Published on Sunday, 04 November 2012

Nov 1st

This is the date of an independent, brilliant but at times an aloof person. This is a pure date (1) ruled by brilliant Sun. These folks have pioneers & entrepreneur instincts and do/start something new which nobody in the family did. They are of course stubborn & their self esteem could be also taken as ego or arrogance at times. You can see some inspirational or original moves from them from time to time which keep them going and keep doing new things in life. They initiate or launch new things & usually build their own sphere of influence with specific roles assigned to various people. Even in job they run their units like their own business. Libra Sun blesses them with some artistic ability and great interest in art. It also gives them an intellectual approach as Libra is an Air Sign. Libra and 1 combined could be seen launching new ideas/theories in the field of their interest. Libra also brings some approachability to this otherwise aloof personality that prefers stay alone. Libra Sun also adds lazy good manners and a person who is not too demanding like Say May 1st or April 19th born (Aries Sun). Although there is some conflict between date of 1 (alone/aloof) and Venus ruled Libra Sun (partnerships/collaborations), it does play role more of a complimenting than conflicting in this case.


Nov 2nd

The date of 2 is ruled by Moon which shows great desire for people connect & popularity. These folks are quite moody and childlike in their approach. They always have a child lurking from within despite their age. It is very easy for them to connect with kids. They have an emotional approach which makes articulation a bit difficult for them. They have a special affinity for their mother. They have “please all” attitude which could make them help others, give away money which never comes back! J They aee best suited in a business that requires people connect (sales, MR, marketing) but it is better than finances are handled by someone born on dates of 5 (Mercury) or 8 (Saturn)! J Venus ruled Libra Sun adds artistic approach and love of art a lot in this Moon ruled date. Venus and Moon makes a very good combination for any field that requires or deals with creativity, emotions, innovation and people contact. Their desire is publicity and people contact more than critique success. A lot of actors, directors etc are born from Oct 16 to Nov 16 in Libra Sun and Nov 2nd is no exception. They have a balanced & middle of the road approach and Libra Sun does keep them quite busy! These folks need to stay away from manipulative fields like politics else they do get a serious setback.


Nov 3rd

The date of 3 ruled by Jupiter shows thought leadership and focus on personal achievement more than group activities or people leadership. These folks can’t praise others (especially colleagues) as either their standard is higher or they treat them as competitors! The pure date of 3 only accentuates the achievement orientation of these folks. The soul wants to achieve at personal level and wants to utilize all the other forces it has built in the past life(s) for the same. These are the folks who fight with their teachers for a single “mark” in a unit test! J Awards & accolades are important aspect of their life. Of course, Libra Sun ruled by Venus does reduce/balance some of the rough edge these ambitious folks always carry, which that could make them compromise integrity at times. Libra Sun does bestow upon them interest in art. Knowledge or deep interest in music, movies or any form of act is almost a given. Libra Sun also brings in some practical, pragmatic middle of the road approach which ensures that these folks do not get an outright failure in anything they do! These folks do not like thigns in excess and always ready for counter actions or arguments if they see some excess in thoughts or actions in any direction! Overall, a successful date for sure.


Nov 4th

This date is ruled by an absent minded genius planet Uranus! This means the person has modern ideas, is unorthodox who does not like customs for the sake of having them. These people like to change the old customs, methods for use in modern age. They also tend to oppose completely outdated ones which get transferred from generation to n=generation without any sense of purpose in the changed world. However, they need to understand that too much of a change in short time could create chaos which is not good for family or a society. For their own success they need to learn the art of “change management” as being a “change agent” is their thing. Libra Sun ruled by Venus brings in much needed balance and middle of the road approach by building collaborations and partnerships with the people affected by change! Libra Sun also bestows upon them an artistic approach and love for any form of art. These folks are creative and although they deceive you by their lazy good manners, they are quite workaholics. Libra Sun is a cardinal sign “Sanskrit word: Char” -- one that moves! This means they are relentless in their approach with “can-do” attitude. They try to keep themselves busy with something. As Cardinal signs have lot more fixed stars in the zodiac than fixed or mutable signs, these people are busy and hence successful in material terms regardless of quality of the horoscope!


