Published on Monday, 03 December 2012

Dec: BirthDate Analysis 

Dec 1st

This is a great date for entrepreneur spirit & for pioneers, especially, the folks born at Sun rise and around noon. It shows starting something new which nobody in the family did before. This date shows a pure brilliance of Sun which is not complex to understand as it is in the other sun ruled dates of 10, 19 and 28. As sun is in the Saturn ruled constellation of ‘Anuradha’, it does show some connection with masses / workers and also cement / concrete etc. Scorpio’s tremendous memory, discipline and administrative ability is legendary; in this date it is used for their own business or initiatives. These folks build their own sphere of influence with specific role assigned to each person. They don’t tend to collect folks around without any purpose like Dec 2 or 11 born would do. There is a sense of purpose these folks show in all of their actions. They are quite aloof and want to be left on their own; they are not very comfortable with people coming too close to them except select few close folks in their life. They have a tremendous sense of ownership and even in service they run their unit, project as if it is their own business. They never forget any insults and it takes year for their rage to settle a bit. Once a person is taken off their radar, it is very difficult for the person to crawl back there.



Dec 2nd

After the loner & confident date of 1 comes the date of Moon dominated 2 which means a moody & emotional attitude. This date is quite harmonious with Mars ruled Scorpio Sun Sign. Friends have a special place in their life and they have a bit too many friends or rather acquaintances they collect over the years! They are quite popular in their friend circles and Scorpio Sun only adds to the loyalty towards friends. Mood swings are more frequent than other Scorpio Sun dates and certainly the nature of mood swings is quite extreme. At times, Moon is able to control Mars ruled Sun by its sensitive approach but more often it is Mars ruled Scorpio Sun that takes it for a ride with rage & aggression! Their memory is very sharp and legendary. They are extra-sensitive and would not forget even a mild insult right from their childhood. People leadership or people contact comes to them naturally. It is something they like doing too. There is a desire for popularity too. Many times these folks show a very childish approach especially in a familiar surroundings & close people. There is also that dreamy nature aspect in this date which makes day-dreaming also quite likely! As Scorpio Sun has a negative side of revenge or aggression, these folks are helped a LOT by positive thinking & say self hypnotism. They need to take people around less seriously which helps them reduce stress levels quite a bit. There is a tendency to take on big stressful responsibilities and some winding down activity every week surely helps!


Dec 3rd

This dates shows Jupiter ruled number 3 and Mars ruled Scorpio Sun. This date shows thought leadership but more so a desire of personal achievements than group activities. They like the games where there is a clear winner or where they keep scores! J Scorpio Sun of course shows tremendous memory & administrative ability. They like stability & the power that stability brings slowly. They do not like too many changes in life. Of course, Jupiter channels the tremendous Scorpio mental energy & stress taking ability to some field of their choice. Academics is a good choice but it finally leads into a career which allows them to distinguish themselves from others. Scorpio has tremendous integrity & loyalty, however, Jupiter in the date of 3 makes sure it is well placed. This is a very good date to brace some professor or principal role in an academic institute. Scorpio trust the tried & tested ways and it goes with Jupiter who also likes the customs & culture which is made to keep society away from chaos & functioning in a methodical manner. The wrath of Scorpio Sun is experienced seldom in this date, unless provoked beyond a limit. But when provoked it is backed by their moral ground and preparation of thoughts which is hard to beat. However, Jupiter does keep this Scorpio person on a positive track.


Dec 4th

This is a date with an interesting combination of an unorthodox, change agent, absent minded genius planet Uranus dominated date of 4 along with Mars ruled Scorpio Sun which is fixed, methodical and highly sensitive. Scorpio Sun shows a great administrative ability and hence this is a good date for someone who can try to change the system while being part of it and not from outside! The fixed nature of the Scorpio Sun which enjoys power that stability brings helps this date of 4 to appreciate the change which is more structured & methodical than a disruptive one. These folks do not tend to be “lateral thinkers” like people born on say Jan 31st, Feb 12th, or Feb 22nd (Aquarius Sun). Scorpio Sun shows tremendous memory but Uranus effect makes them forget & forgive some insignificant insults or issues that happened sometime back. Uranus effect tends to be more of a silent guiding principle to this otherwise forceful, high powered and forthright Scorpio Sun. The wrath of Scorpio is well directed or and also controlled by Uranus. This date is very good for secret service services! Uranus & Scorpio combination can solve many of the great mysteries around a crime! These folks are also great to lead a BIG Govt initiative that changes the course of the country itself.



