Published on Sunday, 13 January 2013

Jan 1st

The first date of the year ruled by Sun shows individual brilliance or ability and a free spirit. The date ruled by Sun of course shows ability to entrepreneur or pioneer ability to start something new which nobody in the family did. They create a platform for other people to expand or build upon. There is of course certain air of aloofness or un-approachability (stiff) about them. Jupiter ruled Sagittarius Sun shows a broad point of view which is lot more strategic than tactical. It shows Jupiter’s thought leadership. It is very difficult for these folks to take orders from others without independence to execute their ideas. Every now & then there is some inspirational move that keeps them going forward. Sagittarius Sun also shows a robust bone structure and health. There could be some spine and heart related minor issues later in life but apart from that it shows a great longevity too. Sports or gym related activities make them a much better person.If Mars is well placed in the horoscope, it is quite likely for them to run a gym themselves or become a very good sports-person. This is also a great date for career in academics. This is certainly a great birth-date for professors or principals who need to establish an institute from start.


Jan 2nd

The date ruled by Moon (2) shows desire of the soul to connect with people around them. It shows a very good ability of people contact which is great for HR, Sales & marketing related disciplines. Anything related to people connect is natural for these folks. There are of course some mood-swings & emotional approach that comes with this date. Of course, Sagittarius Sun’s thought leadership, broad vision limits such occurrences or intensity of them quite a bit. This birth-date is a great channel for soul’s who want to propagate an idea or a life style or some philosophy etc in society which is spawned by someone who is probably ruled by Sun’s date (1, 10, 19, 28). Sagittarius Sun of course shows a very good bone structure and physique. It also shows a great longevity for sure. There could be some minor issues with legs later in life but it is mostly due to overuse or undisciplined use of legs as Sagittarius rules legs.Sports and Gym activities are of course natural to them. Rather they belong on a big ground with some group sports events. These people could be the best channel or brand ambassadors for any sports equipment company. Jupiter ruled Sagittarius Sun also shows a great thought leadership and personal

achievements but date of Moon could make “personal” aspect take a back seat. These people are mostly selfless collaborators.


Jan 3rd 

This is a very harmonious date due to both the date (3) and Sagittarius Sun is ruled by Jupiter. It shows a great thought leadership and a focus on individual achievements. This is the best date for “role model students” as it shows relentless focus on achieving something right from childhood. They are highly competitive and nothing can come in between their personal achievements. They are less about people connect and being popular rather, they are ready to take wrath of colleagues or people to achieve for themselves. They set very high standards for self and others and find it very hard to praise others! They are a childlike ability and tendency to achieve something right from childhood. The best part of date 3 is that they do not lose this competitive spirit (like 12 30) later in life. Sagittarius Sun of course shows agreat bone structure and interest in sports and gym etc. Any sport activity makes them a better person.Group activities are recommended to know the importance of team-work and team-spirit and not just individual achievements. Sagittarius Sun shows a strategic thinking and date of 3 only adds to it. All their actions are aligned to their long term goals and their motivation does not lie in quick-achievements. There is some idealistic approach as they can’t lie effectively and get caught very easily! J This is a successful date for sure when it comes to individual achievements and performance!


Jan 4th

The date ruled by unorthodox Uranus (4) adds some interesting angle to this otherwise orthodox Sagittarius Sun. Uranus shows a change agent attitude that tries to change the course of the family or society in some way. Their mandate is to modernize the old systems for the 21st Century; keep what is good and get rid of unnecessary customs that are outdated. Of course, Sagittarius Sun’s approach of thought leadership and using tried & tested methods does being some balance or rather “effective change management” skills. This allows them to execute the change by taking older generation of establishment with them. They do not outright challenge the existing powers or status-quo. The change is more incremental & not revolutionary! Sagittarius Sun shows great academic excellence especially early in life.Strong Mars in their horoscope pull them in sports, strong Uranus to electronics or modern sciences andstrong Jupiter towards academics. A great date for anyone who wants to a professor or HOD / Principal in an Electronic or any modern sciences college! Sagittarius Sun also bestows great health, bone structure and longevity upon them. Sports and gym activities make them a much better person. Sagittarius Sun shows a broad nature and a strategist than a tactical person; Uranus only adds to it and widens their spectrum further.


