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 Astromnc Milind N Chitambar

 Taurus (Moon Sign) Annual Horoscope 2013

This article applies to Moon Sign Taurus (Vrishabh). This is a very interesting topic to put 1/12th people in the world in the same category. We can only talk about the Kriyamaan karma (instant karma) and not the “destiny” of individuals. The destiny-analysis requires horoscope (birth-time chart), palmistry and face reading etc. The article also applies to some extent to Taurus Sun Sign i.e. people born from May 14 to Jun 14. (Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong:


Moon Sign plays significant role when it comes to “Kriyamaan”.  (Some well known moon sign Vrishabh folks are/were Baba Ramdeo, “PU.LA” Deshpande, Yashavantrao Chavan, Virendra Sehwag, Ishant Sharma, Bhagwan Shrikrishna! Vikram Pandit?)


VRISHABH Rashi Characteristics

Ability to ridicule (Greatest sense of ridicule), Calm, Stable, Family men, Love money and family and also farms etc, Prefer power over money, Do not prefer too many changes in life. Stubborn, Do not like to be hurried to do anything. LOVE eating and try out various cuisines. Very happy when they are eating! J Tremendous memory, Methodical approach. You could see these effects in May14 to Jun14 born folks also who are Sun Sign Taurus. (People born from April14 to May14 are Sun Sign Aries and it opposes these characteristics. Also, folks born from Dec 16 to Jan13 are Sun Sign Sagittarius and also oppose these characteristics.)



You got something in 2009 in 9th Guru which changed your profile (bhagyoday), 2010 until May added stress but happening, reporting to a person who is equal in ability probably. From May2010 to May2011 was of great gains for all the efforts done from 2009. From May2011 somehow you were wrong time wrong place! J 12th Guru is forced you to plan for next 12 years and it was certainly an adverse time which was forcing you to learn new things, widen your horizon and PLAN before you jump into execution. From May2012 you started to come back on track with some specific responsibilities etc but still “all is not well” in your mind. Other might think that you are doing great but it is not meeting “your” idea of success.  Add to that the change in complete sphere of influence from Nov2011 and more so after Aug2012 due ot 6th Shani. This 6th Shani changed your sphere of influence and is forcing (willing or otherwise) to work with new people. This has its own “out of comfort zone” effect but it grows you as a person. This effect will continue until 2014 later part. Adding to this “new circle” effect is 6th Rahu from Mid Jan 2013! J


VRISHABH Rashi in 2013


1.     Guru in your rashi (1st) means you will gain social & physical weight until May2013! Guru in your sign increase water retention in body causing this effect. It also makes you a bit popular as your people contact increases quite a bit. Guru in sign takes care of mental health and stability quite a bit.

2.     6th house is of stomach, illness and also social status! 6th house Shani could uncover some health issues which are not dealt with for some time. It does show some trips to doctor for some or other reason. Addition of Rahu in the 6th house from Mid January adds to this effect somewhat but it shows success over any such issues.

3.     However, it would help to get complete checkup done if there are some hereditary issues coming from paternal family.

4.     Around April & May timeframe there are various/multiple planets in Aries Sign (12th to Vrishabh) which means a great care of health is required during this time. Take enough sleep, eat on time & be careful with driving, riding bikes etc (full gear recommended). Avoid eating outside in April and May & especially at un-hygienic places.

5.     Maternal grandfather or his family elder’s health issues should be watched more carefully in 2013.




1.     6th Rahu shows material gains & approach from paternal family whereas 12th Ketu shows spiritual, religious etc approach/expenses from maternal family. You will join both these families in these pursuits! Material or practical initiatives with paternal folks and visiting spiritual or religious places with maternal side family.

2.     Guru in your sign until May2013 is very good for your mother. Health improvement, overall image improvements likely and also good diagnose/advice from doctors too. It shows good support from “mahila mandal”.

3.     From June2013 Guru helps with family matters, wealth gain for immediate family and also expansion in family itself. Very good time to start your family too.

4.     Maternal (Mama, Mousi etc) side family needs to be careful with health too and should not take adventurous or high risk initiatives. 6th house Shani and Rahu almost mandate low risk profile for mother’s immediate siblings for sure.

5.     April & May of 2012 recommends some patience & perseverance to both maternal and paternal family. You will need to be ready to help folks in need during these two months.



Career and Finances

1st Guru until May2013

1.     1st Guru will give you some office/role with specific daily, weekly, monthly etc responsibilities. These are the things that one has to do more than one wants to do. i.e. you will get duties that you must do.

2.     This Guru will also enhance your image at workplace and bring some award which might not thrill you as it would be more to do with personality, people connect more than what you achieved at workplace through your work! Your popularity or rather acceptability at workplace will increase quite a bit.

3.     As Guru owns 8th house and 11th house – this Guru would also make you consult yoga, Ayurvedic or alternate medicine folks and also astrologers. It will also shows help from senior friends (older friends: 11th house) or older siblings.


2nd Guru from June2013 to June2014

1.     Now environment starts to appreciate your value again. It is not all rose anyways but this Guru helps you start new income in your life due to the hard-work or maturity gains of the past 2 years of 12th and 1st Guru from May2011 to May2013.

2.     There is an expansion of wealth & investment profile in 2nd Guru. Also, folks in service see a surprising increment which is more than expected. You also get good advice from some investment Guru in this period.