Nov 5th

The date of 5 is ruled by Mercury which means these folks are natural at expressing themselves. They have good ability to articulate thought & express in optimal words. Ability to summarize matter is also very good. They are very effective with proposal writing or even white paper etc writing in corporate sector. Libra Sun ruled by Venus helps here a lot as Libra is an Air Sign (thoughtful, intellectual) which has an “R&D” sort of an attitude. The date of 5 also shows a great ability to trade. These folks easily sport supply & demand gaps around them and make a good profit for themselves while creating a win-win situation for both the parties. Their sphere of influence shows if they run art galleries or some trading internet sites or plain simple good-old trading at manufacturing & retail level. Mercury and Venus combination shows an artistic approach or sure and love for all sorts of art. Mercury brings some articulation and some practical form to the sensibilities of Libra Sun. Mercury find an expressive channel to this Libra Sun’s potential in this area. As majority of folks in film industry are either ruled by Mercury or Venus, helps these people immensely. Mercury & Venus combination also makes these people smile a lot. Their smile is contagious as it is their 1st expression when they see/meet someone!


Nov 6th

This is a very harmonious date 6 is ruled by Venus and also Libra Sun is owned by Venus. This means these folks have specific karma with respect to some art or artistic interest or simply some karmic association with creative or artistic things. Personality is charming, balanced and without any rough edge. It is always good to have these people around. They reduce friction in the environment and help reduce stress or frustration around. There is some sort of a calming effect that they have on others. Most of the times they are able to pull others to their own pace of doing things except the 9 born where 9 born folks tend to force these folks in to hurrying things. These folks do not like extreme stance or extreme opinions; they always like middle of the road and a balanced view point towards things even in desperate times. Obviously, these are not the best war time folks as their personality contrasts the same. Libra Sun adds to the artistic approach and pursuits. It also shows a person who keeps working on something all the times like an ant. Do not mistake their lazy good manners as lethargy; rather they are always onto something and always improving things around. They usually lead a high quality / tasteful life.


Nov 7th

The date ruled by Neptune shows an imaginative & innovative nature with high degree of 6th sense or ability to understand undercurrents / unstated emotions etc of situation or actual people. They have an acute reading of body language and “perceive” or “sense” your thoughts which could surprise you greatly. Of course, Libra Sun’s intellectual “air sign” approach somewhat opposes this Neptunian “deep emotional water element” approach. Libra Sun tries to put reason/analytical approach to the sensing Neptunian ability. These folks are natural at people leadership and also have a sense of detachment or spirituality which is Neptune strong field. However, this is kept in control due to Venus ruled Libra Suns’ desire for successful & tasteful life which has a perfect “balance”. These folks would oppose extreme views of extreme actions of any sorts. They will do “just enough” of what needs to be done than taking it to a level which is too harsh/rough. Libra Sun also ensures a hard working and continuously improving person. Don’t let their lazy good manners fool you; they are as hard working as Cancerians and Capricorns albeit with lesser emotions than Cancer and lesser seriousness of Capricorns! These folks could find it difficult to articulate in a clean manner on sensitive/controversial topics as Neptunian waters seems to understand both side of the coin very well.


Nov 8th

The date ruled by Saturn shows a bit conservative, calculative and practical person despite the Libra Sun’s artistic, open and usual balanced nature. The date of 8 shows an ability to criticize, audit things very closely. Attention to detail of 8 born folks is quite legendary! They are a step by step progress people as opposed to a big bang approach of 1 born or aggressive approach of 9 born folks. Saturn likes to evaluate, measure, quantify before taking any action. Continuous improvement is the name of the game for the. Tomorrow is always better in material things for 8 born. They always add to what they have & also save for tomorrow. Libra Sun of course shows artistic interests and desire for a good life. It makes them work on something all the times despite their lazy good manners. This is a very good date for film critique or even secretary position for people in the field of art. Auditing, policing, compliance etc comes to them naturally too. Libra being an “air element sign” is quite inquisitive and research oriented which is well complimented by Saturn’s data oriented approach. They like to speak with numbers. Hard work comes naturally and despite Saturn influence in 8 they are quite good people to have around. They will convey deficiencies in a balanced way without crossing the lines to curb creativity of others!