Jan 5th

Mercury influence (5) adds some naughty angle to this otherwise traditional, extrovert and idealistic Sagittarius Sun sign. Mercury shows multiple interests and an all-rounder personality. Jupiter ruled Sagittarius Sun brings depth and certain thought leadership and sincere approach to these interests. Academics are of course very good due to combination or Mercury and Jupiter; however Mercury brings in some practical gain aspects to this knowledge quest of Sagittarius Sun. Although sports could take a back seat due to the Mercury influence, it is an integral part of any Sagittarius Sun person. Sports and Gym make them a much better person. Mercury also brings some trading angle which Sagittarius Sun would not care much. Mercury allows them to spot supply-demand around and benefit from them. Jupiter ensures that this is a win-win situation for all parties involved. Sagittarius Sun is a bit loud mouth and would find it very difficult to lie to a straight question. They are the worst liars around! J Sagittarius Sun would of course give a great bone structure, robust health and great longevity. Strong Mercury or Jupiter in the horoscope takes them closer to academic field whereas strong Mars towards sports, gym (even land related trading) etc related activities. These folks are broad minded and more strategic in nature with a long term view than quick short gains.

Jan 6th

This certainly a lucky date ruled by Venus (6) but it shows some contrast with the Jupiter ruled Sagittarius Sun. Venus ruled tends to be mild mannered, balanced and pragmatic. The Sagittarius Sun tends to be blunt, extrovert and idealistic. This Venus and Jupiter combination do tend to override each other from time to time but it is mostly constructive and not as extreme or difficult as Sun and Saturn combination in a date. Venus calms down Sagittarius Sun’s “truthful” and “idealistic” outbursts or at least reduces the frequency of the same to the circles that are appropriate or conductive to such direct approach. This makes these people a bit shy and less forthcoming at new places. Venus does show a great test in any form of art and Jupiter adds depth to such interest with its thought leadership. Sagittarius Sun does show a robust bone structure, strong legs and a great longevity! It also shows good success as an obedient student in early years. These folks use the expressive nature of Sagittarius Sun (loud mouth at times!) with Venus’s flair for art very effectively. Sports or Gym related activities are recommended as they make them a better person but also they are needed as Venus plus Sagittarius can show weight gain tendencies without much effort! J It is highly advised to stay away from affairs (especially post marriage) else the righteous position/credibility acquired by Sagittarius Sun is lost in a day!


Jan 7th

Like Jan 6th this is also a date of some positive contrasts and also partial harmony! The date of 7 ruled by Neptune shows an intuitive, creative and innovative mind whereas Sagittarius Sun shows a bold, extrovert and ‘in your face’ logic or truthful approach! Sagittarius does not want to spend too much time on someone’s emotions or body language etc while delivering the truth but only truth whereas Neptune shows certain level of emotional intelligence and knows when to choose their moment to deliver the message! Neptune is subtle whereas Sagittarius Sun is overt & imposing. The combination is certainly a bit difficult to handle for parents and also people around them as at different time the response could be dominated more by Neptune or Jupiter (Sagittarius). There is harmony as well as Sagittarius is dutiful, religious whereas Neptune is evolved state of religion i.e. spirituality! There is however a distinct gap between these two states which this person has to struggle with. Duties (Dharma) or moksha is always a question at conscious or subconscious level for them. It tends to be duties in early stages followed by spiritual approach later on! Sagittarius Sun of course shows great bone structure, physical strength and longevity. Neptune adds to the sports & gym ability of Sagittarius Sun and that too with the innovative approach.


Jan 8th

The date of Saturn (8) shows a conservative nature which reduces some of the outwards, extrovert and even somewhat loud mouth nature of Sagittarius Sun. Saturn influence shows a sincere person who is mostly introvert and good with numbers. These folks are good at audits, reviews or even policing! There is of course some karmic debt that soul wants to pay off in this birth as reflected in the birth-date of 8. Saturn brings some number driven approach to highly optimistic nature of Jupiter ruled Sagittarius Sun. It is relative whether to call it realistic approach or less optimistic approach but yes Saturn needs some real/material proof or numbers to show a great optimism! Sagittarius Sun does show a great bone structure, robust health and great longevity. It is advised for these folks to take matters less seriously at times and spend time on sports or gym activities. These folks are overly serious in childhood but warm and become more playful later after 30s. Of course Sagittarius Sun WILL make an appearance every now and then with its truthful approach and uncompromising idealism. It is difficult to suppress the expressive nature of Jupiter Sun anyways! They are opinionated and have a great thought leadership which does come out when needed. These folks quite traditional and use only tried & tested methods. Change is something they are not very fond of which they need to work upon in this changing world!


