Published on Thursday, 18 October 2012




Oct 1st


The date of 1 ruled by Sun shows brilliance of some sorts, an ability to pioneer or start something and of all things, originality! There is a tendency to chose their own path & build their own sphere of influence. They do not like to follow someone for a long time. The date of 1 is a mandate to start something new which nobody in the family did before. It also shows building a platform on which others (relatives, friends or even employees) can thrive on. This date is not a compound number like other Sun ruled dates of 10, 19, 28 which shows that the brilliance of Sun is unadulterated in this date! It is absolutely not advised to curb their ego/self esteem or positive thought process. Virgo Sun of course shows a highly analytical mind and number crunching ability. It also shows love for being organized and cleanliness at work and home. Mercury ruled Virgo Sun needs to express in some form; however 1 makes it to express with a limited circle of immediate influence. Virgo plus Sun in Oct 1 could make the person a bit unfriendly or un-approachable compared to say Oct 2 folks. Any career that is in service sector and allows freedom take their own decisions and expansion it great for these folks. They respect authority but do not necessarily like them. Their independence of though and action is important and should be given to them in order to get maximum results.

Oct 2nd

The date of 2 ruled by Moon shows a child like emotions hidden in beneath regardless of their age. This allows them to be very popular with younger generations. This birth-date shows that the soul has a great desire of people connect and even popularity. There are mood swings, emotional flairs and a highly sensitive nature which is susceptible to their surroundings. There is a very good understanding or rather intuition of human behavior and especially emotional reaction of people to changes. Virgo Sun brings highly analytical ability to the table. They also are cleanliness freak and they are highly organized to the last minute details in their life! I guess “Monika Geller” Character from “Friends” must be Virgo moon or Sun! J This Virgo Sun also shows caring, worrying or rather motherly attitude and the date of 2 only adds to it. These folks are a bit too emotional and sensitive in early years. Events of childhood have a very long lasting psychological impact on them than say 1 or 9 born folks. Moon ruled folks often rediscover them after they have found their own friend circle. 2 born are about social / people connect and friend circle has a special place in their heart. 9, 18, 27 born are their natural friends followed by 7, 16, 25 borns.

Oct 3rd

The analytical, shy, worrying but good at expression nature of Virgo Sun meets with depth, thought leadership & individual achievement orientation of the date 3. This combination of Mercury ruled Sun Sign of Virgo and Jupiter ruled date of 3 makes these people great at academics or education field. They have a great importance to their own individual achievement than say the size of their friend circle or group achievements! Mercury shows basic intellect about reading/linguistic, listening skills whereas Jupiter brings in big picture, wide horizon, and broad application of theory. Of course basic intellect is a must in order Jupiter to achiever broad thought leadership. The pure date of 3 at times shows some opportunistic streak at times as more focus is for personal achievements. It is very difficult for them to praise others as either they see them as competitors or their standards are higher (or both!). A career in academic field is perfect for these folks as both Mercury and Jupiter point in that direction! Strong Mercury in the horoscope will pull towards primary education and strong Jupiter towards graduation or post graduation! There is a great ability to make order out of a chaos which should be used to make a difference at work-place! Overall a lucky date without much of a karmic baggage! 

Oct 4th

Strictly analytical approach of Virgo Sun gets some much needed un-orthodox side of the date ruled by absent minded genius of Uranus. The date of 4 is a pure 4 without compound number effects of 13, 22 or 31. This date does show some karmic burden which soul wants to pay off in this life. Like any 4 born folks (4, 13, 22, 31) these folks are “change agents” and unorthodox in their approach. They try to change the course of the family, society or even a nation by removing outdated customs and changing / adding relevant ones! Of course, they are not liked by the establishment as they are seen as a threat! However, the analytical ability of Virgo and also somewhat shy nature helps these people with change management. They are not as drastic as say 4th /13th May born folks. There is some methodical & analytical approach which helps them plan the changes properly! These folks are natural at any service sector. Their subtle humor is legendary and they can imitate people around very well. Although they come across as bit absent minded at times, they have a very good wit that can be employed anytime they want! Love for latest electronic gadgets is almost a must for this date! You would see them changing their mobiles very often! 

