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                                                 August : Birth Date Analysis

August 1st

The date of 1 brings some toughness, solidity and stability to otherwise moody, sensitive and emotional Cancer Sun’s nature. Mood swings are still there but they are much more overt and well controlled under this Sun ruled date of brilliance. These folks are initiators, pioneers and have distinct entrepreneurship ability. Even in service, they run their unit like a CEO. Although fire element of Sun opposes water/emotional element of Moon in this date, it does show good people connect ability which compliments their initiative taking ability. They do have good emotional intelligence that allows them to build a good team around them. At times they are perceived as emotional, sensitive & caring person typical of Cancer Sun but suddenly they a can surprise by some big bang inspirational move which is typical of the date of 1. There is a childlike purity to their actions as this date not a compound number.

August 2nd
A very harmonious birth-date as Moon ruled date of 2 only adds to the overall emotional, caring sensitive attitude of the Cancer Sun. People contact is very natural to them. A wide “Friend circle” is a major reason why a soul would like to birth on this date. Social media was probably created for these folks! They shared a a very special bond with their mother. Being emotional and sensitive & usually attention seeking, they are also the biggest priority for their parents. Any career that deals with people management is the best fit for them. They are happy when they meet a lot of people on a daily basis. They achieve through others unlike 1 born who are pretty independent in their approach. These folks catch viral deceases very easily & are advised to drink water outside with care. Rather, they are greatest carriers of cold, flu etc but also carriers of rumors, news etc.

August 3rd
The emotional, sensitive, caring nature of Moon ruled Cancer Sun Sign meets with depth, thought leadership of Jupiter ruled date of 3! The pure date of 3 shows a desire for individual achievement which could be labeled as “self centered” nature by more people oriented folks. This date shows kids fighting for half a ‘mark’ with teachers and overall fiercely competitive students. It is difficult for them to praise others as either their standards are high or they see them as competitors! Of course, the date of 3 can’t hide or side-track the underlying emotional intelligence and love & care for their loved ones. Just that, Jupiter makes sure their emotions are invested in deserving things & they are not taken advantage off by some manipulative folks. Their memory is very strong second to only Taurus Sun folks. Academics are natural and career centric approach is for everybody to see.

August 4th
The date of unorthodox, status quo challenging change agents! This date brings a very vibrant and somewhat absent minded genius who tend to be weird (for others) at times. They are emotional, sensitive & caring due to underlying Moon ruled Cancer Sun but the Uranus ruled date bring a lot of panache. Their “change agent” attitude is better received than Gemini Sun folks due to their people orientation, sensitivity to other folks. People are fond of their quirkiness and often praise it. However, at later stage of life they can start getting bored with the change they brought in! Change is the necessary part of nature and these (4, 13, 22, 31) are the folks that are best magnetic channel for soul to bring it on. The Mid July to Mid August 4 born folks bring in popular change which is much welcome but their weak point could be being too populist!

August 5th
The Cancer Sun’s emotional, sensitive and caring approach meets with calculative, mathematical but expressive ability of Mercury ruled date of 5. The result is a person who is well aware of his/her emotional side but would not allow people to take advantage of it. The date of 5 brings street-smart approach and all-rounder ability to the Cancer Sun’s high memory. These folks are good at day-trading and acutely aware of supply-demand equation. They are best positioned to take advantage of supply-demand gaps around. There is a typical Mercury dominated sense of humor but it is used in a harmless manner without offending sentiment. They have a very good emotional intelligence and also sense of body language which helps them in diplomatic talks or even in a job that requires a lot of negotiation. Moon and Mercury combination is also good for artistic pursuits.

August 6th
This birth-date shows a very docile, calm, mild-mannered personality with desire for high quality life style. They are introvert for sure due to Cancer Sun’s emotional, sensitive & caring attitude but the presence of Venus ruled date of 6 shows some artistic approach / ability. They do not like excess of anything in their life and always try to balance things to bring harmony to their surroundings. They hardly have any rough-edge to their personality which could be a very positive or a negative point depending on which field they are in! The balanced Venus in the date 6 is disturbed only if someone hurts their or their dear ones’ emotions. They tend to ignore aggression, anger of folks as much as possible. They will respond violently only when there is no other way out. Of course, a very good birth-date for artistic pursuits due Moon and Venus combo!

