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Random Thoughts December 2012


    Disclaimer :This is a collection of Q&As from FB and hence grammar and spelling is not up to the mark .


1. Some rules of astrology always work -- for example when gochar guru goes over your natal / horoscope moon -- you seem to gain weight due to superior water retention in body. For example Tula moon sign must have gained weight from Sept2005 to Oct 2006 --- Vrishchik from Oct 2006 to Nov2007, Dhanu in 2008 and Makar in 2009 and so on -- this almost always works and you would see this happening to almost 90/95 percent of the folks. Shani bhraman in or opposite of your rashi could reduce weight for sure - even 4th Shani and 11th Shani to moon could do that to some extent. 

 Such astrology rules are lot more interesting than what happens tomorrow or next month or next year --- Observations and case studies VERY imp...1st Guru in rashi does not add weight in 1 year but rather it is a combined effort of 12th Guru planning which forces one to act less and think & plan more...!


2. Some of the obvious things associated with Saturn Mars (Shani Mangal yuti) conjunction are as follows:


1 some blood related impurity or health issues


2 mother could have a miscarriage after this birth or a difficult pregnancy.


3 the body part shown by the house of the horoscope and also by the sign could have a defect our have an accident or injury sometime in life


4 irregular driving habits or irregular sports performance...


5 some land related misdeeds in the family or past karma possible.



3. Rahu shows hedonism, aggression, agitation and MATERIAL stuff in your life. It also shows your paternal grandfather. Planets with Rahu also become more aggressive or proactive and also induce some sort of "Krorya" in the person's personality or thinking. It shows lack of sportsman spirit so to say -- or simply too aggressive & boiling of blood etc. Rahu -Mangal is Ricky Ponting. Chandra Rahu is Yuvraj Singh. A person "uses" the house of Rahu with more aggression to fill the deficit created by the Ketu's house.


Ketu shows spirituality, pessimism, inertness or detachment towards the house it is placed in. Ketu also shows Maternal Grandfather. Rahu Mangal shows fast or boiling blood whereas with Ketu it shows slower blood rate or cool/thanda blood.


These attitudes create so called bhavishya! :) It is about "What you eat, think & read is what you are"


Wanted to comment quickly on what to expect Rahu Mahadasha and Rahu Antardasha -- NOBODY can answer in general if Rahu maha or antar will be good for all or bad for all. Rahu mahadasha canNOT have the same results for all for a simple reason as being from different family!!

(1) Rahu shows paternal grandpa and his karma and his life -- paid or unpaid karma of his life is going to cause gain or loss in your dasha/antar. So 2 different people have two different grandpas! :) So how can the result be the same? :)

(2) So WHAT is similar or the same for ALL -- YES -- Rahu maha and Antar make you pursue something un-quantifiable -- say Fame, Popularity, Khajana, or some IMAGE etc. It makes one a bit more material and hedonist if you will. What you get in Rahu Maha or Antar does NOT stay with you -- you can't hold on to that great image as you need to move on to more pragmatic and long term stuff that does stay with you in Guru antar or Maha that follows Rahu.


(3) So one CANNOT comment except (2) above how everybody's Rahu maha or antar would go -- It could be GREATLY beneficial if Rahu is well placed which means GREAT good will or money left by paternal Grandpa. Prince Harry? & some 3/4 kids would have born at the same time and same place but he will inherit throne and others might a palace or a small house or some estate etc so all is good but HOW MUCH each one would get --- would depend on their paternal grandpa (as they all hit Rahu maha & Rahu antar at some time in life).


(4) Of course, Rahu also acts as per the planet which is VERY close to it and the karakatva and the ownership of that house but again hereditary stuff -- also the OWNER of Rahu's house and the nakshara swami decides WHAT and HOW respectively. Similarly Rashi swami and Nakshtra swami (usually same) for planets close to Rahu also have the same say!


So stereotype for Rahu Maha or Antar is ONLY (2) above -- trying to pursue something that cannot be quantified and even if you get it -- does NOT stay with you as it is mostly an image like Dilip Kuamr's career in Rahu mahadasha for 18 years (Rahu in 3rd house in Tula with Shukra?) own house -- Rahu 3rd 6th and 11th ULTRA-GREAT.