Oct 5th

A very harmonious date due to Mercury owned Virgo Sun and Mercury ruled date of 5. This means these folks are very good at articulation, expression, basic language and reading/active listening skills. They are likely to have a good alert nervous system. Mercury domination shows ability to always connect with younger folks. They are look younger than they actually are. Needless to say this is a very good date media career say achor for an entertainment channel or for a job related to press/daily etc. They are all rounders; it is unlikely for them to go into depth of only one subject only. Rather, they would get involved in most aspects of their surroundings / jobs / workplace. Like a lyricist also suggesting locations for shooting or say color coding for the song etc. Short writing or even serial/movie dialog writing should come naturally to them. They have very acute sense of humor as they can mimic folks, use situational comedy and also play with words to create a great impact. A very good birth-date for a stand-up comedian! Due to heavy Mercury influence there is also trading ability; spot supply and demand gaps and fulfill them by making it a win win for all parties.

Oct 6th

A lucky date due to Venus ruled date of 6. This date shows a balanced and tasteful approach towards life. These folks are well mannered without much rough edge to their personality. There is a desire for good life or high class life. Mercury ruled Virgo Sun and Venus ruled date does make it a very good channel for a soul to fulfill artistic desires. Folks like Vinod Khanna, Dr. Salil Kulkarni (Marathi composer, Singer) are good quick well known examples. However, this Venus influence could make them a bit less aggressive or less ambitious at times and stop them from achieving their best. Some aggression from time to time could make wonders for them! Virgo Sun does show a very good sense of humor and ability to mimic folks very easily. It also shows very good articulation and use of proper words to express themselves. They are well aware of their intrinsic value both in a tangible and non-tangible way. Apart from their main profession they would certainly have some creative aspects to their personal life. Routine can bore them and they would like to explore new things from time to time. Mostly a lucky date, only advice would be to stay away from affairs which would derail a very good life. 

Oct 7th

A highly articulate and calculative date of Virgo Sun meets with Neptune ruled date of 7 which is imaginative, sensing, and perceptive with a gift of the 6th sense. Neptune can listen/tune to unstated/unexpressed feelings deep within, whereas, Mercury ruled Virgo Sun wants everything articulated and expressed to the last word! So there is some conflict but Mercury and Neptune are not enemies! They can coexist in most situations. Rather one could argue that EARTH element in Virgo Sun is a much better fit for deep Neptunian water creativity than say Mercury ruled Gemini Sun (say July 7th!). Earth and water and friends and this bodes well for these folks. These folks bring in innovation to the table which oftentimes is not very well quantified! These folks would do well not to curb this innovation and use their Virgo practicality and analytical ability to take it forward. A creative job which requires expression but also some people connect is best suited for them. Neptune equips them very well to deal with people as date of 7 has some qualities from both Moon ruled (2 11 20 29) and Mars ruled dates (9 18 27). Virgo Sun allows these Neptune folks to be more decisive than they usually are. Overall, a date of some retrospection & spiritual approach but mostly a practical and successful one. 

Oct 8th

The date of 8 is ruled by Saturn. This shows these people have a very good ability to ‘audit” or review or criticize! These folks like step by step growth and not a big bang approach which is seen in Oct 19 or Oct 28 born folks. They take one thing at a time and are very detail oriented. Yes, this date does show some karmic burden that the soul wants to pay back in this life. This date of Saturn along with Mercury ruled Virgo Sun can make them some of the best Chartered Accountants! J If not CAs, they could become Process Auditors in IT Companies! Not a bad date to become lawyer too! This Mercury and Saturn combination is also good in media business where the person needs to verify the information coming from various sources and ensure validity and truth behind the reporting (again – Audit!). They are natural at investigation and publishing detailed white papers with all facts and figures. There is some self control and restraint in their approach as Saturn likes to remove any extravagance or excess stuff in the environment. They are cleanliness freaks! Saturn only adds to this Virgo Sun phobia of cleanliness! They are ultra organization and could be termed by folks around as “Khadus!” J