August 7th
This is a very harmonious date as emotional, sensitive and caring nature of Cancer is met with intuitive, creative, sensing perceiving nature of Neptune ruled date of 7. These folks have a very high level of emotional intelligence; rather they have a highly evolved 6th sense or ability to read thoughts, body language of people around. These folks can read undercurrents (vibes) of a situation quickly. This means they have a natural edge if they are specifically in the field of psychology or more generically anything to do with people interaction. They are the best people to deal with children as child psychology comes to them very naturally. There is a naughty side to their nature and they could be good pranksters. Mother & sister(s) have a very special place in their life. Of course, Neptune although increases emotional side, it also brings in innovative & creative approach. I wish Maruti Suzuki has people born of August 7th to deal with current crisis! :)

August 8th

The date of 8 ruled by Saturn brings lot of self-control, sincerity & a serious approach to otherwise emotional, sensitive & caring nature of Moon ruled Cancer Sun Sign. Saturn gives ability to audit, criticize and evaluate which is not the most natural thing for emotional Cancer Sun! So this date does show some internal struggle from time to time. There are some karmic obligations indicated by the date of 8 and also Sun in Ashlesha Nakshatra only confirms the same (Father’s health, spine, lungs could be the areas of a worry). Numbers and quantification is very important to this Saturn’s date. They are meticulous and keep themselves always busy with some activity. The field of people contact but also process compliance, auditing etc is very good for these folks. Moon allows very good connect with colleagues (classes) and Saturn in 8 provides good ability to connect with masses.

August 9th

The date of 9 ruled by Mars brings some energy, drive and also aggression & anger to this otherwise emotional, sensitive & caring Cancer Sun ruled date. There are sudden incidents of anger or aggression with which they surprise the people around them. This is a very good date for sports related pursuits as Moon and Mars combination is harmonious. This birth-date does indicate the desire of the soul to connect with friends, participate in group activities (again sports) and spend a lot of time with friends/colleagues etc on various activities. Friends occupy quite a bit of mid-space for these folks. They are and they have fiercely loyal friends. This date is also very good for engineering sector due to harmonious Mars’s presence in the date. Elements of water (Moon) and fire (Mars) in this date could appear opposite but they work with a harmony due to inherent friendship of Moon & Mars.

August 10th

This date brings in a philosophical approach or rather baggage at times to this date. There is some wisdom or maturity which is carried over from the past birth. This date reduces the vibrant pure pioneer, entrepreneur approach of date 1 quite a bit. However, Sunny brilliance in 10 does ensure flairs of inspiration from time to time. These folks do have an underlying base of emotional, sensitive & caring nature of Cancer Sun Sign and do appear motherly to their juniors/sub-ordinates but the date of 10 adds a stubborn & stiff approach which could be make them un-approachable at times. Any post or job with a high degree of responsibility and people connect if a best fit for them. They have a sense of obligation towards people and ensure their duty towards their job is fulfilled. Despite big bang approach of Sun ruled date, Cancer Sun keeps them busy all day long with various things.

August 11th

This is a very harmonious date as both the date of 11 and Cancer Sun in August 11 are ruled by Moon. It shows emotional, sensitive & a caring nature coupled with the master number of 11 that could also show some psychic abilities! The date of 11 is of course shows karmic burden which forces them to balance two very different things (say two religions/castes/societies or interest groups or even two lifestyles of material and spiritual approach). They can’t ignore one side or even bias towards one side. It is a tight rope walk. Emotional intelligence if of high order and so is desire for publicity which can make them a bit populist. However, the date of 11 does not allow too many people to get close (11: Two Suns!) like the date of 29 which avoids blunders in decision making when at an important cross-road in their life.

August 12th

The emotional, sensitive, caring nature of Moon ruled Cancer Sun Sign meets with depth, thought leadership of Jupiter ruled date of 12 (3)! Jupiter makes sure their emotions are invested in deserving things & they are not taken advantage off by some manipulative folks. This date shows desire for individual achievement which could be labeled as “self centered” also by some. This date shows fiercely competitive students that fight with teachers for half a ‘mark’! It is difficult for them to praise others as either their standards are high or they see others as their competitors. J It also exhibits intellectual arrogance from time to time but it is subdued by the underlying emotional intelligence. Their memory is very strong second to only Taurus Sun folks. They manage seniors and juniors very well but find it difficult to maintain relationship with colleagues. They are best suited for academic field and excel in training related career.

