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SCORPIO (Moon Sign) Annual Horoscope 2013

This article applies to Moon Sign Scorpio (VRISHCHIK). This is a very interesting topic to put 1/12th people in the world in the same category. We can only talk about the Kriyamaan karma (instant karma) and not the “destiny” of individuals. The destiny-analysis requires horoscope (birth-time chart), palmistry and face reading etc.


Moon Sign plays significant role when it comes to “Kriyamaan”. (Some well known moon sign Scorpio folks: Narendra Modi, Nitish Kumar, VilasRao Deshmukh, Manohar Joshi, RR Patil, Zaheer Khan, Al Pacinno, Wasim Akram; Sun Sign Scorpio: Indira Gandhi, Dilip Kumar, Dharmendra, Sharad Pawar,  Gopinath Munde, Manohar Joshi, Sushmita Sen, Rajnish. This article also applies to some extent Scorpio Sun Sign i.e. people born from Nob 16 to Dec 15 (Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong:


SCORPIO Sign Characteristics

They love power, they love to intimidate. They look very stable on surface and very stubborn but just below they are boiling with a stream of various emotions. The word “Khunnas” and “Passion/Junoon” is synonymous with Scorpio Moon Sign and more so Sun Sign (Scorpio Sun Sign is from Nov 16 to Dec 16th). These people go to extremes or do not go at all. They are VERY intense and they can & do take a lot of stress/load/responsibilities. This is reflected in black circles around their eyes (especially Scorpio Sun Sign). They are very secretive – information / knowledge are like power and not to be shared easily is their approach -- exactly opposite of Pisces (Meen) sign folks who tend to talk what they know. They do have some psychic abilities and often know what other person is thinking about. They have great instinct and often it is true. They need to keep a POSITIVE approach always – negativity can make them bite themselves! This is a great sign for military folks. Scorpio sign planets in a horoscope denote tremendous passion for an incomplete desire of the past birth! Contrary to Western Sun Sign calendar – Bill Gates, Julia Roberts, Shah Rukh Khan, Leonardo etc are Sun Sign LIBRA and not Scorpio. “Tragedy king” Dilip Kumar although moon sign Leo, he is Sun Sign Scorpio (Dec 11.)


Scorpio sun sign folks born from 16th Nov to 15th Dec also show these characteristic. Folks born from Jun14 to July14 Gemini (Mithun) Sun Sign oppose these characteristics; Folks born from Oct16 to Nov16 Libra (Tula) Sun sign also oppose Scorpio characteristics.



You are under Sadesati from Nov2011 and more so from Aug2012. This means you need to plan for next 30 years of life ahead. It is highly advised to PLAN properly until late 2014 before you jump into any NEW area of your life (existing is just fine). Basically Shani supported you from May2005 to July2012; gave you great followers, power, mass-base & increasing positions etc. Now, you are required to take it the next level but with a slow & steady approach and great PATIENCE! Until Nov2014 you might face some “political exile” and bad-mouth sort of scenario but you will be back with a bang after that. Please reflect back of any mistake in past 7.5 years, make corrections and lose the fat or excess baggage etc of past 7.5 years and get ready lean and mean for next 30 years! GURU, however will keep you in the game! Guru was sort of “off” for you from late 2005 to 2009 but it started to help you greatly from May2010 onward! 5th Guru in from May2010 to May2011 gave you some dream come true success. May2012 to May2013 in 7th Guru’s expansion effect, this success will only expand further but through partnerships & collaborations and not alone! In short, Guru “curve” will help reduce the brunt of sadesati quite a bit as “your own sentiment” of how you are doing would not get affected despite sadesati. Rahu going 12th along with Shani is further adding force to “bad-mouth”. Some folks who did wrong things in Shani’s support could even be confined to some small room! J Either this extreme way of confinement or self chosen way of meditation or visiting spiritual places and seeking elderly advice, Shani is forcing you to PLAN & prepare a blue-print of life for next 30 years! Do not miss this opportunity and GIFT of time given to you! Increase your skills, reading, meeting great souls etc in this 12th Shani period. A great book is better than 10 friends! J 7th Guru until May2013 and 9th Guru from June2014 will only help you greatly to get to next levels but do not ignore this 12th Shani for sure (un-learn and re-learn cycle)!!


Scorpio Sign in 2013


1.   6th Guru forced you to check ignored health issues from May2011 to May2012. Now 12th Shani is advising you to take a complete stock of your health. Need to lose any extra fat, literally and figuratively! Relook & re-view every aspect of your life and get rid of any excess which is not required. This could also mean getting rid of excess seriousness, enmity or “khunnas” if any! Seek blessings of spiritual or rather older experts of subjects that you are in interested in for next 30 years! “Sir Salamat to oagadi pachas” is the message from 12th Shani and Rahu. J Set aside some time of the day for yourself and use it for betterment of health, mind etc.

2.     7th Guru increases/optimizes water retention in body and helps achieve your best look after Oct2006 to Nov2007’s great look. This Guru also helps your mother (Moon) to get good advice from doctors or any other fields.

3.    12th April to 23rd May and then 5th July to 19th August are the periods to pay special attention to your health and “listen” to your body. Too much competitive or combative attitude is not advised in this period. Check vehicles regularly in this period and drive safely, avoid night time journeys. Watch where & what you eat for sure! Avoid shady & un-hygienic joints in these periods for sure and actually for next 2 years! J




1.   12th Shani & Rahu are bound to give some unwanted publicity which could trouble family. They could also make you travel against your wish. This could bring some stress to family in 2013.