Dec 5th

The date of 5 ruled by Mercury brings some charm & wit to this otherwise highly serious, stress taking, aggressive & forthright dare-devil Mars ruled Scorpio date! Mercury shows very good articulation abilities which give a very good front-end to Scorpio’s deep feelings. Scorpio is able to “sense” people and surroundings and Mercury allows them to actually put it clearly on paper or through verbal communication. They also have a good trading ability and are very sneaky to spot demand-supply-chain gaps in their surroundings. They are able to provide a solution which is win-win situation for the both sides and also earns them a good living! However, Scorpio love for stability & the power it gives is obvious to see. These folks would not like drastic changes in their life, especially, frequent changes is almost a no! Scorpio’s have caustic tongue and Mercury can only help to make maximum damage with minimal words! J They exhibit a great memory and can remember minute details right from their childhood. However, the negative memories make a deeper imprint on their conscious or subconscious mind and could come out in a negative manner sometime later in life. Scorpio carries grudge/bitterness throughout their lifetime and never forgets. Yes, Mercury allows them to be more pragmatic and choose their enemies in a better way!


Dec 6th

This date shows a combination of Mars Scorpio Sun and Venus ruled date of 6. Scorpio Sun shows tremendous memory & a great administrative ability. There is a perseverance to go deep in any subject and ability to observe and watch proceedings very meticulously. Scorpio Sun’s revenge or negative side is a bit subdued but still desire to “teach a lesson” or discipline someone is certainly there. Venus influence shows balanced approach to otherwise tendency to go to “extremes” of Scorpio Sun. However, there is some emotional excess for sure and ability and actual tendency to take stress which is often reflected by black circles under eyes! Venus does bestow some artistic approach, love for art, music, movies & also desire for a high quality balanced or tasteful life. Scorpio loves stability & the power that comes with the stability. These folks do not like big changes in life, certainly not the frequent ones! They like certain predictability or rather they are entrusted to preserve some predefined order in their surroundings or a system. They are great at reviews & audits but Venus influence allows them to be creative in these otherwise methodical or checklist driven jobs! Regardless of how tough their life circumstances are, these 6th born Scorpio Sun folks do not lose their temper and are less prone to extreme rage or inner struggle which Scorpio Sun shows. Of course, they do have to fight some extreme emotions from time to time. Overall, a successful date for sure.

Dec 7th

Neptune ruled date of 7 shows a highly intuitive mind with a very good knowledge of “body language”. They can read minds of people or unspoken words much better than others. Neptunian water runs deep within and shows a high perceptive or “sensing” mind. Mars ruled Scorpio Sun does show some emotional excess and even a baggage! Scorpio Sun shows need for stability & the power the stability gives. There are quite methodical & “fixed” in their approach, one can even call them stubborn! However, Neptune influence does reduce this stubborn approach and allows new ideas or innovation to flow in. Neptune nurtures Scorpio aggression and energy with very good “emotional intelligence”! This Neptune effect does direct Scorpio energy to mostly constructive things. However, this imaginative ability & Scorpio Sun combination is very good for a career in crime branch (RAW?) or even something to do with Chemicals or Chemistry related research. Scorpio Sun shows ability to have & keep secrets and also affinity towards secretive places or rather plain simple mines! Something innovative related to mining could be also on cards for these folks. Connection with navy can’t be ruled out and it also recommended. Overall, despite this innovative, imaginative approach of Neptune, Scorpio Sun shows tremendous administrative memory, great people management and amazing perseverance. They have great memory but it is a bit afflicted by Neptune influence or if there are multiple planets in the horoscope in Pisces! J


Dec 8th

A deadly combination of Saturn ruled date of 8 and Mars ruled Scorpio Sun! J As you can see there is some conflict within this date but also there is co-existence or rather enhancement of some of the Scorpio abilities. Saturn opposes outright revengeful ways of Scorpio. Saturn also helps not taking some people around (especially, relatives) too seriously! Saturn however enhances the perseverance, hard-work & relentless efforts to get head of this Scorpio Sun! Saturn directs this marsian energy & rage to practical matters in life. However, Saturn influence could also try to “control” Mar’s energy a bit too much which is an unhealthy thing to do! Energy has to be channeled and not suppressed else Scorpio Sun would throw it out someday with the intensity of a pressure cooker destroying everything coming in the way! The date of 8 bestows with tremendous hardworking ability and a distinct ability to “review” or audit things. However, the date of 8 also shows some karmic obligation which the soul wants to pay off in this life. This is a great date for police force, crime branch etc career as this date is often a channel to deliver fate/destiny to others! These folks influence or make others to take correct decisions, the decisions they might be avoiding for some time! Saturn forces one to do what they ‘need’ to do and not exactly what they ‘want’ to do! It is advised these folks to practice humor and also read/watch humorous stuff. It helps to reduce those black circles below eyes due to excess stress taking of both Scorpio Sun and Saturn influence! J


