Published on Saturday, 02 February 2013

Feb: BirthDate Analysis 

Feb 1st

This is a birth-date of some interesting conflicts! The date itself is ruled by Sun (1) which shows big bang, extrovert approach with pioneer, entrepreneur ability. Saturn ruled Capricorn Sun however shows a conservative, introvert, step-by-step growth & a hard working person. The combination results in some conflicts in the personality and makes it difficult for people around to deal with them. They could surprise you with their different shades. The date of 1 shows a childlike purity or honesty to their approach. It shows an unadulterated approach unlike 19 28 or 10 born dates. Capricorn Sun certainly shows attention to detail, sincere and serious approach towards the big things or ideas that this date of 1 might spawn. Capri Sun also shows much better quality of life after the age of 30. Their desires are practical, material and money matters are always on their minds. This is a mountain goat that likes to climb up without much rest but shows some dramatic flairs or inspirational moves from time to time. These folks usually get a bit tough life as they need to create a platform for other people to use and build upon! There is also a mandate for these folks to increase the monetary level of their family or even society. This is a very good to start some enterprise in economic sector. 

Feb 2nd

The date ruled by Moon and Sun Sign of Capricorn ruled by Saturn shows a contradicting combination. Moon effect in this date is shown in somewhat moody nature which is creative and has a childlike purity to their approach. There is a desire for popularity and more so of “people connect”. They have very good emotional intelligence or empathy which makes them good leader of people (not exactly workers or masses) of similar background (peers, colleagues etc). They are quite in demand in their sphere of influence as they tend to be act like lubricant or oil in the machinery that is need to keep it running without friction. Saturn dominated Capricorn Sun shows a sincere, serious and a hard-working approach. They keep slowly building on something every day by keeping themselves busy! They usually do not like big bang or extrovert approach but step by step progress towards their long term goals and objectives. Love of material things is of course there which is complemented by love of tasteful life due to Moon’s influence. Any profession that requires both people connect and number crunching (say Human Resources) is a great one for them. This is even a great date for artistic pursuits if their horoscope shows well placed Moon and or Venus. 

Feb 3rd 

The date of 3 ruled by Jupiter shows very good thought leadership and great desire for individual success or achievements. This is a pure date of 3 unlike 12 and 30 where adult age reduces this individual desire. These people do not care much for popularity among colleagues. They are highly competitive & want to achieve more than other. Capricorn Sun ruled by Saturn adds a lot of sincerity, seriousness and also conservatism. It also shows tremendous ability to hard-work. This combination of Jupiter and Saturn makes a person a bit traditional as they try to use only tried and tested methods. This is a good date for career in law or in education field. They are not particularly fond of people leadership and emotional intelligence as they are mostly driven by numbers & facts-n-figures. Life until age of 30 is more of on investment with incremental success. As these folks have long term goals and objectives, life after 3t0 starts to bring a lot more success. Their tomorrow is always better than yesterday as they believe in step by step progress instead of a big bang approach. The date of 3 brings lot more optimism and enthusiasm to this otherwise very serious and introvert date Saturn ruled Capricorn Sun. Jupiter influence does make them more social than usual Capricorn effect.

Feb 4th

The date ruled by Uranus (4) shows some panache or spice to this otherwise  serious sincere Saturn ruled Capricorn Sun. Although born in a conservative  environment or a family, this Uranus ruled date shows desire to bring some  change & challenge the status quo. They try to get rid of time barred customs, rituals while changing or enhancing useful ones that are still relevant in the modern world. The date of 4 has a childlike purity to their approach as it is not a compound number like 13 22 or 31 (other 4 dates); these folks are more aggressive with their ideas than others. Capricorn Sun shows sincere, traditional, conservative, practical approach. It shows ability to  work very hard with continuous day by day improvement. They are quite industrious and always like to keep busy. Money matters are very important as this sign belongs to "economic zone" (arth-trikon). Although there is a contradiction in this date of modernity and conservatism, when balanced it shows very good results. These people can put highly conservative families on the progressive front if not revolutionary at least incrementally. Being Capricorn sun they will never forget their conservative roots and make sure their environment benefits by their change agent approach. This is more playful & youthful Capricorn Sun Sign date overall. 