Oct 9th

The date of aggressive Mars (9) meets with analytical, calculative & expressive Mercury ruled Virgo Sun. The result is a person with some anger and agitation from time to time which stems mostly from debates, arguments and thought process more than downright physical fights! These folks tend to be hasty when they think they are correct! The ability & tendency to debate of Mercury goes for a toss from time to time due to this Marsian temper & haste! This is a good date for sports, gym activities or rather it is much needed! Such physical activities make them a better person in everything they do as it drains out the internal energy or anger which otherwise could be unleashed in wrong places like home &  workplace. Due to combination of Mercury and Mars this date is very good for engineering service sector. Mathematics comes naturally to them. Friends have a special place in their life as any 9 18 27 born person. There is some land related angle to this date due to Earth dominated Sun Sign of Virgo and Mars ruled date which is governor of land (“bhoomikarak”). It also shows definite past karma with siblings too! Siblings & friends do occupy quite a bit of mind space for them! Team activities, group activities are made for them, they simply love such occasions! 

Oct 10th

The date ruled by Sun (10:1) shows some individual brilliance and ability which is not dependent on existence or support of others. These folks have an entrepreneur or pioneer ability. They start something new which nobody in the family did. They build a platform on which next generation of the family can thrive on. These folks tend to be more aloof than other 1 born folks (1, 19, 28). They have some wisdom, maturity from past birth which is reflected in 0 in the date 10. This 0 makes them suddenly mature or calm etc after early years when they are more like 1 or 28 born folks. They want to build their own sphere of influence and usually do not go to new places outside their sphere of influence. Mercury ruled Virgo Sun does vibrate well with the date of Sun! This Sun plus Mercury effect makes them good channel to propagate ideas to masses. Oftentimes, they form an advertising company or be an influential part of it.  There is a good sense of presenting ideas and also articulation, positioning required for that! They do get inspirational ideas often which they should use to the fullest extent before the ‘0’ in 10 makes them a bit lethargic! J The 10th and 11th Oct shows Sun in “Leo Navamansh” in Virgo Sign, which means their father usually is a prominent figure. 

Oct 11th

The date of 11 shows a soul’s desire for popularity. It is a master numbers which means they have some psychic abilities and they are driven by their higher self without need for an advice from others! The date shows needs to balance two very different things in life. It is an obligation tat the soul has! They can never align to one side completely else they face big setbacks! These “two things” could be two people two concepts, two nations, communities, castes or religion! The 11 stays away from the traps that 29 (29 is also 11) falls from time to time. They usually get good visibility or popularity eventually within their sphere of influence. The Moon ruled date shows good emotional intelligence. It also shows an emotional nature and mood swings from time to time, especially in early years. Start of the adult life makes them lot more stubborn and immune to surroundings as “two Suns” in 11 start ruling them than the cohesive effect of them as 2 (1+1). Virgo Sun shows very good articulation and expression ability and good command over language. Virgo Sun brings good calculative, compromising nature, diplomatic ability to this otherwise emotional but stiff date of 11. It also shows a trading ability to spot supply & demand gaps in society and connect those dots to create win-win situations for all parties. The 10th and 11th Oct shows Sun in “Leo Navamansh” in Virgo Sign, which means their father usually is a prominent figure. 

Oct 12th

This is a very good date for education sector. The date of 12 shows more importance to self (1) than others (2). It shows that typical master-disciple relationship which is best suited where such kind of relationship is clearly defined in the of education sector with professor student or principal professors relationship. Of course, Jupiter ruled date (12:3) has thought leadership and depth in addition to practical, street smart Virgo Sun shown by the date. Virgo Sun’s desire for cleanliness, being organized, good oratory and overall expression skills gets elevated to a broad level due to Jupiter ruled date. Their approach towards anything is quite comprehensive. It is very difficult for this folks to praise others; it is mostly due to their high standards but at times due to sense of competition. These folks can manager seniors and juniors very well but it is colleagues they really struggle with. They are fiercely competitive and like the environment which has some “tests” or “standards” against which all folks are frequently compared with! They thrive on such competition which is their strength and also a weakness as they are not particularly interested in team goals or objectives! They are never against the greater goodness and goals, it is just that they like to distinguish from others than to be identified as part of a group like 2, 11, 20, 29 born folks! 