Nov 9th

Intellectual, thoughtful, balanced “Air Sign” of Libra Sun meets with the fire of this Mars ruled date of 9. Mars influence brings in some force, energy and even some rough edge to this otherwise serene and well mannered Venus ruled Libra Sun. The date of 9 puts some overt conviction & aggression to the artistic pursuits of these folks. There is a lot more energy that goes in their work as the soul is convinced what they are doing is correct and it is only a matter if getting it done. Libra Sun does care about the “way” it is done i.e. the fun of the journey might be lost on a 9 or 18 born but it is an important aspect of Libra personality. The quality of the journey is as important as the joy of reaching the destination. Mars effect is also good for some sports related activities and regular Gym is highly advised to these folks to keep energy focused on good constructive matters in life. It is easier for these folks to get provoked & get off track to get even with someone. The real mastery is to ignore these pity things which these folks achieve by 30s or 40s or so. Commitment to cause is the name of the game for a 9 born and in this case the cause is usually a good one, mostly material and pragmatic. Money matters are very important for Libra Sun and the security that money offers is also important for a 9 born.


Nov 10th

This Sun ruled date of 10 shows some sort of brilliance & originality. It shows inspirational moves which gets them going ahead from time to time. Of course like dates of 20 & 30, the zero in this date shows that these folks suddenly “mature” as they grow up and lose some of the pure outright energy, forthright nature of Sun. The 0 in this date shows some wisdom, maturity from the past life which could make them less action prone than say folks born on other 1 dates such as 1 or 19 or even 28! Of course, all mighty Sun cannot be suppressed which does surface every now and then! Libra Sun ruled by Venus of course shows an artistic approach and love of some art for sure. It also shows a balanced nature and consistent progressive efforts. The tendency of loneliness & aloofness of the date of 10 is reduced somewhat by the desire of Libra Sun to collaborate or build partnerships. Libra is nothing without their partnerships which is a major desire of the soul to take birth with Libra Sun! The advice to these folks is to shed some of the maturity at least until the age of say 40! J The pioneer & entrepreneur spirit of Sun should not be curbed but promoted!


Nov 11th

The date of 11 is a master number, which means they are guided by their own ‘higher self’ and usually do not “desperately” need advice of say some Guru. The date of two “1”s shows some psychic abilities which allows them to sense the crux of the situations & also understand people better. They have an internal desire for publicity but not as overtly as say 29 born folks. Due to two Sun (1) in this date, these folks although masters in people contact & people leadership, are quite aloof or detached from them at the same time! These folks tend to be subdued in their childhood & develop their personality as they grow up. 11 borns are usually referred as role models of tact & diplomacy by the folks around. Libra Sun ruled by Venus adds creativity, artistic approach to this already creative, imaginative date of 11. Venus & Moon combined make it an idea date for creative fields such as music, movies, some sort of art-work etc. Libra also adds a balanced and consistent hard-work approach which makes sure these people are successful and never a failure. This is a tough date which shows some great karma with people connect and popularity but certainly demands the person to do a tight rope walk or a “balancing act” between two prominent things – could be 2 people, 2 religions or parties and so on. In country like India with so many different cultural backgrounds, the 11 / 29 born people are a necessary OIL to keep this BIG engine going on.