2.   However, Guru bang opposite to Moon shows good popularity and image in relatives, extended family etc. It shows great time for your mother until May2013 too. There could be expansion in the family in this period of all sorts. Clout & size of family could increase in this period.

3.   12th Rahu shows some expense of time money and energy for paternal family elders, pay attention to their needs. 6th Ketu shows maternal family spending more time on economic (material or practical) aspects whereas paternal side spends time on regrouping & reassessing the situation.

4.    Kids would do well until May2013 and after June2014. From June2013 you are advised to spend time & energy for their needs. More time you spend, more they will achieve & get ready for 3 great years starting from June2014!



Career & Finance

Guru 7th until May2013:

1.   Expansion of your sphere of influence until May2013 for what started from May2010 to May2011 in 5th Guru! This expansion & feel good of 7th Guru will reduce 12th Shani’s exile (mass-base drift) quite a bit. This Guru also shows image or personality enhancements for sure. Use it well until May2013!

2.  This Guru shows that you will achieve from collaborations & partnerships lot more than your own brilliance. Your partners and also spouse will get to help you a lot with all your matters until May2013.


Guru 8th from June2013 to May2014

1.   You will get some initiatives that teach you a lot, make you search for answers for many unknown territories. These initiatives might not be greatly successful but they will highlight your hard-work & increase your ability. The sincere & hard work approach in 8th Guru will pave the way for success for 3 years starting from June2014.

2.     Make sure you keep working hard despite how hopeless the project/initiatives appears to you as you will be given next initiative based on your attitude and not the result of this initiative! J


12th Shani Effects

1.    12th Shani as explained above in the background section is asking to plan for next 30 years of career. Relook at every success, mistake, contact, project etc done in the past 7l.5 years and LEARN from it. Assess “What to do and what not to do “. Start working on a blue-print for next 30 years of life. This blue-print and plan would be over by late 2014.

2.    Any planet in the 12th house forces to you some sort of exile or do meditation (could be restricted to an ashram, jail or your own house!). Shani is the most visible karma-delivery channel – affects the most and that too for 2.5 years in the 12ht house. Use it to graduate to the next level regardless of who you are and how big or important you are!! You ARE mandated by Shani to slowly but surely PLAN and PREPARE!

3.     Some of your mass-base you acquired in the past 7.5 years could be taken away from your for good or bad reasons! This is a side effect that you have to face to prepare for next growth. However, be in touch with them and make sure they are not forgotten in any way!


Rahu along with Shani in the 12th house shows that you would need to be extra careful with bad-mouth effects. Some travels to foreign or distant places (at times without your will) are quite likely. These travels would test you and also grow you further. It is advised to take help/advice from senior or elder (rather older folks around in this 12th Shani and Rahu period!)



1.    7th Guru helps with all sorts of relationships a lot until May2013. Rather, most of your achievements at personal and career front would be due to these collaborations and partnerships ‘Who you know’ more than ‘what you know’!

2.    12th Shani and Rahu’s badmouthing could also affect your relationships! April May could cause some stir but they are transient issues and some patience would make sure they do not linger around. Make sure you make your position clear to people you care. Try to avoid communication gap with the people you care the most.

3.  It is also the best time to find personal (spouse) or business partners until May2013. 7th Guru almost ensures that you are not doing a mistake.


Other effects

1.    Sun: Handle seniors, govt related matters with tact & diplomacy during following periods; check if their & your priorities are the same! J

a.     Oct 16 to Nov 16: 12th house Sun

b.    June 14 to July 14  à 8th house Sun

a.     For Details:


2.     Mars will support a lot with help from friends, siblings and maternal family from 19th August to end of the year! It shows increasing influence & clout for you. 5th April 23rd May recommends care of health & careful driving. Avoid driving with maternal or paternal uncles in this period! J Similar care (self health and driving) is required from 5th July to 19th August. August and September despite support suggest taking care of baggage or important stuff while traveling. Keep important papers in your carry-in luggage! J


3.   Neptune continues in Aquarius (Kumbh) for several years! 4th house Neptune is very good for inner peace and is mostly domestic is its effect and lesser on material stuff. It is a powerful house for Neptune if you have spiritual or even astrological etc inclinations. However, it shows a scientific and intellectual approach towards spirituality than just follow-the-crowd one.

4.    Uranus (Harshal) in 5th house in Pisces (Meen) shows sudden inspiration and intuition. This happens when any planets travels though 5th house or 11th house for you i.e. in April & September Sun, March for Mars & Venus. March and until April 12th shows more of such occurrences. Avoid riding with kids on a bike in this period.




7th Guru shows success or expansion in the stuff started from May2010 to May2011. It shows good collaborations and partnerships with other students. This is very good for your “projects” or “assignments”. 12th Shani recommends to check WHAT first and then HOW. Please make sure you chose your subjects your, stream / line etc very carefully. Consultation with older and senior folks is highly recommended if you have chose between two academic lines. Do not jump into some course just because your friends enter there! They might have some leads through parents or family which you might not have. i.e. although you execute existing academic stuff very well, a great deal of thinking and planning is required before choosing new subjects/line etc. Be patient from June2013 to Juen2014 as your academic success will not specifically yield material gains but they WILL shortly!! J


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