established. It is impossible to keep this harmony always but once a year also can make wonders!

July 8th
The date of 8 ruled by Saturn brings a lot of seriousness, sincerity & self control to the vibrant & free spirit of Gemini Sun! They are very good at numbers (data!) and they let the numbers do most of the talking. This is a great date for auditors in any type of field but more so where creativity is important. They have this great ability to review or critique and also have an eye for details. The innovation side of Gemini Sun takes some beating due to Saturn’s cold number based approach. Yes, this date does show some karmic burden/debt that soul wants to pay off in this life. Life after the age of 30 is much better and of continuous progress. Life until 30 is more of an investment for the future. They always should use their ability to express or articulate to their advantage.

July 9th
Aggression shown by the date ruled by Mars (9) is tamed quite a bit by Mercury ruled Gemini Sun; rather this aggression could be used in the field of expression (articles, debates, arguments etc). There is some contradiction in this date with Gemini Sun’s sense of humor and aggression of 9 which can baffle folks around. The energy of Mars (9) is directed to mostly intellectual fields. Combination of Mercury & Mars does show mathematical ability which is good for engineering/advanced mathematics field too. Friends are very important for this date and they get along with 2 (2, 11, 20, 29) & 7 (7, 16, 27) born folks quite a bit. Although their friend circle might not be as big as 2 borns, they do have more fierce & loyal friends. Sports like TT,Carom & even Chess come naturally to these folks.

July 10th
This date does show sense of humor, articulation & ability to express for sure along with some aloof,stubborn approach of the date 10. The date of 10 ruled by Sun does bring some stiff, stubborn approach which gives an air of inaccessibility to them at times. It does show wisdom of past births(s) though. They are very well read & well informed too. The “Sunny” brilliance nature of Sun is deployed in typical Gemini topics such as writing (articles), speech, debates etc. A great date for publishing activities or even as a chairperson of some publishing house! A great date even for editors who need to be “all-rounders” with independent thought process. The youth connection of Gemini and the wisdom/depth of 10 are sometimes difficult to balance and could be cause of conflict in their personality as perceived by others. They can make wonders if they are more playful and approachable.

July 11th
The master number of 11 mandates these people to balance two opposite things in life delicately. These two things could be 2 personalities, 2 religions/castes or even concepts like Spirituality and Materialism. This date does show karmic burden but also shows publicity and mastery in people contact. They have an acute sense of perception bordering on being psychic. Although, subdued in their childhood they do become populist with good people connect later in life. Gemini Sun in July 11th adds a playful flavor for sure. Sense of humor is there for everyone to see and so is ability to express /articulate well. There is certain decency / diplomacy in these people and they do not cross a line in any relationship. However, if they align with one concept/person or a side too much, they do face troubles. The balancing act is a bane or a boon depends on the viewpoint but it is a necessity for them!

July 12th
This is a very good date for professors, teachers or overall for the field of academics. Gemini Sun’s expression, articulation meets the depth of Jupiter in this date. There is a great desire to learn, teach & individual achievements. Education until Masters or rather PhD is very likely; at least the desire is there to
keep collecting degrees! The date of 12 does show some intellectual arrogance from time to time. These folks can manage juniors and seniors well but they can’t manage colleagues as well, as they see them as competitors. These folks need to a back-seat in life/career from time to time to support others (karmic
rewards dates like 21, 23, 24 etc). Even in the corporate world these folks are best utilized in a training department. They can do wonders in the field of education; they can single handedly support big educational institutes.

July 13th
This is an unorthodox date ruled by Uranus. These folks challenge the status quo and are often seen a ‘change agents” by their surroundings. The free, often harmless spirit of Gemini Sun gets a sense of purpose to bring a change in the course of the family or society’s journey! These folks do things that nobody in the family imagined a few years ago. Love of latest electronic gadgets is a must else need to double-check the birth-date! However, importance to sell or “ego” (1) could affect their “personal achievements” (3). The more they ignore their ego, more people around them reciprocate their ideas. They are also advised to consider all aspects of “change management” and be considerate of all parties involved else, their idea are perceived as too drastic, inhuman and impractical. Mastery of “change management” can take them places.These folks are best suited where change is eminent and inevitable, rather frequently desired.