Dec 9th

The date of double-dhamaka of Mars as the date of 9 is ruled by Mars and it also rules Scorpio Sun shown by this date. This double Mars impact shows lack of interest in debates or informal chit-chat unless there is a great Gemini effect in the horoscope! These folks have a great intensity which is very visible. They come across as a bit un-approachable to a new person. These folks do not like strangers and not coming too close for sure. Any unsolicited advice either ignored mildly with a ‘look’ to caution you not to go that route! J It is important to read their body language and mood in order to avoid a nasty surprise. This date shows fierce or loyal friend circle. They have tremendous mental & physical stamina and it requires a GREAT effort to channel it on constructive things. Sports activities and regular gym is highly advised to release that great pressure cooker intensity and also the stress level these people go through! There is a hidden desire to take on great responsibility or rather stress which is reflected by black circles below eyes! Do not let their calm exterior fool you; their mind is working overtime and the calm on the surface is like volcano waiting to erupt. They like stability and the power it gives them. This is a very good date for engineering & particularly for chemical or even mining industry. Scorpio’s legendary administrative ability allows them to successfully occupy leadership positions.


Dec 10th

The date of 10 is ruled by Sun. It shows individual brilliance or ability which allows them to come up with an inspirational idea from time to time. These folks are enthusiastic & extroverts like 1 born or 19 born folks in their childhood. However, sometime in their teens, they start maturing up faster than other Sun ruled dates (1, 19, 28). The date of 10 shows some wisdom or maturity from the past birth(s) which causes these folks to withdraw a bit from direct competition or rat-race! However, the pioneer & entrepreneur spirit of Sun could not be curbed for a long time! Scorpio Sun shows tremendous mental & physical energy, ability & actually a desire to take stress or big responsibilities. Scorpio Sun’s secrecy or tendency to think of information or knowledge as power is reduced by Sun’s presence. Sun would want to share it at least within their sphere of influence. Scorpio‘s are a bit unpredictable but this date reduces it a bit, still, they can’t be taken from granted and nobody can claim to know their next move. Scorpio’s love for stability & power is always there. They do not like too many changes and certainly not frequently. There is a methodical or a fixed approach in everything they do. Sun only increases their administrative ability but also allows them to introduce new things from their inspiration from time to time.


Dec 11th

The date of 11 is a master number. This means these folks are always guided by their “higher-self”. There is a conscious & subconscious guidance due to experiences of past birth(s). This is not a particularly lucky date. It shows soul’s desire for recognition from people/people connect, simply put as popularity. They are of course not as docile or approachable as 2, 20 or 29 born folks due to two Suns in the date (11). There is a karmic obligation to balance two things (castes, religions or two different people!) so that they both stay independent but find reasons to co-exist in harmony! Their personality is often appreciated greatly by sub-ordinates as there is inherent diplomacy to their behavior. They are sentimental as ruled by Moon (11 : 2) but it is mostly covert due to “Two Sun” (11) date! These folks often get very good popularity in their sphere of influence. Mars ruled Scorpio Sun shows tremendous memory, stubborn & a methodical approach. It also adds to emotional profile of this Moon ruled date. Their mind is super-busy and it takes toll on their eyes (black circles). Their eyes give away their emotions and that’s why they like goggles quite a bit as a Scorpio Sun sign would always like to hide their true feelings from others! J Mars and Moon combination in this date also shows importance of friends in their life. Any career with people connect is highly advisable. These folks induce massive nostalgia in their old age!


Dec 12th

This Mars ruled Scorpio Sun sign date shows tremendous memory; they remember even smallest of details from their childhood. There is a desire for stability and more so of power that the stability provides. As Scorpio is a fixed sign, their administrative ability is also legendary! There is also a tendency to keep secrets they come know very fiercely. Scorpio Sun means that their next moves are unpredictable and it is very difficult to say what would be their action. They display a very calm exterior but it is as calm as a surface with lava beneath it. There are usually able to contain their rage but it is advisable to get out of the way when it comes out. The date of 12 ruled by Jupiter (3) shows thought leadership. It makes this date a very good for the field of education and occupy higher positions in education institutes. They are most comfortable when there is a clear master-disciple relationship. They manage clear juniors and clear seniors very well but struggle with colleagues. They see colleagues as competitors. In short, the date of 12 shows more importance to self/ego (1) and lesser others (2). This ego sometimes affects their individual achievements or the peak they can reach. Usually, the destiny of 12 born folks is to support other people reach higher positions or to support other folks. Overall, Jupiter is able to guide some of the negative emotions of Scorpio (revenge, rage) much better than others.