Jan 9th

The date ruled by Mars (9) shows a very straightforward, forthright, positive or rather aggressive approach. There is a positive ego that these people posses which is quite contagious. Friends have a great place in their life and there are various karmic links related to friends which they want to leverage and also serve in this life. Although they are aggressive they are also noble and charitable. Jupiter ruled Sagittarius Sun shows great thought leadership. This ensures that the energy of Mars is channeled to right causes. Despite being ruled by Jupiter these folks tend not to like debates as they try to enforce their opinions especially when they are convinced they are right! J Mars likes to act instead of discussions! Sports and Gym, like the birth-date of Dec 27, are very important for these folks. This date is great for any sports related career – actual sportsman or advanced sports equipments, coaching etc. Sagittarius Sun’s broad vision and ability to teach or explain tilts a bit towards Mars dominated subjects such as sports, Gym, engineering etc more than Jupiter dominated fields of education or charities. There is a childlike idealism in this date from time to time which is very contagious. Despite this Marsian energy, these folks are highly strategic and not merely tactical. This date usually shows desire of the soul to put energy or force behind some subject which they spent a lot of time thinking in the past birth(s)! J 


Jan 10th

The date ruled by Sun (10:1) shows individual brilliance, pioneer & entrepreneur ability. It shows certain originality which allows them to do some inspirational things from time to time. The date of 10 shows a pure 1 dominated nature in childhood which becomes a bit too mature in their teens. The 0 in the birth-date shows some wisdom or maturity from the past birth that could lessen the outright sunny or childlike purity of 1 dominated person. This maturity or wisdom could result in some inaction or lack of greed or ambition at times. However, brilliance & inspirational movements of Sun could not be suppressed for long. Sagittarius Sun shows good bone structure, physical strength and great longevity. Any sports or gym activity is highly recommended as it makes them a better person. They have a very broad vision and are more strategic than tactical. Their decisions are long term and value system is very strong. This date is integrity personified! There could be some issues with spine or heart but much later in life if Saturn aspects Sun in the birth time horoscope. This date tends to go towards academics (Jupiter) more than sports (Mars) but both sides are perfect fit for them. They are thought leaders and are great consultants for any organization. They do tend go to highest position in their organization.


Jan 11th

The date of 11 is a master number which shows these folks have a very active subconscious mind and are highly perceptive. They are guided by their higher self and seldom need advice from others as to what they need to do. They are looked as role models in country like India as far as their personality goes as they balance contradictions (multiple cultures, languages, castes etc) around them very smoothly. Of course, as this date is ruled by Moon they do shows mood swings, temperamental nature especially in childhood. They seem to be lost somewhere and keep to themselves early in life. Transformation in their teens makes them approachable, friendly and also quite popular. Sagittarius Sun shows great bone structure, physical strength, and longevity. Thought leadership is a given of course! It also shows penchant more for “personal/individual achievements” more but Moon influence in this date balances in quite a bit. They are inclined towards working in a group or a team more than other Sagittarius Sun folks. They have a very broad vision and big picture view than tactical approach for quick achievements or pleasures. There is an ability of planning for next few years if not decades. These folks could become very popular professors or even actors. Creativity is coupled due to Moon with Jupiter ruled Sagittarius’ thought leadership.


Jan 12th

A very harmonious Jupiter ruled date (12:3) with Jupiter ruled Sun Sagittarius too. These people are thought leadership personified. They can lecture anyone for a very long time! J Seriously, this is the best channel for a soul to become a principal or a great world-class professor/teacher/sports-coach etc who decides the course of the education system for years to come and also helps establish or execute it too. These folks are the best fit to plan syllabus for universities for next few years! This date of course has a karmic obligation to late other people take the limelight while they serve these people to reach great heights. Everyone knows that the one who achieved is majorly because of these folks but again they are not in charge or say captains of the ship or a team etc. They need to take a back seat for luckier folks to achieve (Say 19, 21 or 23/24 borns). Their thought leadership & intelligence and broad vision or big picture, is un-paralleled. They have an uncompromising attitude towards everything – highly idealistic! Sagittarius Sun shows great bone structure, vitality and longevity. It also shows or rather recommends sports or gym for sure. It makes them a much better person.  They will surprise themselves and others with their physical strength / ability. They can put on great muscles in a very short time!