Feb 5th                                                                                                                                      

Mercury owned date of 5 brings some sense of humor, expressive side to this otherwise Saturn ruled Capricorn Sun Sign. Mercury shows ability to articulate & express (written / verbal) very y well, coupled with Saturn dominance it also shows great clarity of thoughts. This Saturn and Mercury combo makes it very good for finance, banking or auditing career. It also shows ability to research and publish white papers. Saturn allows deep dive & data collection & research based on the data. Mercury also shows good trading ability by spotting supply & demand gaps around them. They bring win-win to both the parties and also benefit themselves by connecting such dots. They have an acute sense of how exactly to make use of every contact. Saturn ruled Capricorn Sun shows serious, sincere and hard-working approach. They usually have very long term goals and objectives and are quite ambitious. They make some progress towards their goals every day, week, month etc. It is more about step-by-step progress than a big bang approach. They are quite conservative despite the typical mercury wit. Life until age of 30 is more of an investment whereas after that they have a sustained slow but steady success. There is a desire to increase monetary level of family, business or even society in this date.

Feb 6th 

This is a very harmonious date due to Venus ruled date of 6 and Saturn ruled Capricorn Sun Sign. Saturn and Venus are the best friends which is reflected in personality of these folks. There is certain easiness, mild-mannered and consistency which makes easy to deal with them. Venus shows desire for a tasteful & a balanced life with enough material stuff to keep family happy. There is a love /appreciation for some form of art. Venus ruled date also shows mostly a successful life due to good past karma. They are very good human beings and very good to have around unless of course the natal horoscope shows some extreme formations. Saturn influence due to Capricron Sun shows tremendous hardworking ability and a sincere, serious approach towards everything. It shows a step by step approach of doing thing against the big bang approach of Sun dominated personalities. Every day these folks make some progress towards their long term goals and objectives. “Continuous improvement” phrase was certainly coined by a Capricorn dominated person or an organization! J There is a desire for good life and improving economic state of the family or even society. Money matters are very important for them Although they are very introvert or rather covert, they are highly ambitious with specific time bound expectations from life or career. 


Feb 7th

An interesting birth-date as it shows a combination of Neptune ruled date of 7 and Saturn ruled date of Capricorn. Neptune shows imaginative, innovative, sensing nature, whereas Capricorn Sun shows calculative, practical, sincere, serious and mostly money minded approach. Neptune believes in instincts and has certain ability called as 6thsense whereas Saturn wants to trust only data and hard facts. Neptune tends to analyze people around or gauge their nature/psychological aspects whereas Saturn wants to take a very practical approach of what’s useful for them or their long term goals! Naptune is totally selfless whereas Saturn although not exactly selfish minds its own business. This combination when well-balanced shows a great success as Neptune guides the hard facts, hard data, stats, reason. Logic or common-sense of Saturn with its intuition which nothing but highly evolved knowledge! It’s not a coincidence that MSD is born with Mars (sports) exactly opposite to Neptune and Lata Maneshkar is born with Venus (art) close to Neptune. Neptune brings years of data/ knowledge (in this case past birth) to the table in the form or intuition. This is a great date for some highly successful stock market analyst or economic analysts! However, they are advised to use intuition 10% of the times a guiding force & never without some hard-core data! J


Feb 8th


A very harmonious date due to Saturn ruled Capricorn Sun and Saturn ruled date of 8. This is a Saturn ruled date with seriousness, sincerity and even somewhat subdued approach most of the times. This hard-working, sincere, serious, orthodox, busy nature of this Saturn ruled date is only augmented by Saturn ruled Capricorn Sun Sign! This could lead to a person who is a bit too conservative, old fashioned but keeping very busy! There could be too much self-control due to double Saturn effect. These folks are especially serious until the age of 30 and after that they tend to become more open and friendlier. They don’t seem to be very approachable as party or social events are not their cup-of-tea unless they are born in a very modern family! Even then, they are a bit out of place in these events! There is a great desire of the soul to get material success and increase the economic state of self or family or even society! There is certain Karmic debt associated with this date towards family members or even the society! They are best at auditing or policing work observing compliance or adherence to a procedure. Given a procedure they will make sure it is followed to the last word written there. It is also a very good date for career in finance or economics.