Dec 13th

This is a very interesting combination as somewhat unpredictable Scorpio Sun meets with a more unpredictable & unorthodox Uranus ruled date of 13 (4)! You can certainly see Scorpio Sun’s desire for power & administrative ability in these folks. However, the desire for stability and methodical approach is questioned from time to time by the date of Uranus. Uranus wants to bring in some change in direction of a family, organization or even society whereas Scorpio Sun wants to watch over the proceedings with an eye of an eagle and make sure everything is in order! Scorpio’s legendary memory is there but Uranus makes them forget unnecessary baggage from childhood that Scorpions usually carry for life! Uranus injects some detachment which is contrast with high possessive Scorpio Sun. Uranus also opposes quite a bit the nostalgia that Scorpio Sun could indulge in the later part if life. Uranus wants to look and plan ahead than live in the bitter-sweet memories of their past! There is a distinct attraction of latest electronics gadgets for these folks! The date of 13 however shows that their achievements or thought leadership (3) sometimes takes back-seat due to their self esteem or rather ego (1). It is very important for these folks to differentiate between self esteem/respect (necessary) & ego (could be avoided). As Sun is in Mercury owned constellation of “Jyeshtha”, these folks are often given high responsibilities & stressful assignments in career. They can withstand a high degree of stress & they are proud of it! They are usually elder folks in the family or need to always behave like one! J


Dec 14th

This is an interesting & a bit of a conflicting date due to combination of Mercury ruled date of 14 (5) and Mars ruled Scorpio Sun. Sun by this date enters the last “navamansh” of Scorpio Sign which shows some karmic connection to a river or simply, a water source. Scorpio Sun shows tremendous intensity, mental energy and also somewhat bitter or caustic tongue which is termed as witty by friends & harmful by foes! J They have a great gift of auditing, reviewing or plain simply watching to the proceedings to the last detail! Mercury angle in this date adds much needed charm through ability to express well & use catchy phrases. These phrases could be used to release stress around which these folks create with or without intent. The date of 145 also shows ability of trading; spotting gaps between supply & demand around and catering to them with personal benefits. There is an inborn Scorpio Sun’s desire for power & stability. This is also reflected in their methodical approach. Scorpio memory is legendary and they can remember things even from their childhood. As Sun is in the last degrees of “Jyeshtha” constellation, these folks often are subjected to high stress & high responsibilities. There is a karmic obligation towards family or society which is fulfilled by this leadership. They have great survival instinct & can fight for years to achieve what they want.


Dec 15th

A very interesting date for sure as it shows Scorpio Sun in the last degree of the Scorpio Sign (last “navamansh”). This certainly shows a karmic burden to take big responsibilities & many a times family responsibilities too. These folks tend to be or need to behave like the “eldest” person in the family regardless of their age! At the same time, the date of 15 is one of the luckiest dates that show great deeds of past birth(s). Obviously, this date shows a successful like, a balanced personality with great taste in any form of art. This combination of last degrees of Scorpio of Venus ruled date makes it is a very interesting combination with both effects show their presence in their personality. Scorpio Sun shows great memory & certainly the painful ones. They can never forget any insult etc done to them right from their childhood. They appear very stable and calm on surface but there is a volcano ready just beneath to erupt at any time! These folks can be very revengeful from time to time. The date of 15 does bring much needed balance & calming effect which helps to close most of matters amicably. However, Scorpio Sun will always think of attack as the best defense. Last degree of Scorpio for Sun could show some health issues related to kidney or internal reproductive organs related to self but more so to father but later in life.