July 14th
This is the birth-date of great communicators. This date certainly shows great articulation, expression, writing skills. There is a double impact of Mercury due to Gemini Sun which is “Vargottam” (Navamansh) in Gemini sign along with Gemini ruled date of 14 (5). They have an inborn ability to do “trading”! They are a great channel for finding supply-demand gaps. Their antenna for such gaps is always sharp! They sense in advance that certain stuff could be in great demand in near future. This date is also known to have certain magnetism while communicating with masses through either spoken or written material. However, this date does show some karmic burden which makes it necessary to support some 1 born folks some time in their life (1, 10,19, 28 born folks). They become carrier of the ideas brought by Sun ruled folks who tend to be pioneers with entrepreneur ability. Any job with some connection with “media” is highly advisable.

July 15th
The date of 15 shows great luck in this life. Even some of very intense planetary formations (‘yoga’) in the natal (birth-time) horoscope show fewer repercussions. This date certainly has an artistic approach due to influence of Venus (15: 6). Venus influence brings a soothing & a calming effect to usual hurried Gemini Sun.These folks are very well mannered with hardly any rough edge to their personality. Sun in the last degree of Gemini (Vargottam Navamansh) indicates ability to express, communicate well. It also shows all-rounder personality. They have interest in a lot of subjects and they learn these subjects with an uncommon ease! However, they do have expertise in at least 2 subjects which are most dear to them. It is advised to stay away from affairs to achieve to their potential. Certainly, a great channel for an artist, writer, and cartoonist to take birth on.

July 16
Sun enters Cancer in the morning around 9 am. This transit changes the personality from a vibrant,expressive Mercury ruled Gemini Sun to an Moon ruled emotional, sensitive, introvert & hard working Cancerian. This sector (navamansh) of Cancer shows a workaholic approach. These people find something to keep them busy. The hard work usually results into success eventually. There is an emotional maturity/ continuity & overall emotional intelligence to this date. The date ruled by Neptune (16:7) adds 6 th sense or ability to read minds to this already “sensing” Cancerian. Neptune adds innovation and increases people connect ability of Cancer Sun. Some connection/linkage by birth with a water source is quite likely. They are blessed with calm & composed nature on the whole but their mind does wander around and does have peaks and valleys of emotions. They tend to be reluctant leaders and need emotional support and push from time to time.

July 17th
Emotional, sensitive & caring nature of Moon ruled Cancer Sun meets with a calculating, auditing/policing &controlling nature of Saturn in the date 17 (17:8). These folks are less affected by surrounding compared to other Cancerians. Instead of being emotional / caring about everyone, these folks tend to check if it is well deserved. The hardworking side of Cancer Sun is augmented by Saturn quite a bit. They tend to take them & life too seriously. This could result in some disappointment & “emotional atyachar” as the others might not take life so seriously. They can be perceived as conservative, old fashioned or downright “khadus”. Although it is not true, this perception could affect them. Unlike 16 or 18 born, Data / Statistics are very important for them. They do not like to speak without data-points. There is also a deep desire in 17 to leave their name behind by some glorious act.

July 18th
Water ruled Cancer, ruled by emotional, caring, sensitive moon meets with aggression, agitation &confidence of forthright Mars ruled date of 18. This combination is great for a soul who wants to explore “friends” side of their life. They are sporty, forthright and emotional at the same time. 18 ensures some bitter quarrels and the best mantra for them is “forgive & forget” which can take them far ahead than they or others can imagine! However, they must channel their energy & anger to some creative tasks such as competitive sports, rock climbing or even hitting the gym regularly. Unless channeled well, this energy is released at unwanted time & place. The emotional/sensitive side of Cancer Sun will always notice all the small things happening around them; not reacting is very difficult but not impossible. Rather, ignoring them is the best option for the long term. Overall, a very active soul for sure!

July 19th
This is a lucky or a harmonious date (1 is Sun, 9 is Mars) from numerological point of view with entrepreneurship inclinations. The Cancer Sun’s emotional & sensitive nature (Cancer sign is owned by Moon) however is somewhat opposed or rather augmented by stubbornness & aloofness of 19. They arenot overly friendly like July 18th folks but do have very few loyal & long term friends. These folks have good ability of perception & do notice smaller things around them but there is that Sun’s habit of not interfering or getting involved unless asked/requested with some authority given to them. They do get some inspirational,brilliant ideas at regular intervals and they do also have a habit of working diligently on them, taking them to the finish line. Hard work is natural to Cancer Sun and there is certain greed which keeps them moving from a place to another.

