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MITHUN Rashi Bhavishya 2013 (Gemini in 2013)

This article applies to Moon Sign Gemini (MITHUN). This is a very interesting topic to put 1/12th people in the world in the same category. We can only talk about the Kriyamaan karma (instant karma) and not the “destiny” of individuals. The destiny-analysis requires horoscope (birth-time chart), palmistry and face reading etc.


Moon Sign plays significant role when it comes to “Kriyamaan”. (Some well known moon sign Mithun folks: OP Nayar, Ashok Kumar, Kishore Kumar, P. K. Atre, VasantRao Deshpande, Sonia Gandhi, Yuvraj Singh). This article also applies to some extent Gemini Sun Sign i.e. people born from June 14 to July 14. (Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong:


MITHUN Sign Characteristics

Ruled by Mercury, Like to debate / talk / express & roam around, free spirits, play with words, sense of humor, they laugh a lot, Twin-Minded, Walk & talk quickly, Expressive, Love visiting new places, Short-writing, Multifaceted, All-rounder, Good in math, Usually go for Masters degree, Get bored easily and look for something new. You can see these patterns also in Sun Sign Gemini folks 14th June to 14th July. (Folks born from Jan 14 to Feb 13 Makar / Capricorn Sun opposes these characteristics due to seriousness; Folks born from May14 to June14 Vrishabh/Taurus Sun also opposes Gemini characteristics due to calm, stable, slow nature.)



You were riding a great wave from Dec 2009 to May2012 in Guru being 9, 10, 11th to your moon sign. It was increasing responsibilities with step by step growth. Especially, May2011 to May2011 was of multiple gains from all quarters. Now, you are under 12th Guru from May2012 to May2013. “What Next” is a question for you right now. This demands or forces some sort of planning for next 12 years. You need to prepare a blueprint for next 12 years. You also need to read a lot, do a course/certification which will help advance your career/life further. 4th house Shani until Nov2011 and even July2012 was about domestic trouble, containing infighting & taking some tough decisions on home front. Now 5th Shani from Aug2012 shows a slow but steady growth path with execution of some long term plans. The success would not be sudden but after hard-work but also long lasting! 5th Shani also mandates to do number crunching carefully, pay attention to need of your kids. For students it is absolutely necessary to work hard as you would be confronted with some out of comfort zone subjects that you don’t necessarily enjoy!



MITHUN Rashi in 2012


1.     The 12th house Guru does demand attention to long pending issues with health. It will make you invest in your own health for the long term. It is highly advisable to do a comprehensive check-up and join gym to increase physical strength. 12th Guru ensures good advice with respect to health due to direct aspect on the 6th house (‘Rog’/diseases’ or stomach house).

2.     Rahu moving away from 6th house to 5th house in Mid Jan further moves focus away from health. You might have had some hereditary issues from paternal side in 6th house Rahu in past 18 months; these should be now dealt & done with. Now your kids need attention for any paternal side hereditary issues.

3.     Shani in 5th house could show some minor issues with heart & spine but this is more applicable if you are born within 1 month from April 14 or Oct 15th.

4.     Take care of health from 13th May to end of June. This period could show minor headaches etc & visits to doctor. Drive carefully with patience 23rd May to 5th July. It is also a period to make sure vehicles are serviced and in good condition.

5.     From Jun2013, 1st Guru helps improve health quite a bit. You will tend to gain weight and water retention in the body would be at its optimal level.




1.     Shani in 5th house shows focus on kids for sure. You will need to spend time and energy for kids in 2013. You will need to check with patience what they ‘actually’ need & what their priorities should be. Of course, Shani mandates slow & steady approach and not some quick fixes & or a patch-work.

2.     Rahu moving to 5th house from mid January certainly recommends giving more attention to kids for any paternal side hereditary issues. If there are any symptoms some root-cause analysis/diagnosis would be better than treating the symptoms.

3.     12th Guru does show some connections with maternal side people & also support/advice etc from their side in some areas of life.



Career and Finance

Guru 12th from Until May 2013:

1.   Every initiative in this world requires you to spend 1/12th time on planning, studying, calculating etc and then start the execution. The 12th house represents planning -- expense of time, efforts and money for planning the next 12 units of life. The Guru curve is around 11.88 years i.e. around 1 year in each rashi.

2.   So the 12th Guru forces you to plan for next 12 years! Do certifications, read as much as possible, it is time to decide WHAT and also chalk out the blueprint of HOW until May2013. It is not advisable to jump into some action without planning appropriately.

3.    So ACCEPT the GIFT of TIME given to you from May2012 to May2013, regain your health, regain your thoughts and re-profile your “personality” for next 12 years. It is a great blessing in disguise, this 12th Guru. Nobody knows what to do with the gift of time, the value is realized later!

4.   There are good possibilities of visiting some religious until May2013. Donations to religious places or rather orphanages would certainly help you. Meet and discuss things with elderly folks as much as possible – they will give you tremendous insights regardless of your age!

5.     Remember: more time and effort you INVEST in this 12th Guru Period – more you achieve in next 12 years.


Guru in your sign from June-2013

1.  1st Guru brings you back to execution mode. It entrusts some specific daily, weekly and monthly responsibility (designation, role, office etc). Advice from seniors, experts from various fields would help quite a bit.

2.     It is a period of great tests. One needs to work hard in this period as the efforts are very well directed & bring in success.

3.   There is certainly an image enhancement in this period for sure. There is some award, recognition at workplace after some tough time. Those waiting for promotion or next level of responsibilities will certainly benefit by Jun 2014.