Shani in 6th house (until 2014) does make one get out of comfort zone. It makes you work with new people in your life and make you follow a very methodical & tactful approach to deal with every person you meet! This is certainly not very pleasant as you barely know these new people. However, this grows you as a person and professional and paves the way for future success in life. There is certainly character and professional test as you need to learn new tricks and apply them while still learning them. All of these efforts leads to increase in wealth. 6th Shani is increase in wealth but after all this trouble or rather out of comfort zone hard-work. You gain new capabilities/tricks of the trade and also increased cash! Rahu moving to 6th from mid January for 18 months only adds to this overall effect! 6th Rahu makes you work with people of different cultural, ethnic (religion, caste, language) etc. This again tests a person quite a bit but increases social clout & also charisma! Rahu not only adds to cash-flow but social clout/charisma etc in these new different background people! Guru from June2013 starts helping choose people from these very effectively. Guru channels & directs Shani’s scrutiny & audit and Rahu’s passion & aggression in a right direction & with focus. This only results in increasing cash-flow and investment profile until June2013. There is certainly a increase in people working for you (mass-base) in this 6th house Shani and Rahu period.


As owner of the 9th and 10th house (9: Bhagya-sthan, Travel, promotions, positions, strategic thinking) and 10 (production, karma, work-place, father etc) Shani is ultra important for Taurus folks.



Relationships / Partnerships

Guru in your sign until May2013 helps a lot with improving relationships with partners both at personal and business front. It is a very good time to find a suitable partner & get married or if married, spending quality time with spouse. This Guru also helps you build your sphere of influence and start new collaborations & partnerships at workplace too. It is very difficult to go choose wrong folks when Guru is in your sign! JN Chitambar


Regardless of Guru Position, April & May period shows some turbulence in every relationship you can possibly imagine. There are just too many planets in your 12th house which means they demand your help or rather it is your obligation to spend time, money and energy on them (spouse, business partners, friends, colleagues, seniors – you name it!) in this period of April and May. You might think that the whole world needs your help or rather demands something from you in this period! J Only mantra is patience and perseverance!


Rahu moving from 7th house to 6th house will certainly make your spouse or partners more rational, pragmatic than chasing some great image for you! J It will remove the cloud of some unquantifiable expectations from you to more manageable level! The fog will be over and clarity will certainly help as to what is needed from each other.



Other Effects:

1.     Sun: Need to check what seniors / upper management want and check their and your priorities match! J Handle stand-off with them with tact & diplomacy. Obey traffic and other laws!

a.     April 14th to May 14th : 12th house Sun – adversity with seniors & authority, Govt, Father

b.    Dec 16th to Jan 13th à 8th house Sun – PEEDA from seniors & authority, Govt, Father etc

c.     For Details:


2.     6th house Rahu & 12th house Ketu

a.     As mentioned earlier it shows working with folks from differ6ent culture, religion, caste, language etc. Increase in money and image & status. Also shows competition success.

b.    Need to check if any hereditary health issues from paternal side. Treat them sincerely. Some illness to immediate siblings of your Mom possible. 6th house shows paternal family would be more focused on economical activity & practical/material matters.

c.     12th house Ketu shows maternal family (grandfather) dong some spiritual or religious expenses. Some trips to such places very likely. April May shows some care


3.     Mars

a.     Mars supports quite a bit until 12th April with increasing power at workplace in February. Getting a lot of things done in this month. March shows some real estate gains and help from friends in career. Meeting some good friends also very likely in this month.

b.    April 12th onwards until May 23rd shows caution with vehicles and driving. Get vehicles serviced on time and also check air pressure, oil level etc on a weekly basis. Avoid road rage at any cost and keep patience.

c.     From May last week onwards Mars starts supporting with enthusiasm and optimism/energy. Mid August to September end Mars shows very pro environment with some new ventures with friends and even a short trip is likely. However, advised to drive carefully and avoid riding 2 wheelers with siblings or even friends.

d.    October would show some focus on domestic matters and calm is recommended. December shows good success in sports matters and also speculative gains.


4.   Neptune continues in Aquarius (Kumbh) for several years! As this Neptune creates some angles with planets passing thru 4th and 10th house, it shows innovative & creative steps at workplace. This Neptune position is very good for production industry if you participate in “Innovation” which is a focus area of all organization these days.

5.    Uranus (Harshal) in 11th house in Meen shows sudden income/friend visits – Any planet great in 11th house. Uranus is no exception. For large organization & countries ruled by Taurus sign, it shows gains from electronics or advance sciences. At an individual level this Uranus recommends taking care of kids from Mid Sept to Mid Oct & then in December but this is nothing major.

Major planetary formations of 2013

1.     Sun in Aries from April 14 to May 14: Sun and Shani will be opposite to each other which shows a stand-off between Govt authorities and masses or management versus workers etc. It is highly advisable as far as possible to avoid conflicts or friction in this period or at least not to escalate it beyond a limit. There could be excess force used by Govt/Authorities in the day time whereas the workers or masses become powerful after Sun-set. Employees are advised not to let emotions take control of the situation and stay focused on facts & figure i.e. number crunching instead of subjective thoughts to “teach a lesson” to someone that are not easily quantifiable! J This is more applicable for April 25th to April 30th period and absolutely worry-some on April 27 and 28.

2.    Mars in Aries from 12th April to May 23rd only adds to the fuel in the fire mentioned above!! In addition it shows reckless driving being punished very severely. Mars and Shani opposition recommends tremendous caution while driving and especially in the night time. Race car drivers or competition sports folks are especially advised to take care and have all the safety gear including helmet for sure. Common people are advised to use helmet even for a 1 km or a very short drive! This will be more applicable for the period of April 27 to May 5th and absolutely worry-some on April 30th. Adventure sports in this period are advised to take minimal risk & highest vigil (preparation / maintenance)

3.   Mars in Cancer from 19 August to 6th Oct 2013: Again a similar effect as mentioned above in point (2). Similar caution required with vehicles and adventure sports, racing etc stuff. Very similar in nature & effects. Sept 5 to Sept 14 more of a worry and Sept 8 and 9 the worst!



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