August 13th

This is the date of unorthodox, status quo challenging change agents! This date brings a very vibrant and somewhat absent minded genius who tend to be weird (for others) at times. They are emotional, sensitive & caring due to underlying Moon ruled Cancer Sun but Uranus in 13 brings a lot of panache. Their “change agent” attitude is better received than Gemini Sun folks due to their people orientation, sensitivity to other folks. People are fond of their quirkiness and often praise it. Change is the necessary part of nature and these (4, 13, 22, 31) are the folks that are best magnetic channel for souls that want to bring it. As 1 (self) comes before (3: thought leadership & personal achievements), this date shows some ego issues from time to time. They can do wonders if they understand the difference between ego & self esteem.

August 14th

By this date, Sun is in the last degrees or last Navamansh of Cancer Sign. This indicates some health issues to father and also some karmic history related to lungs. This date is ruled by Moon ruled Cancer Sun and Mercury ruled date of 14 (5). These folks certainly have a very sensitive, emotional and caring side to their personality which gets playfulness too due to Mercury. The Birth-date of 14 ensures very good ability to articulate and express thoughts. It also gives the person ability to be natural traders; they have an ability to sport supply chain demand gaps in surroundings and fulfill them for the benefit of all folks involved. This date does show some karmic burden towards either father or mom’s siblings. It is advised to be in touch & aware of their needs. This date is a rare combination of emotional intelligence and street smart approach.

August 15th

A very harmonious and a lucky date due to Venus ruled magical date of 15! The date of 15 shows great karma of past multiple lives that ensures a great quality of life in this birth. These folks have a very well balanced nature and emotional intelligence. They hardly have any rough edge to their personality. Yes, Sun in the last few degrees of Cancer Sign shows some health issues with father and also lungs related issues but the date of 15 balances them quite a bit. Combination of Moon ruled Cancer Sun and Venus dominated date shows success in art, music or any creative field (advertising, media etc). To rich great heights only advice is to stay away from affairs and also alcohol as much as possible! J Excess of materialism & worldly pleasures can degrade their achievements and afflict their good fortune ensured by the great pas karma!

August 16th

Sun is either in the last degree of Cancer (rashi-gandaant) or in the 1st degree of the Leo sign on this date which can have a vastly different approach in life! Leo shows an extrovert, warm, Sunny nature who likes to order around people whereas Cancer Sun indicates emotional, sensitive and caring person. Leo shows flowing hair especially on the neck and somewhat arrow-like eye-brows. Neptune Ruled date of 16 shows a very good 6th sense and ability to read minds / thoughts of others. They can read undercurrents of situations very quickly. Neptune also adds innovative approach towards doing things. Regardless of Cancer or Leo Sun, this date does show something very substantial about father. Cancer shows some lungs issues and Leo Sun shows a strong father (usually in administrative services) with something related to heart or spine. Regardless a highly interesting date for astrologers!

August 17th

This birth-date has a conflict due to extrovert, sunny, warm hearted Leo Sun combined with conservative & introvert side of Saturn! This becomes a very tough combination to not only self but more so for the folks surrounding them! You have a very extrovert, outgoing and BOLD nature of Leo Sun coupled with very serious and policing/auditing sort of an attitude of Shani. God bless the daughter-in-laws if they have mother-in law born on August 17th or Aug 26th! J Pay me some respect Leo attitude suddenly becomes bean-counter approach which could be very puzzling to others. There is a desire to command and order people around and do things to fulfill own EGO but at the same time close scrutiny could make things very difficult for these people! This is a conflict in the personality for sure and they are probably the most difficult reporting officers or seniors for their subordinates to deal with!

August 18th

First of Fury! J Already an extrovert, outgoing & bold Leo Sun meets with aggression & drive of Mars ruled date of 18 (18: 9)! The date of 18 puts a solid bite in otherwise “only roar” nature of the Leo Sun. Leo’s roar is worse than their bite -- not for this Leo! These folks can carry “khandani dushmani” (quarrels) for year or rather generations! Sports or Gym is a must for them which keep their anger, ego, aggression channeled to good things. They are highly disciplined but Mars’ drive could falter them to go to extremes. They have a very strong ego and sense of territory. They are very uncomfortable in the company of complete strangers and also new/unknown places. There is something prominent about their nose. They give & expect ample respect to any person regardless of their social status. The worst thing you could do is ignore or disrespect them! :)

August 19th

The ROYAL Leo Sun meets with an equally royal birth-date of 19. A highly lucky date – the date of rulers! Combination of 1 and 9 is quite harmonious & powerful. They are self-sufficient and supremely confident. They build their own kingdoms or sphere of influence quite quickly. Leos are highly territorial and uncomfortable with strangers and new places – The date of 19 only adds to this! J These folks are simply brilliant and exude an aura around them. Mere mortals tend to give respect to these folks without knowing. A very warm hearted & sunny nature which also makes them the best hosts around. Any administrative tasks where they need to form their own team with different roles/responsibilities is a great fit for them. This Sun Sign Leo date of 19 has “Main Hoon Na” effect and even if with some of the worst planetary formations in horoscope, they are quite successful.