4.  Can u plz throw some light on Vish yoga (Shani Dev & Moon in same rashi) .. is it like it lasts only till 32 yrs of an individual’s age ..

Forget Wish Yoga...!! Kuchh bhi naam de dete hain! Chandra Shani together shows worrying nature and some phobia like fear of cockroaches or serpents etc -- It also shows fear of unknown & some weak temperament, a bit too sensitive at times. The easy solution is to do Hanuman Sadhana -- recite Sanskrit Ram-Raksha (MAGICAL) and also use Moti and use of WHITE & SILVER color.... Nothing to do with age for ANY yoga -- it is the attitude and it is also about the composition of your brain and body ---- Moon maha Shani antardasha or Shani maha moon antardasha etc these effects actually show some results and one needs to control anxiety, impatience, insecurity in these maha/antardasha.

Chandra Shani 1st house in Vrishabh lagna --- YashavantRao Chavan --- probably the best Maharashtra Chief Minister or leader so far. Similarly Chandra Shani in 1st house in Tula, Makar or Kumbh would also form a great raaj-yog!


5. Earlier had posted if ShahRukh will be aided by 5th Guru or Shani going over Sun which is also L10 would affect him -- Now JTHJ grossing around 120 crore in Domestic -- it IS a 100 crore+ film but nowhere near 200Crore of ETT or 3Idiots -- rather it is also lesser than Rowdy Rathore. Again -- 5th Guru gave him success by 100+ but Shani effect has also caused some ripples of not having a success like Dabangg-1, ETT, 3 Idiots etc... It is amazing how the curves of these 2 major planets are reflected in overall combined results.


6 . How is Saturn in 4th house for Gemini Lagana in one’s horoscope?


Stay away from native place -- some long term difference of opinion with mother i.e. mom and the person are two different types of people -- obligation towards mom...need to take care of mom. Good property etc after age of 30 but less so before age of 30. Good for politics and support from workers and masses...


7. Sir, What when L7 in 12th house???  Shani+mangal in mithoon...what indicates this??????


 (1) Left eye and ankle/feet -- overall bone structure issues....arm could get hurt from time to time.


(2) Blood circulation could be an issue; HAVE to walk for 5 KM per day and also eat RED fruits a LOT.


(3) Probably immigration possible or rather long term abroad stay (say places that are 12 to 15 hrs way)


(4) Some KAKA could have had issues or miscarriage to your father's mom after his birth -- or some blood issues for father's immediate next sibling likely


(5) Management a good option as good planning ability


(6) less energy and need to conserve energy as much as possible


(7) Stomach issues also possible -- digestion----


(8) late marriage recommended - Shukra would also decide but overall delay recommended...


8. Is there a difference if 9 planets occupy 9 different houses as against all the 9 planets in say 3-4 houses....Will the energy get concentrated?


Yes that's true – They will have very different effects and past karma. Focused past karma and this birth mandate is reflected in too many planets in 1 house.


9. Mars + Shani in 2nd, Scorpio house ?


(1) Haphazard investments but right now until May2013 good opportunity to buy land or property which is not the case with you always.


(2) Some family land but some disputes too possible. You will need to take care of some family debt in future.  Rsight now good time to get new friends too.


(3) Health: Right eye, teeth and even reproductive organs a worry. Mom could get some issues with progeny or repro organs. Speaking very less, eating irregular habits etc need to control


10. Sir ji what is this funda of 11th house and 11th lord being functional malefic, them some say its bad for char lagna only, why 11th lord positioned in its own house give malefic results.....??? isn't it supposed to be of gains..???


11th Lord is considered a bit of a "malefic" as it is usually not the best of the friend of the lagna rashi lord. For example Mars Saturn -- Mars Mercury -- Guru -- Shukra / Guru -- Shani etc etc etc -- Except say Sun and Mercury. So this "malefic" for L11 should be used carefully for sure.....