Nov 12th

This date has an interesting combination of Jupiter (date of 12) & Venus (Libra Sun) which are called as gods of “Soor” and “Asoor”. In simple language it means that Jupiter is governor or knowledge cities, universities, education, customs and social arrangements etc and Venus represents sex, art, music, movies, wine, night clubs etc part of life. Venus ruled Libra Sun will certainly show an artistic approach & desires; however these are kept in limits by both the date of 12 that is ruled by Jupiter & also the constellation of “Vishakha” which is also ruled by Jupiter. So these folks might sip wine but just 1 peg! J The date of 12 shows certain thought leadership and broader picture. They are not particular fond of people leadership as the date of 12 is more comfortable more clearly defined distinction of a master & disciple setup. In 12 1 (self) appears before 2 (others/people connect) and it means these folks could unknowingly compromise personal success/achievements due to their self esteem or rather ego! The birth-date of 12 also shows a destiny of supporting someone and not reaching the throne themselves! 21 is a birth-date of karmic reward and although 12 is not at all karmic obligation, it is certainly not a reward. These folks do very well in education sector which fits their senior/junior setup which they like the most.


Nov 13th

This date is ruled by Uranus which tends to an “Absent minded genius” which unorthodox ways. These people do not like to confirm to old customs for the sake of it. They challenge the status quo and are change agents for their family, organization or a society. Of course they could be seen as a threat by authorities or established powers. However, Venus ruled Libra Sun and the constellation of “Vishakha” ruled by Jupiter shows some balance to this change agent attitude. Libra Sun ensures some amount of “change management” and a balanced approach which helps to anticipate & reduce the rough edge of the change being implemented. The date of 13 however shows some karmic burden as 1 (self) comes before 3 (achievements/thoughts). Their ego could undo all the hard-work which is about to bear a fruit! It is highly advisable to control or rather direct this ego in a way which is constructive than self-destructive. It is very hard but not impossible! J Venus and Uranus does show interest & desire of soul in the field of art. They bring in new ideas here too & change the course of the progress. They tend to get rid of outdated customs and change the useful ones to suit the modern electronic world. Love of latest electronic/modern gadgets is very much apparent with these folks!


Nov 14th

The date of 14 (5) ruled by Mercury shows great ability of articulation, expression and speech. There is some magnetism in communication through written or spoken word which is in born. Of course, 14 is not as lucky as say 23 (5); it does show some karmic burden of becoming a “self made man” (1) and also being a change agent (4) to family, organization & society. There is also an inbuilt sense of trading. They spot supply & demand gaps very effectively & create a win-win situation for 2 parties while benefiting themselves in the process. Venus ruled Libra Sun shows a balanced, caring personality. Libra Sun also ensures a workaholic person despite their outward display of lazy-good manners. They always keep themselves busy like an ant. There are not many rough edges to their personality which helps them succeed in any field they chose. It is always recommended to have something to do with expression (written or verbal) in their career. Love or great interest for any form of art is quite apparent. Combination of Mercury and Venus does indicate a great inclination towards art say caricatures, panting, dialog writing/jingles etc. However, effect of 14 does make an appearance trying to make a “statement” through their work. They create phrases or slogans that become very famous.


Nov 15th

A very harmonious date as Venus rules Libra Sun (although Sun in the last degree of Libra) and Venus ruled date of 16 (6). The birth-date of 15 is a karmic reward which is result of good deeds in the past life(s). The date itself is harmonious combination of individual brilliance (Sun: 1) coupled with expressive Mercury (5). These folks have a very balanced personality & overall attitude it very positive. There is hardly any edge to their personality. Even some of the fast bowlers born on this date would not be seen using bouncers or shabby tactics against the batsmen. J They have a great taste and lead a balanced & a high quality life regardless of their economic background. You can always see smile on their face and mostly cheerful and positive effect on surrounding. These folks are good have around. The desire of the soul to do something in the field of art is very obvious. Some sort of connect with any form of art is high recommended. Fields of movies, music, painting and related supportive jobs come to them easily. There is a possibility of some love affairs which if avoided helps them reach higher peaks of their career. Although this is not a bad date for sports, it would not have the ruthless approach which is seen in 9, 18, 27 born folks.