Feb 9th

This is an interesting combination of date ruled by Mars (9) and Capricorn Sun ruled by Saturn! There is a childlike purity in their approach which is quite noble. Mars and Saturn do show some conflict in their approach as Mars shows aggression, initiative, extrovert nature and even fights or wars or warriors whereas Saturn shows workers, masses, sincere, serious, orthodox and introvert, conservative approach. However, aggression of Mars does come out from time to time especially when they are convinced that they are right! J Detailed or long Debates, arguments etc is not their cup of tea as they want to act on the information they have. Saturn ruled Capricorn of course adds some good direction and also control to this anger & aggression. Saturn instills hard-work, sincere and serious approach which benefits these people however, too much control on Mars’ in built positivity or optimism is not healthy! Although this is a very good date for sports activities it is more to do with sports advisor, administrative officer or coaching etc. Saturn shows number crunching and data driven decision making. These people could help coaches or sports players with a lot of good data and related analysis for further improvements, They can bring a lot of order and structure to aggressive things ruled by Mars like war & sports & even engineering sector.

Feb 10th

This date shows a contradiction of Sun ruled date of 10 (1) and Saturn ruled Capricorn Sun. Sun & Saturn have very different characteristics and they are almost opposite to each other. Sun is creator, Saturn is critique or auditor. Sun is big bang whereas Saturn is slow but steady step by step approach. This date shows both effects to some extent or rather from time to time. However, Sun behavior is more of a guiding force which affects long term decisions whereas Capricorn Sun Sign approach which is more visible in daily routine. Capricorn Sun shows tremendous determination, serious and sincere approach which is about step by step progress. Money matters and financial independence are very important. There is a desire to increase financial status of their family to a higher level. They are highly industrious and can be referred as maintain goat that never gets tired and keeps climbing upwards. Economics, financial or process compliance, auditing etc fields are very natural to them. They like tried & tested way and seldom want to explore uncharted territory. Of course, Sun dominated date of 10 does show some sudden flairs of inspiration that result into some pioneering story. However, they revert their prominent style of step by step progress immediately after this extrovert burst for some time. Date of Sun shows tremendous integrity and also independence of thoughts. There is certain philosophical approach from past birth which is shown by 0 in the date.

Feb 11th

The master number of 11 shows the person guided by his/her “higher self” and also the power of sub-conscious mind. There is an ability (sort of 6th sense) to read people or situations which can’t be articulated but only felt within. 11 also shows the need or obligation of the soul to manage two completely different things like two castes, religions or languages/cultures so that they live together with some harmony but still their separate existence is preserved. No wonder, in India most super stars are born on 11 or 29. In their childhood years, they are typical Moon dominated emotional, moody and highly sentimental. The environment, atmosphere affects their thought process easily. 11’s effect could be perceived as lack of conviction but they perfectly know effects of their actions if taken hastily! However, later in their life this Moon effect reduces quite a bit as two Sun in 11 (1 1) take over completely! Capricorn Sun shows practical, methodical and sincere serious or rather introvert approach. It is about step by step progress and never a big bang. They are supposed to take forward the base given by their family ahead and expand it to best of their ability. They are highly industrious & keep themselves always busy with something. Moon and Saturn influence is very difficult to balance as emotions and numbers or statistics never go together but that’s why this date is great for careers that require both! (say Human resources, Personnel management etc.

Feb 12th

The date of hard working and sincere Saturn ruled Capricorn Sun Sign is coupled with Jupiter ruled date of 12 (3). Jupiter influence shows thought leadership, academic brilliance and a competitive nature to achieve individual glory. These folks are especially fierce achievers in academics; they tend to fight for top score in every exam (“marks”). They are very successful in the field of academics and could become professor or rather principal after due course of time. There is certain intellectual arrogance in this date which is not displayed overtly by say folks born on 3 or 21 and of course 30. These folks can deal with clear juniors and seniors very well but find it tough to deal with colleagues and also close juniors or seniors too. They need a clear demarcation with respect to knowledge & authority when it comes to superiors. Saturn ruled Capricorn shows tremendous hard-working ability and a bit too serious, sincere and progressive approach in career or life. They are always onto something and every day there is some progress made for sure. They believe in step by step approach than flashy big bang approach. Life after 30 is of course much better as they start to benefit from the tremendous hard-work they have done until then. Money matters are very important as increasing economic state of self/family is of top priority of the soul.