Oct 13th

Otherwise organized, cleanliness freak, practical/pragmatic, compromising seeking attitude of Virgo Sun is met with absent minded genius, quirkiness or sometime unorthodox weirdness of Uranus ruled date of 13 (13:4). Virgo Sun like to serve and Uranus wants to bring in change. This date then becomes a very good one for bring changes in service sectors! As 1 comes before 3 in this date, the changes are related administration and governance and hierarchy (1) more than say thought leadership or methodology change (3). The date of 13 brings a lot of panache with some lateral/out-of-the-box thinking to this otherwise highly analytical or logical thinking of Virgo Sun. This date does show some karmic burden and some attitude issues which gives more importance to self (1) than achievements (3). The ego could stop them achieving up-to their potential. If they distinguish between self esteem and ego, then can go places! However, the brilliance of Sun which tends to be aloof & arrogant at the same time when in excess makes surroundings weary of them. Establishment sees them as direct threat or enemy! However, Virgo Sun does shows pragmatic approach and compromising attitude which helps them get back in the main-stream. If they spend some time on “methodical change management” with taking care of all stakeholders, they can achieve true success. 

Oct 14th

This is a very harmonious date despite some karmic issues associated with this date. The date of 14 is ruled by Mercury (5) and so is Virgo Sun which is shown by this date. Also, Sun enters the last “navamansh” on Virgo which is “Vargottam” (i.e. Virgo Sun in Virgo Navamansh). It means expression comes to these folks naturally and there are multiple abilities and an all-rounder approach in life. There are a lot of interests and expertise from the past life which are carried over this life for leverage! A career in media is the best choice for this date. However, Sun in a ‘Chitra’ constellation which is owned by Mars also makes a engineering or sports career a great option is Mars is strongly placed in the horoscope! There is some connection with land, engineering sector for this date due to Sun’s stay in ‘Chitra’ constellation. The date of 14 shows a magical ability to communicate/articulate & impress people through channels of mass-media (paper, audio/video etc). There is a great ability to trade stuff as they have an eye to catch supply & demand gaps in surroundings! They fulfill these gaps and create win-win situation for supply and demand both sides and benefitting personally in the process! J Great date for Auto brokers/dealership etc due to this Mercury trading ability and Mars owned constellation connection! 

Oct 15th

An ultra lucky date which is called even as a “magical” one! This date becomes lot more lucky due to Sun being in the last degrees of Virgo Sign (“Vargottam Navamansh”) which shows multiple interests and good karma from past life. These multiple interests could be oratory skills, expression or some form of art. As Sun is in a very vibrant constellation of ‘Chitra” owned by Mars, this date also shows connections with land, sports, siblings and also some sort of aggression too. However, there is a decency in this date which comes from Venus ruled date of 15 (6). This date shows a lazy good mannered and a constructive person. Virgo Sun shows a very organized person with a logical / analytical mind. There is a flair for some vanity but remains mostly tasteful. These folks are advised to stay away from affairs which could put a blot on their otherwise wonderful life. There is a desire for good, tasteful life which borders on materialism somewhat. Mercury ruled Virgo Sun & Venus ruled date of 15 shows a harmonious combination which gets a lot of energy due to Mars’ ruled constellation. Of course, this energy is used mostly for the sectors ruled by Mercury (expression, drama, media, basic intellect) & Venus (art, music, movies etc). It takes a very harsh planetary formation to pull down this person; even then, there are various things to look up to for these folks!

Oct 16th

Sun is in the last degree of Virgo (“Vargottam Navamansh”) which means this date shows great all rounder personality with multiple interests and some artistic pursuits. It is a very good date for any kind of expression through written or spoken words. The date 16 (7) is ruled by Neptune which means an imaginative, innovative and also sensitive mind. They have a very acute 6th sense and an antenna that can catch or can decipher unspoken or unexpressed “signals” from people or even situations or places they go to. This sense when highly evolved and trained could be also called as some sort of intuition about people or places or situations! Like 2 born folks (2 11 20 29) these folks are also good at emotional intelligence and hence people management. Neptunian thoughts travel at the speed of light but might not be backed by actions! J There is some karmic burden with this date which soul wants to pay off. There is often a tendency to leave the place after reaching right at the top! This could be harming self interests to pursue something at the bottom when they are at certain stage in some other stream. But hard work and perseverance can make these changes successful. Here, Sun sign being “Earth element” (Virgo) helps quite a bit to stay grounded. Virgo Sun does ensure a pragmatic & no nonsense approach which takes care of some of the ill traits of the date 16. 