July 20th
This date has a harmony as the date 20 (2) is ruled by Moon and so is Cancer Sun. The sensitive, emotional,caring nature of Cancer Sun is augmented by the date of 20. These folks tend to be populist. It is very difficult for them to pass on criticism or negative feedback to anyone. People often take advantage of their emotion nature. As a result, these folks need to be careful with charity. 20 does show some karmic burden that the soul wants to pay back in this life. The 0 in 20 shows wisdom or even some philosophical approach from the past birth. After childish adolescence they develop sudden maturity due to some events around them.Mother is the most important person for them and they also display a motherly attitude towards people around. They are of course hard-workers and often find something to keep them busy!

July 21st
This is certainly a lucky date which is a result of good deeds in the past life(s). Moon dominated Cancer Sun and Jupiter dominated date of 21 (3) is quite harmonious. The sensitive, caring, emotional nature of a Cancerian meets with thought leadership of Jupiter. Busy and industrious Cancer sign is helped by decision making power of Jupiter quite a bit. Individual achievements / personal success is as much or more important than the team success. They relentlessly pursue their goals/dreams without too much of an outward display of ambition. They can surprise with their sudden go-getter attitude when nobody suspects it. Although they are mostly introvert; 21 adds some outgoing abilities. Of course, there is greater people orientation than the dates of 12 or 30 and more importance to others (2) than self/ego (1).

July 22nd
This is an interesting combination of emotional, sensitive, family oriented Cancerian meeting the unorthodox,change agent Uranus ruled date (22: 4). This combination shows desire of a soul to bring modernization,change in direction for the family they are born in. The soul wants to discontinue customs that don’t make sense in the modern world and prepare the family or even community for the modern world. They are often successful in their quest of change as the sensitive Cancerian is well aware of the “change management” required. They do have a great ability to do hard work & hence often successful in economic matters. Family & money are the two most important priorities for them in that order. This is a master number (22) which shows that they often instinctively know what they need to do. There is a good ability to read undercurrents of tough situations. The instincts should be trusted more often.

July 23rd
A very lucky date for sure. This birth-date is a result of very good deeds in past birth(s). The sincere,emotional, hard-working nature of Moon owned Cancer sign meets with playfulness and expressive Mercury ruled date of 23 (5). Although not the most harmonious of the combinations, they also do not oppose each other. Their presence coexists with cancer bringing emotional nature with love for the family and Mercury brings a very good ability to express in some form write, speech, painting/caricatures etc. The date of 23 shows all rounder approach with good ability of trading. They have an eye for supply & demand needs which often earns them their fair share to connect these gaps in society. Unlike July 20 th, these folks would not allow someone to take advantage of their emotional / friendly nature. They are rewarded as they give more importance to people (2) than their individual achievements (3).

July 24th
This is a very harmonious date due to combination of Moon ruled Cancer Sun and Venus ruled date of 24 (6).It shows artistic approach in some area. They are usually well mannered people with high level of courtesy to others. The date of 24 is probably the luckiest date which is a result of good deeds of multiple births. They are very balanced & constructive people with practically no rough edge to speak of. The flip side is that they sometimes lack the aggression or restlessness which is often helpful for progress. It is very difficult to hurry them to do something urgently. Cancer Sun adds to this attitude with some dose of emotions, sensitive nature. It ensures tranquility or peace of mind which is hard to find these days! They are mostly successful with some rare exception when both Moon & Venus are very troubled in the horoscope.

July 25th
This is a very harmonious birth-date due to combination of Moon ruled Cancer Sun Sign and Neptune ruled date of 25 (7). These people have a 6th sense or rather highly developed ability to understand body language.They can read emotions/minds of folks they interact. They can effectively communicate without speaking using their body language. Neptune increases the emotional, sensitive & caring nature of Cancer Sun. It also adds innovation angle to the personality. These folks do very well in areas where people contact (say HR) is required. They have a natural ability to deal with people using emotional intelligence. A job that is repetitive without creativity could be emotionally taxing for them. These folks could come across as naïve, impractical and downright gullible at times. Despite all that high class perception ability, they are advised to check numbers, data and facts-n-figures carefully for important things.