Feb 13th

This date marks Sun’s entry in to Aquarius sign. i.e. Sun Sign Aquarius starts sometime in the night of 12/13th. The date ruled by Uranus (13:4) adds more speed to change agent angle to this already forward thinking Sun Sign of Aquarius. Aquarius Sun shows absent minded sort of a genius nature which is more intelligence and airy than say Capricorn’s pragmatic approach. There is a certain harmony to this date due to double impact of Uranus ruled Sun Sign and also the date. Their mind does not want to be restricted by borders or conservative customs, history etc of the yesteryears. They have a great gift of foresight and they act on it being odd sign (11th). This is not a passive sign but an active one which tends to take action. As this sign belongs to Kaam-Trikon (3-7-11), usually they do what they “Want” to do than what they “need” to do. The date of 13 shows that at times their ego/self-esteem/self-worth (1) take over their desire to achieve (3) or their thought leadership. This causes them to achieve lesser than say more flexible & hence luckier date of 31. Rather, 13 is subjected to events where self-esteem is tested more than those born on 31st. They need to be aware of “change-management” aspects as they could bring in change which troubles the existing powers and could face opposition from people. Love of latest electronics gadgets is almost given and also changing them frequently is obvious! J



Feb 14th

Aquarius Sun usually shows an absent minded genius sort of a person with a lateral thinking ability. They are forward thinking, ahead of their times and want to make some visible impact to their surroundings. Usually these folks have a lot of friends and although they are not exactly social, their friend circle tends to be very diverse and open. They are natural friends of mankind as this is the 11th Sign. As Sun is in Dhanishtha constellation which is owned by Mars, these folks often show some innovative approach to warfare or sports. The date of 14 ruled by Mercury (5) adds good articulation ability. They are able to express them in a very concise and clear manner by using correct words. There is also an ability of trading by spotting supply & demand gaps in their surroundings. They create win-win situation for both supply & demand ends and also benefit in the process. This is an air sign with Mercury influence and hence education, language expression is very important aspect of their life. The date of 14 (& 23) shows ability to come up with some catchy phrases or one liners which makes them very natural to media or advertising field too. Not to mention Uranus influence in Aquarius which makes them fond of latest and greatest of electronic gadgets and mobile phones etc.


Feb 15th

Venus ruled date of 15 (6) is a very lucky date which shows a great karmic history of the soul which results in “good quality of life” in this life. There is a love for art, balanced and tasteful life-style. They are very balanced and well mannered. They tend not to like excess in anything. Their natural instinct is to create a harmonious environment around them. Uranus ruled Aquarius Sun however adds some colors to this date! It shows an absent minded genius approach and out of the box or rather lateral thinking approach. It is difficult to guess what they will come up next. As this is an air sign, it shows an intellectual approach towards everything. Sun being in Dhanishtha constellation ruled by Mars shows interest in engineering and or sports or war related subject too. However 15 would restrict it to engineering or sports more than war! J So overall combination could show some R & D for artistic things using advanced technology! Uranus and Venus combination makes this date certainly very vibrant & active. Venus is well aware of absent minded Aquarian side of the personality and is able to direct it to good things. A very good date for any artistic pursuits & research and publication in these subjects. Rather a PhD in some artistic subject is quite possible!


Feb 16th

The date of 16 is ruled by Neptune which shows highly imaginative and innovative approach. It has creative sides too as Neptunian water runs deep. There is an in-borne 6th sense that allows them to read minds or body language of people around them. In some cases this sense is highly evolved and enables them to read people or places with certain vibes the 1st time they set their eyes on. This ability makes them good at people leadership as they are quite sensitive to spoken and unspoken word/feelings too. Aquarius Sun shows an absent minded genius sort of nature which make them seen as lost in their thoughts. You need to get their attention to current affairs deliberately. There is an out of the box or lateral thinking to these people which also makes it difficult to gauge their next move. As this is 11th Sign they have a very good friend circle and diverse too. They are forward thinkers and do not like to surround them by borders of caste, religion or language etc. They are a free spirit which does not want to be limited by any narrow minded thinking. They are world-citizen even if they haven’t left their native for all of their life (which is highly unlikely). Neptune and Uranus combination could make them love latest electronic gadgets very much. However, these folks would not be seen taking very firm stance on most things in life just because they are not bothered by either option much! J