Jan 13th

The date of 13 which is ruled by Uranus brings some unorthodox, unconventional approach to an otherwise orthodox Jupiter ruled Sagittarius Sun. This date shows desire of the soul to bring in some change in their family or even society. They evaluate old rituals, customs and change/remove as per the needs of the modern world. They are enamored by all sorts of electronic gadgets. At a broad level it shows interest in all things modern. Sagittarius Sun does show an extrovert, outspoken nature but also shows thought leadership. Sagittarius Sun has respect for authority, knowledge, old customer and rituals that were put in place for functioning of society. This combination although seems a bit dysfunctional allows them to do a great job of “change management”. They are able to get a better consensus on the changes by expressing (at times rather teaching/preaching) their point of view. Sagittarius Sun also shows great bone structure and longevity. It also shows interest in sports & gym etc physical activities. Uranus only adds to the broad strategic vision of Sagittarius and brings in some lateral thinking too. As Sun is in “Vargottam Navamansh” in the last 3 days of Sagittarius Sun range (until Jan 13/14), it shows multi-talented, multifaceted, all-round personality. They are thorough gentleman but with some panache given by Uranus’s date. 13 born are found to give more importance to self /ego (1) than achievements (3) which could be detrimental for their growth. This should be avoided as much as possible.


Jan 14th

The date also called as “Makar Sankranti” as Sun enters the “Makar” i.e. Capricorn Sign! This shift from Sagittarius to Capricorn Sun Sign is a very big change from extrovert, truthful, expressive nature to sincere, introvert, industrious, hard-working, material Capricorn Sun Sign! The sign ruled by Saturn shows tremendous resolve & determination and some progress every day towards the ultimate goal/aim. Their health is not the greatest in childhood which improves with passing day! This sign shows a very introvert or rather a very conservative nature. They like step by step approach as opposed to big bang approach of Sun dominated personalities. Capricorn sign being 10th shows a very high degree of hard-work & continuous improvement approach. I think the term “Kaizen” was coined by Capricorn ruled organization or person!J The date of 14 ruled by Mercury does bring in some ability to express or articulate. They are able to convey their thoughts in optimal word count! J The date of 14 does show some karmic burden though as they are not as lucky as say 23 (also ruled by Mercury) born folks. Combination of Saturn and Mercury is very good for consultancy services, auditing and more so in financial/banking field. Mercury does bring in much needed sense of humor or approachability to this otherwise serious personality!


Jan 15th

The Venus ruled date of 15 is probably the luckiest birth-date that shows a great past karma resulting in a successful life regardless of how bad some planets are placed in the horoscope! There is in-born harmony & balance to this Venus ruled date. This is further shown in the number of 15 which shows a harmonious combination of Sun (1) and Mercury (15). Sun shows individual brilliance, ability, pioneering ability and Mercury shows ability to express or propagate this ability to various subjects. Of course, Saturn ruled Capricorn Sun shows a very sincere, serious, hard working approach. They are always onto something and can’t seat still, quiet for a long time. This is a very busy Sun Sign for sure. Eventually they become successful in life due to all this sheer talent of doing hard-work. (As Kasparov says, ability to hard work can’t be a separate entity but it is part of the talent itself.) This hard working approach is underscored by Sun being in the “Vargottam Navamansh” in Capricorn. These folks like step by step approach and not a big bang one. This combination of Venus and Saturn is again quite harmonious as they are “natural friends”. Saturn likes Venus’s non-controversial, tasteful, artistic and “do-good” attitude. However, the ambition of Capricorn Sun could make them do things that are selfish. This ambition could become greed at times. However, it is quite in control due to Venus’ (15) influence.

