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LIBRA (Moon Sign) Annual Horoscope 2013

This article applies to Moon Sign LIBRA (TULA). This is a very interesting topic to put 1/12th people in the world in the same category. We can only talk about the Kriyamaan karma (instant karma) and not the “destiny” of individuals. The destiny-analysis requires horoscope (birth-time chart), palmistry and face reading etc.


Moon Sign plays significant role when it comes to “Kriyamaan”. (Some well known moon sign Libra folks: RD Burman, Amitabh Bachchan, Ratan Tata, Akshay Kumar, Curtly Ambrose, Reema Lagu(?) Ashok Chavan, Maruti-Suzuki, Rajesh Exports; Sun Sign Libra: Jawaharlal Nehru, Bill Gates, Julia Roberts, Leonardo de Caprio, Shah Rukh, Waqar Younis. This article also applies to some extent Libra Sun Sign i.e. people born from October 17 to Nov 16. (Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong:


LIBRA Sign Characteristics

Libra rashi folks are charming, well mannered, all rounder, easy going, positive, tall, trade-mark smile (they always smile: Madhuri Dixit is Tula ascendant and Julia Roberts Libra Sun 28th Oct). They try to balance whenever they see excess of anything. While they try to balance they are the most unbalanced ones! They are easily teased by Taurus’s ridicule and Virgo’s meticulousness. These folks are very pleasant and it feels good to have them around. Libra women allow their men to win despite in a stronger position! J It is as sign that likes ot build partnerships & collaborations. 90% Film actors have at least 1 planet in Libra sign! J 50% are either Moon sign or Sun Sign Libra. Moon or Sun Libra is always successful regardless of the neech/debilitated Sun. They are also workaholic and try to do things one by one as it is a “char” rashi (“moving”). Libra sun sign folks born from 17th Oct to 16th Nov also show these characteristic. Folks born from May14 to June14 Taurus Sun oppose these characteristics (Calm, Stable, Ridicule); Folks born from Sept16 to Oct16 Virgo Sun also oppose Libra characteristics due to highly analytical, meticulous nature. It is an interesting observation that large % of left handed folks has either Moon or Sun in Libra.



You are in sadesati from Sept2009 for 7.5 years. Until July2012, Shani forced you to assess your journey of career, life etc. The 12th Shani forced you to spend time money & energy to plan next 30 years! WHAT NEXT” troubled you quite a bit during this time-frame. It also made you pay for mistakes and rather “excess” of what you did in 9 10 11 Shani years (7.5). Shani coming in your sign (1st Shani) from Nov2011 (and Aug2012) again is the sign that you are ready to start execution of your long term plans; this Shani gives you great but tough and complex responsibilities that require meticulous, sincere & hard-working approach. This sadesati for Libra is balanced quite a bit by Guru starting to support you from Nov2009 (5th Guru). So this Guru has (May2011 to May2012) & will support you quite a bit (June2013 for 3 years) despite sadesati. This makes you “feel-good”; have positive sentiments of how you are doing despite Shani preparing/training you for next several years! Now until may2013 you are under 8th Guru which means hard-work and preparing for 3 great years starting from June2013.


LIBRA Sign in 2013


1.   Shani in your rashi means health is the most important factor for you. Shani will expose any issues related to “water” in your body which means almost all factors of your health. Treat all symptoms well and do regular gym and eat/drink at hygienic places. Shani over Moon means possibility of viral and water related diseases. Shani will FORCE you get rid of excess fat of all sorts (just not physical. April and May recommends special care & attention.

2.    Guru in 8th house is already asking you to take a look at your health holistically. It is a great position of Guru to try out alternate healing methods like ayurveda, homeopathy. Also a great time for doing yoga & meditation for health.

3.     Mental peace/health is affected a lot more in 1st Shani and 8th Guru Period for sure. Whatever helps you reduce your anxiety – do it!! J Remember, your reactions could make matters worse than they are! Patience & perseverance is the mantra in 1st house Shani. You will get a “reality check” of many of your relatives & friends in this period!

4.    “Shraddha and Saboori” is especially important as Rahu in your sign along with Shani will only add fire (agitation) to the fire! Rahu until May2013 would be about paying attention to health and later in with image enhancements.

5.    From June2013, Guru will start supporting you quite a bit on both physical and mental level. The tough people and situation would be countered by some great advice and timely help by some elderly people or rather experts in various fields.




1.    Shani going over Moon is a period when it also uncovers any issues with health of your parents! Shani over Moon (governor of Mom) and 10th aspect on father’s house also shows “going away” from parents (physical or emotional point of view). Shani teaches by examples i.e. by making you go through some trouble of your own karma in the period of Jan2003 to Sept2009!

2.     Guru 8th is rather good for family’s wealth & health. It shows solution to some inheritance issues (if any). It also shows connect with some spiritual or religious folks which help family regain mental peace. But any 8th house planet and that too Guru does show care for health.

3.   Rahu moving to 1st house in your sign will force you to carry out your duties for your paternal family /elders. It shows paternal family spending time on their duty towards society etc than economic matters in the past 18 months.

4.    Maternal family would spend more time on some peripheral or material things (entertainment) now than earlier 18 months. You could spend some quality time with this family!

5.    You will need to pay special attention to your duties towards your kids. More time spent with them will help them tremendously.



Career & Finance

Guru 8th until May2013:

1.   You do great in this period but the initiatives that you are working on are not supposed to see a great success with no fault of yours. It is highly recommended to keep working hard in 8th Guru as it paves the way for the glorious success of 9 10 11 – 3 years of Guru movements!

2.    This means do not expect great deal of success or immediate result of your karma until May2013. You will start getting it from June2013 onward. However, the best time for any studies, any skill enhancement, reading, meeting with experts and of course HARD-WORK!