Feb 17th

The date of 17 is ruled by Saturn (8) which contrasts with Uranus ruled Aquarius Sun Sign. This Sun sign shows a modern approach, forward thinking which questions the status quo and brings some change to the surroundings. Aquarians are always several years ahead of their times. It also shows an intelligent approach as it is an Air sign. There is some absent minded genius in these folks. They have ability of lateral or out of the box thinking. They have a very broad mind with ability to think beyond any boundaries enforced by family or society. However, the date of 17 ruled by Saturn (8) opposes this Aquarian behavior to certain extent. This Saturn influence makes them a bit conservative & pragmatic/practical. Money matters are handled more carefully than other Aquarian dates. The date of 17 of course shows a person with great ambition and a desire to leave their name behind by some act of heroism. However, this date does show some karmic obligation that soul wants to pay back in this life. As Sun is in Mars’s constellation, it could be very well be related to blood relatives (siblings) or with land but of course not restricted to this as natal horoscope would detail the actual karmic debt. Aquarius Sun however does show success in money matters and also very good friend circle which is very diverse and not limited by religion, language or customs etc.


Feb 18

This is a very harmonious combination of Uranus ruled Aquarius Sun and Mars ruled date of 18 (9). Both indicate love for engineering sectors and more so towards electronics or modern sciences. Of course, the date of 18 does show some bitter enmity and aggression from time to time due to some violent past karma. It is VERY important for these folks to forgive and forget while doing duty of protecting loved ones and own interests. There is love for sports and friend circle for sure. They have certain passion for these two things. There is an absent minded genius which almost a given due to Aquarius Sun. Despite intellectual approach of Aquarius Sun, they have an urge to act and take initiative and not just think over the events. Some detailed karmic connection with siblings and land related matters is almost a must for this date. It is advised not to fight and try to settle matters amicably if there are any disagreements. Sports and gym is highly advised as it makes them a better person overall in all sectors of their life. Love of latest electronic gadgets is a must due to double effect of Uranus and Mars in this date. A bit of anger management can take them places!


Feb 19

The date of 19 is a date of rulers, pioneers and entrepreneurs! It is a very harmonious date due to Sun (1) and Mars (9) which shows both potential/ability/inspirations or individual brilliance (Sun) and also ability of propagating this energy to action (Mars). They come up with some inspirational moves from time to time and implement them with a big bang. They build their sphere of influence with appropriate role assigned to each person.  The date ruled by Sun shows some aloofness and air of unapproachability about them. It is quite obvious that they do not like to go to places where they do not have authority. However, they are original and hardly copy anyone. Due to Aquarius Sun, there is a very good foresight, absent minded genius and lateral thinking ability which makes it almost impossible to guess their next move!  Aquarius Sun also shows broad vision. They have diverse friend circle not limited by language, religion, nation or any such barriers. However, they guard their territory like every rulers does vehemently. It is one of the luckiest dates along with 24, 23 & 21 but it is not afraid of adversity, rather the soul could be entrusted to deal with adversity! This date shows a person who acts on his/her conviction and has a very positive/optimistic outlook. It takes a highly adverse horoscope with a lot of misplaced planets to bog these people down and even then they will find some way out!


Feb 20th


This is a very friendly date with a big friend circle that cuts across different cultures, castes, religions, countries etc! The date of 20 ruled by Moon, only adds to the friendly nature of Aquarius Sun Sign which is predominantly owned by Uranus. This Moon ruled date does show some anxiety, emotional or sensitive nature from time to time. Surroundings or environment does affect their mood quite a bit. It is advised to always have bright or cheerful clothing or color-sense. They are carriers of information due to their people connect. Sales job would be a great choice in any field. Rather, any job with people connect will bring the best out of them. Some serious and tedious number crunching makes them miserable! J Aquarius Sun is not a great fan of tradition or customs for the same of it and these folks are not an exception! They are sort of change agents and do change/delete etc old customs and tailor them for the modern world. There is a modernity of thoughts if not particularly of life style. They like to live 30/40 years ahead of their times and hence are advised to learn “change management” techniques carefully. It is important to check numbers, statistics for critical decisions of career/life although they finally succumb to their gut-feel and intuition, sensing ability. The number crunching would only make this intuition or gut-feel be more accurate! Love for latest electronic gadgets is almost a must! 