Oct 17th

Sun crosses over from Virgo to Libra sometime on 17th early morning (Indian Standard Time). Regardless if last part of Virgo or 1st degree of Libra, this sector of “Chitra” constellation shows some great luck or great karmic history in some regard of past life. In Virgo, it is expressive and in Libra it is more action / work originated and less expressive. The date of 17 ruled by Saturn does show some karmic burden that soul wants to or is forced to pay off in this life. However, this date also shows desire to leave a legacy or say “name” well after they are gone. Like 8, 26 born folks, life after age of 30 is much better as life until 30 is mostly an investment. 17 born folks like 8 and 26 born, could be perceived as “khadus” or conservative and serious with a great emphasis on number crunching. They are more factual & material than most folks around. Every hunch of perception they get, they will certainly try to back it up by data or facts. Naturally, this date is very good in auditing & compliance. As Virgo and Libra signs tend to be creative and expressive, this auditing/policing could be in creative fields like process compliance auditor in IT Industry or say film critique & so on. As Sun is in constellation owned by Mars, there is some karmic connection with aggression, land, sports and siblings for sure. 

Oct 18th

Sun in the first few degrees of Libra (“Vargottam Navamansh”) shows a good luck. They are blessed in some area of life and mostly creative one! There Libra Sun bestows balanced, charming and a lazy mannered personality to these folks. These folks always want to work on something and would not be seen resting for a long time although Libra likes to frequent breaks. This is a “moving” sign and do not spend too much time at one place! Money is more important than position or power for these folks. Everybody likes their company due to charming nature and always smiling face. These people are always “good to have around”. They bring in a lot of balance, common sense and usually very good intentions and can-do attitude to the table. The date of 18 does add some spunk and aggression & activates the Marsian side of Sun in Mars ruled constellation of “Chitra”. There are some real bitter quarrels which is a trademark of number 18! There is some karmic burden in the form of some accident or from a weapon (fist fights!) to the date of 18 but the intensity is reduced quite a bit due to Libra Sun! Connection with some engineering production house, sports equipment or land is quite likely. Siblings & friends carry a special place in their heart.

 Oct 19th

This is a majestic and a lucky date for sure. The date of rulers! It is a very harmonious date due to Sun(1) and Mars (9) combination which means potential & brilliance of Sun gets the drive and energy,propagation of Mars to take it to constructive ventures. These people tend to be mostly aloof and difficult for them to work under someone or take orders. Self respect bordering on ego is always there! Of course,Libra Sun reduces some of the harshness or aloofness out of this date. Libra Sun adds balance, mild mannered nature to this tough date. Libra Sun also shows some artistic approach and desires. 19 with Libra Sun makes it is a great date to pioneer some things in creative fields. Starting something new and launching new ideas is the thing for 19 and Libra Sun shows the direction or areas of application. These folks are mostly successful and also create a new platform for new generations to thrive on. They tend to build their own circle or sphere of influence with specific roles for everybody around them. Only downside could be not recruiting or including someone who is better in some respect than self. This might affect their expansion plans in future and limit their growth. These folks should be all rounder and should not shy away from hiring someone who is better than then in some areas of work!


Oct 20th

The date of 20 shows a dreamy nature in childhood, lost in own thoughts, own world. These folks are like pure 2 in their childhood which means emotional, mood swings, friendly and mutable. However, sometime in their teens they develop sudden maturity! It could be also called as some philosophical approach or even baggage! Mother is the most important aspect of their life as any 2 born (2, 11, 20 29) person! There is a special bond they share with their mom. The date does show some karmic burden thought and many times it also could show some health issues to mom or 1 of the sisters. Horoscope detailing would show the intensity or extent of these issues though! Libra Sun in this date shows a very balanced personality without any extreme or politically incorrect opinions. Libra Sun makes the person active and always moving/working despite Libra’s lazy mannered nature and habit f taking frequent breaks from work! This cardinal sign or “Char” rashi (as in “Charachar Srishti”) shows tremendous ability of hard-work and continuously keep working. It is hard to keep them in same place for a long time. Movement is their basic nature. Libra will value money a lot more than power that stability gives! Libra’s fond or love of money or simply ‘gains’ is reflected in the Leo sign (sign of Love) being 11th to them (11 is house of gains, cash flow etc).