 Jan 16th

The date of 16 (7) ruled by Neptune shows an innovative mind with power of intuition and ability to read mind of others. They are able to interpret body language of others easily. This also makes them a good people leader with emotional intelligence. This intuitive mind shows a bit of contrast to sincere, serious, hard-numbers (facts & figures) driven Saturn ruled Capricorn Sun! Capricorn Sun shows that these folks are very industrious and keep themselves busy with some or other thing. They are ambitious with specific goals and objectives that they want to achieve. There is always a long term plan which they pursue every day with some incremental growth continuously. They like a step by step approach and never a “big bang” one. Their tomorrow is always better than today. Capricorn Sun shows introvert nature which is in synch with usually shy Neptune ruled date of 16. The date of 16 does shows power of subconscious mind or a 6th sense that helps them from time to time. However Capricorn Sun will always want to have numbers their side. Their physique is not that robust especially in childhood. However they do gain strength with every passing day. Life after 30 is much better for Capricorn Sun as their long term plans and efforts until then start showing fruits! Material or practical success is always more important for these folks. There is a great determination to achieve success and reach destination just like a mountain goat which keep on going up no matter what!’


Jan 17th

This is the birth-date of double Saturn impact due to Saturn ruled Capricorn Sun and also the date of 17 (8)! They are hard-working, sincere, traditional, conservative and family loving people. There is Saturn’s self control when in excess could lead to depression or too much introversion which is not healthy to achieve success in this modern world. There is great determination & ability to keep working hard until they achieve their goals. The date of 17 does show personal brilliance (1) coupled with intuition & innovation (7). However, these are just the undercurrents to the date that results into overall Saturn’s conservatism. This date also shows desire of the soul to leave their name behind after they are gone! These are very covert folks with very long term plans and specific objectives. They can do anything to achieve them. They are not at all populist and do not worry much of acceptance by people around them when compared to their individual goals. It’s obvious that they do not easily share their stuff & are better suited in an independent job which is not a group activity. Double impact of Saturn means that there is enough progress or modernity in the family already and they need to now continue on this modernized path without changing it much! Material success is more important than just the good-will their work gets them. Their health is not great in childhood but improves day by day! Life after 30 is a lot better as their efforts of first 30 years start bearing fruits thereafter!


Jan 18th

The date of 18 (9) ruled by Mars bring some spice to this otherwise sincere, meticulous, serious, hard-working Capricorn Sun Sign! There is some rough edge or aggression hidden in these folks that come out once in a while. Of course, the frequency of it is very low and reasons very serious as Capricorn sun would always keep away any “waste’ i.e. things that do not add value in their life/career etc. Mars influence shows love for speed, cars, friends and engineering subjects which otherwise are lesser in % in Capricorn Sun folks. The date of 18 shows some karmic links with friends and also enemies from past birth. There are some bitter incidents with some folks which could become quite ugly if not controlled by patience. Capricorn Sun shows slow but steady continuous improvement as their tomorrow is always better than today/yesterday. There is ability to hard-work which ensures success. Slow but steady means the life after age of 30 is lot more successful than until 30. Saturn and Mars combination is although somewhat contractor works very well in fields where masses/works and engineering comes together! This could mean big plants or even mining stuff. Even contractors or builders would benefit by folks born on this date. Mars effect of aggression (18) is more apparent in their early years, sometime in their teens Capricorn Sun takes over and even they are surprised with some of the violent or aggressive stuff they did in the past! J


Jan 19th

19 is the birth-date of Rulers! This date is dominated by Sun shows individual brilliance or ability combined with a pioneering ability. They are born entrepreneurs as they build their own sphere of influence with people with different skills necessary to achieve their goals. The date 19 is harmonious with Sun (1) and Mars (9) combination. This compound numbers shows importance to friends, colleagues or even siblings due to Mars’ presence. However, Jan 19th shows a contradiction of Sun dominated date and very opposite (of Sun) Saturn dominated Capricorn Sun! Capricorn Sun likes step by step approach, sincerity, hard-working nature & dislike of big-bang or extrovert displays of their skills. They are introvert whereas 19 shows extrovert nature! 19 likes big bang too! This combination hence shows a person thoroughly sincere and hardworking who comes up with some inspirational moves/ideas from time to time! The frequency is lesser than say April or August 19th born folks but they tend to take their own ideas very seriously and put efforts behind it than just giving orders! J They thoroughly work their numbers and get their facts & figures correct before they start implementing their own idea! This ensures certain amount of success and reduces risk of big failures but also removes possibility of getting highly lucky in something. Capricorns make their own luck and hence do not want to depend on others! A successful date but a bit difficult for others to guess due to unpredictability of Sun and Saturn influence just like Sept 8th, August 17th or even Feb 1st or Feb 10th birth-dates!