Feb 21st


Jupiter ruled date of 21 is a very lucky birth-date which shows very good karma of past life or multiple lives! It shows desire of the soul to achieve at personal level i.e. individual achievement. They are luckier than other 3 dates (3 12 30) as 2 (others) comes before 1 (self/ego). This makes them friendlier than other 3 dates and allows “achieving through others”. However, do not mistake their friend nature to 20 born folks. 21 borns do not collect a single friend for the sale of it or being populist etc. Every contact they have has some connection with their field of achievement. There is a thought leadership associated with this date along with some flair for people leadership but of course their achievements or personal interests take over this thought or people leadership almost every time! J This Jupiter effect does oppose Uranus ruled Aquarius Sun that tends to be unorthodox and challenging status-quo or establishment. That means, the outright antiestablishment or change agent approach of this Sun is controlled or well-directed by Jupiter ruled date for greater good.  Aquarius Sun shows great deal of foresight and lateral thinking from time to time. There is obvious love for latest electronic gadgets and modern sciences too. Overall, this date shows a very well equipped person to achieve in this ever changing world.



Feb 22nd

This is a very harmonious date as the date of 22 is ruled by Uranus and Aquarius Sun is also co-owned by Uranus. This makes these people quite absent minded genius sorts with a high degree of lateral or out of the box thinking. It makes them quite unpredictable. They are seen in some sort of hurry and trying to get thing fast! This could hurt them as the rest of the world might not want to move as much or move at all! That’s why it is highly advised for these folks to learn methodical “change management”. It is good to have disruptive ideas that bring in great change in this ever changing world but it threatens the establishment which is not very well accepted in third world countries! J They are better off in a career which demand frequent changes say electronics, cell phones, media or any advance sciences where change is the name of the game. 22 is a master number like 11 and it shows a person led by their subconscious mind quite a bit; they seldom need advice on what to do in a difficult situation. They have tremendous mental energy if not particularly physical one. They are true world citizens and it is very difficult to limit them by the boundaries of nation, culture, language religion etc.

Feb 23rd

The date ruled by witty Mercury (23:5) shows great sense of humor. There is an uncanny ability to express or articulate very well. However, Aquarius Sun’s world-citizen approach does not let them ridicule or crack jokes on folks as often. They tend to have a harmless humor. This is a very lucky date which shows great karma of past birth(s). They have a great trading ability which allows them to spot supply & demand gaps around. They connect these gaps or dots and create win-win situations for both the parties of course benefitting in the process. The mind is ever active at subconscious level due to double dose of Uranus and Mercury who control intellect at different levels. Uranus’s or Aquarius Sun’s absent mind is reduced a bit due to active Mercury however the lateral or out of the box thinking of Aquarius is very much presence. They have a very broad vision and approach regardless of their conservative roots. Their friend circle cuts across cultural any other barriers. They have a great foresight and always live 30/40 years ahead that their family. Love for latest electronic gadgets is almost a given. Modern sciences suit them very much and mercury gives a very good business sense too. There is all-rounder approach which is typical of Mercury ruled date!

Feb 24th

24 is one of the luckiest birth-dates which shows great past karma of past several lives. This Venus ruled date indicates desire of the soul to lead a well-balanced, tasteful life. There is an acute sense of art, love for music movies or all forms of art. Extreme emotions or excess of anything is not their cup of tea! They will try to balance things out in the long run even if they start with a very chaotic life. Aquarius Sun ruled by Uranus brings in intellectual approach to this Venus’ artistic form. There is an absent minded genius behind Aquarius Sun which makes its presence felt through lateral or out of the box thinking that surprises people around. There is a great foresight which is used to take the art ahead by a few years or rather decades. They are always forward looking and highly progressive. There is a certain resistance to old customs and rituals. However, this does not result in outright disregard or ignorance like Feb 22dn born folks. Rather, they tend to tailor these old things for the modern or new age! As this is a fixed sign with an influence of Uranus and Venus, it could make very good directors or folks who provide platform for art to flourish. Any career that is creative and gives chance to their artistic side is great for these folks.