August 20th

The extrovert, royal, warm/sunny nature of Leo Sun is supplemented by a good dose of emotional intelligence due to the moon dominated date of 20 (2). They also have a desire for popularity are quite image conscious. An administrative job with a lot of people contact is an ideal job. The 0 in 20 adds a lot of philosophical baggage to the date. They have a great positive ego and they do like attention & respect. Pay respect to them and they are as docile as a Lion could be! This 20 dominated Leo likes group activities quite a bit; their presence makes any team building or a group activity a great event. Their Leo creativity, originality and inspirational approach makes them idea for say Event Coordinator kind of a career. They are not the best people to run a business alone as they are careless with wealth/money; they share wealth with others.

August 21st
A very lucky date which has all the inspiration, creativity, originality and positivity of Leo Sun coupled with the
thought leadership of Jupiter ruled date of 21 (3). 21 is a date of karmic reward and a soul takes or is allowed to take birth on this date due to good karma is multiple births. This date shows more importance to others (2) than self (1). This means they do have a great ego & self esteem of Leo Sun but it does not affect their individual achievements. They have enough flexibility despite the stubborn and fixed Sun Sign of Leo. They will not be in people contact like 20 borns for the sake of people contact; it will be carefully chosen subconsciously to meet their goals & objectives. These folks are highly successful with their administrative ability and also pioneer instincts.They do like flattery but you can’t take advantage of them by flattery!

August 22nd
A fixed, stubborn fire sign of Leo meets with a “change agent” Uranus dominated date of 22. 22 is a master number which means these folks are guided by an inner voice and instinctively know what they need to do. They need to trust their instincts and administer a change in course of events in their own or an organization’s (or even society’s) life. They are progressive and forward looking. Leo Sun ensures superb administrative and pioneer ability. They do tend to start something new, often which is challenging the old outdated customs. Love of latest electronic gadgets is there for everybody to see! They can be often seen in a hurry which upsets the establishment which tends to oppose these folks. Formal “change management” training – managing all stakeholders of a change takes them a long way! They also need to understand that order in chaos should be maintained!

August 23rd
23 is a lucky date of karmic reward, result of great past karma of past birth(s). Leo Sun gives a bold, extrovert attitude which is full of originality. You can see flairs of inspiration & creativity from them from time to time. Leo sun also makes them great host. The date of 23 ruled by Mercury gives them very good ability to articulate & express. They are always thinking about how would they talk/write in certain situations and take great pride in the phrases they coin. This Mercury ruled date also has great ability of trading. They know the gaps of supply & demand in the society and easily fulfill them. They have a natural knack of connecting these dots in their sphere of influence. Like all Leo Sun folks they try to form their own sphere of influence & their own group. Respect them and they will give you everything, disrespect them and God help you!

August 24th
This date is decency & respect personified. The date of warm, extrovert, Sunny & bold Leo Sun meets with mild mannered, artistic date of Venus ruled date of 24. 24 is supposed to be the luckiest of all dates which is a karmic reward of unpaid great deeds of past birth(s). Venus ruled date, takes some bite & roar out of this Lion! Still,this Lion expects loyalty & respect from their surroundings. They tend to be uncomfortable with new places &need some mediators to get past the first phase of uneasiness. Leo’s brilliance, inspiration & creativity is well supplemented by the Venus’ artistic approach. Expertise in multiple things like painting, music, acting is very likely There is a desire for high class or rather high quality life style. They have an inborn respect for others and expect the same. Only advice would be stay away from affairs that could completely derail their life.

August 25th
The date of Neptune (7: 25) shows an imaginative & innovative approach. Once can see the inspirational,
creative and original Leo Sun clearly but this Neptune ruled date does lower the frequency of the roar of Leo Sun somewhat. They do have a spiritual side and the 6th sense under that extrovert Leo Sun. They are natural at people leadership due to inborn emotional intelligence and ability to read minds. They are good at observing & implementing discipline. Although they are full of life & energy, this date does show some detachment from time to time. Needless to say that they are great hosts & like to have folks over at their place. The warm and sunny nature of Leo Sun only gets additional kindness due to the Neptune factor. You can see them doing social service and also participating in NGOs etc.