Jan 20th

This Moon ruled date of (20:2) shows a kid hidden behind sincere, serious & hard-working Capricorn Sun Sign! This Moon ruled date shows some emotional, sentimental and sensitive side despite a very practical Capri Sun Sign! There are some mood swings from time to time. Although not the very comfortable in big groups, they like group activities a lot more than other Capricorn Sun sign dates. Friend circle/colleagues have a special place in their life due to influence of Moon. They behave like a pure 2 born in their childhood; however that changes to a sudden matured approach in their teens. The 0 in the date shows some wisdom and also some philosophical approach or rather baggage from the past birth. This makes them a lot more serious/matured than other 2 born people (2, 11, 29). Any profession that has a combination of both number crunching and people connect (say HR) is a great fit for them. Capricorn Sun shows a hard-working individual who keep some long term goals and objectives. Most of their moves are aligned to these goals. This is a very industrious sign which shows a busy person and almost ensures material success even if it is a bit delayed. Capricorn Sun shows desire to uplift material success or economical status of self or family. Tremendous determination, hard-work stars giving them visible gains after the age of 30. Until the age of 30, it is more like an investment for them.


Jan 21st

Jupiter ruled date 21(3) is a very luck birth-date that shows very good past karma. There is a desire of the soul to achieve individual success. The date of 21 shows more importance to others (2) than self/ego (1) which helps them achieve more than say 12 or 30 born 3s. They are lot friendlier than other 3s but collect friends that are in some way aligned to their achievements. They will not collect friends the way 2 born would do. There will be some definite use or purpose or a thought consciously or subconsciously behind their friend circle. Jupiter influence shows thought leadership more than people leadership. It also shows optimism and positive outlook towards life. Capricorn Sun bestows upon them the typical hardworking, sincere approach. They are quite conservative and traditional in their approach. Continuous improvement and efforts ensures certain minimum level of success in their life and especially after the age of 30 which is very typical of Saturn dominated personality. Their age 30 to age 60 i.e. the 2nd cycle of Saturn’s movement of 29/30 years is very successful due to all the hard-work and seriousness they put in first 30 years of life! This Jupiter & Saturn combination does show respect for seniority and age. These folks are not that keen on too many changes around them and not certainly frequent ones!


Jan 22nd

The date of 22 (4) ruled by Uranus shows an unorthodox, unconventional person which is in contrast with Saturn ruled Capricorn Sun Sign’s sincere, traditional, methodical approach. This date does reduce this typical conservative side of Capricorn Sun Sign. They mostly belong to a conservative or a traditional family and are supposed to take them ahead in time. They tend to change or adopt or even remove old customs that do not make sense in the modern world. The date of 22 is a master number which means they are guided by their subconscious mind quite a bit. They seldom need advice of other folks except for some hard-core skills they need help on. This Uranus effect however does not change practical, mostly material way of Capricorn Sun. Capri Sun does show a very hard working person who is determined to achieve long term goals. They are not much worried about criticism as their achievement orientation and change agent attitude could make them a bit unpopular. However, this Capricorn side helps them to do a methodical change management by taking care of affected parties by the change they are bringing in. However, they should always keep in mind that they could be perceived as a threat by established folks who do not want change for the sake of it!


Jan 23rd

This is a very lucky date which shows great karma of multiple past births! The date of 23 (5) ruled by Mercury shows great ability to express or articulate well. It also shows ability of trading by demanding supply & demand gaps around! They are very well read and multifaceted. Mercury blesses them with an all-round persona. The date of 23 shows 2 (others, people) before 3 (personal achievements, thought leadership). It shows success through other people. Capricorn Sun ruled by Saturn shows sincere, hard-working, conservative, traditional approach. It adds a lot of “clarity” to the articulation of Mercury in the date of 23. Capricorn Sun shows long term goals & objectives and also tremendous ambition & perseverance to achieve it. They are very industrious and always keep themselves busy. They are quite serious even in childhood. Their life after the age of 30 is especially successful as life until 30 is kind of an investment in their very long term goals or broad ideas of success! Mercury influence does show some acute sense of humor which compliments with Saturn’s ability to observe everything. They have an ability to coin some phrases or term that is very useful in advertising or media. They are able to influence very well through written or spoken word. They have a great flair for short-writing and Saturn allows them to write fluently and easily even on some of the complex subjects!