Shukra in Rohini 11th house is marvelous!! 

11.  Miandad & Michael Jordon have/had neech Mars --- they did fine!!  if Mangal is in Guru drushti from Makar then that’s great !!!


12. While watching the movie "Shapit", I have found a question. Like shown in movie, is it true that due to some bad act when a family is cursed by someone, the coming generations has to face it for the loss?


It is not the curse but it is the Karma -- ! Yes! but the cursed people themselves might take rebirth and make these people pay back!! So it is again all KARMA -- When cursed the best way it to pay back what is theirs -- what is "just" -- make the justice and let go the stuff you got from someone etc etc -- if it is yours it will come back


13. Which type of business shown by Mars and Rahu combined?

Rahu-Mars combination is Chhatrapati SHIVAJI MAHARAJ --- Pete Sampras and also Ricky Ponting - Also this combination stays for around 1.5 months -- so let us not jump to very extreme conclusions! This shows aggression, determination and doing any kind of hard work for victory. It shows the person will come across situations where showing sportsman spirit is NOT allowed or is not an option. It is either you or them and you HAVE to go beyond the point for that victory. Rahu with Mars is trying to get FAME from Sports or Wars or blood or Engineering subjects etc....Recognition thru land, blood, sports, for siblings, wars, struggles etc..... If the owner of these two well placed or if owner of these 2 in Guru drushti -- all this Sportsman Spirit goes to some collective cause of the society but opposite party would see it as hostile stuff......What Shivaji Maharaj did was un-quantifiable and his name is still there as or more after 400+ years!!!! So think of aggression for sure and agitation also and competition also!! But these folks WOULD have some GREAT RAGE from time to time as Pete Sampras is MAKAR rashi which is VERY SERIOUS and sincere --- this RAGE was hard work and championships. MAHARAJ had Mithun Mangal so it was also to CREATE political statement or to create an example by DISPLAY of Shourya and parakram -- but he must have been enraged by the things that happened to his relatives and father and MAMA side folks at the hands of the enemy!!!! He was NOT given an option of being a sportsman -- if you capture -- you GOT to get rid of the guy as that guy would turn out to be your great issue later on (Bahlol Khan Story was similar where Maharaj wrote a letter scolding the sardar who "pardoned" Bahlol Khan after capturing him!!! (“Wedaat Marathe Veer Doudale saat" was written on that episode)


14.  What is cusp? And what is importnts of it in kundali? If the jupitar neech ka in 7th house and retro. By the time it is in own house dhanu rashi in 6th...


I have various articles to show that there is no cusp etc in Astrology when it comes to signs. If it is in Makar rashi it IS in Makar rashi -- Bhavchalit it could be 6th but it does not have sign in Bhavachalit


15. How to check from a female's chart if she could have fame due to winning the title of beauty? (Earlier or maybe later in life as Mrs. :P) Striking fact is so many girls out there but only one out of many could have it. So how to check from Venus placement and aspects on and from?


I think common pattern is difficult to arrive here but L1 in 3rd house 3rd Rashi (Expression and quick wit, quick response etc) or L1 in any expressive sign 3 6 9 12 could be considered seriously -- even Moon Sun & more so VENUS in 3 6 9 12 should help....Need to think more...


16. Has someone come to you and said -- "I am behind you, I am there to support you"; "Don’t worry -- We will see what happens" -- "I want you not to worry about anything --- it will work out -- **I** will help you" -- **I** am there to support you....You are not alone...


Now imagine -- NOBODY in your whole life-time has said anything remotely similar to this ANYTIME in your life.....!!!!!! How does it feel -- That's what Jyeshtha Nakshatra Sun or Moon (Scorpio Sign) people should feel but they never do!!! :) or :( you decide....!!! They are supposed to say this (support etc) to all folks around regardless of their age even to elders one! Call it kaarmic burden or call it Soul's desire...

17. What are your predictions for Modi questions about the hatrick..but how big could be the win?? one date says Rahu is Zero degrees now in Vrishik & will exit on 23/ will it behave just three days prior to exit for ModiSir?????