3.     This Guru movement is good for inherited stuff though. It also shows some good success in investments (shares, bonds etc).


Guru 9th from June2013 to June2014

1.     Start of 3 very good years of increasing support from Guru! You will get something good which would last for 3 years but also would be successful. It will benefit you and your surroundings quite a bit.

2.    This 9th Guru shows great support from seniors or expects at work-place. You get great advice and help from various experts and they contribute to your success.

3.    This 9th Guru increases your duties and gives a position or designation etc that you always wanted and is a direct result of some success or skill acquired in the year 2010.


1st Shani Effects

1.   This Shani tests your temperament but gives you some new responsibilities. It brings you back from exile of 12th Shani. However, it shows a very slow but steady progress.

2.    As Shani is “raajyog-karak” for Tula sign, it does show acquisition of some mass-base or simply people who would support you for next several years in your long term achievements! It is advised to chose wisely though & with some facts and figures rather than your instincts.

3.   This Shani shows some long term difference with your seniors & partners. However, it is highly advised to treat poor (say workers) & also older people with high respect. It works wonders to be in good books of these folks in 1st Shani. Mysterious help comes your way when you are paying attention to “masses” (workers, employees, voters etc) and also very senior/older people who are not in much action!


Rahu along with Shani in your sign shows that the mass-base acquired could be of different caste, religion, language or culture than yours. You would gain credibility and base in these folks and they would trust you to represent them in some serious matters! This section of society could cause you getting great image and also a great position at workplace.



1.   Temperament is tested by partners (both personal & business front) when Shani is in your sign! Rahu also there only adds to some agitation. Again patience is the biggest virtue in this period for sure. Especially, 12th April to 23rd May recommends cautions with all sorts of relationships. Keeping anxiety away by any way is recommended (prayer, meditation etc).

2.    Sense of duty could take you away from your spouse or partners and even parents from time to time.

3.   The situation would improve a lot from June2013 for sure as Guru starts showing you the way out of difficulties. Any major decisions HAVE to be taken by first discussing with your partners/spouse in this period.

4.    There is a lot of reality check as to who is good for you and who isn’t. There could be some surprises but it helps to forgive & forget! People around you have their own priorities and intention matters the most!



Other effects

1.    Sun: Handle seniors, govt related matters with tact & diplomacy during following periods; check if their & your priorities are the same! J

a.     September 16 to Oct 16: 12th house Sun

b.    May 14 to June 14  à 8th house Sun

a.     For Details:


2.   Mars supports a lot from July to right until 26th Nov with increasing support & help from friends. It also reduces partnerships blues in this period quite a bit. It advises caution in driving, riding, sports etc from 23rd May to 5th July though. Get vehicles serviced on time and also check air pressure, oil/coolant etc levels on a weekly basis. The same applies from 26th Nov onwards for a month or so! Mars also shows success over competition from 4th March to 12th April.


3.   Rashi-swami Venus: advises health caution in May. It shows great support from June July and until 11th August. From then it shows again care for health until 6th September.


4.   Neptune continues in Aquarius (Kumbh) for several years! 5th house Neptune is great for any expression or rather inspirational ideas. You will get and execute some inspirational moves from time to time. This would happen more in February March and also August September months. Neptune in 5th house could also allow you to use your subconscious mind very well (dreams, thoughts in meditation etc). Things that you think you don’t know you know would be pulled out from subconscious quite a bit (with an effort though!)

5.  Uranus (Harshal) in 6th house in Pisces (Meen) shows hidden enemies for sure. It also shows some sudden stomach issues due to eating at shady joints (April or September). 6th house Uranus always advises to keep some buffer for important plans as some unknown or unexpected folks could throw in surprises.




9th Guru from June2013 does show great luck in studies and especially some fruitful moves that result in some gain of a position. Until May2013 this Guru gives you academic success without actual practical or material gains! 1st House Shani shows that your success is directly proportional to your “current” efforts! More you work – more the success and that too visible! 1st house Shani recommends tremendous sincere approach almost living like someone who is 10 year older to you! J This also means getting advice from someone at least 7 year older from time to time!



Significant “Common” planetary formations of 2013

1.    Sun in Aries from April 14 to May 14: Sun and Shani will be opposite to each other shows a stand-off between Govt authorities and masses or management versus workers etc. It is highly advisable as far as possible to avoid conflicts or friction in this period or at least not to escalate it beyond a limit. There could be excess force used by Govt/Authorities in the day time whereas the workers or masses become powerful after Sun-set. Employees are advised not to let emotions take control of the situation and stay focused on facts & figure i.e. number crunching instead of subjective thoughts to “teach a lesson” to someone that are not easily quantifiable! J This is more applicable for April 25th to April 30th period and absolutely worry-some on April 27 and 28.

2.     Mars in Aries from 12th April to May 23rd only adds to the fuel in the fire mentioned above!! In addition it shows reckless driving being punished very severely. Mars and Shani opposition recommends tremendous caution while driving and especially in the night time. Race car drivers or competition sports folks are especially advised to take care and have all the safety gear including helmet for sure. Common people are advised to use helmet even for a 1 km or a very short drive! This will be more applicable for the period of April 27 to May 5th and absolutely worry-some on April 30th. Adventure sports in this period are advised to take minimal risk & highest vigil (preparation / maintenance)

3.    Mars in Cancer from 19 August to 6th Oct 2013: Again a similar effect as mentioned above in point (2). Similar caution required with vehicles and adventure sports, racing etc stuff. Very similar in nature & effects. Sept 5 to Sept 14 more of a worry and Sept 8 and 9 the worst!


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