Jan 24th

The date of 24 is probably the luckiest of the birth-dates that shows great past karma of multiple births. This results into a successful life in this birth. This date is ruled by Venus (24:6) which shows a very balanced individual with mild mannered approach. They dislike extreme thoughts or actions and try to balance any rough edge or extreme approach they see around them. This date bring some pleasant smile to this otherwise very serious, sincere, hard-working Capricorn Sun Sign ruled by Saturn! Saturn influence shows worldly ambitions, long term goals & objectives. It also shows tremendous ambition and perseverance to achieve them. They love their families and spend a lot for their kids which is in contrast to their otherwise conservative ways! Although usually lucky, their life after 30 is a lot more successful compared to earlier phase. Life until 30 is a sort of an investment into their long term & big goals! They are highly industrious and keep themselves always busy with some or other thing. They like a step by step approach with some improvements every day than a big bang one which is usually seen in Sun dominated personalities. Venus and Saturn combination is very harmonious as they are true friends. This makes these people predictable and easier to collaborate with.


Jan 25th

This birth-date is an interesting combination of creative, innovative, imaginative Neptune ruled date of 25 (7) with Saturn ruled Capricorn Sun sign that shows practical, orthodox, material, conservative nature! The desire of the soul is to bring some innovation or creativity to some of the most serious subjects! Although these traits of Neptune and Saturn are contradictory, if balanced well, they can certainly show a great advantage in today’s world that need a bit of both forward vision and good things from the past! Capricorn Sun shows a serious, sincere and hard working non-nonsense person who takes everything around very seriously. It also shows a busy nature who always like to work on something no matter what! Neptune adds some people-management ability due to its power of subconscious mind that allows them to read other people well. Neptune can interpret body language or even read minds of other people very well. This certainly helps with people management with emotional intelligence. However there is a contradiction of Neptune ways that are not always data driven and more perception driven. Saturn likes data, facts-n-figures and hard numbers to take decisions whereas Neptune has inner voice or hunch or so called 6th sense which they should trust from time to time. Of course, Neptune side of the personality should be used less frequently than Saturn dominated data driven decision making!


Jan 26th

A very harmonious date due to double-dhamaka of Saturn ruled Capricorn Sun and Saturn ruled date of 26 (8). Although this is a Saturn ruled date with seriousness, sincerity and even somewhat subdued approach, the date 26 does show less conservatism due to 2 (Moon) and 6 (Venus) effects in it. It shows milder front-end than other 8 dates (8 & 17). However, this hard-working, sincere, serious, orthodox, busy nature of this Saturn date is only augmented by Saturn ruled Capricorn Sun Sign! This could lead to a person who is a bit too conservative, old fashioned but keeping very busy! There could be too much self control due to double Saturn effect. These folks are especially serious etc until the age of 30 and after that they tend to become more open and friendlier. They don’t seem to be very approachable and party or social events is not their cup-of-tea unless they are born in a very modern family! Even then, they are a bit out of place in these events! There is a great desire of the soul to get material success and increase the economic state of self or family or even society! There is certain Karmic debt associated with date of 26th and more so with relationships! They are advised to be careful with relationships especially early in their 20s. Relationships with 4 born folks (except Jan 22, Jan 31st, Feb 4 & Feb 13) could lead to some chaos as Saturn approach directly conflicts with change agent Uranus ruled dates of 4, 22, 13, and 31.


Jan 27th

This is an interesting combination of date ruled by Mars (27) and Capricorn Sun ruled by Saturn! Mars and Saturn do show some conflict in their approach as Mars shows aggression, initiative, extrovert nature and even fights or wars or warriors whereas Saturn shows workers, masses, sincere, serious, orthodox and introvert, conservative approach. However, the date of 27 is a lucky one which shows some very good past karma that results in success in this life. There is some harmony and some constructive side to this Mars ruled date compared to the other dates ruled by Mars (9, 18). However, aggression of Mars does come out from time to time especially when they are convinced that they are right! J Detailed or long Debates, arguments etc is not their cup of tea as they want to act on the information they have. Saturn ruled Capricorn of course adds some good direction and also control to this anger & aggression. Saturn instills hard-work, sincere and serious approach which benefits these people however, too much control on Mars’ in built positivity or optimism is not healthy! Although this is a very good date for sports activities it is more to do with sports advisor, administrative officer or coaching etc. Saturn shows number crunching and data driven decision making. These people could help coaches or sports players with a lot of good data and related analysis for further improvements, They can bring a lot of order and structure to aggressive things ruled by Mars like war & sports & even engineering sector.