Feb 25th

This birth-date shows a very interesting combination of Uranus ruled Aquarius Sun and Neptune ruled date of 25 (7). Neptune shows a highly evolved 6th sense. They are able to read minds or thoughts or at least body language of people by simple observations. They usually get strong vibes when they meet someone or even some place (land, house etc) for the 1st time. Neptune shows deep imagination and innovation. They understand the stuff and “feel” the stuff very well but not able to articulate it as well. Rather, their interests are usually are about things that can’t be articulated easily like a painting or a photograph of some beautiful scenery! Uranus ruled Aquarius Sun shows or rather adds to the absent minded nature of Neptune too! J It also shows a person prone to action and not just “feel” the things. Aquarian wants to have a broad vision and live at least 30/40 years ahead of times. They like modern sciences and love for latest electronic gadgets is almost a given. They can surprise you with their intellectual or rather lateral & out of the box thinking. They can come up with solutions or ideas that are not very obvious. Despite Aquarius being a fixed sign, these folks need some change and mental stimulation from time to time. Neptune water however puts some mild façade to this Aquarius Sun’s “in a hurry” image.

Feb 26th

The Saturn ruled date of 26 (8) opposes free-spirit or broad minded Aquarius Sun’s no-limitations thinking, Saturn tries to add some structure, data or number crunching driven approach. This does help the absent minded Aquarius Sun to put their plans to practice and also get buy in of stakeholders in a better way that other Aquarians. Of course, the date of 26 does show some karmic burden that the soul wants to pay back in this life. More often than not, it is about relationships. Some caution & scrutiny is advised especially early in life if choosing life partner. This date is a bit milder than other Saturn ruled dates of 8 and 17. Saturn also bestows ability to audit or review or critique which is not very common to Aquarius Sun. In a way this opposes the Aquarius approach but if used in a controlled fashion it could be a real help! Aquarius Sun does show “change agent” approach albeit a bit suppressed in this date. Their out of the box or lateral thinking is applied in some disciplined way & in a very pragmatic way! There is a bit of self-control in this date which in excess could harm the Aquarian creativity! It is important for these folks to open up from time to time and share their ideas and take credit for the work done!

Feb 27th

This is a lucky birthdate ruled by Mars. It shows positive channel for Mars’ energy & aggression. It is milder than downright aggressive 18 and also 9. This date shows very good karmic connection with friends & siblings. Both have a special place in their life and heart. Sports & gym also has a place in their life or rather it makes them a much better person. The date of 27 does go very well with Uranus ruled Aquarius Sun. It shows love or interest for engineering and more so electronics or advance sciences. Some sort of connection with advanced sciences or latest technology is also there regardless of education level. There is a attitude to embrace change and drop old outdates customs or rituals. Aquarius is a fixed sign and shows a methodical approach without to many changes but they do have ability of lateral or out of the box thinking which can surprise people around. There is some absent minded genius which makes its presence felt from time to time. Mars and Uranus combination could make this people a bit hasty at times and could cause some anti-establishment moves. It is important to always consider change management methods to ensure success. Combination of 2 & 7 shows good people leadership and ability to understand people around. It is advised to have some sort of people connect in their career which leverages this ability.

Feb 28th

The date of 28 shows mostly an extrovert personality with ability to connect with both peer/classes and also workers/masses. They do have some polarizing ability which often promotes “camps” politics and related gossip in their circles. Their sub-ordinates or followers tend to be fiercer and are ready to do stuff to help them which many times could even hurt despite the best intentions. There is some karmic burden about this date which shows some conflict of interest by close people but it is a karmic obligation they should serve & not complain about! Aquarius Sun shows some absent minded genius nature which shows on & off modes when it comes to listening ability!J As this date is ruled by Sun (28:1) it shows inspirational moves from time to time. It also shows some entrepreneurial & pioneer ability. They do something very different from other family members from previous of this generation. They prepare a platform on which next generations can thrive upon. This date has certain connection with mass-production. They like stuff that is for masses and not particularly for classes. They could come across as aloof & unapproachable to people who do not know them – they usually are! They have select few close friends than a very big friend circle like 2 born (2, 11, 20, 29) folks.


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