Nov 16th

Sun enters Scorpio sometime early morning on Nov 16th. In Libra it shows a learned person with all-rounder persona and a balanced approach. In Scorpio it shows a highly emotionally charged & immensely sensitive person. Scorpio Sun shows tremendous intensity. It also shows great administrative ability. Scorpio is a fixed sign which shows hunger for power and stability. These folks do not like too many changes in life and certainly not very frequently. It also shows a very strong memory and also a killer instinct and a strong desire for revenge!! They cannot forgive or forget very easily. The date of 16 brings some emotional maturity & people leadership to this date. It also shows Neptune ruled innovative & imaginative approach. Neptunian waters do control or rather direct Scorpio Sun’s extreme emotional swings & uses that power for constructive things. These folks can do wonders as secret service agent or even in solving crime! There is a desire from the soul to deliver fate to some people in some or other form, sometimes just or un-just! Scorpio Sun is not worried to use unapproved ways to achieve something which they believe deserves to happen. Like Libra their ways are not that of Gentlemen always! The 8th Sign does show some inborn understanding of spirituality, however it does not pacify them, rather morally supports their actions which could be positive or negative depending on which side they are, your or with your enemy! J


Nov 17th

This is a very interesting date with Scorpio Sun’s intensity, hidden aggression, desire for power also desire for some sort of a revenge, ability to hibernate, sustain huge pressures meets with Saturn ruled date of 17! This combination makes it quite deadly (for others!) combination. These people will not miss a single thing that happens around them. They would have tremendous ability to review or criticize something to death! Scorpio Sun already has some air of non-nonsense seriousness which is added by Saturn influence. Their gaze is very disturbing and they usually have black circles below their eyes due to this ability to tendency to take over a lot of stress. They are particularly proud of their ability to take stress & always wonder if other people would survive if subjected to such stress. Never insult them and certainly not in public; they will never ever forget it and make you pay very dearly at the wrong time and wrong place! J Their memory is tremendous and they have this ultra emotional/sensitive profile which makes them remember almost everything. This could affect their memory later in life due to overdose over-stress and over-use! They induce great nostalgia later in life. This is a perfect date for police force or auditors or even military; the best would be secret service! J


Nov 18th

A harmonious date due to Mars ruled Scorpio Sun and Mars ruled date of 18 (9).  However, this harmony is not as positive as say April 18 or April 27! Aries Sun shows aggression for mostly as a tool for defense whereas Scorpio Sun shows offensive aggression to bite someone or inflict some loss to someone. Scorpio sun shows a desire for power, aggression, a lot of responsibility and stress. It also shows some sort of desire to take revenge when it hurts the opposite party the most. Their tongue is ultra caustic to folks they do not like. However, they are fiercely loyal and also collect fiercely loyal set of friends. They can move mountains for the people the love but also they cans put mountains in the path of people they hate! J There is a tendency to take extreme stance or positions. Emotions & sensitive nature if well hidden under the Scorpio desire of secrecy & keeping things under wrap. This date could show issues with kidney or reproductive organs as Scorpio the 8th Sign and Mars ruled date of 18 both shows the same. Even their father could develop such issues later in life. Sports & gym is absolutely must to get rid of this excess energy and also emotional excess/baggage out. It also makes them a person who respects self and others. Group events & Team Sports also makes wonders for these folks and keeps them positive & channel their energy to constructive stuff.


Nov 19th

19 is considered as a birth-date of karmic reward due to good deeds of past life(s). This date helps channel Scorpio Sun’s energy, aggression, emotion or sensitive excess and also secret desire of revenge to constructive stuff. This date reduces a lot of negative side of the Scorpio personality which could make them path that is destructive. However, it will certainly not reduce extreme emotional or highly sensitive psyche or a Scorpio! The date of 19 shows entrepreneur & pioneer ability to start new things that nobody in the family did. They tend to create their own sphere of influence with appropriate role play to various folks in their surroundings.  Even in a job/service, they run their units with high ownership as if it is their own business. They like freedom to take their decisions and it is difficult for them to obey orders of authorities for the sake of it. They could be perceived as stubborn & also aloof at times. They do not yield easily and Scorpio sun only makes it further worse! J They usually tend to have big appetite and need to eat from time to time. It is not advisable to mess with them without FULL preparation as they will come back with everything they have! It is a very good date for administrative services and also for military organization or running a secret service agency.