5th Shani Effects

1.   A big relief from 4th Shani’s audit! The 5th house belongs to “Dharma-Trikon” (Duties). 5th Shani certainly shows addition of duties & responsibilities which means a new position/designation but very slowly until Nov2014.

2.   The 5th house is about tactics, so you will know what to do and when do to very clearly now which was not possible in 4th Shani’s saturation.

3.   You will need to execute your plans with diligence, patience and surefooted perseverance. 5th Shani gives you “development” initiatives i.e. initiatives with a specific start and end date with specific goals and objectives”! J Success is guaranteed after hard-work in 5th Shani.

4.   The 5th house Shani is THE BEST for the lawyers; it shows great learnings also but great & complex cases also. Shani is governor of law (Guru is of rituals and religious law), Law enforcement is ruled by Shani. Of course the police force itself is ruled by Surya and Mangal but the books that they need to obey are directly under Shani’s influence! In short, the 5th house Shani is very lawyerly! J




1.   Shani in the house of romance (the 5th house) shows some learnings in love-affairs, one needs to put in a lot of efforts for good results. You needs to show a lot of perseverance and letting go of EGO (not self esteem though!) in such cases. 5th Shani helps person differentiate between “must-have” and “good-to-have” things in a relationship! J i.e. it helps and teaches you to take a practical view towards relationship. It also forces one to take tough decisions which are obvious and long pending.

2.    5th house Shani’s drushti on the 7th house also indicates going away from kids and spouse for shorter periods. You will need to show a lot of patience & perseverance in the matters of heart.

3.   Of course, Guru coming in your sign helps quite a bit from June2014. This Guru allows you to take very well informed decisions. Any important decision could be executed from June2014. The 1st house Guru directly aspects the house of relationship and also Shani in the 5th house which helps direct your thought, energy and hard-work in right direction. It beings in feel-good and natural support to your efforts to make relationship work. There will be a new found optimism with personal as well business relationships.



Other Effects:

1.     Rahu in the 5th house: 5th house Rahu now brings focus to your duties toward paternal family and also kids. It reduces focus a bit from economic matters and workplace. It also helps with health for sure. Rahu could bring some ambition or passion towards studies back and would support any such efforts from your side. Rahu would be especially beneficial in April and advises health caution for you and kids in May.

2.     Ketu in the 11th house: This shows some gains from maternal family for next 18 months. There would be some good news & growth in the maternal family. Your involvement in some of their initiatives would help them a lot. This Ketu also shows some blessings or support from some sage or elderly or even spiritual folks. 12th April to 23rd May would bring in some gains for sure and June recommends caution with health.


3.     Neptune continues in Kumbh for several years! 9th house Neptune is quite good actually! It shows that your subconscious mind is in synch with your conscious one! Your subconscious mind (the things you know but you now aware of them!) can help a lot with a bit of meditation & focus.

4.     Harshal in 10th house (for several more years) in Psices shows sudden changes in work environment or working with a senior who could be off-beat / unorthodox. This would be more so from 14th March to 14th April and also exactly 6 months after that i.e. Sept 15 to Oct 15th. You need to handle whims of seniors in these months with patience & diplomacy!


5.     Sun: Watch what seniors / upper management wants in the following period; deal with them with tact & diplomacy! Avoid direct stand-off if possible.

a.     May 14th to June 14th : 12th house Sun – Adversity with seniors & authority, Govt, Father

b.    Jan 14th to Feb 14th à 8th house Sun – PEEDA from seniors & authority, Govt, Father etc

c.     For Details:



12th Guru until May2013 despite saturation & forcing you on “what next” is good for academic success. However 5th Shani is making you study complex, cryptic subjects that you are not very comfortable with. You need to spend more time and hard-work etc is required heavily. Shani is mandating you to change your ways of study and make it more serious but more practical also & not just “pustak-pandit”. 5th house Shani shows success but only after hard-work. Seek senior students & professors for advice as they have gone thru exactly what you are going through now! Actually, it is a good time for starting some new studies or courses or subjects in 12th Guru until May2013!


Significant “Common” planetary formations of 2013

1.   Sun in Aries from April 14 to May 14: Sun and Shani will be opposite to each other shows a stand-off between Govt authorities and masses or management versus workers etc. It is highly advisable as far as possible to avoid conflicts or friction in this period or at least not to escalate it beyond a limit. There could be excess force used by Govt/Authorities in the day time whereas the workers or masses become powerful after Sun-set. Employees are advised not to let emotions take control of the situation and stay focused on facts & figure i.e. number crunching instead of subjective thoughts to “teach a lesson” to someone that are not easily quantifiable! J This is more applicable for April 25th to April 30th period and absolutely worry-some on April 27 and 28.

2.    Mars in Aries from 12th April to May 23rd only adds to the fuel in the fire mentioned above!! In addition it shows reckless driving being punished very severely. Mars and Shani opposition recommends tremendous caution while driving and especially in the night time. Race car drivers or competition sports folks are especially advised to take care and have all the safety gear including helmet for sure. Common people are advised to use helmet even for a 1 km or a very short drive! This will be more applicable for the period of April 27 to May 5th and absolutely worry-some on April 30th. Adventure sports in this period are advised to take minimal risk & highest vigil (preparation / maintenance)

3.   Mars in Cancer from 19 August to 6th Oct 2013: Again a similar effect as mentioned above in point (2). Similar caution required with vehicles and adventure sports, racing etc stuff. Very similar in nature & effects. Sept 5 to Sept 14 more of a worry and Sept 8 and 9 the worst!


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