Dec 16th

Sun changing from last degree of Scorpio to 1st degree of Sagittarius is a BIG change. This change from an introvert & sort of a revengeful Scorpio Sun Sign to an extrovert (rather, loud mouth! J), broad minded, talkative Sun Sign of Sagittarius. Sun’s entry into Sagittarius which is 9th Sign in the zodiac shows a person with broad mind & large heart with a holistic view of the things. These people are not at all good at lying, even a kid would figure out when they tell a lie. There is something about strong bone structure and Sagittarius Sun Sign! This sign shows robust, healthy body and great longevity. Gym, ground are natural places for them if Mars is strong in the natal chart (birth-time horoscope) and libraries, books etc are natural if Jupiter is strong in the chart. This signs likes to communicate and express & share their knowledge. It is a highly positive Sun sign with a warm & sunny approach towards life. They are highly optimistic and have their own thought process/leadership and find it hard to follow orders of others without being convinced. These folks look at bigger picture & are more strategic & less tactical. Their actions are aligned to broader set of goals & objectives than driven just by the joy of the journey! The date of 16 ruled by Neptune shows some 6th sense, inborn knowledge of body language etc. It opposes expressive nature of Sagittarius and wants to communicate without words at times.


Dec 17th

The birth-date of 17 ruled by Saturn (8) does show some karmic burden that soul wants to pay-off in this life. This date shows great ability of review, scrutinize or audit. These folks are more like enforcer than initiators. There is a typical Saturn’s “khadus” or conservative nature. This nature when coupled with expressive, loud voice Sagittarius Sun forms an interesting combination. Saturn’s minor observations are delivered with a loud foot thumping style! They could deliver the dialogues that people around them always “need” to hear and not what they “want” to hear exactly! J Sagittarius Sun also shows a robust physique and a good bone structure. As Sun is in Aries (exalted for Sun) ‘navamansh’, it shows an accomplished father but also shows some spine, heart or leg related injury or pain to father later in life. This date does have connection with gm, play-grounds etc but with Saturn influence it could directed to coaching or sports-analysis, critique more than say becoming a sports-person. The date of 17 also shows an in-borne desire to leave their name behind by some great deeds. With starting degrees of this fire sign, this desire is pronounced. This compound date of 17 shows brilliance of Sun (1) and innovation/imagination of Neptune (7) from time to time. However, the areas or subjects of application of mind are mostly dominated by Saturn. Needless to say, Sagittarius Sun shows a great longevity.


Dec 18th

This Mars ruled date of 18 (9) augments Sagittarius Sun quite well. This date tilts Sagittarius Sun’s inclination more towards sports or engineering than the field of academics/education. This is a very aggressive temperament date due to Mars ruled date of 18 (9). The date of 18 shows some bitter fights with some folks (relatives, friends or work-place) which indeed have some karmic connections. There is a great positivity to this date which aggressively makes bold decisions and a great progress in lesser time. However, the sudden aggression & rough edge to personality can ruin hard-work of months! There is rather a desire of the soul to engage in some bitter wars. Jupiter ruled Sagittarius Sun is able to direct this energy in a good manner but still this physical & mental energy needs a conscious effort to channel to right causes. Regular exercise, martial arts etc helps quite a bit. They have a very good none structure and great longevity which is a trademark of Sagittarius Sun. They tend to gain weight (both muscles and fat) much faster than other Sun signs. This helps with career in body building or anything to do with physical strength. Sagittarius Sun does show a broad mind and strategic thought process which help them avoid going too far with their fights unless their ideals are challenged or there is an injustice. They can’t tolerate injustice and in such case they are never in a mood for debates or group discussions! J


Dec 19th

The date of 19 is a date of rulers and is a very lucky one! This Sun ruled date is a very harmonious compound number of 19 which shows brilliance/potential/ability (1) of Sun propagated by energy or Mars (9). This birth-date does show a great past karma for sure which ensures success in this life. There is a desire to start/pioneer new things which nobody in the family did. It is difficult for them to follow others and take orders. They want to lead by example and even in a service/job, they also run their units like their own business! There is certain aloofness despite the broad minded Sagittarius Sun. Sagittarius Sun wants to connect, wants to take broad/strategic positive decisions & wants to connect with people to convince them to come onboard, however, Sun’s 19 dominance does not allow them to compromise much. They will always deal on their terms and conditions & hence they are not very comfortable with new environments or surroundings where they do not have much control. They respect territories and guard their own territory! The Sagittarius Sun shows optimism, adds to entrepreneur approach of 19 and also reduces their ego a bit & presents it more as self-esteem by keeping it positive. Residing hairline is quite possible due to Sagittarius Sun in Moola nakshatra and also Sun dominated date of 19! J These folks find it VERY difficult to lie; even a kid would tell when they are lying! J