Nov 20th

The birth-date of 20 shows a friendly nature and a big friend circle. This date ruled by emotional & populist Moon reduces some of the rough edge of Scorpio Sun. Usually Scorpio Sun shows excess emotional & sensitive approach with a secretive approach & also some desire of revenge or teaching lessons to their perceived enemies. Moon influence makes them friendly, imaginative which certainly put some limits to the harm otherwise a Scorpio Sun could inflict! Of course, strong memory aspect of Scorpio is only augmented by this date. These folks have tremendous memory which is matched only by Taurus Sun (Birthdates of 14th May to 14th June). Despite Moon influence, Scorpio Sun will certainly have that gaze and black circles below eyes and some extreme stance on some of the important things. Moon and Mars combination shows karmic connection with friends. Fiercely loyal friend circle does come with this date and Moon also tends to collect additional “colleague” circle too. These people tend to behave very differently with different circles they have at say workplace, home etc. This is a very good date for chemical engineering or even career related to mines or say deep places. Scorpio flair for secrecy is a bit diluted by Moon’s populist nature but still they would make a good career in police, military or even secret service!


Nov 21st

This is a very lucky birth-date which shows a very good past karma. This date is about personal achievements using colleagues or other people (2: Moon) and self brilliance/ability (1: Sun) in that order. As 2 comes before 1 in this date, it shows that these folks care more about others than self. However, they do not collect any people contact like 20 born folks. Their contacts, acquaintances are mostly aligned with some of their personal interest. This acquisition of useful contacts and friends is more covert and subconscious, than a conscious attempt. Scorpio Sun shows hunger for power & stability but also shows deep rooted desire for revenge when they see injustice done to them. They are very bitter enemies and they can’t forget anything! Their memory is very strong; however, the date of 21 tends to keep positive memories in store than the negative ones as much as possible. However, Scorpio WILL have those negative/nasty scenes from childhood imprinted on their subconscious forever! There is a great ability or rather desire to take on stressful assignments. They are particularly fond of this ability. Scorpios are born administrators; they would not miss a single thing when assigned to watch over something. They do attract fierce friends and can move mountains for them! It is good to have them on your side than in the opposite camp! J

Nov 22nd

An extreme sensitive, emotional set-up of Scorpio Sun meets with an absent minded genius of Uranus ruled date of 22. This is a very interesting combination as Scorpio Sun as a fixed sign does not like many changes and certainly not frequently whereas Uranus in itself is a modern, progressive and a harbinger of “change”! The date of 22 is also a master number which means they have an inner wisdom and are guided by their “higher self”. Along with this force, the instinct of Scorpio is tremendous. These folks would be seen taking decisions based on “sensing” the situations lot more than just plain calculations. Scorpio Sun also bestows upon them certain administrative skills and hunger for power; they love power! It also shows tremendous memory which is aligned to their emotional world. They remember even a minute of insults even from childhood.  These folks often come from a conservative family & need to take the family ahead (modern). They just love the latest electronic gadgets & have to have latest mobile! J Scorpio Sun would go all the way to help people who they think deserve it; it is again related more to their emotional profile. They are the bitterest enemies and it is better to have them on your side than opposite. However, Uranus and master number 22 ensures that their passion & drive is used to bigger scheme of the things than personal vendetta or just the family matters. The soul wants to “move ahead”.


