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Rahu -Ketu Part 2

(1) KETU -- "Kujawat Ketu" i.e. Mars like Ketu is written in Sanskrit granth which again shows that everything written in Sanskrit need not be taken as God's word! :) Mediocre or pretty much wrong stuff could have also been written in Sanskrit as it would seem from this!
(2) KETU is NOTHING like Mars.
(3) Only similarity is 7 years of Winshottari mahadasha length -- and only length!
(4) Ketu is about spirituality, cool temperament, sukoon, mental peace & Godly messages in its best forms and Ketu is about pessimism, too much affliction and too much self control or inaction, lack of energy etc in its negative form.
(5) We mere mortals are in between somewhere! Saints and great souls belong to the 1st category.
(6) Ketu is of course great or "belongs" in Moksha Trikon ( 4 8 12 houses) and also Dharma-Trikon like 1 5 9 houses. BUT ----
(7) Ketu also shows maternal family and especially Maternal Grandfather/mother.
(8) So Ketu in Artha-trikon (2 6 10) shows more practical & economics/money-minded / oriented Maternal family and Rahu in 2 6 10 shows such paternal family. So Ketu need not be only considered only from one such angle but it has several layers of analysis.
Ketu when close to some planets certainly shows maternal family DNA repeating for what that planets shows in your horoscope! Ketu close to ascendant degree shows great maternal family influence or rather rebirth from the maternal family. The drushti on Ketu shows how maternal family is placed and also the OWNER of Ketu’s house is of ultra importance as it again shows the direction of maternal DNA where/how the owner is placed! A soul chooses or forced to chose two families and mom and dad as per its karmic history and as you can see – 100% match is just almost impossible to find in this world? Somewhere there will be some mismatches between the karmic history and the horoscope which is reflected in a grahayog which is off in degrees or is far away from ascendant or moon degree!
So to answer KETU is to answer questions about Maternal family – better and well placed and good deeds from maternal family, better ketu position in the horoscope and amazing Ketu antardasha and mahadasha. My maternal grandfather (& grandmother also) was a school teacher in Chalisgaon and BOTH had tremendous good-will there! So much so that when an immigration officer saw Chalisgaon as my birth-place, he asked me how I was related – he was stunned to know “Vaidya Sir” naatu and made sure I was escorted out without many checks to the outside gates with full support etc! They taught generations and that times teaching was not commercial at all – there was a GREAT respect for teachers and especially my grandparents. My EVERY Ketu maha or antardasha brings me blessings, tremendous blessings and some great positions and some great colleagues who do some good work for/with me! My maternal grandfather was STRONG in sports and an athelete – My Ketu in Vrishabh in Mrig nakshatra (Dhoni has Mangal in this degree so is Sunil G). Amazing fact that he was Vrishabh rashi!!! My Shukra is VERY well placed in 4th house and is with Guru which means maternal grandfather was a gem of a person and GREAT AT HEART!! (4th house inner peace and anta:karan!)
So KETU – needs to be analyzed from all these angles from spiritual, pessimistic karakatva to maternal family status and karma too.
(P.S. Ketu also shows possibility of cancerous stuff or stuff that gets spoiled whereas Rahu shows anger agitation and stuff that boils! So Ketu’s nakshatra and Rahu Ketu and wakri planets in Ketu nakshatra or close to Ketu nakshatra does show some cancer related history in either paternal or maternal family!)

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