Modi is TULA Lagna and has 11th house Shani in the horoscope so I am quite sure it shows top most positions in politics given by masses. Masses would love him due to Tula lagna and Shani well placed and now Shani in Tula despite being 12th to his Moon sign -Sadesati (which means catching NEXT curve in his life) – it shows mass support due to 1st house Shani in lagna rashi and possibility of a post or responsibility given by people too.


Vrishchik rashi right now has 7th Guru great and 12th Shani not so great but I think 12th Shani is not yet started to act for Modi so mostly expansion for him....By late 2014 Shani would enter Vrishchik -- his rashi & 9th Guru which means bigger positions in life....higher responsibilities. But election is earlier than July2014 >??? Modi's planets change in 2014 in Q3-2014 -- later in the year and not around the time of the interesting scenario...we do not have horoscopes of Sushma Swaraj Arun Jaitley etc etc folks so it is difficult to comment that way.


18. I request u to analyze Ratan Tata's birth chart. A man who made India proud with his ethical ways of working, a very private person. A great leader but not a king (guess very strong Saturn influence). Tried getting married 4 times but failed. Going thru tough times from last few years. Terrorist attack on taj, Tata motors the biggest pain, radia controversy. Pls share your views on his chart.


Ratan Tata Tula rashi -- Sagittarius Sun and 28 dominated...bottom of the pyramid. What next phase after Sept 2009 as 12th Shani sadesati. he came on scene when last sadesati was over and also Shani going over Surya was also over or was ongoing...very interesting and vivid horoscope as 1 dominated pioneer, entrepreneur etc. Born on 28th shows desire for products or services for masses or bottom of the pyramid than classes only.


19. What in a horoscope makes a person a liar?


Afflicted Mercury (& moon also) is major reason for this to happen. Wakri Budh -- Slow Budh show this tendency. but yes afflicted 2nd house also possible and afflicted Mercury in 2nd house more so -- These folks even tend to have multiple signatures and forget which goes where! Aspects of both Shani and Mangal on 1st house or Moon/Mercury could cause the situations which make one lie.


20. Sir, remedies for a person is in depression????Any kind off mantra sadhna???


Saturn or Ketu too close to Moon shows depression sort of situation. Rahu and Mangal close to moon rather make other people go in depression.  Rahu shows aggression rather!!! So depression is due to Shani and Ketu influence on Moon --- It increase it - HANUMAN SADHANA is GREATEST remedy and also using say MOTI and WHITE color clothes. Also listening to Metallica or HARD-ROCK and metal music will HELP A LOT>

 Please take advice of Hanuman Sadhana and Metallica or Metal Music albums SERIOUSLY --- If Chandra-Rahu -- Do Hanuman Sadhana BUT do not listen to Metal music!   You do not need it!  Already agitated!  J But actually even Chandra Rahu benefits as they get a channel to express their anger -- so metal music very good for Moon with Ketu more but also Rahu...!!


21. Neelam could be recommended for health if Makar lagna Kumbh lagna and Shani is not well placed.


22. What Does Ketu show in chart? If most of planet in Ketu star what does it show for person? is it any bad thing ?


Ketu shows maternal family. The quality of Ketu depends on the deeds of your maternal grandfather but Ketu also shows the house that you might not be very passionate / materialistic about rather a bit matured or spiritual about. Too many planets in Ketu nakshatra shows that the DNA majorly from maternal family. i.e. hereditary things to repeat from maternal side family (good bad both). Especially, for the things shown by the planets in Ketu nakshatra -- history will repeat from maternal family side. Out of 27 nakshatra 3 are Ketu 3 are Rahu 3 are Shani and 3 are Mangal -- How they can be "bad"  

If ketu with Jupiter and seventh to lagna ,sixth to rashi?


A partner who is matured, is a good soul and is more into goodwill and good work than material things –


23.What  if ketu in ketu nakshatra? i hve 3 planets in ketu nakshatra.


 Ketu in Ketu nakshatra could mean mom's mom family!


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