July 26th
A date of some contrasts due to presence of sensitive, emotional, caring Cancer Sun and a conservative,number crunching or rather “khadus” Saturn in date 26 (8)! Saturn keeps in check the emotional approach quite a bit which helps these folks avoid being taken for a ride. This date does have some karmic burden especially in relationships; there is a lesson or two to be learnt there! This date does bestow ability to criticize, audit or review which usually not the nature of a Cancerian. Cancerians like to provide & get moral support from others with no strings attached. Saturn adds to already hardworking nature of Cancer Sun Sign. These folks although appear harmless & gullible are often highly opinionated. It is just that they do not express it often. They can surprise you with their memory & timing of grabbing the limelight without appearing on radar for a long time!

July 27th
The aggression of date ruled by Mars bring some panache, aggression, forthright approach to otherwise docile, emotional, sensitive and caring Cancer Sun Sign. These folks can surprise you with their sudden outbursts or aggression as they are otherwise very calm, understanding mama’s boys. Friends have a special place in their life and heart. Rather, the soul wants to connect with friends and it they are a major purpose/part of their life. Sports interest comes more naturally to this date than other Cancer Sun Sign folks. 27 is a luckier of the 9s (9 18) and it does show a good past life karma for sure. They seem to have less rough edge than 9 or 18 born folks. They love the team events or activities; they are very natural at that. Despite the frequent aggression/outbursts, they do have a high degree of emotional intelligence. Although Moon and Mars are friends and have a great chemistry they do instill emotional side and aggressive side to the personality which would be surprising to strangers!

July 28th
The emotional, sensitive & caring Cancer Sun meets extrovert date of Sun i.e. 1 (2+8). These folks have entrepreneurship inclination to do something new nobody in the family did. They are pioneers but mostly interested in products that are for masses and not necessarily for classes. Mass production is associated with the date of 28. This date also shows managing both colleagues and masses/workers very well. They do het hit by overzealous partners who can hurt them badly with the intention of actually helping! This date does have some karmic burden with some close relatives which should be paid by being patient and always helping regardless of their approach. Despite having emotional intelligence these folks tend to be a bit stubborn & aloof from time to time. This could be hurt their own interest. The people orientation of Cancer Sun in this date should be used for own good.

July 29th
This dates shows a a highly emotional & sensitive disposition due to double impact of Moon ruled Cancer Sun and Moon ruled date of 29 (2+9=11). This is a master number which when added becomes 11. The master number means there is an inner wisdom and some psychic ability which keep guiding them. This date however has extreme mood swings with irrational behavior which could affect their interest heavily. They often chose or attract wrong friends and get in trouble. There is desire of the soul to be popular and this populist approach could make them do things for folks that don’t deserve it. They are often misguided by cunnings folks due to their emotional, gullible nature. However, their nature to care & help others, overall ability to “sense” the pulse of people could be very helpful in a career that is about people contact (Sales, HR,Media etc).

July 30th
Jupiter ruled date of 30 brings depth, wisdom, & maturity to the emotional, sensitive & caring nature of the Cancer Sun Sign. The caring attitude could be used for social cause more than personal achievements.Jupiter in 30 shows independent thought process, respect for elders and customs. They are quite competitive in childhood which reduces as they acquire maturity faster than their peers. This date does show some philosophical approach & wisdom to otherwise career oriented / busy Cancer Sun Sign. Academics are their forte in the early years and higher education could be a priority for them. Career in academics certainly is a good option. These folks have good tranquility & peace of mind; they know what (rather don’t want) they want from life. These folks could be very god guiding force to aggression of folks born on 9, 18, 27 of any month.

July 31st
The date ruled by Uranus brings some variety and spice to this otherwise emotional, sensitive & caring Cancer Sun date. The 31 born folks want to bring in some change to their or their family’s direction. They are unorthodox, progressive and want to take path not taken frequently. The “change agent” nature of 31 is complimented by caring attitude of Cancer Sun. They take into account effect of change on various stakeholders and apply it with care. 31 is also a luckier of the Uranus dates (4 13 22 31). It shows that person is more concerned about achievements (3) than Ego/Self (1). This allows them to adjust a bit better with authorities than say 4 or 13 born folks. Love of electronic gadgets is almost a must else one needs to verify the birth-date! You will always find these folks with the latest gadgets in the market.

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