August 26th
The brilliance, warm & extrovert nature of Leo Sun meets with conservative approach of Saturn ruled date of 26 (8). This is a tough combination for both the person and people interacting with them. There is some conflict of big-bang approach of Sun dominated Leo Sign and Step-by-step conservative approach of Saturn. This date also shows some karmic burden especially with relationships or partnerships. It is advised to be careful with relationships in early age. This date brings ability of audit, policing to this otherwise free-flow, inspirational & creative Leo Sun. Leo Sun provides them with great administrative skills to become head of an institution & Saturn provides attention to details. These folks could become tough tasks masters & also micro-managers! At workplace or even say college/schools, their subordinates could find it difficult to adjust to their two conflicting sides of personality.

August 27th
A very harmonious date of Leo ruled Sun and Mars ruled date of 27 (9). This dates brings physical activities (sports,gym etc) to Leo Sun’s brilliance, extrovert and inspirational approach. The great potential of Leo gets energy of Mars to achieve success in anything they do. 27 is the luckiest of “9” dates (9, 18, 27) it does show less of the rough edge shown by 18 and 9 from time to time. RESPECT is very important for these folks. There is an all-round positivity and optimism to this date which is quite contagious. Friend circle is a VERY important aspect of their life.Although, there is tact & diplomacy in their approach and respect for others is obvious to see, they can’t tolerate injustice! Injustice can make them go from a docile cat to a roaring lion within seconds. This is a very good date for career in sports & engineering sector.

August 28th
This date is of a double impact due to Sun in Leo sign which is owned by Sun itself coupled with the Sun dominated date of 28 (1). This mean these folks are brilliance personified. They are extrovert & big hearted and come up with bouts of inspirational moves from time to time. They are pioneer and entrepreneurs at heart. These folks manage both classes/colleagues (2) and masses/workers (8) well. There is a tendency to patronize folks around.Their colleagues sometimes tend to do things to help which end up hurting despite good intentions. A very good date for products for masses. There is something about mass production and the date of 28. These folks are great administrators and have a very progressive approach. Their optimism and positivity is highly contagious. They tend to over work which could cause spine/back and heart related issues. Fast food is a big NO for this date.

August 29th
The Leo Sun’s warm sunny and extrovert nature gets some dose of emotions due to Moon dominated date of 29.Moon brings some docile, soft approach to this otherwise strong, bold and stubborn Leo Sun. The date of 29 is a master number (adds to 11) which means they do have inner wisdom and instinctively know what they need to do. Only advice is to watch while doing some unlawful things for friends which can get them in trouble. This date shows a deep desire for a big friend circle and people contact. They are natural at people connect and people leadership. They find life a lot more meaningful if they get to do people connect. Leo’s ability to create their own network or sphere of influence along with 29 date is a perfect combination for a sales related career. Any career with a lot of people connect can make them successful.

August 30th
The date of 30 shows wisdom and intellect carried from the past birth(s). It shows maturity which at times borders on inaction or loneliness. This date obviously brings some balance to otherwise extrovert, egotist, bold nature of Leo Sun. This date shows connection with academics. The best date for higher positions in education institutes.The date of 30 brings a lot more depth to the inspirational, entrepreneur ability of Leo Sun. Although good administrators and people leaders they are not as outgoing/approachable at other Leo Sun folks. The date ruled by Jupiter brings thought leadership more than people leadership. This date also shows more importance to personal achievements and accolades than say group or team activities. They build their own sphere of influence which matches their intellectual level and also their thrust for knowledge. Books are their best friends!

August 31st
The inspirational, bold, extrovert approach of Leo Sun meets with unorthodox & ‘change agent’ approach
of Uranus ruled date of 31 (4). The date of 31 is the luckiest of all 4 (4, 13, 22, 31) dates. It shows individual achievements and thought leadership (3) given more importance than ego or self (1). This date shows a personality type that wants to change the path of the family, modernize it by say 30/40 years. Connection with modern science or technology almost a given. This date also shows Sun in “Vargottam Navamansh” in Leo Sign (middle of the Leo sign) which means they are methodical & exhibit all quintessential Leo characteristics. They tend to build their own sphere of influence and have a great positive ego. Uranus does bring some absent minded genius to this date which also makes them appear to other as quirky.

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