Nov 23rd

23 is a very lucky date and is a date of karmic reward for the great deeds in the past life(s). This Mercury ruled date (23: 5) reduces quite a bit the actions of the extreme emotional setup that Scorpio Sun shows. Scorpio Sun will of course show a person who is great at administration, wants to have stability in life without too many frequent changes. It will also show a great memory which is a by-product of their highly sensitive & emotional mind. The emotions would never surface as Scorpio being 8th signs likes to have their secrets and hide their actual emotions. Sun-glasses are made for Scorpio Sun folks as their intense eyes could give away what they actually feel. However, this tremendous intensity of Scorpio Sun is channeled through some kind of expressions or articulation due to this date of 23. They have this ability to express in a few words, coin some slogans or phrases that catch fancy of many. Scorpio Sun will also show great administrative ability. Mercury shows an all-round persona and coupled with Scorpio it will at least show expertise at least in 2 subjects. Their memory is legendary and second to only Taurus Sun. This memory is a result of their extremely emotional & sensitive setup. They make some of the fiercest friends or the bitterest enemies. It is advisable to have them as former! J


Nov 24th

Highly sensitive, deeply emotional and at times revengeful mars ruled Scorpio Sun meets with a very balanced and a Venus ruled lucky date of 24. The date of 24 shows great karmic history of the past births. It shows a mostly successful and balanced life. This date reduces or positively controls intensity of extreme Scorpio sun. These people have a great memory and remember each and every minute event from their childhood. This is a direct result of their highly sensitive nature which leaves a deep impact on their mind of their childhood events. Their perceptions are permanent and not changing often. You have a very small window of opportunity to create a good impression. Being a fixed sun sign, they do not like drastic changes in life and certainly not very frequently. They like or rather love the power that stability gives them. Although Venus effect of 24 shows artistic side to their personality it is mostly used with the Scorpio sun’s great administrative ability. i.e. they can be great directors or producers with active involvement in film-making. Venus love for good life is of course there. They are highly refined folks regardless of their surroundings. They usually sport a smile despite the passionate or rather killer instinct of Scorpio sun.


Nov 25th

This date shows a lot of harmony due to Neptune ruled date of 25 (7) which shows highly imaginative & intuitive abilities goes well with Mars ruled Scorpio Sun. The date pf 25 shows an in-borne ability to read mind or body language of people around – the unspoken words! This could be also called as highly evolved state of reading between lines or “actual” meaning behind the spoken words. They exactly know how a person feels than what the words convey! This also means they are always affected either positively or negatively by the emotional makeup of their environment including colors, people, clothes etc around. Scorpio Sun of course shows hunger or love for power & stability. It also shows tremendous memory and secretive approach. Scorpio also loves to gauge and read minds of people with their piercing eyes and Neptune only helps to evolve this Scorpio Sun to a high level. They are very good date for innovative secret agent stuff or crime related R & D – even more so in criminal psychology! They have good administrative ability and people connect too. Their ownership is second to none and so is loyalty. They could be very bitter enemies or fiercely loyal friends; they do not know in between balanced state that Libra knows. Rather, they are borne in surrounding that require extreme stance!


Nov 26th

A very interesting combination of the date of 26 ruled by Saturn (8) and Mars ruled Scorpio Sun! This Saturn & Mars combination is of course not very harmonious as their natural attitude although, not exactly opposite like Sun and Saturn, is quite contradictory! Saturn in this date ensures a very serious and sincere auditing skills, a step by step approach & mostly a very ”khadus” nature. They do not miss a thing! Scorpio Sun adds to this review ability as Scorpio eyes also do not miss anything happening around. However, this Saturn’s ability to review/audit closely and Scorpio Sun’s aggressive ways could impact people around quite a bit. “Micro-management” is the word that applies these folks quite a bit. This works very well early in the career but when it comes to getting things done by others, they find it difficult to trusts someone easily. However, Scorpio’s unpredictable nature is given some form or structure by Saturn. It takes time to earn their trust but once done it is forever! These folks do wonders in administrative jobs. Police & crime branch is a great option as date of Saturn does tend to deliver/pay bad Karma of other people! The date of 26 also recommends handling personal affairs a bit close especially until the age of 29.