Dec 20th

A positive, optimistic, broad natured, truthful, idealistic Sagittarius Sun meets with the date ruled by Moon (20:2) which is sensitive, emotional and caring. This Jupiter & Moon combination is harmonious but philosophically conflicting. Moon wants to do things for friends & relatives which are not exactly say idealistic whereas Jupiter would not want things done for close folks that they can’t do for even strangers! This conflict however is not a self-destructing etc but the people around could get confused by mix of emotional & sense-of-duty sides of these folks from time to time. The result is that, they might do those things that make them popular but not before declaring how bad & incorrect it is to do those things! J These folks are very popular in their sphere of influence & come across as approachable & friendly. They have natural ability of people leadership & people connect. There is a broad nature and strategic thinking etc which helps their friends quite a bit. They are quite big hearted despite emotional & sensitive side of Moon ruled date. Any career with people connect is great for them. Although Sagittarius Sun is great for individual, idealistic achievements on their own (Scholarships, rankings, education, awards etc); there real fulfillment is through some people connect. Some of the most popular professors or school teachers are born under this date. Who would not love a dutiful, idealistic but approachable & warm hearted & friendly person as their class-teacher or mentor? J A great bone structure and longevity is a given and regular gym is highly advised.


Dec 21st

This is a very harmonious date with both date of 21(3) and Sun Sign of Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter. These folks have a great though leadership & a very high level of achievement orientation. There is a great emphasis on personal achievements and lesser so on group & team level. However, 21 is a very lucky birth-date with great past karma. Although personal achievements & thought leadership is important there is a priority to others (2) and then self (1). This makes them enough people friendly to make a win-win situation. However, they would not collect any people contact (lie 20 born) or friends that do not align to their goals! They will consciously or subconsciously chose company which helps them get ahead or progress in some way – this can’t be called as selfish as it is usually a win-win. Sagittarius Sun’s broad nature, strategic thinking & idealistic nature if only enhanced by this date. However, at times there could be minor compromise with integrity for their personal priority. These folks in childhood are about scholarships, ranks and fierce competitors in any academic endeavor. Unlike 30 and 12 born folks, their competitive spirit continues very much in later life also. They are a delight of their teachers or even their seniors as they always have an eye of achievements. There is an independent though process which keep them on right path. Sagittarius Sun’s robust bone structure and great longevity is a given! Regular gym or some playground presence goes a long way!


Dec 22nd

This date shows an interesting combination of Jupiter ruled Sagittarius Sun Sign and Uranus ruled date of 22 (4). Sagittarius Sun shows mostly orthodox person who likes to use tried & tested methods but of course with aggression and positivity and great optimism. Uranus however shows a unorthodox, ‘change agent’ approach where the soul wants to bring change to the environment they are part of. This shows some minor inner-friction as Sagittarius Sun is a bit too powerful and strong to get over-ruled by the date of 22. It means, the person bring some step by step changes to the fields/areas where Sagittarius Sun folks are found the most, say, sports activities, gym(if Mars is strong in their horoscope), education societies, academic career, professor etc career (if Jupiter is strong in the horoscope). These are the folks who start using electronic gadgets or tools in sports or their sphere of influence. Uranus dominated folks always love to have latest gadgets in the market. The date of 22 is a master number. It means that these folks are guided by their higher self and always know what they need to do at subconscious level. Sagittarius Sun helps them quite a bit to implement the change they want as their motive is not questioned by their environment as Sagittarius shows an idealistic & straightforward or transparent way of working. This is a great date for a soul that wants to bring in some step by step change in big institutions in the field of either education/academics or sports.


Dec 23rd

The birth-date 23 is a very lucky date as it shows great karma in past life(s). This date is ruled by Mercury (23:5) which shows good oratory skills and ability to express/articulate well. These folks can express a lot with a select few words. Of course, this date can’t mark the “almost” loud-mouth or rather warm hearted & extrovert nature of Sagittarius Sun. Sagittarius Sun shows robust bone structure & great longevity regardless of how bad rest of the horoscope looks. This combination of Mercury ruled date & Jupiter Ruled Sun Sign of Sagittarius however is a bit of a conflict as Mercury or 23 born tend to be all-rounder folks with interests in multiple subjects whereas Sagittarius Sun wants to pursue any subject (maybe 1 or two) with seriousness and a depth! The 9th Sign wants to have a broad-minded view of any subject they study and do not limit themselves by superficial approach which 23 born folks could take for some of the insignificant (for them) subjects. The sports or gym side of these folks could be a bit reduced by the date of 23 and could turn more towards academics (reading, writing & some expression etc). Of course, if Mars is very strong in the horoscope, these folks WILL get involved in sports or military etc activities for sure. These folks find it very difficult to stop after 1 degree. Masters is always on their mind even if not able to go for it right away.