Oct 21st

One of the luckiest dates after say 24 and 23. This date shows importance to individual achievements and thought leadership displayed by date of 3 ruled by Jupiter. However, this date also shows importance to 2 (others) before self/ego (1). This takes them far compared to 12 borns and 30 borns. 21s are friendly but their friend circle is direct influence of their person goals and objectives and not just friendship for the sake of it without any motives like 2, 11, 20, 29 born folks. All contacts that 21 has are all useful for them in some or other regard. The soul wants to achieve individually, differentiate from others but also through achieve through others. It is difficult for them to praise others as they see them as competitors or may be their standards are very high (for others that is!) The date of 21 shows expansion & optimism and they take ahead the base created by their family/parents. They are usually born in the families where there are more 2 dominated folks who have lot of contacts but don’t use them for anything personal! Libra Sun obviously adds to the charm of date 21 and makes this date further lucky. It reduces the hard core Jupiter ruled thought leadership and brings in some balance, artistic approach and love of good things in life. Jupiter would ignore such luxuries in life that Libra Sun desires! Libra does bring in some artistic approach & interests to otherwise date of ‘depth’ of Jupiter.



Oct 22nd

The date of 22 is a master number which means they are largely driven by their higher self and instincts.The date is ruled by Uranus which means these folks are unorthodox, unconventional and modern. Their mandate is to change the course of their conservative or downright backward environment (family, society etc) forward towards modernity. These folks are supposed to get rid of age old traditions that have lost their sense of purpose and not relevant in today’s world. In a ways their mandate is to take matters at least 40/50 years ahead for their surroundings. Love for latest electronic gadgets is almost a given and so is use of modern technology in anything they do. Libra Sun ensures a flair for art, music and a desire for a high quality life. Libra Sun also takes out any rough edge that these “change agent” folks have. Libra allows them to take middle of the road approach which helps with change implementation. Libra Sun also shows hardworking nature and keeps person busy quite a bit. This cardinal sign shows success in material/practical world. The issue with this date is that they need change in life from time to time and could get bored with the change they themselves brought in!



Oct 23rd 


This is a very lucky date for sure. It shows great past karma which ensures a great success in this life.The date ruled by Mercury shows great ability to express. This could be written or verbal communication or even painting, caricatures etc. They have a very good ability to coin some phrases that become popular and catch imagination of people which makes them best suited for advertising world. In addition to Mercury, Libra Sun which is ruled by Venus adds further artistic pursuits. The expression ability is used mostly in the fields that need creativity. The date of 23 shows very good people connect (2) and sense of individual achievement & thought leadership (3). They have a tremendous knack to spot supply demand gaps around and connect the dots. This helps all parties have a win-win situation and these folks get “trading” gains. Their overall education & intellectual level decides if this trading is at a high level like finding right people for Makbul Fida Husain(!) or at a lower level could be a cosmetic shop in some city or town! Venus & Mercury combination is great for movie, music or dialog writing industry also! These folks should give a try to such professions before getting into engineering medical etc traditional safety nets of the middle-class! Their “labor of love” is creativity, expression and trading which should be employed in any environment they are in! 



Oct 24th

This is probably the luckiest of the dates which makes even some of the worst planetary formations in the horoscope subdued! It is a date with double Venus influence as date of 24 (6) is ruled by Venus and Libra Sun too owned by Venus. This date is a great channel for artists, creative folks to take birth on. It shows a very well mannered person with almost no rough edge to their personality. There is a great interest in any form of art like movies, music, drama, painting etc. They have an all-rounder personality and keep themselves busy with their interests. As Libra is a “char” i.e. cardinal sign, it shows a moving person who does not sit idle at one place. There is more importance to money than power that stability gives. They keep working no matter what the situation. Of course, Libra Sun would like to have their breaks from time to time and also would like to have enough sleep after day long hard-work. The date of 24 shows great past karma which ensures success in this life. These people avoid confrontations and head-on competition and hence not the greatest fans of any contact sports. There is a very specific past karma with partners that makes them build collaborations and partnerships in this life. Only advice is to stay away from affairs which could put a blot on otherwise spotless life.