Nov 27th

This is a very harmonious date as both the date of 27 and Scorpio Sun is ruled by Mars. 27 is lot more constructive and without the rough edge that 18 or even 9 show from time to time. This date certainly shows very good possibility of success in the field of Chemistry engineering or at a broader level engineering field itself. The date of double Mars effect also shows some definite past karma with friend circle and land related matters. Scorpio & 27 attract a dedicated & loyal friend circle who plays, fights, loves and stays together for a long time through the thick and thin. Sport is an important aspect of life & so is gym. Rather, regular gym is highly advised to these folks to keep positive outlook and channel the excess physical and mental energy of Scorpio Sun sign. These people appear calm over the surface but there is lava like intensity & fire just below which can erupt if provoked beyond a limit. You can also see black circles below their eyes which is direct result of ability to stress or rather subconscious desire to take stressful responsibilities. They are great administrators and also good leaders of people. 27 adds some childlike purity which allows them to connect with younger generation easily. Regardless of constructive 27 date, these folks could get in to very bitter, long term quarrels sometime in their life.


Nov 28th

Secretive Scorpio Sun Sign meets a date which is overt, inspirational and friendly with classes and masses at the same time! Masses like their connect with classes whereas classes envy their connect with masses! J This date forgoes some of the covert Scorpio Sun methods & adopts some overt tactics of revenge. However, their memory is very sharp & they can’t forget a single incident from childhood that touches their conscious (specifically their insults or people closer to them). Scorpio Sun does some desire and destiny of taking revenge and that too at a very wrong (right for them) for their opponent. They have tremendous survival instincts and shrewdness which is a combination of the date of 28 and Scorpio Sun. 28 also shows some deception or some harm by close folks without actual intention; actually their close folks end up harming them while doing intending to do something good for them! A birth of Sun rise of noon shows great ability to form and run organization / enterprise. There is a entrepreneur or pioneer spirit that date of 28 bestows. However, they are more in the product or services for masses and not exactly only classes. They like stability and power; needless to say they hate drastic changes in life & certainly frequent ones. They are very possessive of and attached to their surroundings to change them often!

Nov 29th

Ask these people to get rid of their old clothes! J Being Scorpio Sun Sign, they are very possessive and attached to their surroundings. The date ruled by emotional, sensitive Moon (29:2) adds to this sentimental approach & attachment towards people and things that constitute their life. They always remember old days fondly. There is a great deal of nostalgia that this date induces later in life which is also true for Nov 20 Dec 2 or Dec 11 born folks. Scorpio Sun shows tremendous memory which is mostly due to their emotional & highly sensitive nature. They tend to display a calm, composed interface and body language but there is lava ready to erupt just beneath. It takes some real abuse and insult to get it out but once it gets out there is NO way stopping it. Better to get out of the way! These people are born for big friend circles and often collect questionable friends (to their family!). They could also get in trouble due to friends as they can go to any extent for their friends. It is advised to consider law and moral obligations before committing to do something for their loyal & close friends. This date does show desire and destiny of popularity for sure. Their ability to take stress despite Moon influence can often cause dark circles below their eyes! Their eyes give their intensity away & hence they also love goggles for sure! J


Nov 30th

The Jupiter ruled date of 30 (3) shows a great wisdom from the past birth. Although the person is quite competitive and fierce with personal achievements (exam scores, ranks, scholarships etc) in the childhood, they become uncharacteristically matured and away from personal competitions as they grow up. While the 3, 12 and 21 born always keep their “personal achievement” desire alive, the 30 born tend to mature with growing age. It is quite obvious then that this date reduces the intensity, revengeful nature of Scorpio Sun quite a bit. Rather, it is able to channel it to more intellectual stuff than outright physical. Scorpio Sun’s great memory however gets strengthened by Jupiter. They can’t forget even very minute things of their childhood, especially any insults either personal or of family members! Scorpio desire of stability & power and administrative ability is used by this date in educational field very well. They can become great principals or head of departments. They have an ability not to miss anything happening around which is wonderful for such jobs. Around this date, Sun is mostly in the “Vargottam Navamansh” of Scorpio which only underscores the desire for power & stability. They have great hunger (literally) and need to eat from time to time. Scorpio Sun controls the philosophical excess of date of 30 and in turn 30 controls the negative emotions of Scorpio which could turn this Scorpio ruled person from merely a nocturnal (secretive, hidden) species to a matured “Eagle”.

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