Dec 24th

24 is probably the luckiest birth-date of all dates, given to a soul who has done some great past karma in multiple lives! This date is ruled by Venus (24:6) which shows a balanced & artistic approach. It shows that the person is mild mannered and respectful and does not have a rough edge to their personality. This is, despite Sagittarius Sun which is idealistic & straightforward and can’t tolerate injustice. 24 will always present Sagittarius Sun’s extrovert nature in a docile manner. However, if someone crosses their limit, they can forget or ignore that person for rest of their life. These folks find it very difficult to lie; even a kid would call their bluff! J They usually have a robust bone structure & great health and longevity unless some sudden indications of heart related stuff shown by horoscope. These folks tend to have a “pahadi” voice and combined with Venus’s (24) effect – it could be put to a very good use artistic endeavors. It is highly advisable to stay away from affairs as they could spoil otherwise spotless career and personality. People like to have these folks around and miss their presence sorely. Jupiter ruled Sagittarius Sun’s bright, sunny & warm hearted side is presented with beauty of Venus in this date. Despite Venus influence sports or gym could not be ruled out if Mars is very well placed in the horoscope.


Dec 25th

The date of 25 is ruled by Neptune (7) which shows subtle side of this extrovert & bold Sagittarius Sun. Neptune shows imaginative, innovative side and also some sort of 6th sense to these people. They read body language or even mind of people around them. They can easily perceive undercurrents of situations and get distinct “vibes” when they meet a new person or a new place. In a way, despite Neptune ruled date & Jupiter ruled Sun Sign of Sagittarius ‘oppose’ in this manner, it is not adverse or counterproductive as Sun (1) and Saturn (8) or even Mars and Saturn. This is more at intellectual level where these folks have a friction in their mind and personality which is about being subtle or being bold / extrovert. Whether Horoscope would decide if Neptune is well placed or Jupiter is well placed. If Jupiter is dominant they are more in to academics, professor etc thought leadership professions, whereas Neptune directs their energy to more creative & imaginative things (poetry). All Neptune dates are great for sports activities especially if Mars is well placed. Sagittarius only adds to their sports activities. Regular Gym, exercise, sports activities goes a long way and makes them a better person. Neptune & Jupiter combination could make people around them confused as to which “mode” is ruling them at what time and it is highly advised to be predictable for at least people around them.


Dec 26th

The birth-date of 26 ruled by Saturn (8) does show some karmic burden (mostly related to relationships) that soul wants to pay-off in this life. This date shows great ability of review, scrutinize or audit. These folks are more like enforcer than initiators. There is a typical Saturn’s “khadus” or conservative nature. This nature when coupled with expressive, at times loud voice Sagittarius Sun forms an interesting (& confusing to others) combination. Saturn’s minor observations are delivered with a loud foot thumping style! They could deliver the dialogues that people around them always “need” to hear and not what they “want” to hear! J Sagittarius Sun also shows a robust physique and a good bone structure. This date does have connection with gym, play-grounds etc but with Saturn influence it could directed to coaching or sports-analysis, critique more than say becoming a sports-person. This compound date of 26 shows outwards a friendly (2) nature along with lazy good mannered approach of Venus (6) but this is related to their style (how) & not the subjects of their choice (what). That is, the areas or subjects of application of mind are mostly dominated by Saturn. Needless to say, Sagittarius Sun shows a great longevity. These people would be the best fit for academic auditors or committees deciding curriculums etc.


Dec 27th

This is very lucky date & as much or a maybe a bit lesser than say the date of 24. The date shows very good past karma which ensures success in this life. This date certainly shows Mars’ aggression & positive attitude but also need for discipline. The expressive Sagittarius Sun sign with at times loud mouth approach can be easily seen (heavy/loud voice). The bone structure is very good and regular gym, sports is highly recommended. Sagittarius Sun does instill idealistic and disciplined approach to this Mar’s energy but still it is always advised for these folks to channel their energy to correct causes. This date does show a great importance to friends and a big friend circle. There are certainly various great karmic links to friends/friend circle and many of their important and big things happen with or due to friends. Sagittarius Sun and Mars combination makes it great date for sports activities or any physical/action prone career. Needless to say that the Sagittarius Sun & this lucky date shows a great longevity and life-force. This is a very good date to shows thought leadership in the fields shows by Mars such engineering, sports or even wars. The compound number of 27 shows people friendly or populist nature of moon (2) and imaginative, creative and innovative side of Neptune (7). Overall it is a very lucky date which tends to moves to charity later in their life.