Jan 28th

This is a birth-date of some interesting conflicts! The date itself is ruled by Sun (28:1) which shows big bang, extrovert approach with pioneer, entrepreneur ability. Saturn ruled Capricorn Sun however shows a conservative, introvert, step-by-step growth & a hard working person. The combination results in some conflicts in the personality and makes it difficult for people around to deal with them. They could surprise you with their different shades. The date of 28 itself shows combination of 2 (Moon) & 8 (Saturn) which means they are good at dealing with friends, colleagues or “classes” and also workers or “masses”. This date has something to do with mass-production or large-scale production. They like to create products or services for masses and not very specifically for the classes. Their fortune lies at the bottom of the pyramid and in the volume segment. Capricorn Sun certainly shows attention to detail, sincere and serious approach towards the big things that this date of 28 might spawn. Capri Sun also shows much better quality of life after the age of 30. Their desires are practical, material and money matters are always on their minds. They are sometimes hurt by their own near & dear ones despite their best intentions. This happens due to overzealous nature of their supporters to do something good which might not fit in the law or norms.


Jan 29th


The birth-date of 29 is a master number as it adds to 11. These folks are consciously or subconsciously guided by their higher self & seldom need advice of others. However the date ruled by Moon (29) does show some sentimental, emotional side to their personality. However their tears are not seen easily due to 11 (29) influence which shows certain maturity or indirectly spiritual approach of the soul without their own conscious awareness! Capricorn Sun however shows some worldly ambitions, desire for practical or material success. It also shows a hard working, sincere or rather serious person who takes things a bit too seriously in their childhood than other kids. These folks warm up a lot in their teens and more so after age of 30 when they become approachable and friendlier. Rather, they even become quite populist at stage and show desire of some publicity too. They often get it too! Combination of Moon ruled date and Saturn ruled Sun Sign of Capricorn does show some conflict in their personality or emotions versus practicality. It could be a bit difficult for people around them to deal with them at times. However, when these two sides are balanced, it becomes a great blessing for them. They are great in any profession which requires both – people connect and number crunching/statistics or facts-n-figures!




Jan 30th


The date of 30 ruled by Jupiter (3) shows great thought leadership and maturity. They are not particularly leader of people but more so leading with their knowledge and thoughts. The date of 30 shows pure 3 born like competitive spirit in the early years (exam scores, scholarships, ranks etc) which gets a bit subdued as they grow up. They see futility in such head-on competition and follow a more mature and aloof/lonely path of their own. This is a great date for career in academics/education sector. Saturn ruled Capricorn Sun shows great financial acumen. It also shows great focus on number crunching, facts & figures & a practical approach towards life. Slow but steady wins the race is their motto! They have some very long term goals and objectives. Capricorn Sun instills some greed or ambition in this otherwise matured/stable date of 30. Capricorn Sun Sign also shows a highly sincere, serious approach. Usually life until age of 30 is investment and they reap great benefits for next 30 years. They always improve their material status by each passing day and keep working very hard regardless of how much they earn or achieve! Combination of Jupiter and Saturn does make it a very sincere and serious combination which could lack some spunk or aggression or energy unless the birth time horoscope shows some fire sign or Marsian influence!




Jan 31st


The date ruled by Uranus (31:4) shows some panache or spice to this otherwise serious sincere Saturn ruled Capricorn Sun. Although born in a conservative environment or a family, this Uranus ruled date shows desire to bring some change & challenge the status quo. They try to get rid of time barred customs, rituals while changing or enhancing useful ones that are still relevant in the modern world. 31 is the luckiest of 4 dates (4, 13, 22, 31) as it shows more importance to thought leadership & individual achievement than ego! Capricorn Sun shows a sincere, traditional, conservative, practical approach. It shows ability to work very hard with continuous day by day improvement. They are quite industrious and always like to keep busy. They mostly like to use tried and tested methods which goes against the Uranus influence in this date. Money matters are very important as this sign belongs to “economic zone” (arth-trikon). Although there is a contradiction in this date of modernity and conservatism, when balanced it shows very good results. These people can put highly conservative families on the progressive front if not revolutionary at least incrementally. Being Capricorn sun they will never forget their conservative roots and make sure their environment benefits by their change agent approach. This is more playful & youthful Capricorn Sun Sign date overall.


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