Oct 25th

The practical, mostly material but a balanced approach of Libra Sun meets with intuitive, imaginative and 6th sense enabled date ruled by Neptune (25:7). Neptune shows ability to read mind of people, interpret body language and understand unstated emotions or thoughts. Libra Sun does show interest in the subject of art. Love for music, movies, drama of course shown by Venus ruled Libra Sun. Love for good/material life is also there for sure. Libra Sun also shows a busy person who keeps working hard all the times with of course appropriate spells of sleep/rest! The Neptune angle adds some meta-physical aspect or rather spiritual aspect to this otherwise pragmatic and busy Libra Sun. It shows practicing good principles by example than preaching them to others! If the 5th Sign of Leo is about preaching and influencing and patronizing, Libra the 7th sign is about actions or karma by self than getting others to do it for them! These are very good people to have around due to soft & balanced personality. They get along very well with 9 (Mars) and 2 (Moon) born folks apart from of course 7 (Neptune) and 6 (Venus) born folks. These folks can’t handle 3, 1 or 5 as much but does not have any downright enemy in any date. Yes, they could get annoyed by explicit statements of 3 (Jupiter) and highly auditing and articulating ways of 8 (Saturn) and 5 (Mercury) borns. 



Oct 26th

This date ruled by Saturn (26:8) shows some unpaid past karma with personal relationships or on broad level all sorts of partnerships. The soul wants to pay back this unpaid karma in this life to their partners and hence the birth on this date. This is a harmonious date as Libra Sun is ruled by Venus and Venus & Saturn are true friends. However, Saturn does provide a conservative, number crunching side to this Libra Sun’s middle of the road & well balanced personality. Their attention to detail is legendary or needs to be good anyways! Creativity of Libra Sun gets a definite focus and hard work by Saturn in this date. However, Saturn might not allow too much of imagination or intuitive nature & could force to use tried & tested approach. Slow but steady approach with a lot of hard-work characterizes these people. Libra Sun shows a lot of “churn”, movements, and application of knowledge than stability which brings power. Money matters are very important for these folks due to Libra Sun and Saturn combination. Any artistic field is great for career and so is auditing or compliance related matters. It is advised to stay away from affairs as there are some definite karma past there. Also, in such failed relationship cases “forgive & forget” mantra needs is the most useful one. No need to drag the matters beyond a limit.


Oct 27th

The date ruled by Mars (27:9) brings in some zest, energy, aggression and even some agitation in this otherwise serene. Calm and balanced Libra Sun. 27 is the luckiest of 9 dates (9 18 27) and shows some good past karma. It also shows a big friend circle and more importantly fiercely loyal one. Friends, siblings are prominent parts of their unpaid past karma. People leadership or Team leadership comes naturally to them as 9 is always about taking initiative. The date of 27 shows mostly constructive energy which is correctly focused or channeled. Libra Sun ruled by Venus shows artistic approach with interest in movies, music, drama, painting etc. Mars influence makes sure that their artistic side gets appropriate energy support. These people usually have a successful life but also some learnings in friendships from time to time as friends can’t provide support for all situations! This date shows good career in technology (engineering) that is closely connected to a creative field mentioned above. Animation, Games, Cartoons etc that need latest technology dose is a great avenue for them. This date also shows some connections with land and also engineering sector. Mars and Venus combination could show some affairs from time to time until they settle down with a fiercely loyal partner. Gym or some physical workout is a must and goes a long way to make them a better person overall.