Dec 28th

The date of 28 ruled by Sun (28:10:1) shows individual brilliance. This date shows a bit of aloofness and loner attitude. This is despite their ability to connect with friends (2) and masses/workers (8) very well. Despite being Sun ruled date, it has an air of approachability which is lacking in other Sun ruled dates of 1, 10, 19. The date of 28 is not about classes but more about masses. They create products or services that are targeted more at the bottom of the pyramid than say classes or ultra-rich. Extrovert, bold, idealistic Sagittarius Sun adds to the qualities of Sun’s brilliance, pioneer side. Sagittarius Sun reduced egotist side of 28 born folks quite a bit & gives more importance to thought leadership than importance to individuals. However, these folks do tend to collect overzealous people around them who end up hurting them with the complete intention of helping! Their over-enthusiasm or desire to please these folks could get them in trouble. It is advisable to make it clear to the fan club that they can’t matters beyond certain limit even with the best of the intentions. i.e. the methods are equally important as the goals or destination! This date shows a great bone structure & tremendous longevity, heart & spine could be areas of worry and also overuse of legs is possible in life leading to some wear & tear.


Dec 29th

The date of 29 is a master number as it adds to 11. It means these folks are guided by their subconscious mind quite a bit. Their personality is very good to balance two very different types of people, families or even caste or religions. Needless to say these people are perceived as great personality in any country with diverse cultural background. These folks exactly know how to balance two things so that they co-exist but also retain their independence! This tight rope act is possible to the folks born on 29 and 11. There is a desire of the soul for publicity / popularity; they also tend to be very popular anyways! Sagittarius Sun’s extrovert, bold and at times loud mouth nature is controlled by this emotional Moon ruled date. However, one can’t hide this Sagittarius Sun for too long. They of course have Sagittarius robust physique/bone-structure and very good longevity too. They can easily put on weight without much effort. Regular gym and sports activities help them a lot and make them a better person. Friends/friend-circle has a tremendous importance in their life as it is due to specific karmic links. However, there is a tendency of 29 (which is not seen in 11) to collect nasty friends who can get them in trouble. It is almost impossible for them to detach from such friends but then they should try to stop their friends from doing something stupid knowingly or unknowingly.


Dec 30th

This is a date of great harmony as both Sagittarius Sun and the date of 30 (3) are ruled by Jupiter. These folks are thought leaders more than say people leaders. The 0 in the date shows a maturity or wisdom carried over from the past life. After early years of a typical 3 dominated behavior of individual achievements, fierce competition in academics etc, these folks take a back seat from at least overt competition. They realize the folly behind the rat-race and settle in their own thought process. This is probably one of the best dates for preaching, teaching or plain simply for academic profession (professors, principal etc). These folks have a tendency to go deep in every subject and are a PhD sort of material. They are of course idealistic and extrovert & bold due to Sagittarius Sun but the date of 30 reduces the frequency of their bold displays. They are mostly selfless except for early childhood years when personal achievement is important to make a point or two. However, too much of a maturity or wisdom could result in lack of action! This should be avoided at any cost as the intelligence or wisdom has to be applied for some cause. There is a robust Sagittarian bone structure and longevity to support any long term or broad plans. These folks have a vision and it is just a matter of acting on it for betterment of the surroundings. Their actions only help others and can never hurt anyone.


Dec 31st

The date ruled by Uranus (31:4) brings some interesting aspect to this otherwise traditional, thought leadership inclined Sagittarius Sun sign. Uranus brings in some unorthodox approach, a change agent attitude that challenges the status quo. Sagittarius Sun would shows the fields of sports, gym or academics where these people try to bring in change and use modern ways and techniques. However, Uranus cannot mask the tried & tested approach of Sagittarius completely. The change aspect is more like a side dish than the main course as this Jupiter ruled Sagittarius will never disrespect older ritual or get rid of existing social precedence or order that easily. 31 is the luckiest of the 4 dates (4, 13, 22, 31). It shows priority to thought leadership and personal achievements (3) more than self or ego (1). However, this compound number does show traces of both 3 (thought leadership, achiever) and 1 (Brilliance, originality). Sagittarius Sun also shows a robust bone structure and great longevity. Sports or Gym activities are highly recommended as they make them a better person. A little bit of gym can show great improvements in muscle compared to other Sun Signs! These folks have a very broad vision and a warm hearted nature. This date shows overuse of muscle & more so of legs as Sagittarius sign rules legs. These folks obviously like to travel and meet new people and places. They are in a way world-citizens!

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