Oct 28th

28 is the date of mass production! This date shows desire to create or pioneer something that will be used by masses and not only for classes. This date is interesting where Moon (2) and Saturn (8) combine to give way to Sun (1)! J The brilliance, originality of Sun is everybody to see. They come up with something brilliant, inspirational from time to time and rest only after they have implemented it. They take end to end ownership right from conception to marketing for the products they believe in. They run their units as if it is their own company. These people gather some loyal partners around who can do anything for them. However the same trait gets them in trouble due to illegal or unwarranted action by these people done with actual intention of helping the 28 born! Libra Sun ensures that their entrepreneur pursuits are mostly creative and require sophistication and also forward/modern. Their approach is completely practical and material though. Money matters are very important and it makes Libra Sun inside them feel secure. However, 28 looks at money just a tool to achieve something. These folks tend to start something new when their existing stuff starts spinning continuous money /cash-flow. It is recommended that they ask their supporters to stay within legal limits which could avoid big losses from time to time.


Oct 29th

The Moon dominated date of 29 (like 11) is master number which means these folks are guided by their higher self or subconscious mind quite a bit. They usually do not need great advice from astrologers etc but more so just a confirmation for their own thoughts. These folks are friendlier than 11 born people as there is an overt 2 (Moon) and Mars (9) in this date which is friendlier than usually aloof (1). These folks also have a habit of collecting some “wrong” friends who could make these folks do wrong things by peer pressure. They are quite imaginative and dreamy in childhood with inclination for team or group activities more than staying alone. People contact comes naturally to them and also popularity is an obvious desire of the soul. Libra Sun brings a lot of balance, pragmatic and rational approach to this otherwise a bit too friendly date! Libra has some calculative mind which does not allow them to get irrational (“do anything”) for friends. Libra Sun ruled by Venus also adds to creative & imaginative side to this Moon dominated date. Venus also shows some interest in art: music, drama, movies, painting etc. These people are also great fit for a sales/marketing job (for a creative stream of course) due to their artistic side and also strong desires for people connect. Their success is directly proportional to the number of peoplethey meet or interact indirectly. Their brilliance comes out while they are connecting with people. Often times these folks have a line of Apollo (mount of Sun: at the bottom of the ring finger) that originates from mount of Luna (Moon).


 Oct 30th

This Jupiter (30: 3) ruled date shows a person who is a thought leader more than people leader with a desire to have depth in some topic. These folks have an independent thought process and difficult to impress upon or influence easily unless they are willing! These folks are fiercely competitive in early years and fight with teacher for even a single “mark” after the get exam papers!There is a desire to be ranker/topper etc in academics. This individual achievement desire wanes a bit at later stage of life. The “0” in this date makes them a bit too matured sometimes in their teens. This maturity then reduces their competitive spirit a bit and increases desire for depth of knowledge further. They develop some philosophical approach or a system of their own which guides them for rest of their life. Libra Sun of course brings some panache & life in this otherwise serious date. Venus ruled Libra Sun brings some artistic approach, love for good life and good things. Venus injects some much needed material aspect in their life. Venus and Jupiter combination is sometimes conflicting from pragmatic Venus Sun to idealistic Jupiter (30) but this conflict is not destructive like Sun (1) and Saturn (8). The conflict means that they will get into academics and also become professors but would not lose touch with art, music, movies etc.Rather they could become professors or PhD holders in the subjects that are related to some form or art itself!!


 Oct 31st


This date ruled by Uranus shows an unorthodox person who is a change agent. 31 is the luckiest of the 4 dates though (4, 13, 22, 31) as other 4 dates shows some karmic burden. These folks give more importance to their achievements & thought leadership (3) than their ego or self esteem (1). They want to get rid of older outdated customs which do not make sense in the modern world. They also tweak/change the customs/methods to suit modern age. These folks like continuous change in life and get bored with the change they themselves brought in. Due to this change agent aspect of their personality,they do not stay at the same place/position for a long time. They become restless when there is no action.However, Libra Sun does bring in a lot of balance & human face to these changes. Libra makes sure that these folks do not go too far (detached with current situation) without appropriate change management.Libra’s pragmatic yet intellectual approach finds a middle of the road way to implement the change. Love for latest electronic gadgets is very likely; rather, use of any modern tools & techniques is their thing in anything they do. They are at times are seen a threat to establishment or existing authorities. They need to be aware of the same as their interest could be harmed by people who do not like change!





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